How To Make Money With The Internet

Every day, people search for how to make money with the internet, and some of them will get scammed. There are so many scams online the numbers are staggering, but there are also legitimate opportunities.

How To Make Money With The Internet

Any good business plan requires a solid foundation, and to build that foundation requires knowledge to make it become a reality.

The internet can be very lucrative for those educated with the proper knowledge required to succeed with an internet business.

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I help people every day. WA training explains the exact process of how to make money with the internet.

The internet offers many home-based work opportunities and some are scams while others are real business opportunities. Perhaps one of the best reasons this opportunity is above the rest is the freedom that comes with this type of business.

There’s no inventory, no shipping, you don’t even own a product, it’s just amazing.

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Desire To Be Successful

how to make money with the internet

There is no quick answer to give. I can’t explain how in minutes. It wouldn’t help you if I could explain how it works that quickly.

The best way to learn anything requires good research topics with experts in the given field. The rest, you acknowledge, as you proceed to learn from the research.

Many people build wealth after 50 using this platform and many are young superstars at Wealthy Affiliate. Age is not a factor!

The only thing that truly matters is your desire to be successful. And, your willingness to learn the required knowledge. That will happen when you can say I completed my level 5 OEC courses.

There are really no shortcuts when it comes to learning anything of value especially when you expect to make money.

To reach long-term success you must have the knowledge required and not expect it to happen overnight.

This is probably the most asked question I have ever heard at WA.

When do I make money?


Make A Commitment

how to make money with the internet

A real answer would be when you become educated by learning the process required. Or, you will never know how to make money with the internet.

Once someone is all in to become educated in the process, it becomes exciting to learn and grow a new business with ease.

The basis of any business is to have experienced people doing jobs that earn them an income. Learning this business is no different, in that respect.

I recommend people join the program and do the free online certified courses. Get to know your way around the platform and network with the members.

I’ve seen people join Wealthy affiliate with second income ideas and they turn it into full-time freedom.

Make a decision to commit to the program on a serious level, learn the needed education and change your life in the process. I always recommend paying premium yearly, but you can join any way that you wish and that includes joining for free.

The yearly has a nice discount and no monthly payment worries, just a solid year to make this happen.


A Real Education

how to make money with the internet

The education you will receive is the best in the business. And, by the end of the first year, your life will be changed forever.

Perhaps, one of the best reasons I’ve heard people mention why they joined Wealthy Affiliate is them saying I can’t pay college, can you?

The answer to that question is not too many can afford college today. And, I myself once had a looming school loan.

A real affiliate marketing education can earn you money with the internet in little time, once the proper knowledge is learned.

I would never say there’s anything cheap about Wealthy Affiliate, other than the price. There’s virtually no place that I’m aware of that offers cheap internet businesses.

People search for legit work from home jobs every day trying to learn how to make money with the internet. For the ones who join and complete the training at Wealthy Affiliate, that’s exactly what they will do. There’s only one way you can fail with this business and that is if you allow yourself.

There’s really no way to fail, everybody helps you succeed within the WA community. Join this awesome community for free. The diversity is amazing, I have made friends with people from all over the world at Wealthy Affiliate. Most, say hello, just about every day because I’m logged on to my account 24/7.

I work in Wealthy Affiliate every day!


Stay On Track

how to make money with the internet

The real question is how badly do want success?

Are you willing to learn?

Can you set a goal where giving up is not an option?

Will you dedicate a specific amount of time to your success?

Do you really want the laptop lifestyle?

Understandably, people get sidetracked in life, it just happens.

One must adhere to the path of success and freedom in this continuing journey towards changing your life.

No one has prosperity overnight, in the real world. But, you can certainly build that in a year’s time, which, is why I tell everyone that’s going premium to pay annual.

An IMPORTANT thing to mention. People you tell about WA may try to elude you with words like scam or tell you that you’re wasting your time etc…


This is your journey, not theirs, they have no clue and obviously, they can’t do it themselves. That is until they see you do it then they want to join, it’s too funny.


Success Is Waiting

how to make money with the internet

My last Google ranking check currently has 2 of my sites ranked page one on Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

That is made possible by using my SEO knowledge learned in Wealthy Affiliate.

My sites all produce visitors, which grow as my authority in the search engines reaches new levels.

My life has changed from the amazing WA platform.

In conclusion to this post, I try to help everyone and I especially help everyone who joins my network to become very successful.

Make the choice and join free! Once completing level one training, it’s time to finish training, by joining premium membership. There are four more levels and plenty of live training. Success is waiting for you!

Take action with Wealthy Affiliate, and do everything free that is available, then decide if the premium is for you.


