Legitimate Work Home Companies

The ultimate question for many people seeking an income from working online is where are the legitimate work home companies that let you make money from your couch. To answer that question you can say there are literally thousands of companies that allow telecommute as a way for you to earn a fantastic income from home.

Searching the categories for work from home range in just about every subject you could think of for the unlimited amount of legitimate work home companies.

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The offers may range from a customer service representative or a transcriptions, it doesn’t matter, there are so many ways to make money online that for some businesses the competition is unreal.

Now for the truth of what’s required, beside getting a meager wage for hours of service, you must pay for normal bills, like internet and phone or you’re not working at all period. A long time ago in a time I prefer to forget I worked as a customer service representative for an online service that provided this service for big credit card companies.

I handled many different types of customer service complaints for  companies that needed problems solved, you can believe it when I tell you I had irate customers barking in my ear about stuff I really knew nothing about. I mean we read off a script for crying out loud. Quite possibly my biggest problem was the $9. a hr. I received for taking abuse from strangers.

This is a review of what Wealthy Affiliate offers that can literally change your life as it has my own, read more to learn.

I Had No Clue

legitimate work home companiesI tried another method of making money online which was buying from countries like China and selling here in the USA on sites like EBay and Craigslist. The returns were killing me and the shipping times were unbelievable, it would take months sometimes to get your order, meanwhile you’re out the money and pray you sell what you have.

At some point you throw in the towel and carry on with life, but for me it just burned me up that some people online succeed and others like myself were struggling not understanding why that was happening. I tried everything to make money and I became involved in PLR master resell rights product, yay I keep 100% of the imaginary income.

The lessons for me came daily as my stubbornness to figure out how to succeed online continued to blind my own ignorance. Like most that start out I had no idea of what to do to succeed online, but I would watch videos or use the materials I’d get from merchants to sell their products

I had no idea about protecting links or anything and often got accused of spamming because I would paste my affiliate links everywhere I could to try to make money. I could not be anymore clueless as to how I go about becoming a serious online marketer and I spent several years that way just chugging along without success.

Good Things

legitimate work home companiesOne day I was talking to a friend about how much money he was making with affiliate marketing, I blogged about this in a recent post, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much money he was earning, it was jaw dropping. He owned newer vehicles, a boat and a Harley, but I never wondered how he paid for it all until I saw that statement.

The second I saw that statement I wanted to know everything I could find out about affiliate marketing and how I can be a success learning affiliate marketing. After some time I was referred to Wealthy Affiliate to train and learn the process thoroughly using their 5 level OEC training and their Bootcamp training.

With what I’ve learned from doing the training I know first hand  that the courses are the real deal and teach you the exact process on how to be a super successful affiliate marketer.

The old adage “all good things take time” comes to mind, the training is in depth and takes time to complete and the live training never ends. You shouldn’t join Wealthy Affiliate expecting to make millions overnight, that’s just being unrealistic and putting no effort into the program. Success and learning both take time but once achieved you have over 4 billion potential customers online each day, some of the will buy your products.

A Clear Understanding

legitimate work home companiesWealthy Affiliate helps you succeed for the long term with affiliate marketing, I love this platform, it has literally changed my life forever. It’s this simple, I know people who have degrees using Wealthy Affiliate, obviously their degrees are not paying the bills and they found more income by way of Wealthy Affiliate.

Some people do this full time and others part-time, here’s the deal though, you can’t go to any college or courses for what you pay with Wealthy Affiliate. For a small yearly fee I remain a member earning income all thanks to their certified courses that I completed, I can’t complain because I see how it’s all done now.

Once you complete the courses you have a clear understanding of what to do for your own personal success and best of all you have the best type of online income out there. You don’t deal with customers, you have no product, you have no shipping and you never deal with any customer service ever.

This is the reason I created Why Wealthy Affiliate, because I knew the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best available and anyone looking to make money should train for long term success and not instant get rich scams. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the real way to online success by the best certified courses available today with the help of an entire community.

Success and Dreams

legitimate work home companiesI encourage members who join my network to ask questions and interact to achieve success, this is for their future success,  not mine, don’t expect to be rich next week or even next month. This is a process of education that teaches you the exact method to achieve online success moving forward and if completed gives you knowledge most individuals completely lack for success.

A big reason success isn’t achieved is because most give up before the success can occur, that’s just a true fact. Don’t underestimate your own abilities before you achieve them. Dreams and achievements happen when you apply the methods learned with the best courses available today at Wealthy Affiliate.

The training is so good that you can have 10 lessons free and also get two free websites under the site rubix domain totally free to get started. For anyone that joins under me I will personally help you succeed, using messages I will help you with direction, issues, and things in general that will propel you from a low rank to a high rank very fast.

Think in one year from now, you can have several income producing sites working flawlessly that may replace your normal job or professions income level, and for under $600. you get two years. I used every waking second to get through the training and learn the process advancing through my training and building my brand out as I went.

