How To Run Affiliate Marketing

How To Run Affiliate Marketing

How Do I Become A Affiliate

One day I searched how to run affiliate marketing in Google some years ago which resulted in several programs.

One of those programs was Wealthy Affiliate, which I had joined in 2014.

These days more and more people are looking for a way to ditch their 9 to 5’s for a life with no boss to ever deal with again.

However, learning the secrets of how to run affiliate marketing success can be life-changing for many.

Working regular jobs can be great for some and a grind for so many others who feel ripped off.

Some workers feel undervalued by the company they are employed with.

For that same reason, I started a brick-and-mortar business 10 years ago and I never looked back.

However, I still wanted something better than that business, I wanted total freedom.

I’d messed with affiliate marketing a few times in the past and found it interesting but never had any success.

When I began my journey with learning affiliate marketing I was totally clueless about almost everything involved.

However, my determination was non-stop in learning the secrets of how to run affiliate marketing successfully.


Mindset Is The Key

One reason people feel unappreciated in the workplace is that most jobs offer a little incentive with making big money.

Everybody paves their own road making a living and some never go further than where they begin working.

My friend worked his first job at a landscaping nursery for over 20 years before moving on.

Mindset Is The Key

Starting any business has its risks of money, tolerance, and patients with maybe a little luck thrown in for prosperity.

Most companies never see profit in the first year of operation.

Somehow that still beats punching someone else’s time clock.

Before learning this business I was interested in how an affiliate earns their money.

I searched for get-rich programs before that.

The idea of learning how to become a super-wealthy affiliate was always on my mind every day. I never quit searching for answers.

Years ago I would do mostly free training stuff online, I’d watch webinars to learn some tricks here and there.

Sometimes being cheap and stubborn can keep you down if you let it and boy did I ever do that.

I spent a few more years messing around before I decided to get serious about this business of affiliate marketing.


No Short Cuts To Learning Affiliate Marketing

There are no shortcuts to learning affiliate marketing and there’s so much information to learn.

With each day you will gain the knowledge for your own future success.

I wrote a blog titled pitfalls with affiliate marketing that any beginners should definitely read, it can really help you.

On the plus side, the price to learn affiliate marketing is not that expensive compared to other training platform businesses.

Your mindset is the key and your goals are your targets towards your own success.

Once you learn affiliate marketing the skies the limit, you can easily scale your business as an affiliate marketer.


Change Your Life

For the record, this is not a get-rich-quick business, it takes time learning how to run affiliate marketing successfully.

However, good things come to those that wait, in time you will have the experience and knowledge.

Affiliate marketing can break your everyday work cycle into a home-based business earning a great income.

And you can build a site as well as get the site ranked in search engines.

Change Your Life

The yearly Wealthy Affiliate price is $495 which averages to under $42 bucks a month when paid in full.

Otherwise, the regular fee is $49 per month, that’s $588 total over 12 months.

That’s the startup costs, there are not many businesses you can start with for a low startup price like that.

During your first year, you’ll learn affiliate marketing from the excellent courses.

There’s also plenty of other platform training plus there’s live help available anytime day or night within the community.

With the courses complete you’ll have the knowledge necessary to build out your business for years to come.

The cost of a premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate and a commitment to learning can change your life.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to build your business for long-term success.

They help you reach your goals along the way and provide a clear path for success.


Growing Your Business

We all have financial obligations with bills and living expenses every month of the year, they’re really not much fun.

Despite still working, you must commit to learning the process of how to run affiliate marketing to be successful.

You do this by slowly learning affiliate marketing by dedicating available time to the learning process.

Grow Your Business

Think of affiliate marketing as you’re creating a business by partnering with already existing businesses that want extra sales.

The more you personalize your business the better off you’ll be.

You are the reason visitors land on the pages and posts of your site.

It doesn’t matter how a visitor lands on your pages, those pages reflect your business brand.

People like to feel a connection after landing on a page or they will leave in the first ten seconds.

This is where your own style and personality will add realism and trust for your site visitors.

In essence, you’ll create an entire business based on your own passions, and generally what you know about most.

You should select a niche with products that you have knowledge of and preferably own.

I’ve created this blog to help marketers with affiliate marketing promotion methods and show them how to find a niche product.


Invest Time To Learn Affiliate Marketing

In the world of affiliate marketing, most people that try to become an affiliate will fail.

Many will attempt to try this business with a total lack of knowledge of how it actually works and they fail miserably.

