How To Start An Online Business Free

Today more than ever before, people look for how to start an online business free of cost, and most turn to Google. Many newcomers turn to sites like YouTube to launch an online business and for some, it creates great wealth.

Start An Online Business Free

It’s no secret that YouTube has created millionaire influencers, and many of these influencers started with absolutely nothing.

Others had tons of help to get there and actually pay for help to keep things moving forward, it’s part of the business.

However, as great as YouTube is, not having any knowledge in the online business world can be a real business killer.

Whenever new aspiring entrepreneurs enter the online business world, most usually begin failing right from the start.

The reason for the failure is usually a total lack of knowledge in the world of affiliate marketing, it’s pretty much required.

Affiliate marketing has many elements to address to be successful, it’s also how to start an online business free.

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Like Cheese In A Mousetrap

The reason it’s free is that most platforms like Amazon never charge when affiliates sign up to promote products. However, private merchants may charge to promote their products, it’s to weed out inexperienced marketers.

There are a ton of programs, platforms, scams, and legitimate online business opportunities available on the internet today!

Programs promising overnight wealth are mostly designed to take one’s money quickly, they have high refund rates.

In the affiliate marketing business, people refer to this as shiny object syndrome, it’s what oftentimes stops one’s success.

Many start out with visions of a new car, house, or boat before earning a dime with an online business.

So every offer that provides a quick path to riches becomes like cheese in a mousetrap waiting on the vulnerable to bite.  While these offers often get high refund rates, some never even try to get a refund, they just take the loss.

It’s worth mentioning that the number one reason affiliate marketers fail is people give up… they want instant money!

Those are unrealistic expectations and for most in the business, it doesn’t work that way, unless you pay for advertising. Building a successful online business takes time, especially if starting out with little to no experience.

You get what you pay for is an old saying but very true! While this does show you how to start an online business free it’s also worth mentioning that without full training you may struggle a bit.

Knowledge is power!

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The Ability To Monetize Free Websites

New affiliates can utilize many free resources to build their online business without spending a dime on anything. Of course, spending money is a much better path to go with because of the instant exposure it provides.

Pro versions of things like keyword tools, themes, image tools, and more are obviously best. Especially with search engines!

However, free versions can still be used to make money online but it depends on one’s knowledge of affiliate marketing.

One of the best features that Wealthy Affiliate offers is the ability for FREE members to monetize a website.

Many hosting sites do not allow their free sites to be monetized, but at Wealthy Affiliate, you can build and monetize a free site.

In fact, they encourage new members who want to be in the MMO niche to promote Wealthy Affiliate. This is done with the free Bootcamp training offered to free members and by hosting the free sites that they build.

The key is the training provided, the 10 free lessons can be either the OEC or the Bootcamp training to get started online. The difference is that the OEC training is more geared towards a specific niche whereas Bootcamp is for the MMO niche.

Training is important and Wealthy Affiliate over-delivers with their free training and their SiteRubix WordPress site builder. WA doesn’t stop there, they also offer Jaaxy keyword tools to use and images, banners, and much more. It’s all 100% free.

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Premium Bootcamp Is 70 Lessons

A premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best choice to learn the complete business of affiliate marketing.  While the free training is great to get started, the complete premium Bootcamp is 70 lessons total.

Start An Online Business Free
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The premium membership OEC training is 50 lessons total and the community training is also endless and ongoing.

There is live training every Friday for Premium members and almost every day for Premium Plus members.

The point of this post is how to start an online business for free. That can be achieved through joining Wealthy Affiliate.

However, for the very serious looking to build an online business the Premium version of Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice.

After joining the free starter membership the first thing to do is begin the 10 free training lessons.

As you go through the free courses by the end of lesson 4 you will have a website in place for your business.

The next 6 lessons teach methods to write content, get traffic, do keyword research, and much much more. The opportunities are endless as to what type of online business to start, there are millions of niches.


Creating a Micro Niche Site

When breaking down a category of a niche let’s take a look at fishing and hunting. Millions around the world fish or hunt for both sport and table fare. Click this link to read more about how to find a niche product.

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However, if you had a hunting or fishing niche site it shouldn’t be aimed directly at hunting or fishing.

That’s a broad niche!

It should be something more specific about hunting or fishing. Like, fishing for specific species, which makes it a micro-niche site once created.

The more a micro niche site is defined the better the site will do overall. With Wealthy Affiliate, if you don’t like the free site you create, you can delete the site.

Once deleted, you can build another one, it’s one site at a time for free members.

While free membership isn’t near the level of premium training, it still offers real online business opportunities. The platform allows you to build all of this for free and they host your site for free once it’s created.

Between social media and search engines, it is quite possible to earn revenue by simply providing excellent site content. Building a free business in this manner can take some time, but once achieved it can be duplicated again and again.

Check out another way to make money using social media for other types of work home jobs online.


