Free Online Certified Courses

Searching for training to build a business brand I found the free online certified courses with Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Online Certified Courses

As an affiliate marketer, I have taken many courses that are both certified and not certified.

In most cases, I usually learn new things from new courses I take. I’m a member of both free and pay education course sites that offer regular courses and college courses.

I can buy them for a reasonable price and most are well worth the cost for the knowledge you gain.

One thing I never expected in my wildest dreams is a career in writing and online entrepreneurship. I never imagined that I would have ever been interested, and I had no experience.

That was so far from what I used to do for a living as a painter.

While I love being online, I usually spent time on courses, social media, gaming, shopping, and property searches.

This change or shift happened because of my experiences in self-improvement through education with many specific courses I’ve completed.


Then one day while I was searching for free online certified courses I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

I signed up to see what the program offered.


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Getting To Know Site Functions

Getting To Know Site FunctionsAfter signing up to Wealthy Affiliate I immediately began getting to know site functions.

And, I looked at everything Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate offered level one training with ten lessons of free online certified courses.

They were packed full of knowledge and I completed all ten lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me a free site to build and some free tools as well, but I knew I was in a dilemma.

Once I had completed all the level one training I was cut off from the other levels of training. I wanted to learn more and I wanted to take a shot for my life of freedom.

Here’s what happened once I went premium with Wealthy Affiliate. I focused on the rest of the training to complete and I built out 3 websites in specific niches.

The training is easy to understand with videos that are completely available for anyone to complete at Wealthy Affiliate.


Become A Long Term Super Affiliate

Become A Long Term Super AffiliateMy original search led me to Wealthy Affiliate. And, my hard work and dedication paid off in learning the certified training.

Friends have asked me why Wealthy Affiliate?

I explain to them how Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life.

It has taught me how to become a long-term super affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just some free training offer.

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete education in affiliate marketing.

There’s no trade school or college where you can get an education for the cost of Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I’m a Top 50 member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m doing quite well because I took action.

I educated myself by going premium and enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate University.

There’s no better platform to educate yourself for whatever niche of interest for turning into a money maker.


Turn Ideas Into Cash

Turn Ideas Into cashEveryone has ideas about something they are passionate about. At Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to profit from those ideas.

In my opinion, there are no bad niche ideas, but some may be more popular than others.

I often consider that as I build more of my sites out.

Build your site with specifically targeted niches, think about things that may relate to something you already do in life.

It could be anything, like golf or knitting or fishing, they can become a future stream of income for you. One common thing I hear is people can’t decide what niche to do. I will say, it doesn’t matter just pick one.

You will build plenty of sites over time, don’t sweat the niche, just pick anything of interest and run with it.


Build Beautiful Sites

Build Beautiful SitesWealthy Affiliate has a built-in site builder platform to build free SiteRubix sites and owned domains.

It is an awesome platform to build out websites from with complete ease.

There are plenty of tools including some premium themes, images, writing tools, email addresses, and much more.

In addition, you get 24/7 site security protection from intruders. You also get a great set of tools for SEO to bring traffic to your pages/posts. I indexed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo in 1 day using these tools

Wealthy Affiliate hosts up to 10 domains and you also get some free SiteRubix domains for premium members!


Proven Traffic Strategies

My favorite part of WA, where I look up perfect keywords in Jaaxy and search the rank of my websites.

Finding the perfect keywords is a ton of fun for me. I find many of them every day for my posts and pages on my sites. Keywords are great but that’s not all you need to rank a site in any of the major search engines.


The other elements are the overall web design, information content, and engagement on the pages. With the awesome tools in Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll find creating high-quality content sites will be extremely easy for you.

Networking is another area where you meet great people and you learn from one another as you both progress.


Unlimited Revenue Sources

unlimited revenue sourcesThere’s a global internet usage of over 4.66 billion-plus people online around the world.

And, they can become multiple streams of income for you.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can promote almost 600 million products. And, create a nice stream of income for your efforts.

With these unlimited revenue sources that you promote, you have NO Inventory, No Shipping, and No Support required. As you get better at creating content sites and pages, building them becomes a natural process.

Your daily tasks become very easy to carry out. I own 4 domains in different niches including this site and they are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. I’m also building extra streams of revenue with the free SiteRubix subdomains.


Free Online Certified Courses Conclusion

Free Online Certified Courses ConclusionThe Wealthy Affiliate program is 100% legitimate and offers some free online certified courses for anyone that signs up.

WA is excellent for anyone serious about wanting to learn the process and who wants to change their lives.

Wealthy Affiliate can be the answer for your extra streams of future income all with No Boss involved.

Wealthy Affiliate completely changed what I do every day in my life and I look forward to creating site content.

The Wealthy Affiliate process is not a get-rich fake scam, it takes time to learn how to become a super affiliate.

It depends on the time you put into the learning process as to how soon you can make real money. Every member is different, some do this quickly and others take their time at their own pace.

Wealthy Affiliate has members of all ages from all over the world, everyone is welcome!

Click the sidebar banner to join Wealthy Affiliate for free today!


6 thoughts on “Free Online Certified Courses”

  1. This is quite amazing. I am an affiliate marketer who really wants to succeed and finding the best training course from a reliable platform is the first pre-requisite. This is a great article explaining the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate website. I personally enjoy the community aspect of WA as it promotes positive support from yourself and others. The training is aspect is also fun and rewarding especially when you put your posts up for review by your peers. I can categorically say that their training course is one of the best online now. I think if we all continue to learn and develop our skills by following the available training we will maximize this experience to make money for a lifetime.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Topazdude,

      I agree, between the community and the training Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn the business. There are many people who want to promote a niche product and they need to start with the OEC Training to get rolling. Many others want to promote just Wealthy Affiliate and they should start by taking the courses for the official Bootcamp Training to get the ball rolling.

  2. Nice article there on free online certified courses. I am really happy reading each and every part of this article in the sense that I like reading from a person with experience on wealthy affiliate. Although am still new to affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate but I must say since I have joined the program from a free starter membership account that I first use for some weeks, I find all the training to be great and very motivational to do more on my website. Am already building my website and I hope to be successful at wealthy affiliate. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment ajibola40,

      As I’m sure you already know, when you complete the first 4 free lessons of level 1 training you will already have a website up and working with 6 more lessons to go and that is all done with a free starter membership 100% free. For levels 2 – 5 of the training you need to be a premium member and you need to complete the OEC Training. Many people who join prefer to just promote Wealthy Affiliate and that’s fine, others want to promote a niche product and some do both like me. For just promoting Wealthy Affiliate this is the Bootcamp Training, for promoting products this is the OEC Training. I have several niches sites that I promote.
      To Your Success.

  3. I appreciate learning of your experience and how you came to know wealthy affiliate. Someone introduced me to wealthy affiliate who is a friend, but due to many negative experiences with scamming sites online, I never gave it a thought. However, this friend never stopped telling me of the advantages so I gave it a try. Wealthy Affiliate has not less than 10 lessons a new free member can access to gauge the worth of the training offered, besides the 2 free websites with free hosting. It is great to know that you are an action taker, I like people that take action concerning their dreams. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Tolu,

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best training that’s available today, if you want to learn to promote niche products you take the OEC Certified Course Training, and if you prefer to promote Wealthy Affiliate you take the Bootcamp Training. You can join either one with a free starter membership and it really is the best training out there that I know of anyway. I write many blog posts to help others with their businesses and the choices they make with how to find a niche product and niche product ideas to help narrow the scope of a niche.

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