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New affiliates join the world of online income every day and they immediately look for affiliate marketing promotion methods. The majority of these people will fail due to a lack of affiliate marketing knowledge and experience. Affiliate marketing has a much higher failure rate than a success rate, it seems nobody wants to learn.

These days most people want to leave their jobs and become their own boss and some of them do exactly that successfully. True freedom is not having a boss at all and when you work for yourself you really have no boss. That is to speak of, but you still may have certain things you’re responsible for like happy customers.

However, with affiliate marketing, you truly have no boss nor do you even answer to customers. It’s the one business where you truly are 100% free of anyone other than the platforms you promote products from. You literally answer to no one and your success is 100% dependant upon your marketing efforts.


Facebook Business Ads

Try using a pre-set budget for paid affiliate marketing promotion methods used to attract visitors to pages and offers. Some of these affiliate marketing promotion methods will put your pages and offers in front of a huge target audience. Facebook does this well and offers a fantastic business platform for marketers.

Facebook Business AdsFor anyone who has never used the Facebook business platform. Learning about the platform in detail before investing a single penny for any advertising is best advised.

The best training for the Facebook business platform in my opinion is the free Clickfunnels Bootcamp. This training teaches you the FB platform inside and out and how to target exactly who sees your ad.

The ads on Facebook can be set for a certain amount of money per day and they can add up quickly. You need to have a great conversion rate for the ads to be worth the price. Every business out there has advertising expenses, it’s part of their operating budgets. However, not everyone gets their ad in front of the right targeted audience.

Starting any business has a certain amount of risk involved and most businesses don’t see any profits for the first few years. Various large companies with investors don’t usually see profits for as long as 10 years. It took Airbnb 8 years to see a profit. From 2008 to 2016 with no profit, now the largest online hospitality service in the industry.


Not Seeing Profit

Nobody wants to wait 10 years to see any profit. Most small businesses won’t survive that long and the owners will close shop. The first year of not seeing a profit is understandable but anything past that is not good. For most businesses to ever have a shot at surviving in the business world they need profit.

Not Seeing ProfitThose are the reasons above that I get people to understand when they join Wealthy Affiliate. No business is guaranteed and most are in the red especially when starting out.

I always encourage people to join Wealthy Affiliate the best way and that is to join by the year. You save money over the monthly price of $49 for a premium membership or $99 for a premium plus membership.

I’m mentioning this because in one year of your time learning you could have a successful business up and running. You can be online earning money after you complete the training at Wealthy Affiliate. The training in Wealthy Affiliate teaches the very best affiliate marketing promotional methods and it’s free to start.

Any business takes time to build up a name (brand) and there’s no exception with affiliate marketing. However, by the end of the first year, your brand can be well underway. There’s many reasons that people fail at affiliate marketing. One of them is the self-motivation and drive required to get the work done.


Eliminate Distractions

Working in the luxury and comfort of your own home only adds to the big distractions. These distractions can have a huge impact on your overall success. You must eliminate every distraction! Treat learning at Wealthy Affiliate for what it really is and that’s your business and the brand that you’re building.

Eliminate DistractionsThere are so many promotion methods on the internet. Many marketers will see advertisements that say things like getting 5000 visitors in 24 hrs and they buy that traffic.

You’d have a better chance of making money on a scratch-off ticket. Nobody is going to buy anything from that kind of paid traffic site. Some of them aren’t even real traffic, they’re site pinging programs.

Once you complete the training with Wealthy Affiliate you will know how to become a super wealthy affiliate. WA provides the kind of knowledge that can literally change your life forever. You learn exactly what the best affiliate marketing promotion methods are to get high conversions with your product offers.

You can still use some free promotional methods like social media posts and email lists. However, the best promotional method you could ever want is from organic traffic by way of a search engine. There is nothing better than someone finding your pages from a search engine. Targeted visitors mean your conversion rates will go up.


