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free keywords search

In this post I will discuss keywords, site content and strategies on how to rank much higher with Google and all the search engines. Everyone that wants to rank their sites higher in the search engines probably already know that it’s not easy to accomplish that task. I’ve done free keyword search, paid keyword search and paid back links too, it’s all relevant.

There was a time you could rank a site based on a simple criteria, but those days are long gone as Google, Bing and Yahoo have all changed the way your site is to be ranked. The content on your page will determine the relevance of the keywords to that content which means you had better be certain it’s absolutely correlating to your content.

Sites that do not adhere to these rules will not be ranked nearly as high in the search engines and may be penalized depending on the reasons. This changed the game in ranking a site and in my opinion this leveled the playing field in quality content over an ascetically unpleasing site from ranking on page one in any of the bigger search engines.

I think Google, Bing and Yahoo are doing a great job of sorting out the bad from the good as far as ranking a spam affiliate site or a content site that offers little to no real reader value. The old adage “knowledge is power” is absolutely king when it comes to writing informative content on your sites.

free keywords search


Picking the right keywords for your sites content depends on the content itself and most of the time related keywords will also place your site higher in the search engines. The closer you can get in relation to your content with your keyword the better, real success can happen when you have paragraphs with multiple keywords that all correlate to the content.

To find the best keywords to use for your site, it’s best to use a known top producing keyword tool like Jaxxy for the best results you could ever ask for. There are plenty of great tools for keywords out there, but to me Jaxxy serves me the best. While you can use Jaxxy as a free keywords search tool, it is highly recommended going with the premium version

I have also used another fantastic tool called Semrush and found it to be a top-notch SEO tool that I still use to this very day. The big difference with Semrush is you can see exactly what keywords your competitors are using to rank their sites in the search engines. That can be very helpful to get your pages ranked in the first page ranking alongside your competition.

Both of these tools offer trials and or free versions where you can do a free keywords search, but of course premium is best.


Site Content

To get higher rankings it’s best that your site content be well researched and known to be factually accurate, a Google bot will be reading your content and it’s a very important fact to not overlook. When it comes to Google, Bing and Yahoo it’s almost like taking a test and trying to get the highest grade you can, I swear to that statement.

Obviously your not going to rank on every single keyword you use, but the more you can, the higher your ranking will be. This is why quality informative purpose serving information is relevant to your site being ranked higher in any search engine. Anybody writing site content can rank and most will have the common practice of the keywords being relevant to content.

You certainly don’t want content that doesn’t belong on your site like automotive products on a health food site for instance. Page relevance is everything in ranking your sites and the content you offer needs to match as close as possible to make a perfect blend of knowledgeable information on an ascetically pleasing page.

The structure of your content is also taken into consideration on your page ranking and your page theme itself will also get a grade based on the theme ascetics. This is why sometimes it pays to use paid themes over the free ones out there. WordPress has free themes and paid themes, I have used both and I definitely get more interested using my paid themes.

free kywords search


With a new site that has no authority, I would suggest looking for keywords using a keyword tool like Jaaxy to find what’s called low hanging keywords. Low hanging keywords are keywords that are slightly off point from a direct keyword and they have less competing sites ranking over the low hanging keyword.

When you target low hanging keywords you rank higher in the search engines than you would using a direct keyword on a site that has not yet reached an authority status. You can’t start out using the big keywords that an authority site is using, you will never rank with so many of other authority sites ranking on those keywords.

You have to think outside of the box and get creative to rank your pages in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines today. Reach for the little traffic and let it snowball into massive success over time, unbelievable success will be on the horizon. Perhaps the best benefit of using low hanging keywords is that with fresh quality site content comes an authority ranking.

free keywords search

Site Health

free keywords searchSite health is crucial to any site owner, you must keep your site healthy with all updates and consistent content being added. To keep a site healthy you need to frequently add content, keep any themes up to date, have visitor engagement leaving comments, your own engagement answering those comments, site trust in the search engines, a limited number of plugins and of course being indexed and ranked in Google.

That covers most of the basic requirements to a healthy site, in addition you can create a Gravatar to link your sites to your Gravatar profile. Once created you can leave comments on other sites all linking back to your sites using your new Gravatar.

Gravatar a great way to bring people to your sites that otherwise may never get to see your sites.

