Pitfalls With Affiliate Marketing

Pitfalls With Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a huge multi billion dollar open business platform that most anyone can take of advantage of if you’re looking to get into an online business for very little money costs involved. One of the biggest problems is people who know nothing about affiliate marketing will join a program wanting to make money and then they never earn a dime.

This is not uncommon in the overall business of affiliate marketing and that is why it’s claimed that 90% fail when attempting to become an affiliate marketer, it’s because of their total lack of experience.

One of the biggest pitfalls with affiliate marketing is that people join programs to promote product’s with no clue or experience of how to actually do any kind of affiliate marketing successfully.

I wish that was the only pitfalls with affiliate marketing but it’s not and here I will go over a few other pitfalls with affiliate marketing to be on the look out for with your affiliate marketing efforts. As the world of affiliate marketing continues to evolve it changes the way we reach people every day in this business.

Mobile Technology

Not that long ago 100% of affiliate marketing was done by way of a computer, that number has changed drastically with mobile technology paving the way for the new world market over the last 10 years or so. These days it is critical to have a site that is mobile friendly because there’s many more purchases made by way of a mobile phone these days.

Mobile TechnologyEarning money as an affiliate marketer is probably the best most effective way to earn an income online over any other method of earning online. You have no owned product’s, you deal with no shipping, you deal with no customers directly, you have nothing to do with returns and you still make a nice commission for the customer referrals through your links.

As the internet grows each day, so does the interest in people making money online and many are specifically looking for affiliate marketing because of the reasons I just mentioned above. It’s a fantastic way to earn an income online and for some that can be an enormous income.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative for an experienced professional but for someone inexperienced trying to make some extra money it can be crazy pull your hair out frustrating. Like anything else, if you don’t understand, than you need to study and learn the exact process of affiliate marketing and I suggest you do that training with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

What are some common pitfalls in affiliate marketing?

What Are Some Common Pitfalls With Affiliate MarketingThere’re many pitfalls in affiliate marketing but here I will discuss a few of them that are common mistakes that some affiliates will make and especially if your new to the business of affiliate marketing. These are all avoidable pitfalls if you don’t make the mistakes below.

These are bad mistakes because you’re making these mistakes before you really get started in the business itself. If you make these mistakes when starting out, your business will be drowning before you get your niches to ever see any profit.

The Wrong Affiliate Program

This first mistake can cost you profits, reader engagement and click thru’s with your programs and many wind up sorry they ever decided to go in that direction. Affiliate programs are plentiful everywhere and the one thing you want to do is make certain the one you join is the right fit for you to promote as an affiliate.

The Wrong Affiliate ProgramI can’t tell you how many times I hear that affiliates are unhappy with their chosen niche they are trying to promote and with every chosen niche comes the affiliate product’s that they are promoting. This happens with Wealthy Affiliate and I help direct people to get the right niche and niche product’s for their niche’s almost daily at Wealthy Affiliate.

People are so excited and jazzed about making money online and many that start at the Wealthy Affiliate program have dreams of making huge amounts of money tomorrow and it simply does not work that way. Building a successful business online from scratch takes lots of time, work and knowledge for it to be a successful online business.

Base Products On Your Knowledge

In the haze of seeing dollar signs people tend to pick the wrong product or niche to start their business and after weeks of doing hard work they suddenly question their choice for the niche they are promoting. This happens constantly, narrowing down a good niche relies on your inner interest, your passions, things that you love and your hobbies.

Base Products On Your KnowledgeYou want your niche to be about something you could enjoy talking about with people, it’s something you don’t mind typing for your site content and something you have a good amount of knowledge to lend to the discussion. Don’t make the mistake of selecting a niche because you think something’s cool, new, hot or trending, select what you know about.

Imagine trying to promote something because you think it’s cool and wish you had that product or it’s something that has always had a slight interest to you. When affiliates do this they wind up in a niche they know nothing about and they run into problems trying to create content.

Take some time when creating your new niche and think hard about something you are really into in your life and turn that passion into a business to make money online, most important avoid anything that you know nothing about.

When it comes to creating content there’s always a bit of research involved but that amount can become far less when you already have knowledge of your selected niche. Pick product’s that you know about, select one’s that you can offer gainful insight about that can truly help your readers no matter the cost or commission to be made.

Don’t ever decide product promotion based on commissions or product prices, it should be based on your knowledge.

Stop Joining Every Affiliate Program

Stop Joining Every ProgramMany years ago I was guilty of doing this, I joined so many affiliate programs that I would forget I was an affiliate for some of them and I’d try to join the program again. The instinctive need that I must join this program was always lurking and what happens to you is that you begin to lose order with keeping track of your programs and the pages they are on.

Join One Affiliate Program

The thought behind joining more affiliate programs is the more you promote the more money you will make as an affiliate, except that’s not how affiliate marketing works at all. Another reason people join so many affiliate programs is because they are not making any money from the last ten programs they have previously joined.

Join One Affiliate Program

You do not need 10 affiliate programs or platforms to promote from, in most cases you only need one and sometimes you only need one direct affiliate program from one company product. There’s no reason to confuse yourself with so many programs, join one and get to know the platform and most important, you should read the terms of service.

Every affiliate program has rules to follow and simple mistakes can cost you money, for instance with Amazon you can not advertise any product prices anywhere on your page, not in the content, not on a button, no where. Amazon will boot you from the program for terms of service violations and they keep any future sales until you remove your site links.

Some affiliates may not see any notifications from Amazon and will go on for weeks not knowing they are not getting paid from there affiliate links that they are hard at work promoting. Streamline your business for simplicity and stay with in the guidelines and you will do great with your business, but if you somehow mess up and you can pay the price.


