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The world of technology has blazed a path for regular everyday people to have the opportunity to work from their homes. Many people work from home successfully every day and they are extremely happy about the freedom they get in return. Unfortunately for me it took some years before I began working online successfully but I never gave up on my dreams.

With so many people looking for real work from home careers today I decided to break down the categories and explore. There’s only one way to truly work 100% free and from home and I explain more on this towards the bottom of this post. Considering the options, real work from home careers can be found in abundance, but which one is right for you.


These days local businesses will allow some employees to telecommute for their regular job with limited time spent at the company itself. They likely still have to attend certain company meetings and they may still have to pick up their paychecks if their not getting their checks directly deposited by the company they are employed with.

The option of telecommute is a great option to have some freedom working from home but you’re still not 100 percent free. Despite the freedom of hours at home you’re still putting in part-time hours spent at the real home base office you work for. Telecommute works excellent for people looking to ease up working at the office and be allowed to work more from home.

I think this is great for anyone that will actually do the work, some people get too comfortable working at home with so many distractions surrounding them while they’re trying to get their work done. For me personally I prefer to not have to go into an office and report to any boss or even talk to one on the phone, OK truth be told I don’t want any boss that I answer to.

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Customer Support

There are companies that will pay you to work from your home part-time or full time where you set you’re own work schedule. Some years back I actually searched and found a list of these types of companies and researched what’s required to work for one of these companies.

I had applied to several companies I found through my search efforts and was offered employment from two companies. The two companies both had offered the same pay which was $9.00 an hour to work as their customer service representative. You use a headset phone and serve as a customer service rep for credit cards and tech support.

The company I chose to work with had me take a test to qualify the job, the test was a hypothetical question they asked. They were checking you’re speech, tone and attitude along with you’re ability to resolve the question they would ask you. When I was hired I was thrilled, a week later I hated it, you log in to hear customers complain like it’s all you’re fault, I quit.customer service rep

Brick And Mortar

There are many instances were brick and mortar store also sell online and there are also brick and mortar that only sell products online much like a distribution center. I personally have a friend who owned a company located at his home address where he used his garage for storage and sold supplements online on eBay and his main website.

There is always a tangible product involved in any brick and mortar business whether it’s home based or otherwise. Businesses that are in the service’s industry much like my small contracting business still provide a product and a service. When it comes to this type of work from home selling tangible products online you can expect plenty of work if successful.


Web Stores

There are many platforms to own a store and for many years I would say EBay was the king of offering that platform to people to start an online storefront. Online stores became popular and when they took off everybody started offering online stores of almost any niche you are selling to you’re store visitors.

Again this can be actual products that you own and distribute or products linked to other merchants products like Amazon. As of now I think Shopify has probably surpassed the others as far what’s the most the popular store in today’s technology. They are all good stores but Shopify happens to be very popular these days and that matters with who may visit you’re site.

There’s nothing wrong with having a web store, but there are people selling them that don’t have you’re best interest at mind. Sometime you will find a hyped up offer to buy a store because you will make a fortune and you won’t have to do anything except wait for the money to roll into the bank.

Those are scams to get you’re money, owning an online store requires knowledge and experience to maintain the website. You must know how to build, maintain and drive traffic to the site and that site must contain well written content that pertains to the sites main title. As in if you’re web store sells fishing stuff you would want the page content to be all about store

Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing and this is truly the only way to work from home without a boss involved screaming at you. Whenever anyone asks me how do you do affiliate marketing I have to laugh because for whatever reason people I have spoken with seem to think all you have to do is post a link and you’re good to go.

I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true, there’s so much to learn with affiliate marketing and not everyone will do the work. Affiliate marketing requires total dedication and extensive knowledge of what you need to do in order to be successful at it. The bright light in all this is that no experience is usually needed to get started and you’re not under any obligations.

Since affiliate marketing is what I actually do, I don’t sugar coat anything or make promises of expensive cars or houses. Everybody’s individual efforts will differ and that tends to change the results of each individual affiliate marketers success. Personally, becoming a super affiliate was something I never dreamed possible and I couldn’t believe I was successful at it.

There’s only one reason I found success, I joined the best platform around the world to learn how to become a super affiliate. That platform is Wealthy Affiliate and I am in the Top 200 members and getting better at affiliate marketing every day I work. Wealthy Affiliate gives anyone a chance to succeed and when they say it can change you’re life they’re telling the truth.