That describes me for about 5 years before finally becoming serious about learning the business of affiliate marketing.

On the plus side, for people who invest time to learn affiliate marketing, it can be a very lucrative business venture.


Work Out A Time Schedule

Before getting started you should consider your skills, motivation, and any existing knowledge prior to committing to learning affiliate marketing.

Try using time schedules to learn the process, stick to putting in the hours, and achieve your own personal success.

Work Out A Schedule

I created a post that can help anyone get past the big distractions to help them stop wasting time.

That post is ranked on page 1 of search engines for specific keywords as are others linked here.

This site gets more organic search engine visitors than any other method of site traffic due to SEO strategies.

Setting goals and deadlines for yourself is important for success within the business of affiliate marketing.

Reaching your goals allows you to set new ones that can challenge you, this can only happen using a schedule.

Before long you will visibly see improvements in speed, efficiency, accuracy, and staying on point with endeavors.

When creating a time schedule plan keep it flexible, which keeps you available for life’s other things as well.

Take the time to do other things, that allow you time to think freely in between training. You’ll find creativity increases during free time spaces, ideas happen frequently while relaxing.


People Love Trusted Brand Names

Many people bring their own business-related experiences to their affiliate marketing business.

This can help you if you have sales experience or certain computer talents to add to your affiliate business toolbox.

Some people will turn that experience into a helpful tip site or a review site within that niche.

Personal experience gives you authority within that niche.

Some people will say that products don’t sell themselves, I disagree.

People walk into stores every day and grab products right off the shelves without anyone twisting their arms.

Products do sell themself and quite frankly people love trusted brand names with big-time endorsements.

One example of that is AS SEEN ON TV products.

The brand name AS SEEN ON TV is an advertising vehicle that endorses certain products.

Their products are mostly unknown to the world, as they tout only seen here offers to infomercial viewers.

The brand is labeled AS SEEN ON TV and the products are supposed to be the greatest in the world.

Many of those products sell like crazy and many of them are now available in stores.

In stores products sell under the brand AS SEEN ON TV, they get paid for lending their brand name.

AS SEEN ON TV are exactly like affiliates using their brand name to sell products and actual proof it works.


Branding Establishes Trust

In reality, AS SEEN ON TV is merely the method used to market many products.

Their video infomercials back in the 1980s were priceless.

However, the brand is still very relevant today and it is worth millions.

The company made most of its money from commissions and fees they charged.

I wrote a blog titled how to become a super-wealthy affiliate that talks about scaling your business for profits.

Branding Establishes Trust

Branding is very important in the world of affiliate marketing, you don’t have to be a huge name brand.

However, having your brand reflects that your business is legitimate and can be trusted by site visitors.

Having said that, gaining the trust of your site’s visitors is the number one most important element with affiliate marketing.

Your amount of site visitors won’t matter if there’s no trust established with your brand.

No one will click on anything to buy from a link on site that they don’t trust.

Some won’t even take free offers from an untrusted site.

Tip of the day to new marketers: Branding helps establish trust, without trust you’ll make nothing.

Understanding the needs of your site’s visitors and why they might want to buy products from your site is very important.


Help People Looking For Answers

The content on your site must be created so it’s able to help people looking for answers or solutions.

Your objective is to provide visitors with real information that may help them make the decision to buy those products.

This is all well covered within the courses and live training provided inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you learn the process you can build a business about literally anything that may interest you in life.


You Must Have Realistic Expectations


This is something I often see when helping people on the WA platform, most with this mindset also fail miserably.

Many times the first question from new members joining Wealthy Affiliate is how do I get paid?

Or when do I get paid?

Most of these people fail, thinking of dollar signs, and are definitely not focused on learning the process.

It’s important you take affiliate marketing very seriously as a business and you must have realistic expectations.

Do not expect immediate results, this process takes time to learn and build, but it works awesome once trained.

While learning affiliate marketing takes time, it’s totally possible to earn income as you begin building your niche.

You Must Have Realistic Expectations

Building a business from scratch with next to nothing invested takes time, hard work, and total dedication.

Having a focused mindset and a never-quit attitude is what it takes to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Set realistic goals and aim to reach them, if you go beyond those goals then that’s fantastic for you.

It’s important you be absolutely self-motivated with a total desire to succeed with affiliate marketing.

If you think you possess those attributes then you might be a great fit for this business.

In essence, you’ll be doing a lot of product research and it’s better if you’ve actually used the products.

