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Meet my dog Jack.

Meet my dog named Jack

For those that took the time, I want to say thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more. Early on with my affiliate marketing I didn’t use any about me page. I actually asked what is an about me during a live coaching session and while embarrassed I did get my answer.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I’ve had people ask what is an about me just like I had once asked. So in retrospect I don’t feel as stupid for asking that question. This about me page has changed over time since I wrote the very first word. I edit this page every so often to keep it current and to try an keep it mostly about me.

My answer to what is an about me is a page focused solely on just you, it’s really not about your website. Many people’s about me page tends to cater more to the site then to the person who owns the site, which is wrong.


Start Your Own Business Ideas

I own a small painting company were I contract scheduled commercial work as my regular income everyday. Back in 2011 I started my own painting company after many years of working for many others. Best move I ever made.

Ten years later and I’m still happy I made the move.

Owning my own company gives me the freedom and the ability to earn much more than what someone else was willing to pay me working at my regular jobs. Over time, I began accepting more commercial accounts for work and I stopped all residential advertising in hopes of leaving that headache for others to deal with.

Update: I no longer do residential contracting, I’m strictly commercial.


Fishing Is My Life

When I’m not busy working with my painting business or my online business I can usually be found fishing the St. Johns river near my home in Florida. Fishing is my life, it’s been in my blood since the age of 7 years old.

I still get excited to go fishing with every trip to all of the places I stop to throw out a line. Since I live near one of the greatest rivers to fish, I try to fish often. I love to explore the river as I fish and I often find really cool stuff.

My start online was many years ago in the 1990’s. I would talk to people and play games online as well as emails and keep in touch with family. Sometime around 2005 I got a customer service job working from home.

You would think I’d be happy, but I wasn’t.

I worked taking incoming phone calls through a portal using a headset while connected to the company phone platform. It turned out to be irate customers wanting answers that I couldn’t give, so I quit the job not long into it.

The desire to earn money online never left though and I tried everything from eBay to affiliate programs to earn. Over time I had made a few sales and that sealed the deal for me, I never quit trying to earn online after that first sale. After discovering that I actually could make money online I’d keep busy for days on end reading and learning.

Since those days, I finally smartened up and joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member.


Helping Others

Helping others is something I do in many ways from donating things to physical work to helping others earn money online. People helping people to keep things going round, I like helping people and I’ve had help returned.

Basically, everybody needs help at times and lately people ask for help about the business of making money online. When someone asks for help and you give it, when they succeed it makes you feel good knowing you helped them.

Personally, I help many people, most I don’t know, but some are Wealthy Affiliate premium members and starter members. Wealthy Affiliate is something everyone should at least look into because it’s free to join and you will learn how to be successful and build a long term business.

The premium upgrade is absolutely worth it because of what you get in addition to the included awesome training.


Convincing Others

This is one of a few sites that I own and built using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. There are many niches for anyone looking to earn money online and you can build your ideas into profitable sites. Here’s another blog that I post articles about property flip tips.

I enjoy creating that site mostly because I enjoy flipping properties.

Convincing others to take the leap and learn affiliate marketing is hard. Most will convince themselves they can’t do it before they ever begin. Wealthy Affiliate has the best community and everyone helps you achieve success. Sign up free and see why you’ll go premium, it’s simply the best affiliate marketers platform period.

All the best,


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