How To Promote Affiliate Offers Online

Affiliate ApplicationsThe massive world of affiliate marketing does not always require you to have your own website or deal with any customers, any refunds and the product development and maintenance itself.

I think one of the best ways to become involved in an online business is to learn how to promote affiliate offers online with little investment but your time, knowledge and minimal hosting fee’s.

More than likely if you’re reading this post you’ve already been involved with affiliate marketing at some point and you know the power of affiliate marketing, it can be earning you money 24/7 .

So, what should you do next to double or possibly triple your commissions?

Assuming you are already into affiliate marketing, this post will go over how to promote affiliate offers online and things you can do that add more traffic flow to the affiliate offers your intending to promote online. The affiliate marketplace is tough and competitive, most will make no where near the income of the top professionals in this business, but you can certainly try.

Here are some powerful tips on how to promote affiliate offers online to help double or even triple your commissions .

Know Your Products

The results will vary depending on your budget, experience and the time required to effectively execute the various methods with in this post. For some these tactics can take days or even weeks to complete while for someone experienced this process can be set up and executed on a daily basis all while building a following and a huge catalog of work.

Know Your ProductsTake the time and get to know the products you intend to promote, search the best programs and products available to promote get to know that product. It’s fairly obvious that you would want to promote a program that allows you to achieve the highest profits in the least possible amount of time.

With many factors to take into consideration when selecting a great fitting affiliate program you definitely want to choose one that offers a generous commission payout above all else. Ideally you want to look for products that will fit in with your specific intended target audience especially with your organic search audience.

The platform you sign up to that you plan to promote products from should have a good reputation for their record of affiliate payouts. Once you start promoting products from that platform or any others your trying out, check often back to see how the product may be converting, if the sales are in the toilet dump that offer and replace it with another better offer.

Promoting Brand Names

With tens of thousands of affiliate offers out their to promote online you can be as selective as you like in choosing which may be the right fit for you. One tip that can be helpful, known name brands are trusted and they can help you sell the product based on their established brand name.

Promoting Brand NamesFor lesser know products or products you can not necessarily buy from a store their are still trusted brand names that can be attached to that product. For instance, ” As Seen On TV “, many potential buyers may of never seen a product before but are still willing to buy the product because of the brand “As Seen On TV”.

You should aim for the best fitting affiliate program you can find that is tailored to the site content you’re promoting on your site. If you do not have a website and you are attempting to promote products without using a website you should still try to find the best products and the best possible placement for those products.

While I do not recommend doing affiliate marketing without using a website their are some who choose to market that way. That is more of a direct approach using cloaked links and good advertisement placement for your link traffic, you also rely on paid traffic to your offers for the most part.

You may get in search engines by using forums or blog pages that are already ranked and leave a comment with your links.

Create Free Ebook Reports

For those that do own a website it is best if you write a few free reports and ebooks that may offer some helpful tips, maybe give away a free product like a PLR product or maybe some kind of really good helpful tool. These free items should be available on your site and given to any lists or other locations to bring visitors to the site to retrieve those free items.

Create Free Ebook ReportsYou should promote those free reports and ebooks you create everywhere you can place the information, because getting people to come to free things is a thousand times easier than getting them to visit a page that will cost them money. However, just because a site visitor comes for a free product, it doesn’t mean they won’t spend money if they trust you.

Since there’s every probability that many others are promoting the same products as you are, it’s a good idea to use the above described methods to build trust, gain traffic and capture more email opt-ins. By giving someone something useful, it distinguishes you and they do not forget, you can wind up with a visitor that buys more than once from your sites.

The reports that you write should provide free valuable information that can really help someone and in the report you should also add some recommendations to some products that you have reviewed recently. The free ebooks and reports will help bridge the trust barrier and quickly turn your site visitors into more willing product buyers that happen to use your site.

Intercept Vendor Traffic

Every free ebook and report should be offered by way of utilizing an opt-in page to build your email list using the free products as an incentive for your opt-ins. In most cases a person does not make a purchase on the first visit to a website and collecting an email allows you to show them not only the free offers, but also many other products for them to purchase.

Intercept Vendor TrafficNot everyone buys from or even looks at every email you may send and some affiliates have said they sent the email out dozens of times before some individuals would even consider buying anything. However, this allows you to continue sending follow up emails to your opt-in list reminding them to purchase products from your site.

When you send visitors to any vendors pages you can offer an option collect their emails before letting them on to the vendor page, this will also build your email list and allow for your potential list prospects to grow. The fact is you are providing free advertisement for vendors and many people that see your offer may buy that same vendors offer somewhere else.

You only earn commissions when you make a sale, but vendors are getting tons of traffic from thousands of affiliates promoting their products and you can bet they are collecting those same emails as you do before you send them to the vendors sites. I would make the opt-in offer an option to opt-in rather than a requirement before the vendor page.

Build Your List

It’s better to suggest something rather than require something, if they decide to opt out of joining the list they still land on your product page and they may buy that product from you regardless of joining your list. If they buy, you may wind up with their email from the sale depending on the platform or products.

Build Your ListYou can try to get them to join your list again with bonus products on an awesome thank you page if your selling things like PLR products where you own the product rights to sell or give away. This type of product selling would require you to have a merchant account set up direct on your product pages to earn any income.

Why send prospects directly to the vendors, theres every chance that they will be lost to you forever if you don’t at least try to collect their information before they exit your site. Once you’ve collected their information and grow your list you can offer recurring fee types of programs that can pay you monthly commissions on auto pilot.