The Best Way To Join Wealthy Affiliate

There are many methods to scaling a business and with the premium training, you will learn those methods. The best way to join Wealthy Affiliate is the free starter membership, it gives you a chance to know the platform without spending a dime.

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I wouldn’t consider joining premium until all of the available free training has been completed.

Another tip is that free members have access to level one training materials for both the OEC and Bootcamp training.

That means you can do both of the level one training and likely pick up a few extra tips along the way.

In those training lessons, you will see comments posted by members, you should read some of them.

In those comments, you will often find answers to things that you may have questions about concerning your business. Learning affiliate marketing becomes clearer as you move forward and most that see success is because they never quit.

Realistically, after learning how to start an online business free it should be taken to the next level which is paid.


Free Tools Needed For Success

Building successful online business hinges on having realistic long-term goals. When serious new free members join they eventually take their business to the next level by upgrading to premium membership.

Upgrading gives free members the tools needed for success including pro versions of some tools like Jaaxy. Most that do this select a great name for a dot com site and merge their free site over to their own domain.

The new domain is hosted free which is included with a premium membership, however, the domain name itself costs $13.99. Owning a domain as opposed to getting a free one is a better choice for an affiliate to thrive online.

The best and cheapest way to join Wealthy Affiliate is during Black Friday and it only applies to a yearly membership. Premium members both monthly or yearly can also upgrade during Black Friday to get the best deal of the year.

If you’re wondering what is a Black Friday deal with Wealthy Affiliate about click this blog post link, it provides the details. While Black Friday is the cheapest way to join Wealthy Affiliate,  a lot of people join the platform every single day.


Earn Money Online Without investment

Wealthy Affiliate has over 2 million members and it continues to grow with every passing day. As a premium plus member, I see new members joining the platform every day. The free membership is designed to show you what could be possible.

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That being said, there are free members that have made income using Wealthy Affiliate.

It proves the platform has great value even to those who remain as free members.

Most who find success as free members usually upgrade to premium.

Starting out it’s highly recommended to join Wealthy Affiliate just to learn the basics. It’s all for free anyway!

Once that is achieved it’s easier to narrow down to a specific target niche that is of your own interests.

Discover the world of affiliate marketing by joining Wealthy Affiliate today! Learn the best way to make money online free of start-up costs or other expenses.

For more on free businesses read the best no investment work home opportunities online.

Every new free member who joins Wealthy Affiliate is looking to earn money online free. Most free members joining WA are trying to earn money online without investment and some are successful with that task.

People search for ways to make money online home so they don’t have to travel to a regular job or answer to a boss.


Wealthy Affiliate Has Been In Business 16 Years

Many who join the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership go on to really make money online. This happens because they have a never-quit approach with their free online business provided by WA.

Those looking to make money now usually are the first to quit Wealthy Affiliate.

People are impatient when it comes to making money online and they expect to make money instantly.

While that is entirely possible to happen it is not realistic when starting out without any knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Experienced affiliate marketers know tricks that work to make money online fast, but not someone just starting out.

Many free outside resources can be utilized when building an online business brand.

Canva is one of those that offer free resources to create things like logos, images, and much more. Others may include Pixabay for commercial-free images.

While you learn how to start an online business free through the free training you can tap into these websites.

Discover your potential by joining free and begin building an online business to make money online. After you find success upgrade to the best affiliate marketing platform with premium Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform can take any business to new levels.

With so many make-money-online scams out there, it’s good to know that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. WA has an A+ rating with the BBB and is in good standing on Trustpilot as well.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for over 16 years now.


WA Terms of Service

Every year WA has contests that include a free Las Vegas trip for top affiliates that promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. Recently some changes have been made to the WA terms of service that deem the free membership to be a 6-month term.

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Before the TOS update, free membership was indefinite and people would leave and come back many years later.

Members could pick up where they had left off and keep progressing, however, storing a bunch of dead data does not make sense.

The new terms eliminate stored site data after 6 months of inactivity.

This is for both free memberships and premium members who leave the platform and remain inactive.

Adding these terms cuts back on WA servers having a bunch of abandoned sites. However, this means that you can make as many free sites or account memberships as you wish.  The sites will all be good for the next 6 months!

A long time to potentially make money for free using WA services, if you promote WA they may be paying you.


Premium WA Members Commissions

For active premium members, there are no time restrictions on the free SiteRubix sites. Their sites remain as long as those members remain premium subscribers.

How to start an online business free

WA allows premium members 10 sites hosted, premium plus members up to 50 sites.

Premium WA members commissions are twice the number of free memberships.

They are recurring commissions as long as the members remain active Wealthy Affiliate members.

If active WA referrals leave and come back so do the commissions.

The only way to lose commissions is when an old member creates a new account using a different email address.

Learn how to become a super wealthy affiliate by using the best training platform online. Many people just love to learn and strive for what to learn online next, and WA is an excellent choice.

WA lessons are very informative to get everyone moving in the right direction. The journey into affiliate marketing begins with a free website and 10 lessons to get started making money online today.


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