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I know I’m not the only one who has a hard time with my niche products, I’ve read posts of others with this same problem. The products can be overwhelming because of the sheer volume of the selection of products to choose from in general. For many affiliate marketers deciding how to find a niche product and build pages around it can be a tough choice for more than one reason. During my training my fellow marketers would tell me to build around things of interest so I’m knowledgeable of the subject and I get to enjoy the project I’m working on.

I think that’s some really great advice for those who know exactly what they like and can freely build around those ideas’s. The problem still exists for some of us though because we tend to over think the decision to the point where you can’t decide. This is something I dealt with myself and it took me a little to get beyond and move forward with my product selections. Having some kind of product is better than having no product at all on your sites pages or posts, but the product selected matters and we will get into that.

Do I use Amazon?

You can absolutely use Amazon for product choices, but be aware of their terms and conditions as an Amazon affiliate. I’ve heard more than one person say they set up their site with Amazon links and it took google months to index and rank only to discover that Amazon booted them as an affiliate because of lack of sales from their site within a 180 day period. Amazon wants productivity from you and unless you have people visiting product links in large numbers the conversion will not happen and thus the sales will most definitely lag for sure.

I joined the Amazon affiliate program long ago and I used the links on some pages that weren’t getting any traffic and I wound up booted from Amazon for lack of sales. I received an email explaining the reasons, but they said I could re-apply again if I wanted, but I didn’t really want to be an Amazon affiliate. With Amazon you’re commission percentage is not nearly as good as many of the other affiliate platforms available to promote and the other product offers are usually better in my opinion. That’s especially true when it comes to a product that I can buy in any store as opposed to a digital product you can only get online in select locations like your affiliate link.

I may one day go back with Amazon, but I really like the other affiliate platforms and I also like a few direct affiliates were there are no platforms involved. Some other platforms I like better because they offer digital products with much higher commission rates than what Amazon offers their affiliates. I like JVZoo and Clickbank because of the high commission digital products they bring to affiliates.

Affiliate Cookies

It was not that long ago that I didn’t really get why cookies really matter and why you should be concerned with the affiliate links on your page. There’s nothing worse than when you drive traffic to affiliate products that unknowingly happen to all have expired cookies on them. The reason I got started on this subject was actually through a course I took through Clickfunnels about the sticky cookies.

I like Clickfunnels, I completed the boot camp training and joined the affiliate program to promote all of the products, but I did not buy. The sticky cookies are great for the affiliates, but what I didn’t like was the price points for an average guy with no experience. This had me thinking about something much bigger and definitely better for you if you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer like me.

I began searching more on cookies and I found several higher commission affiliate programs that use a longer term cookie. These cookies were good for as much as ten years on some programs, but than I hit the jackpot with lifetime cookies. With lifetime cookies the customer becomes a lifetime customer the second a purchase is made through your links, that’s a guarantee for the affiliate to reap all future sales, I prefer lifetime cookies especially when it’s for a 30% commission that is residual recurring income.

Product Definition

The products you decide on for you’re niche can be one of many types from digital or tangible products to some sort of services. I like services products because the commission is usually recurring monthly and I like a residual income, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Digital and tangible products are usually a one time sale meaning you bought it you own it, but there are some monthly recurring digital services available.

That being said I like to focus on higher commission types with longer cookies that are also a recurring type of commission. There are two that I’m promoting, one is a 10 year and one is a lifetime cookie, both with 30% recurring commissions. Some people like to sell products using affiliates like Amazon or eBay or even on an oversea’s platform like Alibaba, but I prefer the higher commission payouts.

Everybody likes what they like, but I would rather sell a recurring service for 50 a month and make a 30% commission of that 50 over and over again than to say sell some shoes for 50 bucks on some platform one time for a small 6% or 8% commission at the very best. For me there are a few one time sale type product that I do promote and they all have above 40% commissions through JVZoo and or Clickbank.

Automated Affiliate

There is one affiliate platform I like to use because seriously what is better than 100% absolutely fully automated affiliate marketing. The commissions are lower like amazon and the others but you really don’t have to do much of anything else at all with it. When you sign up to the platform you will be adding a snippet to your site, verify the snippet and you’re all done.

