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For many people who are over 50 years of age there are many options one can target when it comes to building more wealth. I have helped many people discover methods to build wealth after 50 and many people do this with great success. Obviously not everyone is cut out to do everything and because of that fact not everyone will succeed when trying.

The truth of the matter makes me think of the old adage of you get out of it what you put into it or you reap what you sow. For most people that fail at anything in life it usually has to do with how hard did they make the effort to succeed at their planned goals. Not everyone is cut out to be in a specific type of career even if they are trained to do that type of work in general.

I know people with 4 year degree’s that don’t even work in the related fields they studied for years in college to achieve. Somehow that sees like a huge waste of your time and most importantly your hard-earned money has flown out the window. For many of us once we hit that certain age we begin to look for alternatives to build wealth after 50 for security reasons.

why wealthy affiliate

I’m one of those people who has done this for several years before finding a real way to build wealth and that’s why I created this post. In the past I tried to make money online with several types of methods and I had some success but probably more heart ache than success.

If you read my about me you will see that I’m just a regular working guy who owns a small painting contracting business who likes to go fishing and boating when I’m not busy working at my business or online with my websites. I’m not super rich by any means but I am building wealth as I go and I owe it all to joining Wealthy Affiliate and becoming a premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate can literally teach anyone to become a successful super affiliate marketer if you complete all the training. The platform is the most trusted in the industry and there are no up sells involved what’s so ever, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal for affiliate marketing.

why wealthy affiliate

The price of Wealthy Affiliate is cheap by comparison to any other platform offering this type of training and the training far exceeds what many others even offer. I pay for mine annual because I prefer the discount and that gives you an entire year to learn and grow over time.

Not to many with most any business can become successful overnight and that applies here with Wealthy Affiliate as well. Wealthy Affiliate is entire education on how you can build wealth and continue to as long as you wish to become successful. Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate, but I find many who are looking to build wealth after 50 take things a bit more serious.

why wealthy affiliate

Below is the break down of Wealthy Affiliate and to start with you can join 100% free with a starter membership.


The training at Wealthy Affiliate is bar none the best available for the price and the education you receive will last for years. As with the ever-changing internet and the rules for search engines to rank you properly, Wealthy Affiliate will keep you completely up to date with what you need to know.

You will learn everything from scratch which can take some time to see results, I know people hate to hear that but no business is really successful overnight. You need to learn and become educated to become a super affiliate, that can take a little while, but that depends on how much time you can devote to the learning process.

I’ve seen people do things faster than others as they put in much more time to learning the process and some others work at a slower pace, it’s really up to you. Becoming educated in the process allows you to build wealth knowing exactly what to do.

why wealthy affiliate


I added this heading because it’s no secret that knowledge is power and with Wealthy Affiliate you will gain that knowledge. There is a reason very few succeed when they attempt to make money online and that is mostly because lack of knowledge. I’m not a mechanic, believe me I try sometimes, but since I lack the knowledge I usually end up at a garage having it fixed.

That guy makes my money because he has the knowledge that I don’t and he can use that knowledge to fix my vehicles. The same principle applies here with Wealthy Affiliate, you will gain the knowledge most don’t have and you will then leverage that knowledge and create many streams of revenue using the knowledge you have gained.

why wealthy affiliate


When you sign up with the free starter membership you will receive 100% free level one training with 10 lessons included. The training is great to start you off and you will get two free sub domain websites free as well that you can build using the site builder platform.

There are plenty of website themes to choose from and the sites are ascetically pleasing as a theme before you add any content to the site itself. By the time you finish the lessons you start off with you will have created a very appealing website. When you decide, you can upgrade to premium where you can own a domain of your own hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

Why wealthy affiliate


This may be perhaps the best part of Wealthy Affiliate, the support at Wealthy Affiliate is community based as well as from the site support that’s offered. I have never used site support because everything I ever needed to know I was helped by Wealthy Affiliate members who have helped me become successful.

Beside the great community there are many blogs that can help you and they also have Q & A that you can refer to as well. Wealthy Affiliate members want to watch you succeed and will help you do that by helping you with any problems you have. The live chat feature works awesome for quick immediate live help with any issues and the people are eager to help you.

why wealthy affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best hosting platforms on the internet with blazing fast site response time and total security for your sites protection. Wealthy Affiliate will host up to 25 domains that you own with premium and you also get up to 25 free subs domains with site rubix as well.