The truth makes for easier content creation.


You’re Not Obligated To Upgrade

The fact is if you ever wondered how do I become a wealthy affiliate?

You will begin to find the answers by joining Wealthy Affiliate for free.

You are not obligated to upgrade to premium and I suggest you do all the free things first anyway.

That gives you time to save money before becoming a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate.


Begin Your Journey

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership gets you 10 free lessons plus you get to build a free site.

This gets you started in the business of learning affiliate marketing and allows you to decide about continuous learning.

Many yearly members myself included, sold items no longer needed on eBay and Craigslist before joining WA.

There’s a huge difference between the Wealthy Affiliate premium and the free starter membership.

Once you become a premium member you can host up to 10 owned domains, that can become 10 business brands.

You also get some free SiteRubix sub-domains with premium membership for free.

It’s great to learn site building from.

This chart shows the difference between free and premium Wealthy Affiliate membership, click the pic to join free. Begin Your Journey


In Conclusion

if you’re serious about beginning a journey to become an affiliate you should sign up for free first.

Set your journey with affiliate marketing in motion right now.

The great community at Wealthy Affiliate offers help for everyone’s success.

We all help each other as we move the process along for new members joining the program as well.

Take action and join Wealthy Affiliate right now.

Begin your journey into the world of affiliate marketing for free.

There’s no better platform to learn affiliate marketing from than Wealthy Affiliate.

Select things you know about and create a niche t0 provide well-informed information for your site visitors.

Not ready to spend money?

I wrote a blog titled how to earn money without a investment.

It covers ways to market with no investment or very little investment involved.

This could help you when you first begin the free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.


Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “How To Run Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi, your review about wealthy affiliate is educating and encouraging, I am a premium member of wealthy affiliate also, I agree with everything that you write in your post about wealthy affiliate, it’s all true. To start a business requires patience and endurance and any help that you will need is available from the community.

    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment.

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate after years of failure was the  best thing I ever did for myself in learning this business and how to do well in the world of affiliate marketing. I hope the people  who join take it very serious and smash every goal they set for their futures.

  2. I like the honesty in your blog post here. I’ve seen other members of Wealthy Affiliate explain the program but with hype only. Here in your blog post, you have explained in detail what it takes to succeed with the program. This is important because, too often, people programs like this with the “hit-and-run” attitude are everywhere. The name of the company, Wealthy Affiliate, suggests that this is going to make them wealthy. Yes, it can, but most people get the wrong cue thinking they can get wealthy quicker with the program than normal means of achieving wealth. The reality is, just like any other means to achieve wealth, hard work and persistence is needed in building a profitable business online. 

    1. Thanks for leaving the great comment.

      I go by the old adage saying, Honesty is the best policy. Honesty and truth are easy to talk about or write about too. Writing phony content like a review of products you know nothing about is not that easy for most people to create. 

      I absolutely think that with Wealthy Affiliate, the best way to market the business model is with truth and honesty. 

      The name does indicate you can become Wealthy and the truth is, many people have joined Wealthy Affiliate and  done very well for them self so it’s not a lie. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of learning involved and everyone who learns from the platform interprets the information at their own pace, some give up because they don’t get rich over night. 

      For these reasons and many more I promote only 2 ways to join Wealthy Affiliate, the free starter membership or  the yearly membership, I offer all methods to join but my primary way to promote WA is the yearly method to join.  

      I want my referrals to succeed and I offer them help, when you hit points of frustration it’s easy to give up for many people, with yearly membership that can’t happen and they rise above the challenges and see success happen.

      For many people first getting involved with Wealthy Affiliate it is a huge learning curve, but given time success happens for many that stick to the program and strive for their own success, it’s a great program and I’m thankful.

  3. Becoming an affiliate marketer has always been a major issue that I brood on. I know it’s a very lucrative job but it is full of in depth learning and practising with no guaranteed return. Reading through this post, I was able to clear my misconceptions about affiliate marketing as being a job for only the professionals. Anyone can do it so long as they put in the time and the consistency required. Also, I learnt about having realistic expectations of returns. 

    It takes time to reach the success chart but with patience and dedication, its very possible.

    I’m grateful I came across this post. Thanks

    1. I find that those who choose to learn instead of focusing on making money do 10 times better in becoming an affiliate marketer. When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate my primary reason for joining was to learn the process of affiliate marketing, it wasn’t to make money. 