Niche Products

Niche products are a great way to earn money from your sites and many people earn by joining affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon and many others. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn how to become successful in the business of affiliate marketing. People often ask me, what are some good niche ideas and to answer that question depends on you.

Like anything else you may be interested selling, you want to know about the product so you can provide relevant information to readers on your site. It’s best to be involved in something you like to do and already have some knowledge in that niche you’re writing about, if you like to fish write about it and offer fishing equipment, it’s that simple.

You can get a free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the banner on the sidebar of this page and begin learning exactly how to make money online for long term success. Once you complete the training you will have learned what you need to become a super affiliate and you will have the ability to change your life.

free keywords search


Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Because it’s free to become a Wealthy Affiliate member, it’s the best platform to learn affiliate marketing.

free keywords search

Thanks for reading my post on free keywords search.

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8 thoughts on “Free Keywords Search”

  1. Oh yes, thanks for this post, I have a site am working on and I’ve been thinking through the way forward, I’ve done the most difficult part of the work but I have an issue with keywords and site content. 

    I need to correlate to the business and attach to it, (reason for site) I will save this post for further review.

     I need to get more insight.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Destiny,

      Yes, keywords can be a problem for many, especially when someone is just starting out in this business.

      As someone who writes a huge amount of content it would kind of sting and truly defeat the purpose if you have no traffic coming to your posts and pages. Great keyword tools will produce ranking that gets that traffic for your site. 

      At the moment I only use two different tools for my SEO on all of my sites and several have page one ranking keywords that produce free daily traffic by search results.

      I use one tool called Jaaxy that is a fantastic keyword tool and with Wealthy Affiliate you get a lite version as a premium member, many of us upgrade to the full version but it’s not required.

      The other tool is one every content writer should probably be using, it is absolutely outstanding and the results this produces will keep you a member. 

      You know they’re the best when they let you try them for free

  2. Ibrahim Abdulrahman

    This Is probably the best post I have read in recent times as far as site ranking systems are concerned. 

    Gone are those days where site ranking was done without properly going through the content of the site. 

    Google, Bing and Yahoo have changed the way ranking is done. 

    I am glad I came across this post, it has given me the opportunity to become a member of wealthy affiliate, which I joined for free. 

    Nice article.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Ibrahim Abdulrahman,

      Your correct for sure, those days are long gone and I see things shifting in the future.

      You can’t forget YouTube as a search engine because it’s simply huge.

      1,900,000,000 billion users daily and that number is growing fast.

      Thanks for signing up and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you need any help with things like niche product ideas or good research topics check out my blog.

      To Your Success.

  3. It is not an easy task building an online business. 

    Getting a site ranked in the major search engines was so much easier a long time ago but things have drastically changed and that is no longer the case.

     As you mentioned, it was probably done to level the field and root out those that don’t have the best interest of their readers at heart.

    A lot of things have to be done to properly to rank in google which includes proper keyword researching, writing quality content, performing SEO and so much more. 

    It is definitely not an easy task but if you’re able to achieve success it might be the best thing to happen to you.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jay,

      Things have definitely changed with search engines and I would guess things will be changing more in the future. With YouTube alone having 1,900,000,000 active daily users they don’t lack great traffic for anyone posting videos.

      I think a shift towards video search engines is under way and we will see fair greater site traffic come from videos.

      As of right now I use two traffic tools that are both outstanding and you can try them free, always a sign of the best.

      The first one is called Jaaxy and is an excellent keyword tool.

      The second one is a must for anyone who writes, it’s called the content marketing toolkit.

      To Your Success.

  4. Hi John

    Being familiar with keyword searches and Jaaxy, as together you can find what is hot and what is not.  

    It does take a lot of practice to get right but once mastered it is so beneficial to your niche,  It is also good to use misspelling as searchers often do themselves, so that can open the door to more keywords. 

    I have a question is it okay to use a keyword that has no traffic, but possibly do so in the near future.?

    Thank You


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Antonio,

      A misspelling can work if the phrase or sentence is still grammatically correct, otherwise it will lower your SEO.

      I use more than one tool to rank and one of them is Jaaxy, it’s one of the best keyword tools available today.

      My second tool is one that every content creator should be using, it’s called the content marketing toolkit.

      I would guess it’s ok to use that keyword with no traffic, but it might go no where much like a broken down car.

      To Your Success. 

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