How To Become A Super Wealthy Affiliate

Thousands of people join affiliate programs to enter the world of affiliate marketing, sadly most of them will fail with less than 10% succeeding in making a great income as an affiliate marketer. Everyone joins these programs with dreams of making big money, but most that join have no idea how to become a super wealthy affiliate.

Affiliate marketing allows you freedom to work for yourself once you’ve established a consistent revenue stream and you’ve mastered the skills of how to become a super wealthy affiliate. To begin with, if you have no experience than the first thing you need to do is to learn affiliate marketing and I always suggest Wealthy Affiliate, it’s simply the best.

One misconception that happens in this business is promises of riches practically overnight by some unethical marketers who only are interested in your money. This business takes time to learn the process, if affiliate marketing was that easy everyone would be successful, you need to learn the process of how the business works.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

There’s plenty of hard work involved with learn affiliate marketing, but once you train the proper way and learn the business the sky is the limit for a well-trained super affiliate. Things take time as your training for long term success, you can’t rush Google or any of the search engines, they will ignore you.

Learn Affiliate MarketingHaving determination and persistence to give it your all will take you very far in this business and it may turn out to be your opportunity for the perfect career. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will build your knowledge quicker and keep you moving along when you get stuck, that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is the best solution to learn this business.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate allows you the power to tap into other successful affiliates for quick advice that can save you days of research. They are experienced and are willing to help you succeed in the business with tips that can boost your business as you grow the business out over time.

New affiliates often make mistakes and some that are really bad mistakes that will drown your business before it even get’s off the ground. I recently wrote a blog called pitfalls with affiliate marketing that covers some of these crucial mistakes, these mistakes are very common and you should be aware of them.

Promote Known Brands

To learn how to become a super wealthy affiliate you first need to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn the business of affiliate marketing, once you complete the training you can promote your sites and scale out your business. In deciding what products to promote you should go with products you already use or ones that you are willing to purchase.

Promote Known BrandsHaving firsthand knowledge of products is the best way to promote as you’re telling of your own personal use of the products and that is the best way to promote any product ever. If you have two products that are for the same general purpose and one is better than the other, a review post of those products with links to both products would be great.

You never want to force any sales ever, your goal as an affiliate is to connect your site visitors with real information that’s truthful and reliable. Try to promote brands that are known and have some built in credibility with happy customers, these can be large companies or small ones, maybe try to promote a few As Seen On TV products for some nice results.

While I don’t recommend joining a bunch of affiliate programs, it’s OK to have a few that you use regularly, to many gets confusing for anyone. Once you have selected the best fitting affiliate programs for your niche you can start promoting these with content driven posts that you can share on social media and email lists.

Gaining Visitor Trust

You may want to venture into paid advertising and for many this can get costly, it depends on the budget you set and the results from the ads you run as too whether it’s worth the money spent. There’s also pay per click (PPC) paid advertising but you need to understand that you can lose profits if you have a less than wanted campaign result.

Gaining Visitor TrustThe trick to affiliate marketing is to know who your audience is and how to reach them, there’s no better traffic than targeted. Since the targeted audience is landing on your page you want them to stay and read what you’re offering, keep this information real by telling the truth, use humor and wit but keep the information real, your knowledge matters.

In the business of affiliate marketing you need people to trust you and to do that you need to not look like your writing a description or a manual for the product like your selling the item. Instead, you want to talk about the product in general like why you needed the product and how it has helped you in your life.

Gaining trust is everything when it comes to conversions, you can have a great looking site and excellent content and still not do well if there’s no trust established. A friendly site that has humor and wit with tons of real information will do better than many others that lack any connection with the visiting reader to the site.

Know Your Affiliate Terms

Once you establish trust with visitors they will likely be willing to click on your product and make a purchase from your affiliate links instead of leaving and looking somewhere else. You should look for affiliate programs with excellent reviews of affiliate payout and the best offers for the affiliates to promote.

Know Your Affiliate TermsYou can experiment with several affiliate platforms but keep in mind the more affiliate platforms that you join the more you have to tend to with the links from each one and that can add up to tons of extra work. This is why I suggest using just one platform because using just the one will give you all the links you need without being all over the map with affiliate platforms.

As you join the platforms you need to read the terms of the merchants as well as the platform terms to protect yourself from potential problems down the road. For instance, if a merchant requires you to be exclusive to them than chances are you agree to not promote any other similar program for a specified period when you agree to their terms.

Do your homework and find well-known branded affiliate programs that are good with affiliate payments and protecting their affiliates. Clickbank is an excellent platform for affiliates to monetize their sites as is CJ, Rakuten and Share A Sale. Some other platforms to use are CPA platforms like Max Bounty, Clickbooth, Peerfly, Globalwide Media and ClickDealer.

Don’t Give Up

An affiliate must keep up with what’s trending and known to be working because the game is constantly changing and what works today may not work tomorrow. Google changes things constantly with new updates that can drop your page out of sight very quickly, you want to try to stay ahead of this happening.

Don't Give UpPerhaps the number one reason affiliates fail is because they tend to give up when they don’t see quick profits and they move on to the next one they find. Don’t give up so soon though, it’s no secret that affiliate marketing can take 6 months to a year for some before they see any profit from their efforts.

Stick with promoting your business every day and eventually you will begin seeing results and over time those results will continue to happen as your business grows. Never give up, in time you will have that business online that you want and once you establish that business you can leverage the affiliate programs to make good money.

Learn the skills to the process of affiliate marketing and use that knowledge to make money online, the process takes time to build up a business from scratch, there is no fast shortcut. It takes hard work, determination and a will to succeed with affiliate marketing, you get out of it what you put into it, work hard and you can become a super wealthy affiliate.

Learn From The Best

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make an income by creating work for yourself. You can put your skills and creative knowledge to work for you and not others. Affiliate marketing does take work. You need to build it up like any other business. However, if you stick to the advice in this article and you don’t give up, you’ll soon find that your business is booming.

Learn From The BestAffiliate marketing is a great career opportunity and with hard work and determination you will be well on you’re way to becoming a super affiliate. If you have no experience, you should really join Wealthy Affiliate, the first 10 lessons are free and you get two free sites to build.

The lessons are the best and the community will all help you succeed, it’s really worth learning exactly how to be a successful affiliate online. In one year time your whole life can change if you challenge yourself and learn the process of affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you get familiar with the site and do the free stuff you than want to upgrade to premium and preferably by the year if you can afford to do so. You save $229 a year over the monthly price of Wealthy Affiliate and that allows you to commit for one full year to learn the process.

Good Luck!

Thanks for reading how to become a super wealthy affiliate.

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  1. Hello there John, 

    I have been trying to learn affiliate marketing properly and have been having a hard time mastering things, that is why I decided to research on how to be a top affiliate marketer.

    Your post has shared some really deep insights that I didn’t know before and I have to say thank you for the detailed explanation.

    I have bookmarked this post so that I can read it keenly and even be able to work with it every time I am working on my various projects.

    Since you seem to have really helpful posts here, I will also be coming by every so often to learn from you. 

    Thanks so much for the help.

    1. Thanks for the great comment Dave.

      I try to offer a great amount of insight into my posts so people will see that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and if they join through me I will help them progress through the program. There’s no better place to learn affiliate marketing and getting started is so easy.

      There’s so many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate and there’s more happening most every day.

      I wish you all the best.

      Like any other business there are pitfalls with affiliate marketing to be aware of but the learning at Wealthy Affiliate never stops and some members strive to learn the real way’s to earn money online, many of them succeed

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