Free Learning Classes Online

Free Learning Classes Online

Free Learning Classes Online

Free Learning Classes Online

Surviving on mere peanuts is what led me to find free learning classes online. I wanted to build an online business for years!

The government takes a cut of your paycheck no matter the amount, you get what’s left to survive. For many, that’s not much at all.

The economy depends on you no matter how much money you earn in life. It doesn’t care if you have no education, a skilled job, or even a college degree.

There are many people young and old looking to create a better future for themselves. Some people achieve this by either taking college classes or going to a trade school to get their education.

Most people aren’t financially able to afford college tuition or pay for a full-time trade school to learn new skills. Receiving a college degree or a certified trade school certificate is a great boost to securing your future earnings. However, people say I can’t pay college tuition, so they take loans and wind up in debt for years. College is debt!


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Educated vs Uneducated People

Free Learning Classes Online

There are successful people worldwide with only a high school diploma and much of what they learn is through self-teaching.

Whenever it comes to making money with educated vs uneducated people, the educated always have an advantage.

However, a big fancy education isn’t always required to earn big bucks. Many people start successful businesses or land decent jobs with benefits and steady paychecks.

Nothing against anyone who did not opt for a college education or a trade school to learn a life skill. Not everyone can afford to attend either school and many deals with bills draining their wallets every day. Believe me, it happens to so many people who don’t vest any kind of future for themselves.

Education is important and there’s no age exclusion when learning about things that improve your everyday life.  The knowledge you learn and store holds a value that improves your positions with a career path of life’s choices. However, you have to want the knowledge,  program yourself for success, and plan a crafting executing strategy.

It’s truly a sad set of events to attend school today, the cost involved alone is a huge equation facing students. However, a fancy education is not required for someone to be successful in life. Many people become very successful without an expensive education attached to their resume’.


Online Trade School Courses

Free Learning Classes Online

My knowledge comes from past employment, businesses, and from self-teaching through online courses and YouTube.

With online trade school courses, a trade certificate can be earned much cheaper than attending in-person classes.

Learning new things is something I love and in this age of technology, you can learn almost anything online.

With today’s technology, we have trade school courses online that almost anyone can attend at fairly reasonable tuition.

These schools offer courses in just about every type of skill imaginable and they’re all available to you.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside, which is finding a job with an online trade school certificate and no actual work history in the field.

The task of finding employment is not impossible, however, you’re starting an uphill battle, but you might get lucky. Trade schools where people physically attend classes offer better job chances, some already have jobs lined up. Some trade school certificate apprentice programs let you earn while you learn.

Trade schools are good alternatives to college, but they’re still expensive and you have living expenses while you attend school. Online trade school courses are cheaper than a physical school but they can still be pretty costly. Keep in mind, the average trade school certificate costs $33,000… which’s expensive, especially with living costs.


Average College Tuition Per Year

Free Learning Classes Online

A college education is available for many people in the world but it’s not for everyone.

Some people are strapped by financial reality, it can be crippling and prevent future endeavors from success.

If you’re already living paycheck to paycheck understand college is debt, and you will struggle to live.

There’s nothing wrong with a stellar education if you can afford the average college tuition per year for school.

I think the biggest hurdle people looking to attend college face is the mountain of debt required to obtain a degree. The constant rise in college tuition is mind-numbing. When you think of a family with 3 children possibly attending colleges, it becomes a parent’s financial nightmare.

An average bachelor’s degree in the US costs about $127,000 and with a prestigious college, it’s much higher yet. The institute of education statistics recently released an estimated statistic that’s pretty alarming. They reported that 40% of attendees at a four-year college drop out before completing their degree.

Most people that didn’t finish college within the 40% are still struggling under a huge mountain of debt. Getting a college education is not cheap, and most go into debt for years into the future. Applying college financial aid to tuition costs by way of grants is not guaranteed help, it must be approved and it doesn’t cover the entire bill.

I can’t pay college at $127,000 and I certainly wouldn’t want to owe that amount to anyone. This is why many college students’ personal credit scores are exceedingly low for failure to pay these crazy loans. Not to mention the interest they charge, these loans come before success happens, you had better have a plan.