Targeted Site Visitors

With affiliate marketing, you get out of it what you put into it. Some affiliates spend more than others to get the site traffic they need to convert. Many affiliates advertise using Google sponsered ads and others for suitable locations to place ads for their affiliate offers.

Targeted Site VisitorsFinding the right fit with your affiliate marketing promotional methods is critical to having success with your online business. You must find places online that are related to your niche.

That can be in a forum, a group page, or maybe some sponsored ads targeting certain keywords with Google. Don’t worry about getting millions and millions of site visitors.

Of course, everyone wants tons of traffic, but I’d rather have 10,000 targeted visitors than 100,000 untargeted visitors. You can literally have many page visits with no click thru’s happening at all. That will make you think there’s something wrong with your site.

Sometimes, certain people are not interested in your offering and it has nothing to do with your site at all. They’re just plain are not interested in the niche offer. This doesn’t mean your site is at fault, it means you have the wrong traffic visiting your site. You should find a better traffic source for a more targeted engaged site visitor.


Knowledge Is Priceless

Learning affiliate marketing is challenging, it takes devotion and dedication to get to where you understand what to do next. However, once you know this priceless knowledge you will be well underway to building your online business. You can promote the business using the best possible affiliate marketing promotion methods available.

Knowledge Is PricelessOnce you see your site take shape and begin to generate traffic you will see the power of this business. When the affiliate sales begin you will know this is the business for you.

I still use some free and very inexpensive promotional methods along side my set budget for some paid targeted promotions. There’s no guarantee of the amount of money you will make.

However, with the knowledge needed for success with your marketing efforts you should do well carving out a nice income. The real money can happen after scaling your business. Outsourcing certain tasks can help take back your time to keep creating even more.

There are good tips and bad tips, make sure you’re getting good tips before spending money on anything. Just because someone told you to do something that made them money doesn’t mean you will make money. This business has more competition than any other business out there in my opinion.

Affiliate marketing can really be a lesson in getting the carpet yanked out from under you sometimes. For those possessing the required knowledge it’s knowing these pitfalls with affiliate marketing that they need to avoid. Anyone can literally become an affiliate marketer, but they must learn the process, the knowledge is priceless.


Build A List

The second best traffic method? Using an email list, you build a list to send out your offers to your list weekly. A very large email list can produce a substantial income with the right products. Some marketers say an email list is the best method to get an offer to potential buyers, but I disagree.

Build An Email ListThere’s no substitute for direct organic traffic that comes from a search engine. That’s why it’s the highest way for an offer to convert. You should create a landing page for your email subscriptions.

Create a few good products to give away for when people sign up to receive a free report or something. These items can be an ebook or maybe a tutorial or just a simple one page report.

The combination of an email list and organic traffic will have your business growing non stop for years to come. Your revenue will absolutely increase over time as your list grows and your site gains authority. By selecting great products with nice commission payouts your site’s visitors get a great solution with the information you provide.

Once again, make certain you know about or use the product. Maybe endorse the product because of how great it has worked for you. Having products you’re very familar with also makes it much easier when you create content. When you design, create and build your website, it allows you to personalize your site with real information.


Affiliate Spam Links

Having products that you are knowledgeable about makes you an experienced authority with those products. Using that information to help others is your main goal. While there’s many pitfalls with affiliate marketing you don’t want a bunch of affiliate links or banners on your pages.

That’s off putting to visitors and Google will penalize your ranking due to affiliate spam links.

Affiliate Spam LinksYou only need a few affiliate links to direct people with a call to action used within your content. The max number of affiliate links I recommend is  3 of them on any pages or posts.

That is especially true with a newer site, affiliate links can keep a newer site from ranking in Google. Once a site is established it is gains authority and is ranked accordingly by Google.

Affiliate marketing offers all sorts of affiliate programs and every user experience will differs from others. You should decide for yourself and not judge by testimonials you read. Once your site is producing rich content you will be ready to try out a few promotional methods.

Affiliate marketing is a cheap business to start and offers unlimited revenue stream possibilities for anyone serious about learning marketing. When just starting out in this business you should take it very serious. Learn the business itself and implement everything you learn into a successful business.