The snippet automatically links certain words in you’re articles with affiliate offers of certain products based on the words used. I like to write and I know many people write about things much easier than deciding on which things to promote on their site. This platform is great because it really doesn’t matter what you write about, it will find the words to link and you’re in business.

The affiliate platform is called Viglink and I like to use it on some of my sites were I don’t mind having those links on my pages. I don’t use it on every type of site because I like to stay true to my products and you also don’t want to flood any of you’re other offers with competition on the sites pages and posts. I’ve edited Viglinks before of duplicate words linked to the same offer, not too hard to do.

The Niche

As I mentioned above it truly doesn’t matter what niche you decide to choose because promoting anything is better than promoting nothing at all. You will have plenty of time to have many niche sites in the future, but you should just start one now and not wait around trying to figure out which one to do first because you’re stuck and wasting time which always costs money.

If you have no product or can’t think of one and you still don’t know how to find a niche product than I suggest you join Viglink and integrate it with you’re main site to monetize you’re site and you’re sites pages and posts. After that you simply start authoring posts and or pages about whatever you want to write about and watch Viglink create the magic on you’re pages.

I had to laugh about when I first discovered Viglink because it was the fastest lazy way to market a product in my opinion. And that may be true but I really love Viglink’s simplicity and you sell all kinds of products from eBay to Amazon and more. Viglink is the best of all the affiliate platforms for any beginner to start out and I’ll tell you the reason why I say that, it’s automatic. You should disclose the fact that your using Viglink in your affiliate disclosure and in your content to let readers know you get paid from some offers on your site.

To an inexperienced beginner joining affiliate platforms like CJ, Rakutan, Share a Sale and many others you tend to get denied a lot for not having the proper experience. Sometimes the merchant has restrictions in place with requirements that automatically deny you upon application. This is where Viglink can make you bucks because Viglink almost never gets denied no matter who you are and they link to the highest paying available merchant with the linked words in you’re articles. Stop whatever you’re doing and sign up here, it takes 2 minutes and trust me you will not regret becoming a part of Viglink.

[UPDATE] Viglink is now Sovrn //Commerce and still awesome.

VigLink banner

Thanks for reading my post and I wish you success with your niche.


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4 thoughts on “How To Find A Niche Product”

  1. This is really interesting, as I hadn’t given much thought to the idea that some cookies last longer than others. I guess I’ve just taken it for granted that there was at least a way to link me to any sales I might make, assuming they decide to make a purchase within a reasonable amount of time. I never really thought about someone coming back in a few months for that, but I guess it happens. I know I do it with Amazon products that I put on my wish list. With that said, I might look into Viglink a bit deeper. Interesting!

    1. Thanks for commenting Mark, 

      Viglink is unique to any other affiliate platform I’ve ever used, you just use their plugin and create a content page about something and publish the page when you’ve finished and Viglink will automatically select certain words in your content and link them with affiliate links. 

  2. Thank you so much for recommending Viglink, this is the first time that I heard about the program and I will sign up right after this. It is so hard to be approved for certain programs when your site is very new and trying to generate traffic. I was already denied by Amazon and also some programs from CJ and Share a sale also declined my application as well. So, I have been promoting some Ebay and also some of share a sale but it is very limited. Thank you again for the review and giving me hope to pursue my dream as an affiliate marketer 🙂

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Nuttanee,

      You’re correct that sometimes you get denied by some platforms like Amazon because of a new site and they have a bunch of other reasons. Amazon will boot you for not having enough sales in their eyes even if you are approved.

      With Viglink none of that matters and they approve most everyone that applies for their affiliate program.

      It’s a great way for beginners and professionals alike to monetize a sites pages and posts without having the hassle of having to be approved by affiliate platforms like Amazon or CJ  and you no longer have to insert banners and links yourself. They have a plugin app for your sites, sign up to Viglink to get started.

      Anybody can join Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership and receive two free sites and 10 lessons to get the ball rolling at Wealthy Affiliate, you can join from this upgrade page and you can monetize the two sites with Viglink all for free.

      To Your Success.

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