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With so many scams on the internet I’m happy to be associated with Wealthy Affiliate, hands down the best super affiliate training on the planet. My name is John and I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2014 looking for something I could do to make money online and hopefully quit my day job.

Unfortunately I never took the initiative to act on Wealthy Affiliate back in 2014, nor did I complete any of the lessons offered for free. Over the next few years I became involved with a few different types of online programs to earn money and I actually had a little success here and there.

My biggest problem was that my success was never consistent and it never lasted that long before it just stopped all together. I soon discovered another big problem, the cost of advertising was as much if not more than what I was earning from my few sales here and there, I needed help.

Fast forward several years when I was selling things on EBay and also locally on Craigslist, there was a good bit of work involved because of the shipping of actual products. I was buying from oversea’s and it would take as long as two months to receive my orders from China, Japan, Korea and other countries.

I would put up my own money to buy a few select products and sometimes it would take more than four months to recover my investment, it was quite a struggle. After a while I just stopped buying products and I stopped bothering with selling on EBay and for a few years I did nothing at all.

One day I started thinking about getting back into doing something online to make money and I searched using different keywords looking for no experience programs. The results had Wealthy Affiliate in them and I remembered that I had joined Weathy Affiliate years ago so I decided to log in to my old account.

The first thing I noticed was that WA had changed since I was last on the platform and I began to explore exactly what the Wealthy Affiliate program was all about. My first thoughts were, I can do this, because Wealthy Affiliate is something literally anyone can do and I immediately began my free training.

I completed my free training and I decided to join the premium version because I learned so much from the level one free training. By this time I had completed 2 websites and I had done 10 lessons of the level one training and I wanted more of the training and with the awesome deal you get when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate it was a no brainier.

There’s so many scams online when anyone looks for legit work from home jobs today, I knew joining Wealthy Affiliate was the right choice for me. My mission began as I dug into learning about how to become a Super Affiliate with the WA program and I refused to give up as I made my way towards my soon to come success.

When I work at my success with Wealthy Affiliate I treat it like a job I’m proud to do because I know the community at WA will support me with any help I may need almost instantly. The mind blowing part about my story is that with in two months of starting I’m absolutely crushing it and it’s all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are ranked according to you performance while you on the platform working, interacting and helping others and there are thousands of people who use the Wealthy Affiliate program as premium members. I am currently in the Top 200 in WA rankings and my rank as of right now is 153. I’m telling you this to show what’s possible.

I did this in two months time.

I studied with the lessons every day and it paid off big time, I have many sites all ranking in google getting plenty of traffic and because of this I am now an annual member of Wealthy Affiliate and I will no doubt remain a premium member for life.

Sometimes I have to laugh because I’m just a guy who owns a small business, I’m a painting contractor and I never expected to achieve what I have with Wealthy Affiliate, but I am very humbled and thankful that I joined premium.

Believe me, if I can do it, anybody can do it, it’s not rocket science!

Check out Wealthy Affiliate below!


Transform Idea’s

Everyone has great idea’s and with Wealthy Affiliate you can turn those ideas’s into revenue by using you knowledge and creating revenue streams. Create revenue streams from things you enjoy doing like fishing or hunting, maybe motorcycles or exercise information.

Transform Ideas


Profit Ready Sites

When you build your sites at Wealthy Affiliate you can feel safe knowing the site is SSL protected 24/7 and you have created a brand new income stream with the new site. As you grow you site out you will see huge things begin to happen as you progress forward.

Profit Ready Sites

Traffic Strategies

The traffic strategies that Wealthy Affiliate offer are real, long term and best of all they are free for all premium members. Wealthy Affiliate gives you a top keyword ranking tool called Jaaxy lite that will get the traffic you need to your new websites. This can get you first page ranking on many keywords, it’s awesome!

Traffic Strategies

Unlimited Revenue

Wealthy Affiliate can and will provide a way to create unlimited income streams providing the member does complete the training and learns how to become a super affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scam but a real path to success for the long term.

Unlimited Revenue

Features To Succeed

With so many features to succeed you will be covered for everything you need to learn to become a super affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate offers exceptional training, awesome website building tools and themes, excellent customer support, top-notch hosting, networking with thousands of like-minded people and of course Jaaxy.

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4 thoughts on “Legit Work From Home Jobs”

  1. This is a great portrayal of likely the greatest program online.  I was a Wealthy Affiliate member many years ago but thought I was much wiser than the training so of course I failed and it was everyone elses fault but mine.Im happy to say I am once again a member of Wealthy Affiliate and this time I am not failing but its because I listen and implement the training.Anyone looking at this ad should stop looking and consider getting involved.  You will not regret such a responsible decision.Dale

    1. I agree, I did the same thing, I can’t imagine where I would be if I taken things seriously the first time I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I guess we live and learn, I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I will always be a premium member. My success has sky rocketed after completing  the training and applying the strategies I’ve learned by Wealthy Affiliate. Next up for me will be this Super Affiliate Challenge and I can’t wait to get started. Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!   

  2. I have heard of a woman in the UK who signed up on wealthy affiliate since 2009, she didn’t act. According to what my friend told me, she is regretting as to why she didn’t take the courage when she could have. 2009 would have been a great time to start online business.

    1. I agree it would of been great to start back in 2009 because she would have ten years in already, but it is never too late to join Wealthy Affiliate as the internet grows every year and with over 5 billion plus currently using the internet everyday you will always have new people to market a product to , no matter what the product.  

      I plan on completing the advanced year long Super Affiliate Challenge training next, I’ve already completed 2 Bootcamps and the 5 level certified training certificate that is awesome!  

      Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!


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