The Best No Investment Work Home Opportunities Online

The Best No Investment Work Home Opportunities Online

When I first started in this business I searched for the best no investment work home opportunities online almost daily. That was part of my problem, I didn’t want to invest my own money with anything I was doing online.

However, I finally broke down, and eventually, I bought into programs including Wealthy Affiliate.

No Investment Work HomeSince I work online, I often get asked by friends and family questions about making money online.

More so how can someone work online free of cost?

Like I once thought, most everyone expects the cost to be free. Some say if you have to pay it’s not legitimate, that of course is not true.

The facts are clear if you possess the knowledge you can earn money online without investment.

It’s absolutely possible for someone to earn money online for free. There are many affiliate programs out there today that actually have training for the exact purpose of no investment marketing.

There are many platforms anyone can sign up for free to try to earn money.  Usually promoting other people’s products by way of specialized affiliate links and banners.

Some of these platforms offer training courses to their affiliates. They teach them how to earn money online without an investment required.

I use many of these platforms to promote products within my niche sites on my pages and posts. The streams of income become reality when you publish the pages or posts online.

No one should expect immediate results, ranking can take a little while starting with a new site.


Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Some affiliate platforms offer extremely high commissions to their affiliates, even as much as 75% commission on a few platforms.

Big commissions are usually digital download products and some pay you almost immediately due to their no-refund policies.

Affiliate Marketing PlatformsWith platforms such as JVZoo or Clickbank affiliates make much higher commissions over platforms like Amazon or Walmart.

Digital product offers include PDF files, video products, audio products, digital programs, and image files.

Affiliates can make a nice income from promoting these products on social sites and their own sites.

Platforms like Amazon and Walmart are great to find products to promote for sites designed around a specific niche.

This can be done if you use a free site and there are several platforms that offer free sites. Always check and be sure of their terms and conditions to see if they allow you to create a monetized site.

Most free sites do not allow you to create monetized sites but there are some that do, like Wealthy Affiliate.

Another great type of product promotion is in the service industry like hotels, car rental agencies, resorts, and much more.

Platforms like Rakuten, Share A Sale, Offervault, or Commission Junction provide a way to promote services from some well-known businesses.


Affiliate Application Rejection

There’s another type of affiliate program you can earn an income online from and it’s 100% free to get started.

That program is Google Adsense, you can add your Adsense links to your site’s posts and advertise them in other locations.

You must be aware of what is allowed with Adsense, the pay is small, but it does add up.

Affiliate Application RejectionLike other programs, these programs all have pros and cons that can leave you feeling unhappy with rejection.

The platforms can reject your application, you talk about unhappiness.

Worse yet, the merchants can turn you down and they often do reject affiliates for not meeting their criteria.

Reasons for rejection can be not enough traffic to your site or poor visual appearance.

Things like mismatched categories, or not being allowed in your country can be a reason. Also, does not accept your method of marketing or any number of other reasons.

Some affiliate programs will also boot you for non-performance after a certain amount of time. Amazon requires their affiliates to have 3 sales within 180 days.

This can often cause problems for affiliates trying to get products to promote for their niche sites. When they’re getting turned down by the vendors or platforms.

Obviously, you don’t want to change your niche, especially when the niche you choose is something you’re very passionate about writing. It’s best to write a lot of helpful posts before ever adding an affiliate link using Amazon.

However, there is another type of affiliate program available that allows almost anyone to join and it works on autopilot.


Monetize Content on Autopilot

Beginners sometimes get rejected by either platforms or merchants, but there are ways around this rejection type. The program I referred to above allows almost everyone to join and links you with all of the above platforms.

Monetize Content on AutopilotIt is a unique way that is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

The platform can automatically link your site’s published content.

It uses the highest paying affiliate offers after searching for what’s available.

They offer a plugin and a script to add to the HTML of your site.

Once installed correctly it will automatically auto-populate every piece of content on your entire site and continue to do so.

This can really save an affiliate marketer a huge amount of time eliminating the need to find affiliate offers. Plus you will never be turned down again!

This platform was formerly called Viglink and it still uses that name. However, Viglink was recently changed to Svorn//Commerce, although the dot com still remains Viglink and I still use it today.

Imagine writing a great article or blog post and all you need to do is publish the content. Let Viglink do the work in monetizing your site with the highest paying offers on autopilot.

After Viglink monetizes the content using specific words, it links those words as affiliate links. You can edit any words you may not want to be linked to the post.


Master Resell Products

Another great way to make money online is with master resell license rights products. Some of these you can get cheap or free and sell them as your own for whatever price you decide.

Master Resell ProductsYou can search places like Amazon or eBay for cheap or free master resell rights products.

These products can be used as an incentive for list building or as a gift for joining your programs.

Best of all they cost you next to nothing if they’re not totally free to you.

No matter how you decide to market the master resell licensed products you will own them.

So you keep 100% of the sales by way of e-commerce using a payment system like PayPal.

