Free Affiliate Marketing Sites

One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is anyone can build free affiliate marketing sites.

Free Affiliate Marketing Sites

Not only that but the training offered will assist anyone on a path to affiliate marketing success as well.

The training is awesome and gives anyone new to affiliate marketing a fighting chance to make money online.

One mistake I see some people make on the WA platform is that they try to bypass the training and just make a website.

That is entirely up to the person joining, but I can tell you the training provided with Wealthy Affiliate is beyond outstanding.

When I first joined WA, I was one of those people who were more interested in building a site than taking the training.

What did that do for me? I learned about the navigation on the platform and I built the ugliest site on the internet.

However, I never quit and I eventually began my journey through the training on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


Preventing My Own Success

When I decided to get serious it was game on as I dove into the free Wealthy Affiliate training.

Preventing My Own Success

Instantly I began learning information that was new to me as I followed the training to a tee.

What I initially discovered going through the training was that I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing.

Believe me, taking the training was the best thing I ever did for myself as I’ve now learned the process of affiliate marketing.

Everyone fails before they see success, it’s just how things work to reach that success!

My attitude about building my own site before doing any provided training had prevented my own success from happening!

I had to get out of my own way and get cracking on the training and so began my own journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

When you first join the platform as a free member you have 7 days of perks with the WA community.

During that 7 days, you can ask all the questions, private message premium members, and have site support to help you.

However, don’t waste time on the platform chit-chatting, you want to begin immediately taking the free provided lessons.

When the 7 days end you may either join premium membership or remain a free member of WA.


Deciding To Remain A Free Member

If you’re deciding to remain a free member you will be cut off from the community.

That means no chat box or questions asked can be asked anymore.

Deciding To Remain A Free Member

However, you can still build a site for free that is good for 6 months’ time.

You can also still have a blog on WA!

People will engage your blog if you write one on the WA platform and that includes experts leaving you comments.

Learning free with Wealthy Affiliate as you create free affiliate marketing sites is about as good as it gets!

Take it from first-hand experience, when you see just how great the opportunity is with WA you will probably want to upgrade.

For me it was a no-brainer, the opportunities WA provides are endless, and new how-to money-making ideas are now easy!

Since this is about free affiliate marketing sites I will focus mostly on how to get started making money online free.

The first step is taking the 20 free lessons provided free by Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the best training available online.

However, rather than go into anything blindly you will go in with a plan because you’ve read this blog post.

Having a plan is essential to any success for anything we do in life.

It’s the most important factor in one’s online success.


Tips To Get You Started

Before you join Wealthy Affiliate here are some vital tips to get you started out on the right track.

Tips To Get You Started

There are two types of training that are offered to free starter memberships upon signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

The first one is what most people do first, it is called the OEC certified training courses.

The OEC stands for Online Entrepreneur Certification.

This training is focused mostly on building specific niches for many types of niche products!

That is the best training for building a site for something specific from a passion that you love.

That can be about any type of available niche which is into the millions worldwide.

Everyone has their own passion, many are using new different ideas making money online as they build their free websites.

While that training is simply the best free training for that type of affiliate marketing the other training has a different purpose.

The other training is called the Bootcamp Training which is also 10 lessons free as you build a free site.

With Bootcamp Training, the learning is more geared toward the MMO niche itself.

For those wondering, MMO stands for Make Money Online which is pretty much the reason your here anyway.

The Bootcamp Training is geared towards promoting Wealthy Affiliate and it’s very good training.

This training can also be used towards other MMO products you may promote on your website as well.

For instance, with Wealthy Affiliate, you have 3 products to promote using affiliate links you receive upon joining the program.

They train you with Bootcamp Training to promote these products and much more.


Wealthy Affiliate Allows Site Monetization

Wealthy Affiliate commission payment is one of the industry’s highest and their retention rate is also extremely high.

Wealthy Affiliate Allows Site Monetization

That’s because after people see what they get with the value of the free training they want more and they upgrade.

Keep in mind, the free training offers immense information and by lesson 10 you will have a great site online.

There aren’t many places you can do all of this for free online and there is a huge reason why.

Here’s a little secret many trying to do free sites may not know. Most free hosts will never allow your site to ever be monetized.

Many will render your affiliate links useless with redirects or 404 messages or worse to their offers.

There aren’t many free hosting platforms that allow site monetization but Wealthy Affiliate free hosting does allow monetization.

That’s very important to know because it can waste a ton of time and pay you nothing in the end.

Most of this is in the terms of service you agree to when you sign up to any platform that offers to build a free site.

Good blog ideas make money, and anyone that wants to start making money online free can create their own free blogs!

The number 1 way to make money online is through quality content. It’s what search engines use to rank every site online.

This is the reason why quality content matters because it can propel any website to an authority status in search engines.

When you decide which to venture into either OEC Training or Bootcamp Training, keep your content writing in mind.


Produce Excellent Quality Content

Not only do you have to write content about one or the other, but you will need to make sure of the quality of the content.

Produce Excellent Quality Content

In most cases, this requires a good amount of research on specifics within your chosen niche or niche products.

As a site owner, it is your responsibility to the site aesthetics and the content that you publish on your site.

