Inside The Mind Of A Writer

Inside The Mind Of A Writer

Inside The Mind Of A WriterCrawling inside the mind of a writer is something anyone that’s ever read a book has done. A great writer can keep you turning pages one after another anticipating what the next chapter holds.

Listening to various famous writers speak about their craft in explicit detail has one thing in common amongst them all. That is a real genuine passion for creating the best content they can.

Somehow many famous writers have the knack and ability to continuously produce massively popular number one best-sellers like Stephen King.

Writers are very detailed in the way they set about creating their content, they repeatedly use a personal system. Developing a style and approach to creation is something that takes time and dedication to the writing process. Many writers do not disclose their methods and techniques for their writing styles preferring to remain private.

Those writers don’t talk about their success much and rightfully so, it’s fierce competition in the world of writing.


Creating Content Worthy Of Reader’s

To get inside the mind of a writer you have to understand the passion necessary to write content that is worthy. Landing on the first-page search engine rankings or the NY Times Best Seller list is because that content is worthy. The madness of perfection and grammar while writing top-ranking content gets crazy inside the mind of a writer.

I will back up my theory with my own experiences.

Perhaps, the biggest hurdle for affiliate marketers new to the business is creating content worthy of reader’s interests. Given the odds, you’d think there’s absolutely no way to rank page one of any search engine with your content. However, I’m here to show that not only can you do it, but you can do it many times over again.


The Most Targeted Traffic

Every affiliate marketer wants site traffic above and beyond all else. There is absolutely no better traffic to your pages and posts than organic traffic through a search engine. It’s the most targeted traffic of your site’s visitors. You want to focus your writing style and develop grammar-correct content that’s informative for readers.

The Most Targeted Traffic

Not every writer is a fantasy make-believe writer like Stephen King. However, the same principles still apply when you create content for affiliate marketing.

Internet marketing has been around for a long time. The fact is marketers with sites ranked page one in search engines are usually very successful over time.

Discovering your writing style is something that will happen as you continue to write content. Once you do discover your writing style you’ll be producing premium content that ranks in the search engines regularly.


Ranking Using Knowledge And Experience

For example, I wrote a blog post that is ranking on page one in Bing. It’s titled how to promote affiliate offers online and it’s positioned at number one on page one.  That’s proof of ranking using knowledge and experience.

Search the blog title name in Bing or Yahoo and you will find that blog post on page one of either search engine. Although that position can change in the future, the reason it is on page one is the content writing. I’ve always loved writing so for me that’s a huge plus, but I wasn’t a good writer until I perfected my game.

Developing your own writing skills can also have you ranking the pages of your site in the search engine results.


Developing Your Writing Style

Writing content is the only way developing your writing style can happen. There are no shortcuts to developing a style that can invoke page one results in the search engines. Here’s another post that is currently on page one of Bing and Yahoo. The post is titled affiliate marketing promotion methods and in Bing, it’s on page one, for now.

Developing Your Writing Style

I write content every day and some days I get in a zone where I can produce awesome content. Then I have days that could be better, but I still produce content with value in both cases.

For an affiliate, your primary goal is to reach the masses of people. The largest number of targeted traffic you can get for free will come from a search engine result.

You can’t produce page one results unless you really try hard and set goals for yourself with your writing tasks. However, when you do write some exceptionally great content you will rank in the search engines.


Update Content Using Creative Editing

Another of my posts is titled how to become a super wealthy affiliate and it also sits on page one of Bing.

Writing requires a combination of things that when joined together collectively develop into a reader invoking creation. Getting readers to continue reading your pages is the main goal and when your content ranks it’s worthy. Sometimes older content may not be ranking, the best thing to do is update content using creative editing.


Proof Of Two Things

I recently updated one of my old posts and that post is now sitting on page one of Bing in the first position, I’m not complaining. The post is titled the big distractions and if you search Bing it will be on the page for now. These search positions are proof of two things, one is that content matters and the other is that Wealthy Affiliate works.

Proof Of Two Things

After reading this post you should join Wealthy Affiliate to begin your journey into the world of affiliate marketing. Finish the training, try writing effective content, and publish the post.

Once you’re a WA member you may want to learn how to find a niche product from this post. Ranking as an authority takes quality content and creative writing tactics, you won’t always rank page one.

