Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Me?

People interested in working in an online business often ask is affiliate marketing right for me?

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Me?

That is because of all the options for working with an online business the one option that truly offers total freedom is affiliate marketing.

One thing about affiliate marketing that some don’t understand is that no degree is required to become an affiliate marketer.

Although most colleges do offer marketing degree courses up to a master’s it is not required to get started as an affiliate.

With no experience required in affiliate marketing, it allows for everyone to have a chance at owning an online business.

Obviously, the more experience the better when getting started but free affiliate marketing beginners do have some options.


Successful Affiliate Marketing Example

Of all of the training platforms online that allow anyone to start affiliate marketing free, the best available is Wealthy Affiliate.

I know you may be thinking yes but how can I do affiliate marketing?

Successful Affiliate Marketing Examples

The vast majority of new members joining the platform often ask that same question.

Many think they can’t do affiliate marketing because they don’t know how it works.

The funny part of thinking that way is that everyone starts at the beginning with any endeavor in life.

No, you won’t make money tomorrow but I assure anyone joining that they can make money online in time.

This is proven by the endless successful affiliate marketing examples that make it to Vegas every year with Wealthy Affiliate.

Every year there is an incentive to earn an all-expense trip to Las Vegas for each year’s top-earning affiliates on the platform.

It requires 300 premium signups to earn a trip to Vegas, and from Sept 1st till the end of the year, just 100 will earn the trip.

The trip is total luxury with plenty of perks involved and everything is paid for, including amenities like a 5-star luxury suite.

However, most new members joining the platform are not even interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Many new members already have an interest in a passion and they intend to promote that niche instead of Wealthy Affiliate.

When it comes to what kind of site to promote the possibilities are endless, there are millions of affiliate offers to promote.

The special offers that Wealthy Affiliate has for new members first joining also benefit the affiliate that brings them there.

Without a doubt, they offer the best recurring affiliate commission with one of the highest conversion rates online.


Premium Members Earn Double

For free members promoting Wealthy Affiliate, the payout is $4.00 for a special offer and $11.75 monthly.

That is recurring for as long as the new premium members remain active members.

Premium Members Earn Double

For the members who join yearly, the payout is $177.50.

Now those are just for premium membership commissions.

The premium plus membership commissions payout is even better.

For free members, the payout is $11.75 for special offers and $23.25 monthly, and it’s $232.50 for yearly subscribers.

While those commission numbers sound wonderful they’re not nearly what premium members earn with Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium members earn double those above numbers when they promote Wealthy Affiliate and sign up new referrals.

The payout is $8.00 for a special offer and 23.50 monthly, and it’s $235 for new yearly premium referrals.

And new premium plus referrals payout is $23.50 for a special offer and $46 monthly and $465 for new yearly premium plus referrals.

During special offers that Wealthy Affiliate has throughout the year, the lowered prices will reflect a lower commission rate.

The reason I mention these commission rates with Wealthy Affiliate is that they have over a 12% conversion rate.

The retention rate is even higher than the conversion rate as most who join premium remain active for a very long time.


Two Different 10 Lesson Training Courses

There is a good reason the retention rate is so high with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the certified training and the expert’s help.

Anyone who follows the certified courses will see success, it just takes a little time to learn and execute everything.

On top of that, WA has an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and they have 4.9 of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Two Different 10 Lesson Courses

That doesn’t happen by accident with a 16-year-old plus company, it was 100% earned as they are the very best online.

Furthermore, they are one of the few that will allow you to join and begin learning and earning for free immediately.

You get to see why wealthy affiliate is the best available online as you build a free website using the 10 lessons provided.

Ultimately you receive 20 free lessons because there are two different 10 lesson training courses to choose from.

If you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate then you need to take the Bootcamp Training.

The other option is to take the OEC Training which stands for online entrepreneur certification.

The OEC Training is for targeted niches with affiliate marketing.


Select Something That You Enjoy Doing

Rather than waste time making that decision on which to venture let me explain a few things beforehand.

Select Something That You Enjoy Doing

First is the point that promoting WA is in the make money online niche which is very competitive.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, it simply means that it’s a very competitive niche.

My recommendation for anyone just beginning is to select something that you enjoy doing instead of the MMO niche.

If you successfully build a free niche site then you may want to create a separate site to promote WA from.

The best way to know if marketing is right for you is to consider a few factors before taking the plunge into affiliate marketing.

Do you like to talk to people and communicate especially when it’s something that most helps them?

Are you good at helping people by coming up with solutions for their problems?

Some people just naturally have these traits and often love helping others no matter the situation.

Some people just naturally have these traits and often love helping others no matter the situation.

For some that can be someone interested in your niche.

Depending on how your skills improve with Wealthy Affiliate will determine how much help you may offer others.

Someone with excellent communications skills would do very well as an affiliate marketer.

Not sure what niche to select? Check out another post titled how to find a niche product.


The Biggest Reason People Fail

This doesn’t mean speaking directly to people although some marketers may do that depending on their chosen niche.

The Biggest Reason People Fail

For the most part, what you need to do with affiliate marketing is communicate to the people that you are helping.

Since the business itself is constantly evolving the learning never really stops and so you must also enjoy continuous learning.

