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The internet is exploding with opportunities for people to earn a great income online, but you must be careful you don’t fall into one of the plethora of scams out there today. Some people have asked why are there so many scams online today and the answer is pretty simple, they make a lot of money before they disappear.

There are plenty of legitimate work home opportunities for people to become involved with and some of them have little to no money to get you started working with them. I have worked online for years and I’ve been involved in many aspects of the types of work you can do working on the internet over this time.

The first thing you need to know is if the opportunity is an actual job or is it a business opportunity, this matters especially in particular with the amount of money you can earn. Every job you do online has a limit as to what you may earn, but with most online legitimate work home opportunities the sky is the limit when it comes to earning income.

Some Online Jobs Stink

Some Online Jobs StinkThe idea of creating an income at home is something many people wish they could do and many will search for a program or an online job as a way to replace their current jobs. More often than not people fail to make any money online and many will not qualify to get an online job because of nothing more than a total lack of knowledge.

Way back in the day I once had a job as a customer service representative for credit cards and certain products, this was a company that handled that service for the credit card companies. I knew someone else that was doing this so I applied and they had me give them a demo audio of a mock phone call to get the job.

The new job made me take some of their training and they sent me a script to work from in an email attachment and I received my platform sign in password to get started. I had to sign in to a block of time on the platform of 2 hrs, 4hrs or 8hrs and than take incoming calls using my headset from some very unhappy people.

You can well enough imagine I didn’t like being yelled at for not having the right answers for $8 bucks a hr. and no sooner did I make a few paychecks before I quit that job and moved on to look for another way to earn online. I did everything from buying products over sea’s and selling those products on eBay to scoring good deals and reselling locally on Craigslist.

Lack Of Knowledge

Lack Of KnowledgeI still do some occasional selling both locally and on EBay, but I mostly do affiliate marketing these days and I also run my small business locally. Affiliate Marketing is something I failed at in the past because I had absolutely no idea of what to do and nothing I was doing was working to make any money.

The overwhelming urge to succeed online had never left me and I was determined to find my way with making money online. One day back in 2014 I came across Wealthy Affiliate and I read all about their offer so I signed up for a free starter membership to get a peek inside the program.

One of the biggest reasons people fail online is that of their lack of knowledge with affiliate marketing when they join the programs like Amazon and many others to earn money as an affiliate marketer. I’ve heard the failure rate is like 90% for those who join to try to earn money as an affiliate marketer.

I was one of those people who failed at affiliate marketing because of my total lack of knowledge of how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Personally, I went on that way for a while before I finally took things serious and learned the process of affiliate marketing from the very best in the business by becoming a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Skies The Limit

The Skies The LimitThe Wealthy Affiliate program offers certified courses that teaches you the complete process of affiliate marketing from the beginning to the end. You do not need previous experience because the platform teaches you the entire process and as you learn with the courses you build your business out in the process.

The benefits of choosing affiliate marketing over the other methods of earning an income online are great, one of the best things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t own any product and you have no investment required. Once you learn the process the sky is the limit as to what you can do to earn an income online.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scam and it requires hard work and dedication to the learning process to succeed. The entire platform is built to teach you long term success with online affiliate marketing, this must be learned over time. Another reason is that ranking takes a little time, this is that the search engines don’t rank your sites immediately.

The amount of success anyone has depends on their own determination and of course the amount of time they spend each day trying to become successful. Many people that do not quit and strive for excellence will find success as they progress with the training as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Yearly Membership Is Best

The most important factor I always tell anyone who wants to become a successful affiliate marketer is that you shouldn’t join Wealthy Affiliate premium by the month, it costs a lot more. The best way to join Wealthy Affiliate is by the year, you save over $229 a year and your good for an entire year as you train to become a success.

Yearly Membership Is Best

As a bonus to those who join under me, I will help to move you along and try to speed up the process towards success for you. The lessons must still be done and skip nothing, but there’re many things I can guide you with that will eliminate confusion and keep you moving along towards your end goals and long term success.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership right now and receive 10 lessons of level one OEC training and you can build two free site rubix websites. The premium membership by the year cost less than $30 a month and allows you 25 free sites and 25 owned domains all hosted free with premium membership.

The premium membership also offers 4 more levels of the OEC training and also offers 70 lessons for promoting Wealthy Affiliate with their bootcamp training. There is also live training every Friday and classroom training that you can take anytime that you want to learn more from the platform, live chat can also produce instant answers.

Under $30 A Month

Under $30 A MonthI have completed the entire course of the certified OEC (online entrepreneur course) and much of the bootcamp and I attend the live training every Friday. My sales are doing well, my sites continually grow producing more traffic each day and my knowledge of affiliate marketing has made me also rank in the top 50 at Wealthy Affiliate.

Consider that in a years time you can change your life if you apply yourself by doing all the lessons and building your business at Wealthy affiliate. The program is the best in the business and the courses are ranked the number one affiliate marketing certified courses on the internet today.

Try it out for free to start off or get serious with a yearly membership right away, there is also a 7-day free premium membership offered with the first month being offered at $19 a month and than $49 a month thereafter. The yearly membership is $359 and almost $20 a month cheaper than the monthly price.

Between the training you receive, the outstanding hosting of up to 50 sites, the resource tools like Jaaxy for SEO and the entire community full of experts that will help you succeed, there’s no better deal for under $30 a month (paid yearly). Another excellent point is that the site rubix builder uses WordPress which produces nice sites that allow tons of plugins.

Become a Premium Member

Become A Premium MemberThe average number of people who upgrade to premium at Wealthy Affiliate is over 12% conversion, the reason for such a high conversion rate is that of the community and the certified training. Those who become premium know they have an entire community behind them to guide them along their path to success while they do the training.

Why not become a member of Wealthy Affiliate today, it’s free to join and you may find that you become one of the 12% who upgrade to premium. Becoming a premium member and learning everything through the training and having the members to help you will have you seeing success happen every day as you progress.

Before I completed my training at Wealthy Affiliate I had been involved in various methods of working online with little success and the little success I was having was being washed away with the costs to operate. This is probably the best thing about affiliate marketing, there is no cost, you have no product, you promote someone else’s products.

My own success was lagging back in those days because I lacked the necessary knowledge I desperately needed to succeed with my online business. This is where Wealthy Affiliate became my home to learn everything I needed to succeed and I’ve continued on because of the great deal on using the platform, this site is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

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2 thoughts on “Legitimate Work Home Opportunities”

  1. Well said John,

    I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate, before joining I had no idea what to do with my blog but after implementing their SEO lessons and plus with the bits of help of that keyword research tool, I’m finally seeing many of my pages up on the first page of Google, yaay! What’s your favourite WA feature? 😀

    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment.

      I agree with you, I really love Wealthy Affiliate, before joining premium I could never get a page ranked but now that’s no longer an issue for me. Deciding a favorite feature is really a tough choice, I really like Jaaxy a lot, but I also like the hosting and the price, I’m a yearly member so it costs me less than $1 a day.

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