      The money will come later for those that join to learn the process. For me it was the best thing I ever did for myself to learn the business and what it takes to succeed at affiliate marketing. I now have several sites doing great.

  4. Robert J Warneck

    John, I first want to say, I love your website layout!  I unfortunately had to experience some of the truths you spoke about when it comes to affiliate marketers failing because they know little to nothing about affiliate marketing; that was me.  I still have a lot, lot , lot, to learn, but since coming across Wealthy Affiliate, I have been able to build two websites in two niches I’m passionate about. One is helping others to make money online and the other is about my book that I wrote.  I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for just under three months, but I could tell it was a great learning platform from the get go and I signed up to Premium one hour of joining Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter.  What I’ve learned here in three months is more than l learned from any other platform I joined, or looked into.  Thank you for creating such an informative website that gives helpful hints on becoming successful with affiliate marketing.


    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment Robert.

      When I first joined I did not do much on the platform, I instead went on to do many other things that wasted my time and money for a while. However, when I finally came back to Wealthy Affiliate I didn’t come back to Wealthy Affiliate to make money, I came back to learn the business of affiliate marketing, the money is a bonus.

      By next year at this same time I will be doing very well with my marketing efforts and I plan to stay with Wealthy Affiliate for many years to come, it’s the best available. I’ve never had a question that could not be answered at WA. I have several websites thanks to this great platform, but two that I specifically produce content for.

  5. Working on affiliate marketing is not supposed to be for making people rich in short period of time. Something we often see some online marketers claiming so, but in reality it’s not true. Like you said in your article, affiliate marketing takes time and you need put in a lot of effort and of course having passion is one of those key elements every online marketer should have.

    John,In respect to join wealthy affiliate: It is interesting that starter members are able build up 2 websites and start to follow their dreams, the comparison chart you’ve shown in your post gives me a better understanding about difference between a Starter and Premium Membership. Thanks.

    All the best


    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment Shirian.

      The misconception of fast money is what scam artists prey upon to lure in unsuspecting victims to join something or buy something. The sad thing is that people get ripped off online everyday and this is one question I see asked at Wealthy Affiliate almost daily: Is this place for real? 

      Of course we know that it’s the real deal but people have been scammed and promised so much that they have to ask that question. Then again, another question I see by newcomers is: When do we get paid and how do we get paid? Most people looking for quick money at Wealthy Affiliate do not stay because that’s not going to happen for most who join. 

      It takes a good bit of time to learn the lessons and use those methods with your own sites, plus it takes Google until they decide to rank your pages and posts. I understand the mechanics of the business now and I consistently rank the majority of my pages and posts regularly. 

      As a matter of fact I just finished another post that highlights 8 posts on WhyWealthyAffiliate that are all ranked on page one of Bing, it’s called Inside The Mind Of A Writer and it proves that Wealthy Affiliate does indeed work.

  6. You have laid out a clear path to describe how someone can become an affiliate. There was a lot of information to digest, but you covered it well. I came away feeling very sure that I or anyone can get an online business in place using the affiliate marketing business model.

    The solution that you offered to get a quick start (Wealthy Affiliate) is a very good one. That platform really works for getting a plan in place plus it has the tools and features that mean you do not have to buy a bunch of products and services right away.

    The mindset is probably the most important part of the process, as the rest can be learned using the training, but how you treat the business you want to build is something that is crucial for success. It takes regular effort over days, week, and months, and a willingness to delay gratification while you build the business.

    The reward for spending the time and effort is when you start seeing the monthly affiliate income start rising month after month, which is all coming from the work you have put in. The affiliate marketing business using organic traffic (content optimized for SEO) means is a solid business that can grow and grow…

    Your post will help a lot of people that want to get into the business, and they will be able to also answer the question within your domain “Why Wealthy Affiliate?” 

    Is that right that you can get started for free with Wealthy Affiliate? That is a great deal. 

    I am sure many people are taking advantage of that offer. 

    1. Thanks for leaving such a great comment Dave.

      I have tried many other programs over the years, but Wealthy Affiliate is the only one I actually learned what is needed to succeed online. I like to write and I get better at what I do everyday. Recently, I gathered some of my free promotion methods together and wrote a blog about them called Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods, these are some of the free methods that I still use.

      I encourage people to join Wealthy Affiliate by the year instead of the monthly plan, not only do they save $229 a year over going monthly, it gives them the needed time to really commit to the program to learn how to become a super wealthy affiliate, the wealthy Affiliate platform gives you a path to that success.

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