For any success to happen on a free site you will need to produce excellent quality content.

Do not copy others’ content, that’s plagiarism and the search engines will penalize your site for nonoriginal content.

Research the subject of the product and use your own words to produce content for your site.

The 3 affiliate products from Wealthy Affiliate I mentioned above are Jaaxy, Siterubix Site Builder, and Wealthy Affiliate.

However, if you prefer to promote something else using your own passion that is more than welcome too.

Wealthy Affiliate founder Kyle created another free training for new starter members who join Wealthy Affiliate. This training is titled the 4 steps to creating a successful business online.

Many who choose to promote a specific passion niche add a Wealthy Affiliate link or banner somewhere on their sites.

While you are not blatantly promoting Wealthy Affiliate, it’s ok to say a few words about the platform.

Here’s another tip to get you the best chance of starting out when new to any of these experiences.

Leave all site monetization off the site and create blog content all day every day for the first month or two.


Wait until you have at least 20 posts or more before you add any links anywhere on your site.

This will help the site rank better when first starting out.


The Best Way To Track Site Activity

Once ranked in search engines and doing well you can add affiliate links or banners to the content on your site.

The Best Way To Track Site Activity

The best way to track site activity is by using Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console with Google Analytics.

All three are free to use and offer a ton of site metrics information.

This means once your site is created you must add verification tags of all 3 above-mentioned tools individually.

This is done using the site builder dashboard with AIO SEO inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Their free training covers how to get this step done.

Once this step is done you can track the traffic coming to your new site and learn what content is getting the most views.

After finding that answer, produce similar content using the free Jaaxy keyword tool and the free WA site builder.

Kyle, a founder of Wealthy Affiliate created extra free Jaaxy training called alphabet soup x cracking the research code.

Most important of all is to produce content! Every day of course would be best but at least 3 times a week minimum.

Without constant content, your site will garner no authority nor will it receive any real search engine ranking.

When starting out I’ll say it again: NO AFFILIATE LINKS!

A new site with affiliate links plastered all over the place is considered SPAM!

The search engines will sniff that from a gigabyte away and say not so fast there Mr. Moneybags!


Using What You Learn From Wealthy Affiliate

Want to get started with affiliate marketing and build a free site?

Using What You Learn From Wealthy Affiliate

In a few months’ time, you could make real money online using what you learn from Wealthy Affiliate all for free.

It goes without saying that aside from search engines you should do your own promoting of your new site.

There are many ways to achieve doing that 100% free of any costs to you.

In one of my other posts, I talk about affiliate marketing promotion methods that offer more insight into this subject.

There are thousands of places to advertise your blog for free online, it’s easy to do!

Another post I wrote on the same subject that may help is titled how to promote affiliate offers online.

Of course, social media is great to create posts, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest among a slew of other social sites.

However, any posting requires engagement which means time away from creating content to tend to social needs.

Limit what you do on social media and focus on creating content, social engagement means nothing without any content.

Your number 1 goal is to create content and get others back to that content through engagement or organic means.

Sometimes shiny objects can distract you from doing what should be most important above everything else.

This can happen when social media or other areas online are keeping you more interested than your own will to succeed.

Trust me it happens to everybody and of course, I had to write about the big distractions because it happened to me.

People want to succeed online by making money and most will fail because they give up before they make a dime.

This process is free as are all of the affiliate programs out there to select a niche product and get started writing site content.

Another blog post I wrote about that subject may help you with how to find a niche product.


What You’re Missing Out On With The Premium MembershipWhat You're Missing Out On Not Being A Premium Member

Promote your passion or simply promote WA, either way, it can be done for free through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Now let me tell you about what you’re missing out on with the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

The first thing is the training, for the OEC Training has 40 more lessons for a total of 50 lessons.

The Bootcamp Training has a whopping 60 more lessons after the first 10 free lessons, that’s an incredible 70 lessons total.

You also get the Jaaxy keyword tool, the premium members get a better lite version over the free version of Jaaxy.

Premium Plus members receive the best Jaaxy has to offer with their Enterprise version of the keyword tool.

Believe me, it’s an excellent keyword tool and it will help you get ranked big time!


Many More Advantages

Many More Advantages

There are also better themes for site-building and a better lite version of AIO SEO for all your site’s SEO needs.

Another awesome perk is the massive amount of WordPress plugins at your fingertips.

There are many more advantages too numerous to mention, but there are a few more worth mentioning here anyway.

There are also unlimited free images to use through the site content writer, this is huge and a massive time saver too.

For instance, they host up to 10 websites free for premium members and up to 50 websites for premium plus members.

The expert training goes in-depth beyond Wealthy Affiliate and touches on many aspects of affiliate marketing.

This includes things like Canva for designing, YouTube and social media, and many subjects that pertain to you. Wealthy Affiliate is, by all means, an all-in-one pay it forward platform with the number one training online.

It has been for the last 16 plus years!


Get Serious About Your Future

Get Serious About Your Future

Join the free starter membership for building free affiliate marketing sites while learning with 20 free lessons provided.

Free starter members are only allowed one site at a time, but you may delete a site and build one over again.

Take your journey to another level by joining premium and get serious about your future and making money online.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


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