How to Learn Blogging for Free

How To Lean Blogging for FreeHow To Learn Blogging For Free

Want to know how to learn blogging for free?

Plus, get 10 lessons and a website that you create all for free.

Blogging is something that people have a passion for with their blog sites and writing styles.

A lot of people want to learn new things but most decent courses cost a good bit of money.

Most people are not willing to spend the money being charged.

You really can’t blame them especially if they’ve lost money due to scams.

This is great for beginners to get started blogging for free!

You will learn how the affiliate marketing process works!

10 Lessons On How to Learn Blogging for Free

  • Getting Started With A Blogging Website
  • Understanding How A Blogger Can Make Money
  • Determining The Right Niche For A Blogger
  • Creating A Niche Website
  • Setup And Prepare A Niche Website
  • Making A Niche Site SEO Friendly
  • Creating Your Websites First Content
  • Creating Menus For Your Website
  • Keyword Research For Content Writing
  • Writing Content And Repeating The Process

Getting Started with a Blogging Website

The first thing you need to decide is where you want to create your new blogging website.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

There are many sites that allow you to build a free website.

Keep in mind if the plan is to make money online with a free blogging site most free hosts do not allow free sites to be monetized.

This is why I suggest using Wealthy Affiliate as your platform to build a free blogging site.

They allow monetization on a free site and they allow promoting their premium membership offers as well.

Banners and text are provided to place anywhere you choose on the free website that YOU build on the platform.

Starting out things can feel overwhelming at first, but I assure you anyone can succeed in building a free website. In most cases, after you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate they offer a 7 day trial of premium membership.

You can do that if wanted but free members are more than welcome to remain free members.

Once signed into Wealthy Affiliate create your profile on the platform and click the training lessons tab.

The reason is that by lesson 4 you will have built the framework of your new blogging website.

The lessons walk you through the process!

If you take the 7-day trial, members will answer any of your questions during those 7 days.

This first lesson is an in-depth look at how you will be creating your success.

It is perfect for beginners just starting out.

After the 7-day trial, you may remain a free member that is up to you.

When the trial ends you no longer have help from any experts.

The free membership is aimed at teaching you what is possible.

It’s also the reason why so many members have become experts as premium members in Wealthy Affiliate.

The starter membership courses teach you how to learn blogging for free!


Understanding How A Blogger Can Make Money

When people think of building their own website they usually intend to make money online with that new website.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

There are rare times when a site is strictly for informational purposes only.

Most are not monetized, these are sites like Wikipedia or Metacademy.

Those are open source data sites that have been online for a long time.

Users can also contribute to those websites.

For someone looking to create a website that makes them money, they must first consider their available options.

There are many categories to select from with affiliate marketing that enables anyone to make money online.

Some people may want to help others make money online as opposed to say a craft, or health blogging website.

The make money online niche is very competitive and should be seriously considered before traveling that course.

A good micro-niche can become an awesome income online for a beginner if just starting with affiliate marketing.

Something like a blogging site about your favorite hobbies or things you do in life can earn an income online.

This requires signing up with some affiliate marketing programs that YOU will be promoting on your free website.

Receive Affiliate Links Upon Signing Up

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you will automatically receive affiliate links upon signing up to the platform.

Those affiliate links may be promoted on any niche website.

Once you become an affiliate of any program you’re entitled to receive commissions for sales through your links.

This is how a crafting site that reviews craft products or suggests the best products may generate a nice income.

Much of this information is covered in lesson two of the free training that is provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

These lessons train members how to learn blogging for free as they complete each section of the courses.

By now you may be thinking this all sounds well and good but is marketing right for me?

Well, the answer to that question is you have nothing to lose but some time to find out.


Determining The Right Niche for A Blogger

Determining the right niche for a blogger is best suited to each person because of their own individual interests.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

When trying to select a niche it’s best to stick with what you know when starting any blogging website.

This includes anything that YOU may feel passionate about.

It could be anything like light tackle fishing or an indoor-outdoor gardening tool shop.

No matter the subject you must select a niche to get started.

If you need help deciding try checking out my other post titled how to find a niche product.

The post breaks down the process of finding a niche and deciding on the products you intend to promote.

It is much easier to write about the things we love in life than something we know nothing about.

Choosing the right niche to build the website foundation is very important as an affiliate marketer online.

Once a proper niche is selected it is time to move forward in building the framework of your website.

Deciding which niche to create is also covered in the third lesson in the free training that is provided.


Creating A Niche Website

This is where the good stuff begins, and you will complete all of the frameworks for your new website.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

These things include which theme, editor, plugins, and what you will name the website.

For the best results, by default, WA gives you Generate Press free version theme.

It’s a fast, safe, and secure theme.

There are many themes to choose from, but not as free members.

