The Best Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate Marketing Success RatesIn the world of affiliate marketing, there’re many types of affiliate marketers. Each has its own approach to the best affiliate commissions online.

Affiliate marketers never deal with the product itself. That includes the development or the repairs.

Affiliates also don’t ever deal with refunds or customers directly.

This is what makes starting a new business to become an affiliate marketer so attractive for most first getting started with the world of affiliate marketing. Many people join blinded by getting rich and most will fail almost immediately. As a matter of fact, the success rates show that more than 90% will fail with affiliate marketing.

Training is required for your success in learning and growing a business of any kind, it takes a good amount of time, and usually, a good bit of money may be involved as well. The courses at Wealthy Affiliate are certified and it’s very reasonable to become a premium member. Either way, I would recommend that you at least try to steer clear of the pitfalls with affiliate marketing.

Obviously, every affiliate that takes the time to learn the business and the process of affiliate marketing will no doubt succeed and should stand to make some very good profits. These affiliate marketers are looking to earn the best affiliate commissions for every product that they promote and in this post, I will offer a few tips to maximize your affiliate commissions.


Learn Affiliate Marketing

Earning a higher commission is something that every affiliate marketer would be interested in reading about. Especially if they know that it can potentially double or triple their present commission income. Some affiliates have specific methods they use and that may include paid targeted traffic or expensive SEO on their websites.

Learn Affiliate MarketingThere is no better traffic arriving on your page than an organic search engine visitor. Having someone actively searching for your product is better than someone that happens to see a post.

Obviously, you want a very informative and aesthetically pleasing website. That will keep people from fleeing your page because it looks unpleasing or not user-friendly.

For those affiliates that are already involved with an affiliate program the next few suggestions might be of help to you and for others, I suggest that you join an affiliate program and get started building a free site by joining Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Join Wealthy Affiliate free and you can build two free sites that you can use to promote your affiliate products online.

Of course, joining Premium Wealthy Affiliate via the annual plan is what I always suggest to my readers, it’s the absolute cheapest way to join premium and that gives you a solid year to build your businesses. That one-time payment will cover hosting for up to 10 owned websites and more free subdomains. You have the certified courses, the live training, and the community training to learn the business.


Know Your Products

Read onwards for some excellent tips that can lead to the best affiliate commissions that you’ve ever made with your online affiliate marketing business. In another of my blog posts, I discussed how to become a super wealthy affiliate. Which refers to scaling your business and expanding your affiliate business potential.

Know Your ProductsThe one thing that you want to be certain about before you decide to venture into any product-promoting campaign is that you get to know the product that you’re promoting very well. This makes it much easier for you to promote the products and if at all possible you should add an image or video that shows you using the product, this will let your visitors know you are for real.

Before jumping into any promotion you should get to know the programs terms and the programs commission payout structure. You want to promote products that offer generous commissions that also fit within your niche and your main target audience.

Make certain the company your using to promote affiliate products has a solid reputation of on time payouts without incident to ensure your income. Promoting certain products may have less than desired results as for how they convert compared to other similar products  that may have lower commission percentages but out pace the higher ticket product that you’re promoting verses the other product.


Create Free Reports

I’ve become friends with many fellow affiliate marketers and I talk with many of them daily on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and some are new to marketing while others are seasoned professionals. In some past conversations I noticed that some marketers would skip many of the different methods of affiliate marketing tactics to focus mostly on one method that drives their sites visitors.

Create Free ReportsTypically, it’s the new marketers that are overwhelmed with information overload and it takes a few to get past that reality as that you continue to learn the business of affiliate marketing in general. However, skipping over any of the training is a huge mistake and theirs every probability that you will lose a vast majority of your sites traffic and definitely any repeat site visitors returning to the site, stick to the training.

The reason this happens is that most of these marketers have no email list, they have no report or newsletter, they are not subscribing site visitors and they have no call to action for any of the above mentioned.

The best way to free targeted prospects is by getting them to sign up to your email list where that you will offer them many freebies.

To achieve this goal that you should take the time to write several free reports and or ebooks and that you will give these away free in exchange for a visitors email address on your capture page. You want to create the free report or ebook that you’re writing to be about the products that you’re promoting, inside the report that you can offer even more products to your readers.

You must have an opt-out system or method in place for anyone that joins your membership subscription or email list.

Your Credibility Is Everything

You should make sure that your report or ebook is factual and contains valuable information for your readers.

You should talk openly and honestly about the products that you’re promoting. Perhaps add any recommendations from your own personal experience using the product.

Your Credibility Is EverythingYour credibility is everything in the world of affiliate marketing.

Unless you establish credibility for everyone to see on your site and email lists, your business will sink fast.

Without credibility, you can have thousands of site visitors with next to zero income.

People need to trust you, it’s that simple.

You want to establish your site as trustworthy early on by personalizing the site to you.

This establishes a connection and readers feel more comfortable looking at offers as serious buyers on a site.

The best site traffic will have repeat visitors, which means engaging your visitors with your content who return often.

The email addresses that you save from opt-ins offering the free reports or ebooks can now be used to send out many reports and email offers pointing back to your site.

Not everybody reads their email but some may read it 5 times before they consider making a purchase.

The bottom line is an email list brings visitors to your site’s offers.

Opt-in Your Affiliate Links

Every affiliate link on your site should have an email opt-in when someone clicks on the call to action button. This will gather far more email opt-ins that would otherwise be lost forever after they click away from your site.

It goes without saying that there would be an alternative option on your opt-in page.

Have it still go to the offer without opting into the email subscription.

Opt-in Your Affiliate LinksHaving a good autoresponder email address setup for this purpose can continually send out emails on autopilot.