There’s many excellent programs out their that allow you to earn recurring monthly and annual commissions including Wealthy Affilliate, SEMRush or Jaaxy. Since these recurring offers are coming from well branded companies of proven products, these products basically sell themselves and you in that respect are not promoting some kind of garbage.

A Publishers Trust

You will have so many great products to offer potential prospects, both on your site and with your list and over time this will grow exponantially as new people join your lists to get your free reports and ebooks. It’s smart to commit and create something free to give away each week to keep new prospects interested and to keep your list committed to stick around.

A Publishers TrustAs a publisher you have multiple methods of reaching your audience by either publishing a blog, using email marketing or maybe publishing a newsletter or an ezine. You will gain new readers when you offer new fresh content each week and over time you will have a much larger audience of readers coming from social posts, email lists and organic traffic.

You can offer your site visitors that join your list or visit your site to subscribe for notifications of when you publish new content, this is a list you really want because they are actively engaged in your content and they already show interest with what you are offering to them when they join the list or subscribe to notifications.

The idea is to develope a trust with every site visitor and to provide a service with plenty of useful information basically attached to a back end sales pitch. Your not forcing anyone to buy anything, but you might know of a good deal on a product that is well worth promoting in your publishing efforts if it is legitimately to benefit your readers.

Careful AdSense Placement

Careful AdSense PlacementSome people use Google AdSense on their sites because it will bring up ads based on your content or close to your content. However, I’ve used Google Maps, the distance and directions are not always accurate or correct, algorithms go figure!

You can monitize pages and posts using AdSense, but you can lose your main product sales to that AdSense ad. Any AdSense on your site should be well out of view of your products and never placed on your sales pitch page ever.

The best method is to balance a good amount of solid useful information with your sales pitch, like a 60/40 split, this keeps the free information flowing continuous with the sales pitch offer lingering nearby close to the free information. If your readers support you they will reciprocate by trusting your recomendations and buying products from your site offerings.

When you have a site that is producing regular traffic with decent numbers you can try to negotiate a better commission rate from merchants that you promote products with. Many merchants may increase the commission percentage rate to avoid losing any sales from you, you’re in this for the money as much as the merchant you promote products for.

A smart merchant will have some flexibility and will likely grant your commission rate request and keep the asset that you are to them, you’re valuable and they know that fact. Sales numbers do not lie and if your ripping up the sales charts with sales than even a company like Amazon will increase your payout commission rates to keep your business flowing to them.

PPC And Classifieds

Don’t expect huge percentage increases, but it could go from five percent payout to maybe 10 or 12 percent if you’re lucky. There’s nothing wrong with more than doubling your profits for a job well done, with good sales happening you should try to negotiate your rates. The worst case is that your request gets denied, you can still promote the product if you want anyway.

PPC And ClassifiedsYou should set up some really effective pay per click ads to advertise your pitch content and your free information, PPC is still one of the best online advertising models you can implement with affiliate marketing today.

When you set up an account with Google AdWords you can manage multiple PPC campaigns with a set amount for your idividual marketing campaign budgets.

With a well managed PPC campaign a serious affiliate marketer stands to make a nice tidy income by using sponsered ads aside from all of the other methods available for getting site visitors. You should set up multiple PPC ad campaigns and keep an eye on them to see which ones are converting and which ones you need to replace with better winning campaigns.

There’s also some excellent free locations online where you can place an ad that may add an extra boost to your site traffic. You should also plan a budget to run paid classified ads, it will add additional traffic to your sales pitch and free information. Staying consistent is key to achieving success with winning over the trust of your intended target audience.

Check out these strategies to see a difference they can make to your commission checks, hopefully in a very short time.

Thanks for reading my post on how to promote affiliate offers online.

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6 thoughts on “How To Promote Affiliate Offers Online”

  1. This takes time and lots of learning as well as willing. Advertising and social media are huge and you need to have some sort of experience to get the customers and money rolling in. This post had good tips and will benefit people that are doing this such as myself! 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Trevor.

      I agree there’s a good bit of time involved to learn the business and I explain that in another blog post I wrote called How To Become A Super Wealthy Affiliate. The time it takes to learn this business is well worth the outcome over a bit of time invested. In the beginning for me there was no question that I can’t pay college – can you? 

      I decided to learn from an alternative method to make money online from a platform that never stops teaching you.

  2. This is a very fabulous post and I’m glad I read through till the end. I have just kicked off my online business journey and I need all the help I can get to become successful. I know that I will be getting commissions for products I sell, now I think I know the steps to take to up that game. I’ll bookmark your post for future reference. Thanks alot for enlightening me.

  3. Man, so much success can come from affiliate marketing, unfortunately I haven’t reached those sucesses. Driving traffic must be one the hardest things to do in order to reach that sucess. I have a good grasp of the prodcuts I’m promoting, especially the popular brands, but traffic ain’t coming. Any tips?`

    1. Thanks for the great comment Jose.

      There’s so many factors involved but SEO is definitely a big factor in ranking in all of the big 3 search engines. However, that’s not that hard to rank if you produce quality content that the search engines want ranking on page one. I wrote a blog called Why Quality Content Matters that explains a bit about search engine content.

      Everyday people search online for real work from home careers and the people who find Wealthy Affiliate usually join the program. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the highest retention rates and the highest conversion rates in the business.


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