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To locate the very best of affiliate programs online people usually use Google to search for the available programs. While there are many legitimate programs out there, they don’t all measure up for the affiliate promoting those programs.

Amazon is a perfect example, not only did they pay the lowest commissions, but they recently lowered the commissions again. They also place restrictions on the affiliate with time constraints and the ability to be creative as Amazon only allows their material. No changes are allowed!

Without a doubt, the one thing people are concerned with is if a program is real or a bad scam. Many people, myself included have lost money online to what they thought was a good program. You join the program and wait for success to never happen.

Worlds Best Affiliate Training

Best Of Affiliate ProgramsThis is the reason I promote Wealthy Affiliate over any other programs that exist today. It’s the one program where you can make magic actually happen.

There’s a huge reason why Wealthy Affiliate is considered the very best of affiliate programs for affiliate marketers. It has for many years running all the way back to September 10, 2005.

WA started out as a membership keyword list site that did very well for its members. Over time it evolved into the world’s best affiliate training platform online that Wealthy Affiliate is today.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate the platform itself was already 9 years old in 2014. It had seen many changes as the site evolved.  I messed around on the platform a bit but I never did much.

The Reason People Quit

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. It was my stubborn attitude like I know what’s best that kept me from WA even after I had signed up, to begin with. This can make you bounce from one program to another program with zero success happening.

The reason people fail with affiliate marketing is that they quit before they learn the process. Worse yet, the reason people quit is that they complain that it’s too hard to do. These are typical excuses, the real reason people quit is they don’t have their heart in learning the business.

Every affiliate program has conversion rates and the conversion rate for Wealthy Affiliate is high at over 12%. While that’s wonderful what’s even better is their retention rates because when people join they know it’s real. Most that join premium stick around to learn affiliate marketing from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is a 15-year-old company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as you can see.


Begin The Journey

Having joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2014 I wish that I’d taken action then, but I’m happy I finally did after all. I’m glad when I came back I finally did what I should of the first time around and learned this business. Sometimes, we convince ourselves we can’t before we ever try something and I had too many shiny objects distracting me.

best of affiliate programs

My brain was going 200 mph between searching and looking at the many ways to earn money online. All of those dollar signs were blinding my concentration with grandiose thinking as if I’d already made that money.

The constant searching to earn online with dollar signs in my head made me fail, I never did anything.

One day I decided I’m going to commit to learning the complete process in Wealthy Affiliate. Not only that, I’m going to commit as a yearly member to begin my journey.

That day I remember tearing into the lessons so excited that I had to do some lessons over again. Once I had calmed down I really dug into the lessons and building my site as I went along.

Process Time Frame Varies

My site was indexed and within 3 months, I was ranking in 3 search engines all on page one. With Wealthy Affiliate, you’re building your brand and the process time frame varies.

That’s because each individual works at their own speed to complete tasks. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I was on the platform 24/7 unless I had something else I had to do. When I went back to Wealthy Affiliate the second time I was able to get back into my 2014 account.

I immediately got busy with all the free lessons and my free site. Then I waited 2 months to save enough money, in the meantime I continued to learn. Then I signed into my account one day and went premium for an entire year.


A Yearly Commitment

Just like that, I was immersed in the platform as I continued with my lessons moving forward. I also listened to other member’s suggestions and tips. Right away I will say if you are going to join Wealthy Affiliate, make it a yearly commitment. Believe in yourself, and just do it.

Best Of Affiliate ProgramsThat’s the best-discounted offer and it begins a year-long goal to achieve and smash on your way to success.

There’s no escaping the fact that you must learn the lessons to achieve your success as I have done. Over 2 million people have joined Wealthy Affiliate to date.

I started the platform with a free starter membership like most do when they join. When I completed the free training I went premium knowing I found my success home in Wealthy Affiliate.

Everything I was learning and all the help from the community had me moving along quite fast. I was starting to see my own self-improvement happening before my eyes.


Wealthy Affiliate Member Ranking

I was astonished that my rank was climbing at WA and I was becoming my own brand as I completed the certified courses. When I completed the level 5 certified courses my rank was under 500 on the WA platform.

I had started from like 200,000 plus, it was really crazy. When I hit the top 200 in Wealthy Affiliate I received my first ranking badge. Sometime later I received more recognition badges when I hit both top 100 and then top 50.

I am currently ranked in the top 50 in Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Educates

My success is happening because I took the time to learn everything I could from this great platform. I will forever be a lifetime member of Wealthy Affiliate. I still own my small painting business in the brick-and-mortar world. That business I had planned to keep around for a while, it just turned 10 years old.

However, the way things are looking I may close shop much sooner than anticipated.

Best Of Affiliate Programs Many people come to Wealthy Affiliate constantly asking when do I make money or how do I do my website?

Some will ask you how you become successful here.

Many will be overcome with information overload especially in the very beginning. Unfortunately, every one of those answers depends on you the individual.

It depends on how much effort you put forth. For some, the learning curve involved can be tough, but you keep ongoing.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate should be about learning the complete process of creating long-term success online.


The Knowledge To Succeed

This process does not happen overnight and it takes total dedication and commitment to succeed. You should not be joining with dollar signs in your mind looking to make money tomorrow. That’s simply not realistic and that’s not what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

The education you receive with Wealthy Affiliate gives you the knowledge to succeed. The courses teach exactly how the process works from start to finish. The education you receive with Wealthy Affiliate is the best of affiliate programs online today. To top it off they offer a totally free starter membership.


