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The internet is growing, it increases every day with new business start-ups and many become huge successful businesses. There’re many reasons some of them become wildly successful while many others fade into oblivion never to be seen again. When it comes to online success you can be a needle in a hay stack or you can become a well organized success story.

There are many types of good online business ideas that most anyone can turn into a great profitable business opportunity. Many online business opportunities require a great deal of hands on actions on a daily basis to keep the flow of customers happy and most important to keep the business successfully earning income.

Some businesses require products that you own while others like drop shipping require total involvement with the clients purchases. There are so many types of online businesses available for anyone to become involved with and while some are really good online business ideas there are many that are some very bad scams.

The Best Online Business

In my opinion the best online business is one that has no actual requirements, meaning you don’t own any products and you don’t have any involvement dealing with customers or shipping. This does tend to confuse newbies getting involved in an online business as they may wonder how is it even possible to make money from nothing.

The fact is, not only is it possible, there are many people who have become independently wealthy from starting an online business from scratch with no specific products and no personal customer involvement. A business as I’ve described doesn’t cost you anything other than the price of an internet connection and the cost of a domain with hosting.

I didn’t know about this type of business and I had been involved with many other methods used to earn an income online. For several years, I was selling on EBay and locally on Craigslist selling products I bought from countries like China directly. This took time, plus I had up front costs and it was not always profitable, I had to deal with returns and long shipping times.

why wealthy affiliate

Customer Service Representitive

I tried other ways to make money online including working as a customer service representative for a company that serviced credit cards and a few other services. The problem, it was actually a job that paid by the hour for your time logged into the platform where you used a headset answering incoming calls, it paid $9.00 an hour.

I hated doing that type of online job almost immediately and I quit soon after I started when I realized almost everyone I would speak to was angry because of issues they were having and I didn’t have any proper answers to give the callers. Basically I was using a script and for urgent bad calls, I would forward their call to a manager.

Then one day I was talking with a friend who was making some great money online and we were having this discussion about some good online business ideas and he told me all about how he makes his money. I was absolutely floored when he said he has no real product, doesn’t ship anything, never deals with any customers and he gets paid very well.why wealthy affiliate


I Didn’t Understand

I didn’t believe him at first, but he showed me proof with his PayPal account and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at on his screen. He had payments flowing into his PayPal account every day and they were all different amounts that he was earning from different places, I didn’t understand how that was possible given that he had no products at all.

My buddy showed me what he was doing as he was laughing about the way I was acting so surprised and he said welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. For years, I know about affiliate marketing but I was under the impression that you don’t make much if anything and you have to work really hard to get anywhere.

And that was when I wanted to find out everything I could about affiliate marketing and learn how I can become a super affiliate marketer. At first, I went about it all wrong of course, I started joining affiliate sites and platforms and I would get the link code and I’d post them in places, but no sales, nothing!

why wealthy affiliate

Educate Yourself

I called my friend and I told him what I was doing and I asked him what am I doing wrong here and after he had a good laugh felt chuckle he said dude you’re not an affiliate marketer. I said well that’s pretty obvious at this point, well then tell me how does one become a super affiliate marketer because I have no idea what I’m doing here.

Well he said, you need to educate yourself and I know the best place on the internet for you to learn everything that’s needed for you to become a successful super affiliate marketer. My buddy emailed me a link for this platform where I was welcomed by an awesome community of like-minded people that’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate immediately because it was free to join for a starter membership and that allowed me see what was inside without paying a dime. I was given two websites and 10 free lessons to start with and by the time I finished those lessons I knew I had to go premium to get all the training.

why wealthy affiliate

Total Freedom

By the time I completely finished my training I had 3 owned domains and a few free ones, they give you 25 free sub domains and they will host an additional 25 of your owned domains all free with premium. My 3 owned domains were all indexed and ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing, that was how I knew I was in the right place.

I had many websites in the past but I never knew how to get traffic to my sites and Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to get all the free traffic I need using good SEO and quality content on my pages and posts. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and the most respected and award-winning affiliate training platform on the internet today.

The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that I never have to deal with customers and the pages and posts that I create earn income many times over. With Wealthy Affiliate you literally turn ideas and things your passionate about into multiple streams of online income for a life of no boss and total freedom.

why wealthy affiliate

Nothing To Lose

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich type of process, it requires becoming educated and learning the process of exactly how affiliate marketing works. By the time you finish the lessons you will know exactly how to earn money with affiliate marketing and you’ll be well on your way creating multiple streams of income.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? Because anyone can join for free with a starter membership and you have absolutely nothing to lose. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is the best support system anyone could ask for because the premium members will help you succeed as you progress through the learning process.

Once you learn the process of affiliate marketing you will have so many good online business ideas flowing that will keep you creating streams of income anytime you want. Turn your ideas and passion into a profitable business and learn from the best affiliate marketing platform on the internet, join Wealthy Affiliate free today.

why wealthy affiliate

Thanks for reading my post about good online business ideas.