Free Marketing Methods

Having an attractive site will have site visitors take notice. Keeping banners and affiliate links off the site helps keep visitors on your site without immediately leaving. Aside from search engine ranking and an email list there are plenty of other affiliate marketing promotional methods to explore.

Free Marketing MethodsThere are many sites that are free to post ads on and others that do cost a few bucks. They’re still fairly reasonable in price though. Some of these sites are free classifieds sites.

Craigslist, Close 5 (formally Ebay classifieds), Oodle, Adlandpro, Gum Tree, Pennysaver USA, Locanto, Classified Ads and Geebo.

There are a few other affiliate marketing promotional methods that are sometimes used for extra site visitors. These methods involve using free traffic programs like Traffic Travis, Free Traffic Generator, traffup, TrafficG, and Multiply My Traffic.

Above I’ve linked a few of the free traffic methods that are free to use. Anyone looking to increase traffic to your sites should sign up to these free traffic offers. Some offers are free and some paid, but they allow you another avenue to reach even more potential site visitors. Check them out, they’re free!

Interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate? Join my WA network free to start building your success!

Thanks for reading affiliate marketing promotional methods.

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods”

  1. Excellent article you have up here and surely an interesting one to read. It’s simply a truth that distraction is a setback to the success of any business. I joined wealthy Affiliate recently and I am still yet to focus of the trainings because of distractions coming from social media apps though I’m trying to overcome that already.

    E-mail list is one thing that I’ve learnt to be of great assets to any affiliate marketer which helps a lot in getting conversion and also, organic traffic too through quality contents on one’s website. I learnt more today by reading this post. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the great comment.

      For me, set backs and distraction were a huge problem when first getting involved with blogging and affiliate marketing. It took a huge amount of restraint to get my act together. It bothered me so bad that I wrote a blog post outlining how I was able to overcome this problem entitled the big distractions.  Email lists are definitely a way to put the same product in front of your list subscribers many times over, it works very well.

  2. Thanks for the reassurance that it takes time to build up traffic and make a profit. I think this is so true too. It’s important to keep this in mind when it takes what seems like such a long time for Google to see your site as trusted. So many affiliate marketers drop out too soon before their site gets trusted by Google. It’s about persistence, and patience while you’re in the early stages, even first 12 months. It’s so true though that if brick and mortar companies take time to build a profit, it’s more acceptable knowing this is also the case with new websites. I’ve got traffic travis, but don’t know how to use it, do you have much experience with it in how it helps build on traffic?

    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment.

      That’s very true Kat, I see people joining everyday and most of the time the first thing you hear from them is how and when do I get paid. I am constantly having to explain that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scam, it’s the real deal and it requires a lot of hard work and patients to see results. 

      The goals is to set up long term success and they show you exactly how to accomplish that task.

      In promoting Wealthy Affiliate I promote 2 methods to join the program, the free starter and the yearly subscription.  Of course I still offer all methods to join but with my promotions I prefer to market the yearly membership to people. People who join that way see far more success and there’s no chance to quit and give up, you have a whole year.

  3. This is a very useful review. I want to get something clear. I’m seeing various reviews telling us that Facebook can be a means to drive traffic to our website. And I noticed that not every Facebook user has an email address to input on the website they are driven to.  For this reason, they won’t be able to contribute to the review that interests them on the website. How will their presence be known on the website and by the website owner?
    This is an in-depth guide that is worth revisiting.

    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment.

      Social media of any kind can drive traffic to your websites and a email address is not required to view the pages on the site, but you can try and capture their email address with a captcha page offering something free in exchange. 

      Visitors on Facebook have an email address they can use from when they joined Facebook or they can use any email address they choose to join any mailing list out there. 

      The traffic can be seen by you the site owner using various programs that track your links and who is spending time on your website. Google Search Console also can help you see the traffic visiting your sites pages and posts.

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