Wealthy Affiliate takes time to show profits because you have to train as you learn the system to become a super affiliate. The time frame I often hear is 3 to 6 months, but again that depends on you’re overall efforts, some do it within a few weeks. The reality is, Wealthy Affiliate is not some get-rich-quick scam like so many others, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

Today you can start out with a free account and receive 2 free sites and 10 lessons of starter training all 100% free to you. Study hard and then upgrade you’re account to the best platform made entirely by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. When you join premium you will get over 70 lessons and up to 50 sites that are allowed and hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

Join the best affiliate marketing training platform free where anyone can build real work from home careers of a lifetime. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain if you sign up for free right now below, did I mention it’s 100% free. Take a leap of faith in yourself and join now, we have everyone from non graduates to phd’s using Wealthy affiliate.

Thanks for reading my post on real work from home careers and please leave a comment and share.

Best of success to everyone.


10 thoughts on “Real Work From Home Careers”

  1. Informative post. I also tried a lot of avenues so as to work from home too. I don’t like anyone bossing me around and wouldn’t tolerate having a boss too. I was got a customer support job too but later quit, custome conplaints can be so frustrating. I also strongly agree that affiliate marketing is the best work from home and it is even easier with wealthy affliates

    1. To me, there is no better training platform than Wealthy Affiliate for anyone looking to become a super affiliate marketer. The training is clear and easy to understand and the community is the best in helping you become successful, they are always there to help 24/7, I love that fact. My sites are doing well and I’m thinking of doing the aggressive 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge training next, it should be intense!

  2. This is really very helpful. Making money from home today as been the cause of technology evolution. There are several of opportunitunities available online but the one that requires you being your own boss is affiliate marketing. You create a business you are passionate about, earn more income with ease and so on. This is really a wonderful information. Thank you. And good job here. 

    1. I couldn’t agree more, to me there is no better solution to earning an income online than Wealthy Affiliate. After completing the training anybody can make excellent money when they create their own success using Wealthy Affiliate. Since I’ve completed the Certified training I’m going to attempt the more aggressive Super Affiliate Challenge sometime later this year. It’s 12 months and it looks intense! I’m all in for this training and I’m looking forward to getting started very soon. Check it out, it’s awesome!    

  3. This is a great article on different ways to make some money from home.  There are so many suspect ways that it is a breath of fresh air to see a straight forward article like this.I personally choose affiliate marketing for my choice as a work from home career. Bottom line is that it is nice to know there is actually legit options out there.  Thank you for doing the research and for sharing it with all of your readers.Dale

    1. Thanks Dale, I prefer affiliate marketing too, I did most of the other methods and I still felt like I wasn’t free. With Wealthy Affiliate I found my freedom and I will remain a premium member for many years to come. Anyone can get an inside look at Wealthy Affiliate by joining for free and you can get the 1st set of lessons for free…>   

  4. You are right thanks for this post.

    Am working with amazon FBA and so far it gives me daily income without having to go out all day and end up coming back home over stressed.

    And combining it with wealthy affiliate was the best step I have ever taken.

    Wealthy affiliate helped groom me up. They have lots of training there which could help you choose a niche and also train you on how to get more customers and leads.

    1. To me there is no better platform on the internet for learning how to become a super affiliate, I will always be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. For anyone just starting out this training is free to start with, check it out.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post, John.  Gives one a lot of food for thought.

    My brother in law and his wife just moved north to a quiet community setting themselves up for retirement.  In the meantime he is working from home (telecommuting) part-time and for the company that he currently works for and comes back to the big city for a week every month.  He really seems to be enjoying it.

    Couldn’t do the customer support thing.  I would last about five minutes before losing my cool.

    As for Brick and Mortar? Does a product delivery business count?  If it does, that wouldn’t work either.  I did that for 5 years and ended up losing it due to some decisions that turned out not to be so good.

    I think Affiliate Marketing might possibly be the only answer to a lot of people.  All you need is a website and good content reviews.  Well, there is a little more to it than that but you know what I mean.  There is a lot to learn but it is doable and, there is no inventory to worry about.  You explain it very well.

    And, I can’t say it any better, there is no doubt in my mind that Wa is the best there is when it comes to teaching people what they need to now to be successful online.  The only thing that could possibly hold someone back from reaching their goals is themselves.  Commitment and consistency and following the step by step training, and let us not forget the community, (AMAZING),  of hundreds of thousands that are available to help along the way.

    Moving Forward with Affiliate Marketing,


    1. Thanks for commenting I always appreciate when anyone comments on my posts. I agree with you and I couldn’t do the customer support thing for the same reasons, I was done with in weeks. For me ever since I became a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and completed the certified training things have sky rocketed. What I have learned is so valuable and will blaze a successful future for many years to come. I’m doing this Super Affiliate Challenge next, it looks like an intense way to spend the next 12 months.  

      Best Regards.


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