The sites are WordPress sites which allows for over 45,000 and counting available plugins that will turn your site into anything you may want it to be. Wealthy Affiliate also backs up your site everyday just in case you have any problems you don’t lose anything ever. Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best out there!

why wealthy affiliate


The community at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and I have made friends with so many of the people over time since I have joined the platform. I have helped so many people just as many have helped me when I first started in the business to become a super affiliate.

I think it’s the bond you share with everyone on the platform to become successful that brings everyone together as a community in the affiliate marketing business. It’s like social media platforms like many others except you all have a common goal at Wealthy Affiliate and it’s fantastic to have immediate help at your fingertips.

why wealthy affiliate


Jaaxy is a keyword SEO tool that is one of the best and as a premium member you will receive Jaaxy lite free with your premium membership. This tool is amazing and it will help you get your site indexed and ranked very quickly when used correctly, I love this tool to find the best keywords.

Jaaxy will also do search analysis, site ranking and much more all within the Jaaxy dashboard to elevate your site to much higher rankings. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you also get affiliate links for both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate to promote to others seeking the best way to build wealth after 50 or any age for that matter.why wealthy affiliate

Thanks for reading my post on how to build wealth after 50.

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6 thoughts on “Build Wealth After Fifty”

  1. Colonel Sanders is a living legend that building wealth after 50 years old is very… very possible. Thanks for encouraging people over 50. My dad will enter his retirement age soon, so I am trying to find some other solution that will work for him to still have some activities that generate income. So, Wealthy Affiliate is also friendly to people over 50, right? How much does it cost for paying members? Thank you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Alblue,

      That’s so very true about Colonel Sanders and many other movie and tv stars who never reached fame and or fortune until after age 50. Julia Child was 36 when she first tried to learn a new language and 37 when she started culinary school to learn to cook, it took her 9 years to write her first cookbook after completing her school. She was spotted on a local PBS station show and the rest is history. The cost of Wealthy Affiliate begins from free starter membership to a $19. first month premium to a deep discount for a yearly membership. Wealthy Affiliate Price Page.

  2. Working with Wealth Affiliate this past few weeks has been nothing short of excellent. 

    I am a new member here at WA and I am enrolled in the online entrepreneurship certification training, which I can personally rank as one of the best online entrepreneurship certification training we can find around. 

    These few weeks has been characterised by learning, earning and achievement, many thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Peace,

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate as a new member, the learning truly never stops even if your a premium member. We have live training every Friday that you can replay watch anytime and you have a community with the best knowledge in the business that will help you succeed. A free starter membership is the way to begin where you can become familiar with the platform before upgrading to premium membership. Some people just want to promote Wealthy Affiliate and that is great, others want to promote a niche product which is also great, however they require different training for each. For just promoting Wealthy Affiliate you would take the Bootcamp Training and for promoting a niche product you take the OEC Training. To better help people understand the process of creating an income from affiliate marketing I’ve written several blog posts right here at Why Wealthy Affiliate about different subjects including good online business ideas and another titled how to find a niche product

      To Your Success.

  3. Nice and helpful article! The truth is that doing what is right at the right time is part of quick success. Opportunities lost can’t be regained. I realized this early on which made me quit my jobs and squarely face my online business. And I can really recommend Wealth affiliate for the best training and the free education to build them all from a free starter membership. The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate are enormous and can never be compared with any other platform in the world. There are tons of lessons to help you fully understand the wide scope of affiliate marketing and blogging. There are also awesome tools like Jaaxy, site health, site feedback, site comments, the site rubix building platform and domain registration. I am very sure newbies will find your review very helpful.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Topazdude,

      You are absolutely correct about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate and you’re also correct about opportunities lost that can’t be regained. I use many different tools both with Wealthy affiliate and elsewhere that I use with my online business to keep an edge. One particular tool that is outstanding for content marketing is SEMrush, the results are absolutely amazing and you can try it free before buying, you know its a great product when they give that kind of a try it free trial offer.

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