Failures Are Lessons Learned – Success Is Earned Not Found



Thanks for reading.


12 thoughts on “How To Make Money With The Internet”

  1. Nice article there on how to make money with the internet. 

    I find every part of the article educative and also informative on things I should know before setting up my affiliate marketing business in wealthy affiliate. 

    I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate for some weeks now, I go through all the training and lessons every day and am about to set up my first website and I must say it has been good so far learning affiliate marketing. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment ajibola40,
      Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training available to learn affiliate marketing and become successful at the business. Just keep up what your doing and the possibilities are endless.

      I help people succeed every day on Wealthy Affiliate and to help people understand things better I sometimes write a blog post on issues someone may be having with niche product ideas or good-research-topics.

      Once you get past lesson 4 of the free starter membership you will have a website completely online.

      To Your Success.

  2. Making money through Internet can be lucrative for the educated one’s. 

    I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for sometime now and I think i have gained a lot of experience. 

    Thanks to this post, it’s informative, well detailed, encouraging and complete.

    I have zero regrets and I’ll never quit using the Internet to make money. 

    I just need to look out for scammers.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Destiny, Anyone who can say I completed my level 5 OEC courses will most certainly succeed in affiliate marketing. But in all honesty the training never really stops, I watched a live training tonight which happens every Friday night. When you stick with Wealthy Affiliate you leave all the scammers for good.

  3. Awesome article John. You’ve a genuine will to help people to create their online business and succeed, it’s clearly perceived from your article. I’m sure anyone, who get you as a mentor will succeed in WA platform. 

    You’re also right in saying that haters are everywhere, they distract best of people sometimes. But you’ve cautioned well in your article. 

    Thanksa lot for sharing this heart felt article, I wish you all the very best. You have a power to connect to people. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Akshaysaxena,

      I like watching people succeed, it is something to see it happening and if it’s because of my help it feels good.

      One of the biggest hurdles people have that I’ve talked to is the time to learn the process and time management.

      I wrote a post that basically covers the extreme measures I took to take my time back from the big distractions

      My focus has improved and I’ve become successful with executing my goals as I continue my daily routines.

      To Your Success.


  4. Hi John Mullen, 

    I like this quote, it rhymes and it makes a world of sense: 

    Failures Are Lessons Learned-Success Is Earned Not Found 

    You Determine Your Destiny-No Quitters Allowed. Is it original? 

    Making money online, has a lot of perks and it’s easier than most, yet it’s no joke. 

    If you want to embark on a making money online journey, you should brace yourself for a lot of failures. If you don’t like to learn, then they’d be real failures. But if you don’t mind learning from your mistakes, you can turn those failures to successes. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Peace,
      I’m sure others have said that before, but it just came to me as I was creating content for my post.
      The no quitters allowed was all me for sure, no one can ever succeed if all they ever do is quit everything.
      I like positive energy to keep a nice flow of content creation going when I work, so I use powerful quotes.
      They inspire me to forge onward and be successful at whatever I’m trying to achieve, I like winning.

  5. Thank you for sharing the information. I love Wealthy Affiliate and I haven’t been here long. I have already learned more in three weeks with WA about making money online than the previous 20 years. Education. knowledge, and applying knowledge is the key to success. WA provides a platform to acquire the knowledge and skills.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Lee,

      It’s great you joined Wealthy Affiliate, as you progress things get better and better.

      Learning at Wealthy Affiliate is the best experience you will find anywhere for affiliate marketing.

      I recommend to anyone and everyone you must try Wealthy Affiliate it’s free with a starter membership.

      You will have a website up and working after just 4 lessons out of 10 free lessons.

      I help members every day to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate and I have a blog post about niche product ideas.

      To Your Success.

  6. I want to appreciate you for taking out time to write this article on how to make money with the internet. 

    It’s actually a source of motivation for me today. 

    Well I’m also on the wealthy affiliate platform and it’s really great because I’m being taught some many things.

     I am given some tasks to complete and I complete them, some are challenging. 

    I will also mention that being committed to some things you want to really do is not always easy. 

    Especially for someone like me that is still in school and still a beginner. 

    It’s affecting other daily activities of mine, but I guess that is the sacrifice for commitment 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Barrywesley,

      Finding time is a huge thing for many people and many find it difficult to get started every day.

      I actually wrote a blog titled The Big Distractions explaining my madness to recapture my time.

      Seconds, minutes and hours would fly by me daily and I was in control of none of that time.

      There was no question I had to do something about this to proceed with my online business.

      So I set out to take my time back and achieve my goals, I have done both and I am better organized.

      To Your Success.  

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