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Welcome to my website, hopefully you’re here because you’re interested to learn about why you should join Wealthy Affiliate. My name is John Mullen and I’m a Super Affiliate Marketer who learned to become a super affiliate through Wealthy Affiliate.


I live in Florida and I own a small painting company and I mostly do commercial work, I prefer that over residential headaches. When I’m not working online I’m usually out completing another painting contract, I like to try to keep busy. Since I love to go out in my boat fishing, I go whenever I get a little time, I fish the St. Johns river, it’s pretty awesome!

She's old but gets the job done!



I love to help people when I can using the knowledge I have gained as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have helped many people when I refer them to Wealthy Affiliate where they will literally get an education to become successful and learn from the best platform for affiliate marketing, it’s a gold mine.

Success is at you’re fingertips with Wealthy Affiliate, I love to watch people join and become very successful, it feels good. Anybody that completes All the training will be able to succeed and become a super affiliate marketer, it’s that simple.




My purpose for creating this site and many other sites that I own is obviously to earn an income as an affiliate marketer, but my site also provides great solid information that can help people who may read any of my pages and posts.

Wealthy Affiliate is very much like having an entire team behind you to help you succeed through you’re whole journey of success. Most people find the information relevant because they want to be successful and Wealthy Affiliate will lead them to success.

Everybody has to start somewhere and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate someone helped me by leading me to the path of Wealthy Affiliate, I am forever grateful, it has literally changed my life!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out with your success in joining Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best for your success!

Best Of Success To You,

John Mullen

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