High Commissions

The idea is to pick one affiliate program offer and focus directly on that offer, stay away from the need to have a dozen affiliate offers on your page. Google will penalize you for affiliate spam and your page will be off running in 12 directions, stay focused on one solid affiliate offer and write the best post you can write about that product.

High Commission Affiliate ProgramsThere’s many niche programs with some really great high commissions, I’ve seen some that are up to 100% commissions on some up front product’s and of course there’s many PLR product’s that offer 100% commissions as well. However, a high commission does not always mean big conversions or huge money for you.

You can usually find a good decent priced product with a great commission of at least 40% and promote the product on your page. People think you need an Amazon product, but that would be wrong because Amazon only pays about a 5% commission.

To make $50 bucks with Amazon you would roughly need about $1000 in sales and Amazon commissions often fluctuate from about 1% to around 8% for some affiliates, not all product’s pay 5%, some pay much less, that’s for you to investigate.

There are many product’s that may be related with your niche that platforms like JVZoo or Clickbank may offer affiliates with 50% commissions and to put that in perspective, you would need one sale of a $100 product for a $50 commission or maybe 2 sales on a $50 product instead of a 5% Amazon commission.

Create Long Term Success

Don’t think of huge money and stay focused on the end results to pull you through with some sales from traffic to your pages. Organic traffic is by far the best traffic you want visiting your pages because they are actively searching for your type of niche product offers, these are laser targeted visitors and your conversion rates will definitely see a huge increase.

Create Long Term SuccessWork diligently at one niche, focus on only the one to start with and in time when you see some results happening, that’s when you can begin promoting a second niche, but you still must continue with content on the first niche, it’s a ton of work. The idea with affiliate marketing is to create long term success and that is a slow and steady process that takes time.

When you get started with affiliate marketing the process will be hard at first and the learning will be challenging with a huge learning curve for many if your new to the business of affiliate marketing, but it’s well worth learning this business.

A common misconception with affiliate marketing is that Amazon started the business of affiliate marketing and that is wrong, Amazon was founded in 1994, but back in 1989 a man by the name of William J Tolbin was the first ever affiliate marketer. This explains the story that ever since 1994 Amazon has definitely contributed to the online affiliate marketing world as affiliate marketing has grown and businesses around the world join what is now a huge multi billion dollar business platform.

Are You An Endorsing Product Owner

Are You An Endorsing Product OwnerOne big mistake many affiliates make is that you’re attempting to promote a product and talk about something you don’t even personally own or have ever used in your life. This doesn’t mean that your niche is wrong because you may know a ton about your niche, but you may not know much at all about the product that you’re attempting to promote.

You can’t say what the products done for you when you personally tested and used the product if you never actually test and use the product.

Honest truthful reviews or testimony endorsing product’s you own can boost your trust 10 times.

Own Your Products

The best practice is to try to find something you either are willing to try by spending money on a product or try promoting a certain product that you already use and probably know everything about. When you promote product’s that you already use or just started using your words tend to have a natural flow because you’re writing from real experience.

Own Your ProductPromoting product’s online can be a tough task for many who attempt to become an affiliate marketer, but for those who learn the process and actually follow through with the training the skies the limit. When you vest yourself in a product you should always use that product or service, that’s the best way you will convince readers without any effort needed.

You can count on customers leaving your sites or offers if they think your content is fake or created for the sole purpose of making you money. People want realism and honest truth of what you offer them and you need to be able to deliver that truth to them with your content information.

Ideally, you’re helping people through your review or article page by offering real knowledge about certain product’s and when people search for answers or solutions to a product they land on your very helpful site. How impactful you make your posts and pages is entirely up to you, but you never want to try to force an offer.

Build Business Trust

You don’t want your content to read like a manual or description of the product, you want it to read like a friendly story about the product and explain how it helped you by using the product. You want to make your content fun by using witty, funny and most important truthful facts about your niche product, you don’t treat visitors reading your content like they’re customers.

Build Business TrustFriends trust each other and that’s the point, people won’t buy any product you’re talking about if they don’t trust you and your site they land on from a Google search. Your primary focus is to gain their trust and keep them engaged reading on your page and this is why you need to stand out by using witty funny truthful facts to engage your readers.

Owning the product’s means you can take pictures or videos with the product’s, you can make funny clips to give readers a quick laugh. This will create a connection of trust with your site visitors and most people will tend to read the entire article over leaving your pages and posts.

Credibility is everything in the online business world and if you’re on the good side of credibility it will project and amplify your brand image which will really boost your online brand as an affiliate marketer. The bottom line here is you really should be promoting product’s that you actually use and to tell the truth as to your opinion of these product’s, good or bad.

Content Is Your Power

When someone reads your truthful engaging testimony about a specific product it will often become the trigger that gets them wanting to try that product for themselves. Your content is your power and as an affiliate that includes all of your media images, videos and your content words, these are all palatable with your products.

Content Is Your PowerIf you take 10 blogs all created about the same exact niche from 10 different people you will get 10 separate results over all. When you put those blogs in front of the same 100,000 visitors some of them are going to out perform the others and those results will mean that some affiliates made money and others made zero.

This is why you want your site to be one that stands out from the rest of them by offering solid truthful useful information to welcome site visitors that find your posts in searches. These are all mistakes that are commonly made by new affiliates trying to make money online and they should be avoided when you start your journey into affiliate marketing.

Just make sure your product’s are tested by you and they do exactly what they are supposed to do before promoting them. Products that are proven with great testimony have a much longer retention rate and a far less return rate over an untested product, it’s best to make that product connection and provide actual truthful information.

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