Free Online Learning Programs

Free Learning Classes Online

Every day people look for ways to do something other than attending costly colleges or trade schools mentioned above.

With free learning classes online, people begin learning before committing to paying for premium training.

There are many scams online and people fall victim to those scams while trying to make money online. In many scam cases, the amount of money an individual loses can be more than a lot.

Unfortunately, scams are real and there are so many scam types today that it’s getting scary. Yearly scam losses run into the billions of dollars according to listed annual reports.

The good news, there are many companies online that are legitimate sources for learning, and anyone interested may join for free. These companies offer members free initial training to get started and require premium upgrades to continue the learning process.

What you can expect is an inexpensive way to educate yourself to become successful online and work from home.  The training at Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training available online for beginners and experts. It’s possible to earn money while you learn with WA, and the incredibly low price of WA is worth every penny.


Affordable Education

Free Learning Classes Online

Think of Wealthy Affiliate as extremely affordable education. WA is a learning platform to build a very successful future internet income.

The reason I can attest to this is that I’m a premium Top 50 member with Wealthy Affiliate. So I can assure you Wealthy Affiliate is everything it claims to be and then some.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scam at all. It takes dedication and time to follow the training and educate yourself. As you progress through the program things become very clear.

The training is very on point. It’s easy enough to follow, and you can repeat it if you miss something.

The fact is everyone is different and some people start seeing results as early as three months. Others up to nine months with six months average time to see results. It takes hard dedicated work. An experienced affiliate marketer would see results much quicker than any newcomers. However, Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.

Considering the yearly membership costs of Wealthy Affiliate as opposed to any school’s annual cost. It’s worth every penny. For some schools that price doesn’t even cover the books let alone classes. Again, college is debt. Think about what you can accomplish in 1 year by getting an affordable education with Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Ratings

Free Learning Classes Online

Wealthy Affiliate is a real 16-year-old business located in Canada. They have a rating with the better business bureau. Despite not having registered with the bureau, the Wealthy Affiliate BBB rating is an A+.

Whenever you see any site that says otherwise they are lying right to your face to entice you to buy from them. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate and the owners are reachable.

To prove this fact, here is the link to the Wealthy Affiliate BBB rating. As you can see it says they have an A+ rating. With millions joining WA over the years there are not many complaints. What I do see are all typical.

Most complaints I’ve read are for a refund. Wealthy Affiliate has a NO REFUND policy!

You agree to it by signing up. Companies don’t stay in business for 16 years if they’re a scam. They also don’t create thousands of success stories.

Furthermore, the pay system Wealthy Affiliate uses is via Paypal for affiliate commissions or member payments.

Paypal and WA both have ZERO tolerance policies for circumstances of scams or any other illegal activities!


Meet Kyle And Carson

Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate

Back in 2005 Wealthy Affiliate started as a keyword list service to help aspiring affiliate marketers in the business.

Meet Kyle and Carson! These two entrepreneurs had succeeded in affiliate marketing before ever creating Wealthy Affiliate.

Over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into the number 1 affiliate marketing training platform online.

The WA site has had over 2 million members join. It has made some members extremely wealthy over time.

Every year there’s a challenge with an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas for the winners to meet Kyle and Carson.

The Super Affiliate Challenge is tough for any new affiliate marketer, but with perseverance, it’s very possible. Check out a few pics from the latest Vegas trip. This is luxury at its finest, a person can really get used to that life. While I haven’t yet made Vegas, I hope to achieve that goal in the future. Meantime, I’ll keep on working.

Las Vegas WA Conference

I’ve spoken with both Kyle and Carson on the platform in comments, emails, and chat. They are very easy to reach. They are both online daily engaging members in solving issues. To help members move along on their WA journey. As a premium member nearing 3 years, I can say, Kyle and Carson, are changing people’s lives every single day.

