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In this post I will talk about online businesses and the different price points for an online business opportunity for you. Perhaps the biggest mistake people make who are looking to get into an internet business is that they don’t do their homework and they wind up learning about additional costs the hard way.

This is a subject I can speak about from personal experiences where I lost money during the process of getting involved with a supposed legit business and I had no idea what to do about it except to quit. I was buying master resell rights packages to resell on my own websites and I had a bunch of them, probably around 100 total.

I would get involved in everything and anything including membership sites, re seller sites, wholesale drop ship sites and many others as well. The one common thing with all of these sites was that they all offered huge upgrade packages and I was in reality a low member on these sites.

The costs of these sites would generally go in a kind of upgrade price point order something like this, enter the program at bronze $49., boom the next page appears, WARNING don’t close this page for today only lock in Silver for $79 a month (Reg. $99.). Warning this deal will disappear forever once this page closes!!! After becoming a bronze member the platform would promote from with in for offers to upgrade to Gold ($197) or Diamond ($297) membership too.


There are many cheap internet businesses that you can buy and own with re seller rights included and the main sites are top ranked websites that offer training and possible incomes. The fact is, cheap internet businesses still cost a bit of money, they’re just a little less money and most likely a ton more of headaches to deal with.

Here’s the real deal, there are unlimited business opportunities where you can create solid revenue streams without the worry of mark-ups, upgrades, up sells or add on’s. I am going to tell you all about how you can do this right here, this is hands down the best way to build long term success and learn the exact process needed for you to execute and succeed.

I don’t consider Wealthy Affiliate cheap in any way, as a matter of fact what they offer far exceeds the actual cost of their membership price but I want to clarify that Wealthy Affiliate is 100% real and technically it really does fall with in the cheap internet businesses category.

Just look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, it’s hands down the best program out there on how to become a super affiliate marketer. The best part is there are no other extra costs involved except your new domain registrations, they are usually under $15. a year for most dot com names.

You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate for free and receive 2 websites and 10 lessons of level one training all free of charge. Try the free version and you will want to become premium member the price is $49. a month or you can get a discounted annual price of $369. Wealthy Affiliate hosts all of your sites on their very fast servers all SSL secured.

You see, Wealthy Affiliate is built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers with no real experience needed to get started. For me, I pay the annual membership, that way I can focus and I’m not pressed with a monthly bill to pay, I hate BILLS!!! Try the free version and you will sign up free you can start immediately with training and building out your websites and then go premium.

Take a close look at Wealthy Affiliate below and see why a regular guy like me with no experience was able to rank within the Top 200 of the premium members of Wealthy Affiliate and that was done in 2 months time. Sign up free and change your life, as a premium member you can immediately begin building as many as 50 cheap internet businesses.

Check out the difference between free and premium in the chart below.


Wealthy Affiliate University is the real deal when it comes to an education on how to become a super affiliate marketer. There really isn’t a better platform to learn from at a better price point anywhere, it’s why Wealthy Affiliate is number one.



Build beautiful profit ready websites with no design experience needed, pick a theme and get busy building your success. Because these sites are word press you have a ton of plugins that will make your site everything you need and more.



The premium support at Wealthy Affiliate is 24/7 and community based, so technically there are two premium member support areas. You also have Q & A, live chat and blog training to help you in addition to the other support available.



Wealthy Affiliate will host your sites on extremely fast servers and they provide 24/7 SSL security, very much-needed today. Premium members can host up to 25 domains they own, plus an additional 25 sub domains are allowed using site rubix.




As you get started within Wealthy Affiliate you will start networking and begin meeting a community of people who will welcome you into the program. Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate networking platform that I’ve ever been a part of.




This is one of the best keyword tools available and you get a lite version of Jaaxy included as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can upgrade Jaaxy if wanted, that’s up to you, but you don’t need to especially if your new to affiliate marketing.

All In One

All In One is a great SEO tool that premium members of Wealthy Affiliate get a lite version of and again you can upgrade to full premium versions if wanted but it’s not really needed. The lite version works perfect for what you learn to do at WA.



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14 thoughts on “Cheap Internet Businesses”

  1. I absolutely hate up-sells and pretty much nowadays any bad opportunity will be loaded with them.  I learned the hard way from many years ago when I used to sign up to everything and spend hundreds and 1000s of dollars on up-sells.Thats not the case anymore because I am a lot wiser now.  Its great to see that you are warning people about the up-sells and then you are introducing them to a great opportunity.Im here to say that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the good ones.  Honestly there arent a lot around but WA is one of them.  Kudos to you for showing people a great program like Wealthy Affiliate.Dale

    1. Thanks for the great comment, it’s so true about the amount of upsell platforms out there and scams for that matter. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, I’ll never use anything else. Thanks!