For instance, this website is built using the Astra theme instead of using Generate Press.

However, for access to over 4000 available themes, you have to be a premium member to select one of them.

First, select a free domain or one you own, if you don’t have one you may also register a new domain.

You will give the free domain a name in this section and you will give the website a title.

The time it takes to create the framework takes about 30 seconds to build and bring to life.

Once these tasks have been done you will move on with the setup process in the next lesson.


Setup And Prepare A Niche Website

Once you reach this lesson it is time to sign in to the new website you have just created.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

When first signing in you will do so as an admin of the site by default with Wealthy Affiliate.

You may add an extra site user using whatever name you may prefer to use in the future.

At this point, it’s time to activate and update all plugins associated with your new website.

This is the time you delete certain default pages or posts on the new website.

Another plugin used by default with the site builder is Kraken image optimization for image compression

Theme changes such as color can be done at any desired time within the dashboard when signed in.

This is all covered in lesson 5 of the free lessons with video training in Wealthy Affiliate.


Making A Niche Site SEO Friendly

Once you activate the SEO plugin in the last lesson it will now appear in your website dashboard.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

When you sign into the new site in the left column scroll down to SEO.

Click it and it will take you inside the plugin.

This is where you will add much-needed information.

The information is to get a site ranking in the search engines.

You want to be thorough in completing this information.

Stick with the guidelines they suggest as they do work.

This will include the site’s home title which should be kept to a reasonable 40 – 60 characters.

Do not exceed 60.

You will also add a site description which should be kept at 160 characters or less.

It describes the website and it helps search engines sort the site.

Once this process is complete you want to save the setting and select update.

Everything will now be active on the site.

Note that every page or post going forward will require adding information for the title, description, and keyword.

Each page or post is ranked for its content, so this is an important factor in getting traffic to the website.

Follow this lesson carefully to learn this process, it is one of the most important things for your new website.

Lesson 6 of the free training is in-depth about website SEO.

It covers what you need to know to get started.


Creating Your Websites First Content

Content will be produced on a regular basis and there are a few necessary pages needed for your website.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

These pages are an about me page to tell others about you.

And it offers what the site is about to your readers.

Another page needed is a privacy policy page which is required on the website.

So, it must be added as soon as possible.

Aside from those pages, there may be other pages needed as well depending on the specifics.

When you monetize the website an affiliate disclaimer is required to let visitors know that you may make money.

These are standard pages on websites and should all be complete and in place before creating the site content.

Most of the content you’ll be creating as a blogger is published as a post as opposed to a page.

This is covered in lesson 7 of the free lessons. It goes in-depth with more insight as to how these pages should be.


Creating Menus For Your Website

How To Learn Blogging for Free

Menus on any website are used for navigation to get around on the website to find things.

The affiliate disclosure and privacy policy are usually found in a menu.

These may be found on top, or at a page bottom location.

For this lesson, the training will teach you how to build a custom menu.

It teaches where to put the menu, and what pages to add to the menu.

Again the lesson goes in-depth explaining how to do this task.

It teaches you the exact process so you can make a menu.

This is all completed in lesson 8 of the free training through Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers this expert training 100% free to you.


Keyword Research for Content Writing

Once you decide on the subject of your first post it’s time to do keyword research for the post to rank.

How To Learn Blogging for Free

The keyword training is excellent and teaches you the exact process using the Jaaxy keyword tool.

This lesson explains how keywords actually work.

And, why they are important to the content you create with your new website.

You will learn why some keywords are bad to use despite how good they sound.

Keywords are the basis of all posts created and are what the posts will be ranked for accordingly.

This training is lesson 9 of the free training by Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the last section of the free lessons.

From here you will be directed to the 10th lesson which covers an overview.

It also covers what to expect in the level 2 training as a premium member.

Lesson 10 is where the free training ends.

Writing Content and Repeating the Process

The 9 steps above lay out the basics of how to learn blogging for free and the online lessons are 100% free.

Once you complete the free lessons you need to write content on the website every day.

YOU must be consistent in writing content.

This is a process that must be repeated as much as possible on a daily basis.

Content is king and it’s how you get website traffic!

As mentioned above the free training and website are aimed at showing what is possible with a premium membership.

However, you may remain a free member if you want to do, there is no credit card required to join for free.

If your intention is to promote Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, and Sitebuilder you need a Paypal account.

Signing up for Paypal is free and easy.

It is the payment method Wealthy Affiliate uses to pay you for any sales made.

Other affiliate programs also have requirements for their payout systems with their affiliates.

Some affiliate programs pay by checks or another type of pay system other than Paypal.

YOU must read and agree to their terms and conditions at signup.

Take the time to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate 100% for free!

Get started with how to learn blogging for free!


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