Las Vegas WA Conference

Las Vegas WA Conference

Another reason Kyle and Carson are consummate professionals? In 2015 they won a huge victory in a court battle. Kyle had researched a company and posted an article exposing them as scams and they sued Wealthy Affiliate. They were exposed and he was correct, the scam was to the tune of around $125 million. Mobe was the company. The Better Business Bureau currently gives Mobe an F rating. And, has government warnings from the FTC listed.

Group Image of Las Vegas WA Conference


Live Training Every Friday

The in-house live coach with Wealthy Affiliate is non-other than Jay Neil. Members resident expert, and nice guy. Premium members get exclusive live training every Friday with Jay. They also get previous live training anytime.  With Jay’s live classes beginning at 8 pm est, I don’t look for things to do Friday nights. There’s no skipping school.

WA Training Coach Jay Neil

Whenever I do miss any classes I watch the replay to catch up. As I continue learning this process never stops.

Jay himself is very patient with new members. He answers every question in the live world-famous Q&A sessions. Members hang out and chat, some members have a few drinks during live training. It’s our Friday night party.

With a lot of laughs and so much valuable training, there’s literally no place I’d rather be. It’s my Friday night plan.

Much of what I have learned has come from Jay and Kyle’s training on Wealthy Affiliates. The rest is from members. There’s endless training available on Wealthy Affiliate! It covers every possible area for success online.


Learn Affiliate Marketing With Free Learning Classes Online

Free Learning Classes OnlineFor many of us Wealthy Affiliate is a lifestyle, and we’ll remain premium members for many more successful years.

Instead of going into a mountain of debt, learn how to become a super affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate! Create your own success.

With the ever-expanding internet, we have premium Wealthy Affiliate members from around the world learning every day.

The free version of Wealthy Affiliate will give you level one training.

It contains 10 free learning classes online and a free website.

This training is great solid training!

However, you need all seven levels of training to master everything needed.

The free learning classes online are actually free online certified courses through Wealthy Affiliate.

They are the real deal and absolutely free to begin learning the process of affiliate marketing.

Sign up today to learn and understand affiliate marketing!

Another of my posts about this subject is called how to become a super wealthy affiliate.


The Wealthy Affiliate Price

The Wealthy Affiliate price is $49. a month for premium and $99. a month for premium plus. The $49 also includes expert hosting for up to 10 sites all securely hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. Some members take advantage of discounted yearly pricing ($495) for premium and many experts use premium plus for $995 yearly.

Both yearly plans are the lowest entry prices into WA aside from joining during any Black Friday promotions.

Online Specials For Black Friday

During Black Friday you can join Wealthy Affiliate yearly at a cost of $299 Premium and $499 for Premium Plus. These online specials for Black Friday usually run for 4 days from the 26th through the 2nd of December. For the rest of the year, the Wealthy Affiliate price is as described above for the regular amounts.

Note that any premium or premium plus monthly members can choose to get the online specials for Black Friday.

When you buy a domain there will be an annual fee of under 15 bucks to claim the dot com name you choose.

Read more about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal in another post titled what is a Black Friday deal?

Wealthy Affiliate Member Login

The community support at Wealthy Affiliate is beyond outstanding. Members will help you any time of the day. All you have to do is ask. If you haven’t signed up yet, click the wealthy affiliate side banner on the right.

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.

Start free and begin learning instantly to begin changing your life today. Compare WA to the cost of any formal training or education and it’s a no-brainer. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is life-changing.

Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment and share.

Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!





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  1. Hi as someone that did not pursue higher education I can say confidently that you are accurate when you say there still ways to earn a decent living. Thinking outside the box is one of them. There are many ways to earn online if you believe in yourself and are willing to learn from a great site like WA. 