I wrote a blog post back in January titled why quality content matters, it was on page one of Bing in position two, now it’s on page two. Every linked blog post is content that is ranking in the search engines. Some of them are also in Yahoo and Google, but for this post, I’m mostly using Bing.


Quality Content Is Dedication

Writing content that gets ranked on page one of search engines is a great feeling if you’re the content publisher. Things get exciting every time a page or post gets ranked establishing that I’m an authority in that niche market. The mindset required to write quality content is dedication. Great site aesthetics offers a better user experience.


Creativity And Writing Skills

By now I’m sure you get the gist, Wealthy Affiliate training works to learn the process of affiliate marketing. Seriously, if you apply the knowledge learned from the courses in Wealthy Affiliate you will definitely succeed. There are many people out there worried about how to build wealth after fifty? Well, trust me it’s very possible.

Creativity And Writing Skills

Another page one, the ranks vary over time but you can see the process Wealthy Affiliate teaches works. What I’ve shown you here with posts from this site proves that fact.

However, it comes down to creativity and your writing skills that you have to implement. In a short time that can happen very easily for you to rank in the search engines.

I wrote a blog about making easy money online writing and that post is on page two of Bing. There must be something to this Wealthy Affiliate thing, more proof that Wealthy Affiliate works awesome. Every page I’ve posted on why wealthy affiliate is a chance to rank. My other niche sites are also ranking thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.


Creative Writing Tactics

This blog is meant to serve two purposes, the first is to show you the absolute possibilities you can achieve. Try learning the process of affiliate marketing through the best courses available online which are in Wealthy Affiliate. The second purpose is to show that writing a content ranking post is not impossible with creative writing tactics.


That Didn’t Happen By Luck

Every one of these posts also ranks on many related keyword search terms. That may also have them landing on page one search results or very close to it. This is absolute proof that the courses and other training offered in Wealthy Affiliate are extremely effective. Practicing the lessons will have you writing quality content in no time flat.

It didn't happen by luck

That’s 8 posts created on this site with every one of them ranking on page one of the search engines. That didn’t happen by luck.

Sometimes I can write something with ease and other posts I may work on for days. One thing I always make certain of is the content I produce offers value for readers landing on my pages.

There are many websites to research facts and proper grammar can help your pages and posts get great search rankings. Ranking your site on page one of any search engine means that your site has been given domain authority.


Results Speak For Themself

This happens when your content lands on page one based on keywords or phrases used which produces the search result. Do you really want success with affiliate marketing? Do you really need to see more proof than what I’ve just proven to you? Results speak for themself and the lessons in Wealthy Affiliate can absolutely change your life.


2 Spots On Page One

With several posts ranking the same keywords the result is two different posts ranking on page one search results. It’s gold to have 2 spots on page one under one search term and you surely stand out above the rest of the results. Clearly, the search inquiry is showing that you’re the authority on that search page result.

2 Spots On Page One

This post has been a look inside the mind of a writer and that writer is me. There are many tips and tricks to creative writing out there. The best advice I’d offer is to write using truth and real experiences.

Writing content that’s real and factual works best with your content. Owning the product your writing a review about makes it very easy to make your words flow.

The reason that happens is that it’s easy to write about products you know about. When creative writing flows it feeds off the energy that you know to be the truth.

I wrote about many mistakes made in one of the above-titled blogs. Many new affiliates make the mistake of getting involved in niches they know nothing about. It’s a recipe for disaster for your business.

Learn how to write content and how to rank in the search engines by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Begin your journey into the world of affiliate marketing. The education you receive is worth every penny you pay as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.


Join As My Referral

The best way to join Wealthy Affiliate premium is the yearly membership. It’s the cheapest way and it gives you an entire year to get busy learning. Make today the day you begin your affiliate marketing journey by joining the free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Discover how you can rank and dominate the search engines with your content you create. Join as my referral and I’ll help you as best I can. Soon you will be on your way to creating your own page one search engine results.


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2 thoughts on “Inside The Mind Of A Writer”

  1. So many people get concerned about the idea of writing so much content. Maybe it is because of a bad experience at school or a lack of confidence. However, it really is a lot easier than people think. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Catherine
      Yes, I agree it easier than people may think, many overthink this process as well as the niche process. When writing I find telling a story often makes things interesting and easier to write. Sometimes just sticking to the terminology can be too bland. I definitely want people to spend a lot of time on my posts, but not because they fell asleep. I’d rather they enjoy what they read and improve my bounce rate.

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