One thing I urge you is to not listen to anyone talking against what you’re trying to achieve like it will never work, that exists.

Site Monetization

legitimate work home companiesNow I am seeing the reasons why I ever became involved in this journey to begin with, I am seeing income from multiple streams that are becoming more and more consistent with time. I simply add new relevant content every few days and the rest takes care of what is needed to become ranked and generating traffic.

The many platforms offering affiliate marketers to use their platforms to earn money are a plenty in that you have Clickbank, CJ, Share A Sale, Rukuten and JVZoo to name a few. Many affiliates will use sites like Amazon affiliate to generate income, there are so many that you can promote for income it’s crazy.

I also know of one that you use to link your word content and do nothing else to earn money from, itt’s by far the best way to monetize your content without all the work involved manually.

I occasionally use one called Viglink, they have a plugin they offer that links your site for instant monetization of your content by placing a script with your affiliate information in the html of your site.

Perhaps the best advice I could ever offer to anyone coming to Wealthy Affiliate is to first off take advantage of the yearly discount and not have a monthly payment looming. Another would be to take everything very serious and complete the courses to achieve success, this takes time, but so does schools, colleges or anything else, they’re just not this cheap.

Free Starter Membership

legitimate work home companies
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There are many tools you will learn to use including Jaaxy keyword tool and Siterubix building platform, the speed at which you proceed depends on you. I was relentless wanting to get to where I could succeed and I put in very long hours learning the process of affiliate marketing, I am more than ecstatic over my success today, it is simply amazing.

I urge anyone to take a chance to learn affiliate marketing, you have nothing to lose because it’s a free starter membership. When you join under me I help you succeed with any help I can offer and you will also have the entire community at Wealthy Affiliate to learn the process and help you get through times of need.

Legitimate work home companies exist and you can absolutely leverage them with knowledge you learn from Wealthy Affiliate to build a successful online business over time. Wealthy Affiliate is for the serious person looking to change their lives, no matter the age and create a business within the affiliate marketing niche.

Take the time and sign up free here and for anyone who wants to get serious you can join the discount premium with a $19. First month special, it’s $49 a month after or as I always recommend you get the full discount by joining the yearly plan. When you have a year to do things it seems less stress than making a payment every month, but that’s just me.

Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment and share.


6 thoughts on “Legitimate Work Home Companies”

  1. Thank you for the information John, I hope it is everything you have wanted.  Does Wealthy Affiliate do anything to help you find the affiliate programs you use on your site and if so, what do they do? 

    Also, with Viglink – would you be able to direct me to an example?  I am looking at their page but I can’t tell what a finalized insertion of an ad looks like.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Colby,

      Wealthy Affiliate helps you with several affiliate programs, but it seems Amazon it the main one used. Not everybody chooses to use Amazon, I use several platforms for affiliates to promote and one that is an exceptionally high paying affiliate program is JVZoo

      I have a page on my other site you can see viglink is linked to my content throughout the page. I removed several links to leave four or five on the entire page from Viglink . Look here


    To be sincere getting a legitimate job online is very rare as we have a large number of scammers online. Most times, one tends to prefer being referred by a testifier as a friend or relatives not through the random social media posts. It took me a very long time before I gave wealthy affiliate a try. Going through your post made me remember a lot of how I felt then as a novice but now I believe legitimate jobs are still very much available, only if you come across the right one. I love your beautiful informative post. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Labulo,

      That’s a fact, there’s no shortage of scammers online, but Wealthy Affiliate isn’t one of them and I have found that because it’s a free to join program people have no problem signing up to get the free lessons with the 2 free websites. Thank you for the kind comment.

  3. John gives an excellent presentation of Wealthy Affiliate. He explains why he decided to join Wealthy Affiliate: low paying jobs that included verbal abuse from irate customers. That’s what he got from one job as a customer service rep. He digs a little deeper into his background as a means to inform the readers of his article the reason why he joined Wealth Affiliate.

    He points out that there are legitimate online programs and then let’s the reader know about WA. He’s almost mild mannered in his approach to inform. However, he doesn’t do this immediately because he tells his readers more about his past. I like this immensely because it leads to his “aha” moment. The moment he saw his friends earnings from affiliate marketing.

    When he learned about WA,  he was relentless in learning all he could. He tells his readers about his successes while telling them of Wealthy Affiliate’s program. No selling. Just laying out the facts of the program, and how he would help anyone who joined to succeed as he has. He does let anyone who might be interested know that this is not something that will make them an overnight success. He does not sugar coat the fact that this is a program that requires hard work and patience before they can expect to see any meaningful income. As a member of WA myself, I can honestly say that I like his method. His bonus is to give anyone who joins his personal attention and help to succeed.

    His is an ongoing continuation of learning more and becoming more successful. He is a great role model who deserves to be looked up to.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Chuck,

      What a great comment, I really appreciate the accolades and the precise overview of my post. Being a top member of WA took some time for me to reach but it happened in months, not years, this is achievable for most anyone that applies themselves. Join Free Account.

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