    1. I absolutely agree, I never completed my college, life got in the way at the time, but I did do two semesters. I always worked for others all of my life until I got so sick of it I opened my own company. I prefer my work online and I owe it all to everything I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate as I progressed through their awesome training. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scam, it’s the real deal and takes time to learn the program and meet the community. Anyone can start free right now and get the 1st lesson free…

  2. Paying for college is kinda hard for me, i still have support from my parents so that has made it bearable. I had to decide to find an extra and comfortable source of income to support myself. Since i didnt learn a trade or a vocation i had to look to the internet. I had to be patient because there is a lot of scams out there but wealthy affliates has been a blessing

    1. Wealthy Affiliate can change your life and it certainly has mine, I will always be a WA Premium Member. Your lucky you found the real deal with Wealthy Affiliate, I know I hit a few scams before learning how to become a successful super affiliate. Thanks for the great comment, I appreciate getting them.Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scam, it takes time to learn what is offered, people have to think of as paying for an education because that’s exactly what they are doing by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to see what’s inside and the 1st 10 lessons are free…

  3. Wealthy Affiliates is our own. I mean it’s for us affiliates marketers. Wealthy affiliates has come to stay. I  earn while I learn. Honestly I have never seen a community like wealthy affiliates in my life. I joined wealthy affiliates few weeks ago and right now am already smiling at my bank account already. God bless the hands behind wealthy affiliates.

    1. I love Wealthy Affiliate to the point that I’m an annual member and I will remain one for be for many years to come, WA is the best there is when it comes to creating Super Affiliates. Thanks for the great comment, I appreciate getting them. Best Wishes.

  4. This is really wonderful piece of information on this article. Not everybody can actually pay for college and not everyone has a college degree. The fact remains that this is not a criteria to earn extra income online. Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn and earn, be able to fend for yourself and become your own boss. Thank you for this review, really helpful. Good job. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment I appreciate getting them. That’s the best part of Wealthy Affiliate, it teaches you how to become a super affiliate and create income that you never knew possible. The community helps everybody and the lessons are clear and easy to learn. Thanks for the great comment, best wishes.  Join Free Account

  5. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely among the top best ways to make a living online, it is really an outstanding platform that teaches the teachers, it trains the trainers.Little knowledge that I have about affiliate marketing business was acquired thorough wealthy affiliates. Certainly, not everyone will be able to afford a college education. the interest rate is increasing again.

    1. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to make money online and the training is the best as is the community. Most people don’t realize they can sign up to this awesome training and turn it into a living after following ALL of the training. Here’s lesson one and it’s free! Join Free Account

  6. These days the employment landscape has changed as has the education you need to get on in the world. The old traditional means of getting ready to go out into the world are not as relevant as they once were. I know that I can’t pafor the costs of colleges these days, and most people cannot.

    They go into a lot of debt to get a degree that may or may not make them marketable. I have heard horror stories of people spending (or taking loans) for immense sums to get a degree, only to not be able to find a job once they have that piece of paper. 

    They are saddled with debt for years to come, with no chance of clearing that debt for 10, 15, or even 20 years! That scenario is much different than what I experienced. I joined the military, and they paid about 90% of my education costs over the years. 

    Most people these days do not want to go that route, and I understand. The military is not an easy course, and it can be deadly. Fortunately, as you so aptly write about, there is an alternative that will not require you to go into a lot of debt nor will it require 4 years to have success (or a piece of paper).

    If I were a youngster, getting ready to retire but needed some additional income, or was a stay-at-home Mom or Dad, I would check out the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It makes too much sense. My education cost a total of $100,000 (out of pocket $10,000).

    For MUCH less than that you can have up and running, and do it at any point in your life and from whatever position you find yourself in. This makes a lot more sense these days, and can also provide a lifestyle that is much more stress-free.

    Thanks for posting good advice to your readers, and I so totally agree with your assessment and recommendations! 

    1. Thanks for the great comment I really appreciate getting them. That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate, anyone can join and learn at their own pace. The best part is it’s free to start with so anyone can see what’s inside. I have family members paying off school loans right now with payments the size of a mortgage.

  7. Your write up is really inspiring. I just joined the wealth affiliate, and so far it’s being awesome. It looked like success was handed to me, I’m glad i joined and I’ve got the feeling that I’m headed to the right direction.

    There is nothing like financial freedom and this platform guarantees that, with your dedication.

    Nice write up John

    1. Glad your on board with Wealthy Affiliate, to me it’s the best way to learn affiliate marketing period. Thanks for the great comment, I appreciate getting them. Best Wishes

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