Something else to consider with learning affiliate marketing is that it takes time to learn, it’s not some get rich quick scam.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get so much more than just learning affiliate marketing. You get an entire business brand!

Now for some real truths, to learn affiliate marketing with some college degree courses would cost a fortune.

Between the tuition costs per semester and the book expenses alone would be way more than the price of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is another truth, the biggest reason people fail with affiliate marketing is that they chose to quit.

Sometimes that can be right before success was to happen for them and they will never know how close they were.


You Have to Follow Through

The second biggest reason is a huge one, and believe me, this does happen to a lot of people.

You Have to Follow Through

That is where new members join and begin taking the classes and interacting with the community in WA, and then they kind of get stuck there.

Most complete the lessons and talk with other members and help other members through chat and comments.

There is nothing wrong with doing that unless you’re not doing what you should be as well.

This does happen, people take the training to learn but then they don’t execute their planned goals.

Without execution, there can be no rewards!

You have to follow through to be successful no matter what niche you decide to promote.

This is where experienced experts can help take your business from an idea to your new reality.

They will not do the work for you, but they will teach you exactly how to do the work yourself.

A new niche business is your responsibility to research the facts and produce real relevant content for any sales to occur.

This includes everything with social media, YouTube, blog sites, or any other variation used in your affiliate marketing efforts.


Everyone Learns How If They do the Work

The time frame it takes to complete the courses, and execute your plan to reach your goals vary.

Everyone Learns How If They do the Work

There are no deadlines!

The pace you work at is completely up to the individual, so it’s really just up to what kind of time you want to put in.

Some members dive in and never look back, others take their slow-paced time, but everyone learns how if they do the work.

The great news is it doesn’t cost anything to join WA because you get the first 10 lessons for free.

Not only that, but you also will build a website by lesson 4, and by lesson 10 you will know if marketing is right for you.

Best of all it costs you nothing to find out, only your time is needed since the program is free to join.

The reason why the conversion rate is so high with Wealthy Affiliate is because of the expert sponsors.

When others join WA through your affiliate links you become their sponsor and help welcome them to WA.

You also help them with any issues you possibly can if you are asked and that keeps them moving along.

Other members will also help them as well as site support if it’s a technical website problem.


Your Vision Will Be Laser Focused

The process of affiliate marketing is not impossible as many tend to think when new coming into the program.

Your Vision Will Be Laser Focused

Sometimes new members hit it hard to learn the process and experience an overwhelming feeling because it’s a bit to learn.

I promise if you stick with the program and complete the training, your vision will be laser-focused.

By the end of lesson 10, you will have built a business brand that is yours, and you will also see the power of Wealthy Affiliate.

This is why people upgrade so often, it’s because they want the rest of the training and they should, it’s excellent training.

The first 10 lessons are enough to get you started going, but for those interested and serious I recommend upgrading.

That does not mean free members can not be successful as the lessons provided are excellent expert-level training.

When you factor in that Bootcamp is created to help you promote WA you can be sure they made certain the training works!


Don’t Overthink Things!

Don’t overthink things! It really doesn’t matter the niche or what you’re into, your passions can make you money online.

Don't Overthink Things

For example, if you love gardening, you could create a niche about vegetable gardens for beginners.

Maybe you are into wood carving and you want your niche site to be about wood carving projects for beginners.

There are many niches to select from for any beginner coming to Wealthy Affiliate. They just need to decide on one starting out.

The health industry is one of the biggest affiliate marketing subjects with tons of sub-niches to promote products.

For example, you may be into diet, health, and exercise, which can become your main niche.

You could provide people with low-carb diet information and provide products that can help those people with their diets.

These are just an example of what anyone with a passion for something can do inside of the Wealthy Affiliate program.


Beyond The Actual Certified Course

The training inside the platform goes well beyond the actual certified courses and classes offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Beyond The Actual Certified Courses

Many expert members have created additional training that is also available to premium members on the WA platform.

These expert training classes are presented in a series format.

They are based on various individual areas including SEO, design, advanced settings and so much more.

There are training classes on using Instagram social apps and as well as Pinterest everything and they’re important to learn.

Other series classes include Facebook training that covers how to sign up for Facebook to create pages and groups.

YouTube is an enormous way to monetize any business brand and the expert training teaches how to go to YouTube and build your own channel.

In the class, you will learn the best YouTube video format to use when creating a video.

You will also learn exactly how to create a video with SEO tweaking before uploading.

For those with a local business, there is also training for ranking with Google and building up your local business coverage.


Canvas Training Course

Canvas Training Courses

There is also training on using Canva in Wealthy Affiliate by various members.

If you’ve never heard of Canva it is an awesome platform for designing anything and everything.

They offer a free version that is very good.

Besides the Wealthy Affiliate classes, Canvas training courses are also available through Canva and they are also free.

The only thing required to get started is an email address to join Wealthy Affiliate and Canva.

Of course, the internet in marketing SEO content created with optimization is absolutely required for uploading.

You can become another word expert and create site content for readers or create pins on Pinterest and post on Instagram.

Build a YouTube presence for your brand and or create on Facebook, these classes teach you how the pros get it done!

So in conclusion, if you’re questioning or thinking is marketing right for me?

Why not check out Wealthy Affiliate for free today!



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