Join My Network

When people join Wealthy Affiliate through my network I try to fast-track them the best way I can. Doing this helps with their success in the beginning. That is when you are building a foundation for your business. It’s the basis of what your success will be all about.

Best Of Affiliate ProgramsI urge anyone joining through my network to wait on everything, let me help you with some early on tips.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best tool to use to build online success.

However, in the end, success is still up to you.

The sense of pride is overwhelming when you see the traffic on your sites every day as you begin earning money.

Again, this doesn’t happen overnight but when it does happen it’s definitely an amazing feeling.


Your Own Online Success Story

From that day forward your site is ranked and you’re on the way to creating your own online success story. The journey is awesome and once you learn the process everything becomes very clear as to how to achieve your personal goals.

Think of this, a year at Wealthy Affiliate is cheap and by that time you can have an authority site with tons of content. This all leads to massive sales and success. There is literally nowhere I can think of where you can learn and establish a high-ranking authority business for that kind of money anywhere.


Make Magic Happen

Get started today and by this time next year, your life can possibly be completely changed into a laptop lifestyle. Possibly making more in a month than in a year in many cases. There are many six-figure earners in Wealthy Affiliate and they’re the ones helping you with your success.

Best Of Affiliate Programs Take the time to sign up and do everything you can for free when starting out. When you complete everything that you can do for free then it’s time to join Wealthy Affiliate premium.

Seriously, save up and join by the year, it’s so worth getting that discount. Besides, it takes longer than a few months to learn everything and put your plan into action.

Plan your goals and set your pace, the rest will just happen as you go along. Get started changing your life in one year of learning with the best of affiliate programs.

When you start out, you need to treat this as something you must do every day, like a business. If you reach goals early, it gives you many months to make the magic happen.

You know the platform is great when you have members that have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 10 years. When you join Wealthy Affiliate under my network I will help you in any way possible to keep you moving along. Take the time to check out Wealthy Affiliate and join the free starter membership. You have nothing to lose!


Thanks for reading my post, please comment and share.

10 thoughts on “Best Of Affiliate Programs”


    This is one of the most amazingly informative and expository things I have read on Wealthy Affiliate, while more has been said on the affiliate program. I love your unique write up,  more so as an avid student of digital marketing, stumbling upon this has made me gain more knowledge on Wealthy Affiliate. 

    One of the best programs that has really developed many top bloggers through there training courses. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Labulo,

      Thanks for the kind words, I write about Wealthy Affiliate because I have tried so many programs in the past that went no where. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and what I’ve learned from the platform goes way beyond the scope of just creating a website or taking the lessons, it gives you a brand and a chance for success.

      When I began seeing success I knew that I would never leave Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. The first time I was introduced to wealthy affiliate program, I was skeptical about it. Now I’m a proud member of wealthy affiliate. 

    WA is a life changer and second to none, it gives members weekly live training and live chat among members 24/7. Access to create blogs and earn while you are learning. WA is the best place to learn about affiliate marketing. Thanks for the review, it’s highly informative. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Whitedove1,

      I am glad you found value in the post, I was very skeptical the first time I joined WA, I went off to do other non productive stuff before coming back to WA and taking the training seriously. 

      Now I’m an annual member and I will always be a member of this platform. 

      Between the coaching and the hosting alone, I could never find that for 30 bucks a month anywhere else.

      Best value for my dollars that I’ve ever spent…$$$

  3. afolabi anumicheal

    Thanks for writing this article on best of affiliate programs and your experience so far. I must say reading your experience impresses me and it’s motivating. Am so glad you made a break through after all the lessons. Wealthy Affiliate is really the best place to start the journey as long as you work and have passion for what you are doing. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for sometime now and I must say I started earning at 3months even though it’s not much, but with time things will change. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Afolabi,

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate premium is the best thing I ever could of done for myself, I learned knowledge that will keep an income for life that anyone can do no matter the age. Keep going with what you’re doing that little earning will turn into big earning as time marches onward.

      As I always say about WA, ” If it doesn’t challenge you, it can’t change you.”

  4. Gaining success online is not a one-day thing. This is where people get it wrong because they really feel if they don’t see immediate success then they are in the wrong business. Running a business online is a bit tricky and if you want to see success you are going to have to learn how to achieve that success and that learning process does not happen in one day.

    It is more of a long journey whereby as you learn, you build and you earn in the process. This is one thing Wealthy Affiliate teaches because they encourage you to look at your business as a sought of long term kind of business whereby you build a business that can last for a very long time.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jay,

      You’re absolutely correct Jay, with Wealthy Affiliate you’re building long term success which is way better in my opinion. The journey can be long and for some like me it was a huge learning curve, but I got past that and forged forward to achieve my goals and my dreams. 

  5. Dear John,

    Your post is truly inspiring and convincing!

    I am also a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate on an annual commitment. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate offers the best of affiliate programs at a very affordable price. The yearly discounted price is the best on the market.

    I appreciate you making a point that the individual success depends on dedication and effort each person puts forth. I am glad that you are seeing great results of your hard work. Definitely, this business is not a get rich overnight scheme. But with dedication and effort, the success is only a matter of time. At Wealthy Affiliate, we all help each other. In addition to the great step-by-step training modules and support of the worldwide community of entrepreneurs, you are offering to your readers an invaluable gift – your personal one-on-one mentorship. If I weren’t in already, I would sign up right this moment.

    Wishing you great success,

    ~ Julia

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Julia,

      I pointed that out on individual success because I have seen some put in way more effort than others in the program. There are some that start off great and wind up slowing down their work ethic and training, many are still premium they are just doing this at a slower pace. 

      I will help anyone who joins my network, it’s the least I can do.

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