As your list size grows so will your affiliate income.

Create informative stuff exclusively free for your list or subscriber members. Then charge for that same item for non-list members.

This can be something like “pay 3 bucks or join the list and get it free”. This method works well indeed.

Treat all paying customers extra good by overdelivering on their purchases. This can be something you put together that paying customers receive on a thank you page.

This product can be a free download that you offer as a thank you.

Make it something special like an ebook you create or maybe a free PLR product.

Your customers will not forget the extras that you gave them. They will be more inclined to buy from you again in the future. Remember, once site visitors join a list you can promote other offers daily or weekly, it’s up to you.

Your repeat customers may come back to your site and buy different products from you for many years to come.

Publish On A Regular Basis

As an affiliate, you basically advertise other people’s products for free. This is why it’s worth adding an email capture page on your product’s call to action button.

This is because as I stated above, your prospects might otherwise be lost forever.

The fact is you only make money on sales and as your email list grows sales should increase dramatically.

Publish On A Regular BasisThere are many writing programs available for anyone to create reports or newsletters.

These include PDF, ebook, or ezine.

Publishing on regular basis helps you develop a relationship of trust with your list members or subscribers.

Before long your list members may start taking you up on your various offerings.

Publishing an ebook will give you a bit more credibility than just sending an email. They usually convert much better too.

Blend a smooth amount of useful information with a call to action on your sales pitch. An enticing reader will at least click the link to take a look at the product you’re offering.

These reports and ebooks you’re creating will add up over time. Collectively they will all have the potential to earn you income over time. Some content creators charge big money for some packaged reports. Like when they package the content like a success blueprint.

After the launch, the product is sold as a digital download and the publishers are paid well.

Everyone Likes Free Stuff

The longer you keep members on a list as it grows the more likely that they trust you. And, they just might buy your products. There’s no way to know for certain who might buy and who won’t buy from you.

However, if they remain on your list you can bet that they trust you. This is why you need to continue creating great content. It helps keep your readers happy with freebies, everyone likes free stuff.

Everyone Likes Free StuffMany affiliates, especially those just starting out are typically skipping the above-mentioned tasks.

They rely solely on organic visitors or paid visitors for a one-time site visit.

They let their site visitors slip through their hands without having them opt-in or subscribe to a list.

Many affiliates do not realize that they can try to renegotiate for a higher commission.

This can be requested in successful promotional campaigns.

Merchants like to keep their successful affiliates around. Many will give a higher commission for high-producing affiliate marketers.

A merchant doesn’t want to lose a high-producing asset. They would rather that you sell more products for them. Chances are they will give you that higher commission, it never hurts to ask.

The most that can happen is your request is denied. However, you can still promote the products or move on to another product.

Check Out Google Ads

The main thing most affiliates want more than anything else is to get visitors to their offers. They hope to make some sales from their promotions.

In order to get more visitors to your promotional campaigns, you should consider some paid traffic methods. Try a PPC campaign, classified ads targeted social media ads and local ad methods.

Some may want to do offline advertising if it works for your campaign.

Check Out Google AdsThere are many ways to advertise including Facebook and Twitter.

A strong well-written pay-per-click ad can be an online advertisement that is effective with a good amount of sales.

Google Adwords is now known as Google Ads. It’s still very effective for promoting offers to gain sales of your products.

As a matter of fact, Google offers certification training for Google Ads with the Google Academy For Ads.

They even offer help on how to set up your account for users of Google Academy For Ads. There are also other companies like Bing ads and various others for advertising.

However, everyone knows that Google is still the biggest with the most traffic.

Google gets the most search engine traffic as does Google-owned YouTube for all searches. Page one on Google is the best possible ranking that you can receive. There are ways to get that ranking through an advertisement. The best way to get on that page is through a normal organic search engine ranking.

However, buying an advertisement on page one results can be a very effective income producer.

Check Out Microsoft Advertising

You can trust the fact that Microsoft is a huge and very successful company. What used to be Bing Ads is now called Microsoft Advertising and no doubt produces results for your ad posting budget.

Microsoft Advertising should certainly get visitors to your offers with some favorable results with a properly funded advertising campaign.

Check Out Microsoft AdvertisingThere are companies that offer PPC where you can make an income from the clicks to their advertisement offers.

Anyone can try joining these platforms to earn a few extra PPC bucks. It helps pay for expenses and several of the affiliate platforms have some nice commissions involved.

Most affiliate platforms don’t like to offer PPC offers due to click fraud happening on a massive scale. However, most platforms will now offer pay per lead offers over PPC.

Pay per lead is great, you get paid for lead sign-ups and you get paid for product sales.

Some companies that offer these affiliate programs include platforms like Share A Sale where you can earn up to $30 for lead sign ups and $150 for merchant sign ups. By using the techniques mentioned in this post you should see some excellent improvement of two or three times your normal commissions.

Platforms With Awesome Affiliate Products

JVZoo is a great platform that offers a great payout system with excellent affiliate tools, improved are made by affiliate member ideas.

Check out the Rakuten Marketing Welcoming Program, they offer Technology Used by Successful Businesses


Another great platform is Viglink which is now Svorn//Commerce, Viglink can auto-populate your content with affiliate links either by the post or Viglink can auto-populate your entire site. Viglink is great, especially if you’ve been turned down by other platforms.

Viglink seems to accept most applicants that decide to join their program at least for now.

Thanks for reading my post about the best affiliate commissions.

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  1. I am currently trying to build an email subscription list and have an ebook for my viewers to sign up for. How would you recommend best integrating this into my site?

    1. I would use a button or banner to a landing page set-up to collect email addresses to get the book.
      I’m in the process of doing the same on another site I have.

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