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10 thoughts on “Good Online Business Ideas”

  1. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    The uniqueness of this article made me proud that I was part of those who read it. I love the ideas that you stated and they are truly good online business ideas. What I loved about it is that anyone can pick up any idea, work with it and attain success without much struggle.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Linus,

      That’s absolutely true, anyone can pick up an idea and achieve success without much struggle if you learn the process of affiliate marketing. I write many blogs right here on Why Wealthy Affiliate and also on the Wealthy Affiliate platform where I help others who are looking to achieve success every day. For anyone looking to promote Wealthy Affiliate they need to take the Bootcamp Training and to promote niche products you would start with the OEC Certified Course Training. It’s free to join the free starter membership and you can build 2 sites free with free hosting and 10 free training lessons, by lesson 4 you will have a site going.

  2. Great post!

    I guess, it is always best to have a good online business, but without a good basic knowledge, you may be not successful with it, that’s why I joined.

    I am glad you found the Wealthy Affiliate program.  It is also the program i got into to start my online career.

    They provide you with a lot of tools, like the keyword tool called Jaaxy that offer a free starter trial and the site rubix site builder platform, plus the free site hosting is great. The lessons will help you with your keyword research when you are writing your articles.

    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    I wish you all the best!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Hanna,

      I agree it’s best to have an online income instead of dreading a commute to work or having to break your back to earn a half way livable wage at some job you probably hate going to every day. 

      Many of the people who join Wealthy Affiliate want to create long term success by promoting niche specific products to which they would need to take this OEC Certified Course Training

      Many others join just wanting to promote Wealthy Affiliate and that’s great, for just promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program you would need to take the Bootcamp Training.

      I love using the keyword tool Wealthy Affiliate offers called Jaaxy and the Site Rubix builder is outstanding as well. Sometimes I use other tools outside of Wealthy Affiliate that are excellent for your site ranking and one of those tools is SEMrush , this tool is outstanding for any content blog writer and you can try it free.

  3. Affiliate marketing is so amazing, it almost seems unbelievable. I have been talking to my mom about what I do and how much I make even when I am sleeping, and she can hardly control her eyes popping out and her mouth hanging open,  with surprise.

    I have been contemplating buying goods from China and selling but I sat down and checked the stress involved, and you can call it a giant monster as compared to the ease that comes with affiliate marketing.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Peace,

      Believe me when I tell you buying products to resell comes with headaches the size of mountains, you must be prepared for returns which will cost you bigtime, not to mention it’s 24/7 hands on where you are taking purchase orders and incurring shipping fees as you send the products out to the buyers. 

      When you join Wealthy Affiliate you learn to promote product that you don’t own and you don’t have any shipping to worry about and it works for you around the clock. 

      For someone that wants to promote products they would take the OEC Certified Course Training and to promote just Wealthy Affiliate they take the Bootcamp Training, you can join either with a free starter membership. 

      The tools like Jaaxy for keywords is fantastic and the site builder called site rubix is also great and with Wealthy Affiliate you get two free site rubix sites to build your business with as a free starter membership. 

      With the premium Wealthy Affiliate membership you get 25 free site rubix sites and they also will host up to 25 of your own domains as well. The pricing for Wealthy Affiliate is anywhere from the free starter membership to the yearly membership which you get at a huge discount, you can join any of them including the free starter membership from the upgrade page

  4. Hmm i come here to check some online business ideas but this training platform really intrigues me. You say they offer 25 websites? Interesting. How much is the price for paying members? Is it a subcription based or one-time only payment? How long can I expect before I start earning money? Thank you and looking forward to your answers.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Alblue,

      The pricing at Wealthy Affiliate varies from a free starter membership to a monthly membership that is $49. a month with the first month discounted at $19. or you can join yearly where you pay once a year and get a huge discount. Anyone can join from a free starter membership to a premium membership as they wish, you can look at the pricing page to make that decision when joining Wealthy Affiliate. To promote Wealthy Affiliate you need to start with the free Bootcamp Training and if you would rather promote niche products you start with the OEC Certified Course Training. There are many products that you can both use and promote that are on the platform, but there’s some that are not Wealthy Affiliate that will help you as a content blog writer and one of the best is called SEMrush and you can try it for free.

      How long it takes to make money is up to the individual, It could be months, it could be a year, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick over night scam, it’s the real deal.

  5. Hello, John.  Well, that’s quite a story and kudos to your friend helping you get on the right track with Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m also glad to see that your efforts are producing results.

    WA truly is the best training platform on the internet today with over 1.4 million people joining the community since Kyle and Carson got together and started this platform 14 years ago.

    They have continued to upgrade their platform in many ways since.  Tooo many to list here.

    If anyone out there wants to start their own online business as a newbie or take their existing online business to the next level,  I highly recommend they look at WA.

    To your continued success,


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Wayne,

      I think the best part of Wealthy Affiliate is the community that helps everybody to succeed, it the perfect system with live chat for instant live help on the spot. I write content blogs to help others on certain areas they may have issues with like niche product ideas or I help them with ideas of good research topics.

      Th training is the best in the industry and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn affiliate marketing and create your own success as you become a super affiliate marketer.

      To start with a free starter membership you will receive two free sites and 10 lessons of training to get you rolling. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate and take the Bootcamp Training or you can promote a product and take the OEC Certified Course Training.

      The training at Wealthy Affiliate is bar none the best that exists and people find success with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Take a look at the upgrade page where you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership or you can take advantage of the huge discount yearly membership price.

      To Your Success.

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