How To Money Making Ideas

For many looking to make money online or offline, they often search for lists of how to money making ideas.

How To Money Making Ideas

Creating a list helps find what best works for you rather than blindly trying to make money with less than desired results.

Money-making ideas are plentiful and with Google, at your side, you can have a list created in a matter of seconds.

Since there are so many ways to make money online you need to be more specific with your Google searches.

The great news is that you will find no end to information about money-making ideas.

The bad news is that some won’t work!

That’s not to say the bad won’t work for some, it may be exactly tailored to someone and they will do very well.


Free Money Online With Minimal Work Required

How To Money Making Ideas

The search volume for making money online is constantly raising as people look for work from anywhere lifestyle.

Most fail at consistently making money online for several reasons, but mostly it’s because of a lack of knowledge.

When I think of how to make money ideas I always think of offline and online as my potential moneymakers.

Many times my best money-making ideas come from knowledge of certain items and selling those items for profits.

Never underestimate the power of a thrift store or garage sale, I’ve made money with both of them on various occasions.

When I find items that are usable, I buy them and clean them for taking images, and then list them for sale online.

One of the best money makers I’ve cashed in on came from a curb alert on Craigslist, I made $675 selling the items on eBay. The Craigslist alert had old strategic board games and various books as well as many trinkets and more.

There is no better feeling than receiving free money online with minimal work required of your time.


More Than One Path For My Success

Of course, there are many ways to make money, and most millionaires become rich based on one simple factor.

How To Money Making Ideas

They create multiple streams of income to achieve success.

It almost guarantees their wealth to manifest itself through volume.

In affiliate marketing, this is done repeatedly by marketers creating content websites for making money online.

The websites all become eventual streams of income as the sites mature in the search engines of Google.

Every time I’ve needed extra money I turn to more than one path for my success to manifest. When money is needed I approach it much like fishing. The more lines in the water, the better chances of success when I fish.

There are many people who use this type of method to achieve success. Most people will continue to use it as their blueprint moving forward. I like to think of it as having 10 jobs with paychecks, and some will wind up paying better than others.


Create 10 Ways To Get Money

How To Money Making Ideas

I like to buy toys like fishing equipment, boating equipment, electronics, and a plethora of other items.

When I want something I apply the methods above to get the money needed.

It works almost every time!

Focus on what the target item (my toys) costs and then create 10 ways to get money.

The bonus that happens almost every time is that you get more money than what you actually needed.

Many times you sell things in a matter of hours to a few days!

Depending on what you already have and what you can come up with to sell is completely up to you.

With local free advertising on platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, anyone can list their items for free. When you have smaller items you turn to eBay and Amazon to list and wait for the money to roll in.

It is better to list more items if you can but I recommend no less than 10 items.

Each one is a revenue stream once it’s sold!


Many Streams Of Revenue Is The Answer

How To Money Making Ideas

There is a YouTube channel of a guy who started his business using this exact method and he does extremely well.

The madness to his method was to list 8 items per day every day no matter what and continue to do so indefinitely.

He does over 6 figures!

Speaking of how well he does, his YouTube channel is monetized which is making him even more money.

On YouTube, he lists his website store and other affiliate links all earning streams of income aside from his items.

When it comes to making big money, having many streams of revenue is the answer to larger profits.

Let me explain something about affiliate marketing that many either never realize or many will just overlook.

The entire concept of affiliate marketing works on creating streams of revenue and it can be very powerful.


What It Takes To Achieve Dreams

How To Money Making Ideas

Think of just one site and how many different offers are on the site for anyone to click.

When reading something you like there may be linked offers inside of an article or post.

Some sites are nothing but linked offers much like with an eCommerce site.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is the best path to knowledge when it comes to affiliate marketing.

When new members decide to take the journey they see what is possible with the WA program.

They learn what it takes to reach goals and are well on the way to achieving dreams.

There are people from all around the world on the platform and many are experts lending their expertise. Those members teach as well as the main training that the platform offers. It’s really outstanding and worth every penny!

With affiliate marketing, you can create many revenue streams using social media aside from search engines. Every single affiliate link becomes that line in the water except it’s not a pond or small lake, it’s a virtual ocean.

I’m a premium plus member of Wealthy Affiliate and I pay my yearly membership using the methods I’ve described above.


Don’t Think People Won’t Like Your Offer

How To Money Making Ideas

Something to think about, don’t think people won’t like what you’re offering because you don’t like the items.

That is a huge mistake, and it’s something I’ve had to learn for myself.

There’s an old adage of one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and it most definitely is true.

Things I’ve sold in the past have surprised me, I wouldn’t have bought some of the items!

You just never know what holds the value until the research is done for things that are questionable.

For instance, the curb alert I mentioned above had board games worth hundreds of dollars, yet they looked like trash in a box at the curb.

That same rule applies to affiliate marketing with whatever niche you decide to promote. Obviously, not everyone will buy what you have to offer but some most definitely will over time.


Everyone Wants Instant Success

How To Making Money Ideas

Learning affiliate marketing is not something that happens overnight. And, that’s the main reason that 90% quit.

Building long-term success takes time and many become blind to that fact.

Everyone wants instant success, it’s crazy!

For those that are serious about building their success, it becomes their way of life!

They develop a never-quit attitude and forge ahead tackling obstacles as they come at them.

Building an online presence can take some time to achieve.

People are interested in various aspects of marketing and Wealthy Affiliate has that covered. There is expert-level training for various social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and much more.

Many who come to Wealthy Affiliate have never even had a website before. Yet, by the end of lesson 4 of the free training, they build one that’s ready for adding some content.