  2. I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate few months ago. After seeing many scams online I was really cautious about it at first. Good thing that Wealthy Affiliate provide free starter account that allows us to sneak peek whatever they have to offer inside. 

    Now I am just glad that I have signed up for it. It never ceased to amazed me- the quality of the training, the tools provided, the warm and helpful community. I can say it worth every penny that I have spent. 

    1. I agree with you 100% and because I felt exactly like you do about the program I switched my membership to the yearly plan for the great discount. I’m not big on having extra monthly bills if I can avoid them, so I pay it in full by the year. Thanks for commenting and if you haven’t seen this training, this is the advanced year long Super Affiliate Challenge. I’m doing this challenge soon, it looks intense!

  3. I support you on this one.

    Am a proud wealthy affiliate and so far what they provide exceeds the membership price.

    With wealthy affiliate I have learnt a lot and with tools like jaaxy it has helped build my website to its greatest.

    Have been involved in a whole lot of web hosting platform but have not seen any as good as that which wealthy affiliate offers.

    I manage two websites hosted by site rubix and so far have not faced any hacker threat and my sites are so fast which makes it user friendly.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for anyone to learn to become a super affiliate marketer. It’s changed my life! Now that I’m doing great with my marketing and I’ve finished my certified training I’m looking to take the more aggressive Super Affiliate Challenge next.

  4. Hi John,I have been in the internet marketing space for a while now, spend  thousands to be “coached” to make money. Made some but still hasn’t  gotten back what I spent for and at this point I don’t have much to  spend left. So, searched around and WA seems to have a good offer.


    1. I too have spent too much money on other offers on the internet, but when I found Wealthy Affiliate I knew it was the best place to learn how to be a successful super affiliate marketer and that’s exactly what has happened for me. I’m next taking the advanced aggressive Super Affiliate Challenge, it looks intense and I can’t wait to get started.

  5. There is no doubt about this, Wealthy affiliate is the best affiliates program out there and I am so super excited to be part of this great community. Such an awesome community where you can earn while you learn. I have never come across such a platform since I started doing anything on the internet.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best affiliate program out there and it’s 100% free to join. People have options when starting an online business and Wealthy Affiliate to me is the number one best option. After everything I have learned everything and needed by completing the training provided, I think this will be next. After completing the certified training, this next training is the aggressive year long super affiliate challenge. This is going to get intense!

  6. You provide a compelling case for trying out the Wealthy Affiliate platform to get started relatively cheaply with your own internet business. The free trial offer is something that shows me they have a lot of trust in their program, and the cost when you upgrade is within reason.

    I pay more for hosting of a few of my e-commerce sites (7) and have three other hosting accounts I am paying for too. Online business can be expensive, but it does not have to be. The affiliate marketing segment is one of the most reasonable cost businesses you can start.

    Of course, you need to have access to the training that will lead you to success, and having resources available to you in one place as you describe are important factors that will make or break your efforts. It sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent choice.

    If I were starting again, most certainly I would try the Wealthy Affiliate training and platform. It just makes too much sense. I have heard only good things about the site and the owners too. They have a good reputation and position in the market (I have done some research). 

    Good review and a good recommendation, thanks for getting the word out to people. The more we can point people wanting to get started with online marketing to reputable platforms, the more ethical marketers we will have in the business. I am concerned with the many sham operators out there that are giving the industry a bad name. Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate.   

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment I really appreciate getting them. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate and highly recommended by many of us that use the platform. Like you I have other sites outside of the WA platform and I’m thinking of bringing my sites over to WA because it’s free with my premium membership for up to 25 sites hosted by WA. Another great point is they also give you an extra 25 site rubix sub domains you can build into great little money makers. First lessons are free…

  7. It may be cheap, but it’s priceless. I think you have done a great job with your blog post, yes, they do fit into the cheap category, but like you have pretty well summed up in your post, WA has so many wonderful tools and training to offer.

    Keep going the way you are, you put the information down in a very clear and concise way that makes it very reader friendly and draws the reader to act on. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment I appreciate getting them. Wealthy Affiliate is more affordable then most of the rest of the other marketing platforms available and WA doesn’t have any upsells like all of the others have. Plus it’s free for anyone that wants to see what’s inside, take a look. Join Free Account.

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