Many times you can get a package deal on buying bulk full master resell licensed products. They sell as a temporary fire sale for a limited time. These are good products to market alongside any digital product that you are promoting for Clickbank or JVZoo.

Another excellent reason to use master resell licensed products is that they are basically finished products wrapped up in a zip file. Not only can you edit them with your monetized pay information to resell, but you can also use the products. If you have never looked at this type of product you can do a search on Amazon or eBay.


Write And Sell Ebooks

Ebook Writing SoftwareAnother free method of making money online is to write a non-fiction book about a subject you’re well-informed about.

Where you offer tips and valuable information to readers.

You can also write a fiction book about whatever genres you enjoy creating a good story about.

Make it for your readers to enjoy. You can publish your book for free or charge money.

With a well-written training series tutorial or a great book series set that you create you determine the price.

You charge whatever you think is fair to your potential readers.

Many writers offer the first few books of the series for free.

Then they charge for the last book or two of the series on Amazon. You can also give away books in exchange for reviews of books.

You can create a book funnel with a 5 book series. The first book is totally free to anyone that wants to download and read the book. The second book is given away with a free star review of the first book.

As is the third book in the series, but the 4th and 5th books you sell for a few bucks.

This gives you targeted customers already vested in 3 of your books and reviews on those first 3 books. This will make the series popular and you will make many sales on the last 2 books.

There are many programs for writing an ebook and some are free. For a professional program click the above image for the #1 Ebook writing software.


PHP Scripts

PHP ScriptsThere is yet again another method to make money online.

While it is not totally free, you only pay one time to get the products.

This method is by using a completely built monetized PHP script of entire ready-to-go sites within many types of categories.

These categories include classified ads sites, auction sites, dating sites, and much more.

The prices for these ready-made scripts are very reasonable and they are built complete with SEO already done.

The scripts update from the creator automatically whenever new updates become available.

You can use these ready-made sites to advertise all of your offers and allow people to place ads for free or you can charge. This process is to basically copy or upload a script file and set it as your main page.

The script will create an entire site complete with many categories and pages for your visitors to use. I am planning on building another script site in the very near future to use for more advertising with my other business sites.

One of the very best in the business of selling completely done scripts is a company called Soft Biz Scripts. I am an affiliate partner with the company and I also use the products.

These scripts are GOLD and they often have huge discount sales. Today the scripts are 70% off and prices range from $6 to $74 depending on the PHP scripts.

Click the image to view select choices of awesome ready-made scripts.


Free Site Traffic

Free Site TrafficIn order for you to keep a steady flow of free traffic visiting your site, it must be optimized.

That includes current and ranking with keywords in the search engines.

There is also a plethora of free places online to advertise your posts, these advertisements will create backlinks.

That will help drive even more traffic to your site.

I urge you to do your homework on the linking free site where you are placing the free advertisement.

Make sure they are an authority site that is free and has a lot of daily traffic.

There are several ways to check this, but usually, you can tell just by looking at the free advertisement sites.

Look for how many ads are on the site, the area the site covers as in local, state, national, international, and worldwide.

Many of the big free classified ad sites offer premium ad upgrades that are very reasonable and gain a good amount of traffic.

There are also article pages, blog posts, RSS feeds, social networking, free directory submissions, business marketing platforms, site rotators, social group pages, and many other ways to snag a ton of free traffic.

You can also create a free Gravatar account. That uses a profile attached to the email address you use when leaving comments on others’ posts. It links all of your sites in one profile and is automatic when leaving a comment.


Free Starter Membership

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get a free site hosted with the SiteRubix platform. Plus, there are ten free lessons to get you started. Wealthy Affiliate may also earn you an income from promoting their affiliate program for free.

Of course, the premium membership pays out twice as much in affiliate commissions.

However, it’s possible to earn from the free starter membership. There is no investment needed to join Wealthy Affiliate and no credit cards are necessary.

Simply sign up with an email address to get started making money online. Once signed up to Wealthy Affiliate you need to set up your account so you can get paid through Paypal for any affiliate sales.

You can view the huge difference between free and premium in the below chart.


Free Starter Membership


After making a few sales you may want to upgrade your account to premium. That pays double the amount of what the free starter membership pays in commissions.


Learn Affiliate Marketing

A premium account also allows you to set up 10 owned domains all hosted free with your membership. Domain registration with Wealthy Affiliate is $13.99 per domain per year.

That is not included as actual domains are not free anywhere online, sub-domains can be free.

When you join the premium membership, you also get some extra free SiteRubix sub-domain sites. With premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate, you receive instant help from experts in the community at any time.

Also, with live chat and you can also post questions 24/7 to get answers.

You also receive a lite version of an SEO tool called Jaaxy that works excellent for your needs. Great for ranking in the search engines, plus you also get 5 levels of OEC certified courses and 70 Bootcamp lessons.


Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “The Best No Investment Work Home Opportunities Online”

  1. Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    Thank you for your article. I am very glad that I came across it. At the moment, I have a niche website, in which I have only an affiliate to Amazon products and most recently Google AdSense. 

    Unfortunately, both are good programs but they have not worked for me. I am now, in search of other affiliate programs that I don’t need to invest in, and ones which will monetize my website.

    Therefore, I was at a loss on what to do next for new affiliate programs, until I read your informative post.

    Viglink as well as PHP, has caught my attention among the other awesome affiliate options that you have so kindly listed, with detail.

    I also like the sound of writing an e-book, which is something I had always thought about but never got around to doing.

    Thank you once again. I feel much better about no longer relying on Google AdSense and Amazon to monetize my sites, now that you have helped me to see better alternatives. The best thing I like about these alternatives is the fact that the majority are free.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Ilaisaane,

      As an alternative to Amazon for anyone promoting a niche product Walmart is a great alternative to Amazon. 

      Walmart cookies last 3 days instead of the 24 hrs that Amazon offers and their percentages are pretty comparable to Amazons. Also, Walmart doesn’t give you the boot for every little thing like Amazon does and the Walmart payment threshold is $50. which is not too bad. 

      Anyone that prefers to focus on just writing content non stop without having the hassles of searching products and being approved should really look into Viglink since it will auto populate your content with affiliate links to the highest paying offer it finds, all on auto pilot.

      Google AdSense is great to make extra change from your site, but ideally you want a high converting product that also has a high payout commission, anywhere from 30% to 75% is fantastic. 

      A 5 percent commission on $100. is only $5. which means you have to do $1000. in sales to make $50. 

      With higher commission payouts you can take a product that costs $50. and pays out 50% commission and make 2 sales or $100 in sales to make $50., I would take that over having to make 5% commissions all day long.

      All The Best 


  2. Thank you for all of these amazing ideas for making money online with no investment. Viglink sounds really interesting. I have heard the name before but I was not aware of how it works. It really sounds amazing and so simple and easy to do. I can imagine that only being concerned with writing the content and not having to worry about monetizing it in any way would be a great way to go! 

    I do believe though that if you are new to working online that you find a reputable place to learn how to make money online since there are so many scams out there and while you may not have to invest any money to make money online through programs like Viglink, creating ebooks or affiliate marketing you do need to know how to go about creating your content. 

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Lynne,

      The time you save using Viglink would allow you to write more content for sure and Viglink can be used on content while you can still add other affiliate platform related banners to a page or a post. 

      I agree, if you are new to affiliate marketing than you should start with a free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate which is the best place to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

      Some platforms that I mentioned above like JVZoo offer extensive training material and traffic methods to get you started promoting their products. 

      JVZoo is a great place to earn money and learn all for free.

  3. Your post is fabulous, engaging and very worth the read. I got more real information from your article than 10 others I have read. I’m not kidding you! So energized by the clarity of conversation which felt directed to me. Honestly, I picked up at least 6 suggestions which you made. Your suggestions are so crystal clear and spot on that I consider them to be far better written than most I have read. 

    I have Viglink but don’t know how to use it. I would be grateful for some input on that. This article is a roadmap for us to follow. Have you published this to our WA Community as a blog or post? If not I firmly believe you should as it will help those who care to read it. All the very best, Mike

    1. Thank for leaving a great comment Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you found value in this article, I try to relate my experiences as best I can without sounding like something you might fall asleep reading.

      Probably one of the best things about Viglink that I’ve discovered is the ease of use the platform offers it’s users. Monetizing your site is offered in many ways, you can do it one link at a time, you can use a WP plugin they offer or you can add a small piece of script at the footer of your written content page.

      I use the script because I don’t want every page on my site monetized that way, the plugin will pretty much monetize your entire sites content, using the script gives you that control and no extra plugin needed.

      No this hasn’t been posted to WA, at least not yet, but I may do that at some point in the future.

      All The Best


  4. Hi John,

    Wow! What an excellent article you have written with lots of important information and tips about “How To Earn Money Online Without A Investment”

    First of all thank you very much for this beneficial article. This is a well detailed article and I am a new affiliate member. I don’t have any website yet, very soon I am going to create a website and start my online business.

    But I am so worried about the cost, so I was really fond of this kind of opportunity to learn how to earn money online without a investment.

    I hope these tips will be very much helpful for me in this purpose. I will share this with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this post.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Shakil19,

      Thanks for the great comment and I’ll say that when you plan to build that first site, even if it’s a free site you might want to consider trying out Viglink especially if your just getting started, it works great.

      Viglink is free to sign up to and the benefits can pay you very well and it allows you the time to create more content for your sites.

      Another fantastic free to join platform is JVZoo, it has excellent tools, training and free traffic methods.

      The tips and information I offer here are mostly free and all of them can earn you an income if done correctly. 

      Good luck in your success and thanks for sharing this post to your friends and family.

      All The Best.


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