It’s 100% free to anyone interested in beginning a journey into affiliate marketing.

The free training and website are to let you see what is possible with Wealthy Affiliate.


Never Focus On The Money

How To Money Making Ideas

There are more levels of training for premium and premium plus subscriber members within WA.

Let me explain where new members should begin when joining the WA platform.

Once you join the first thing to do is set some realistic goals you would like to achieve.

Fill out your profile and add some icon images, that will let others see you’re engaged on the platform.

There are top members who will help direct you from day one!

After filling out the profile immediately dip into the training.

Many will linger on the platform for a while before starting any training and that’s just wrong.

The thing is, you’re there to learn and affiliate marketing should be your main focal point.

Affiliate marketing is not something you learn immediately, you develop your skills as you proceed with the program. Many who first join ask questions like when do I get paid or how long does it take to make money?

These are valid questions, however, it’s a completely wrong mindset to get started with making money online. Never focus on the money it will come later, focus on the tasks to get that money instead.

I call it being blinded by money goggles!


There Are No Time Limits

How To Money Making Ideas

The reason 90 percent of affiliate marketers fail is that they give up.

Sometimes, it is right before they were ready to be successful and they’ll never know how close to success they were.

Affiliate marketing can be a learning curve!

For some with computer skills, it comes a little easier.

For others, it takes a little time to get the gist of affiliate marketing.

The main point is that those who forge their path will make it happen no matter the time it may take.

There are no time limits!

When someone joins Wealthy Affiliate through my links I become their sponsor in WA.

With the help of someone who has been there and done that I try to help my referrals to succeed.

I encourage free members and I answer questions!

It goes without saying there are plenty of how-to money-making ideas for creating streams of income. Some people in WA create ebooks that they sell on Amazon, others create step-by-step manuals for any number of specifics.

The possibilities are into the millions and I say that because there are millions of affiliate network offers available. Whatever passion you have inside of you may make money in the future using proper training.


There Are Endless Possibilities

How To Money Making Ideas

To get noticed we start small and scale our way to an authority position, which can take some time with Google.

Once established, there are endless possibilities no matter the chosen niche.

I’ve seen all kinds of sites created in WA from A to Z, there are endless niches to take advantage of and build success upon.

When you’re premium you can have 10 sites hosted free with your membership, it’s 50 sites for premium plus.

The tools you get with a premium membership are outstanding and the best in the business of online marketing.

For keyword research, Jaaxy is the best for getting your new site to rank in Google, it’s amazing!

The site domains in Wealthy Affiliate cost about $14 dollars a year and renew automatically on the date of purchase. Imagine having several sites that generate nonstop income 24/7, that is totally possible with WA.


Search For Free Items

How To Money Making Ideas

Here are a few other how-to money-making ideas that I’ve used and made money successfully all for free.

While not always reliable, I use both Craigslist and marketplace to search for free items and there are usually plenty of them.

Sometimes that involves spending gas money upfront, but in many cases, it’s worth the investment at the end of the day.

Many landlords post free things that they clean out on Craigslist as do regular people clearing things like their garage’s out.

Neither of them is interested in trying to sell the items!

Many just want the items gone and are happy to know they will be used as you take them away for free. Another tip that I’ve used and was successful was that I listed an ad myself offering to clear out anything for a minimal fee.

Surprisingly, I had several calls and emails asking for my help and I did two jobs that fetched some pretty good money. Having a side hustle is never a bad thing and oftentimes they can turn into a main hustle over time.

Everyone has a hustle of some sort and the ones who repeat their winning blueprint usually succeed with ease. Almost every successful business has a wash, rinse and repeat involved within their formula.

You should be no different than any of them, you do what works best for you.


Whatever Your Passion Is In Life

Whatever Your Passion Is In Life

Many come to WA not sure where to start or what business they should focus on to get started.

I encourage you to think of the things you like and enjoy in life.

For some, that may be crafting, for others, that may be some kind of sport or maybe their passion is traveling.

Whatever your passion is in life will always be the best choice when selecting a business to build for the long term.

If your thing is riding bikes and it’s something you love doing then building a business around that niche would be perfect.

Many new members make this mistake, they start a business in something they know nothing about.

Without your passion, it can and usually does become very difficult to create content.

I can tell you years ago I did exactly that thing I’ve described above. Because the thought of being able to travel is appealing I created a travel type of site but I struggled to produce regular content on my site.

I stopped my site to re-focus because I really knew nothing about travel!

It’s hard to continue when there is no passion involved and so most will give up! However, giving up the poor choice in a niche doesn’t mean the end, it means you just learned a valuable lesson.


How To Money Making Ideas Conclusion

How To Money Making Ideas

Some are able to write about anything with ease, but without first-hand experience, it’s still just telling someone else’s story. There is nothing wrong with that if you can be consistently producing content using your own words.

Do some research!!!

Content is what matters most and believe me when I say there is a reason why quality content matters. Having a site with less than par content and aesthetics will render it buried into oblivion with the SERPs.

When new members join WA they have a choice between selecting their OEC Training or their Bootcamp Training. Level one of either training is completely free and they are a little bit different from each other, I’ve taken both.

It’s worth noting, free members are allowed to take both level one courses, so you’re really getting 20 lessons free. The difference between them is Bootcamp is focused on promoting WA and the OEC is for affiliate products.

Many new members want to promote WA because they offer one of the best affiliate programs available today!

Find what you love to do most and make it a business that ranks in search engines by joining Wealthy Affiliate.


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