The Best Affiliate Marketing Businesses

When people first start in this business they look for the best affiliate marketing businesses to begin their journey. Many newcomers make mistakes in the beginning and one mistake is not doing any affiliate platform research. Deciding which platforms to join depends on a few things, your niche, the payout, resources, and reliability.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Businesses

There’s no shortage of affiliate marketing products for affiliate marketers to promote on their blogs, article sites, and e-commerce sites.

However, how do you know which affiliate platforms are the best affiliate marketing businesses to build your online business with?

Not knowing the pitfalls with affiliate marketing, I had joined way too many platforms when I began marketing. Trying to keep track of all of the different platforms was a huge issue for me. I was all over the place and my selections were terrible, with many non-relevant niches crammed on my one site.

I think at some point or another most everyone has had a dream of owning their own online business. Many people dream of hopefully firing their current boss while becoming successful in the process. Finding an affiliate marketing platform to join depends on certain factors that should be taken into consideration before joining.


The Wrong Affiliate Offers

The Wrong Affiliate Offers

Most people want to learn how to become a super affiliate because of the possibility of big money. Kicking their boss to the curb is a dream for many people searching for success.

However, they won’t make a dime if they join the wrong affiliate programs. For affiliates, it’s frustrating seeing big numbers with site visitors and no conversions on the offers they promote.

Let’s say your niche is about bicycles and you offer bicycles and accessories for your readers on your site posts. Anyone searching for bicycle information may land on your site. The thing is, bicycles can be purchased almost anywhere. So, that’s already working against you but there’re other things that add to that factor as well.

Why would someone buy from your page over just going directly to Amazon or Walmart to make the purchase? Many people tend to do this, your post reminds them and they leave your site in favor of going direct. Selecting the right affiliate offer with the right platform will absolutely determine your overall success with affiliate marketing.


Individualize Your Site

Those are just a few of the issues before you even get started with this business. Another one is even if they click on your link, let’s say you’re promoting a bicycle. There’s every probability they go search elsewhere looking for lower prices. You can offer the best content on a great-looking site and people still leave because of other competition.

Individualize Your Site

This is where it’s needed to stand out from the rest of the competition. You do this with excellent content and offer products not available everywhere you go in the world.

Once it’s understood why quality content matters writing content becomes easier moving forward. The content separates the site from the competition and it keeps your readers engaged.

You can individualize the bicycle site with specific high-end bicycle brands. Offer high-end accessory products that are not available just anywhere you search.

For you, the best affiliate marketing businesses will be the ones that fit these criteria. Things like electric bike kits or motorized bike kits are not something often seen in stores. These could be an accessory to sell on that type of niche site. For this type of niche site, there are also other high-end programs that could offer even more products.

There are many affiliate platforms that don’t sell the type of products like Walmart or Amazon may offer affiliates. They offer digital products such as how-to videos instructions and ebooks or much more. These products may not cater to everyone, however, because of their uniqueness, you will get some visitors that are interested.


People Give Up

I’m by no means saying that you can’t make any sales with your site as it sits. I’m stating why quality content matters with the uniqueness of the products you promote. I see people at Wealthy Affiliate select a niche that is swamped with competition all the time. To stand out over others I try to help them micro-target their niche.

People Give Up

For some of these Wealthy Affiliate members, they invest like 6 months and they’re not making any sales. That’s when they start asking questions as to why they’re not making sales.

You have to consider this factor, less than 10% of all affiliate marketers out there make the big money. Others might do okay and the rest will struggle until they quit trying altogether.

One big reason for these percentage numbers is that people give up if they’re not rolling in money. That’s a huge mistake that most don’t even realize they’re making when they give up. Once you taste success you couldn’t stop trying to make money online if you wanted to, it’s habit-forming.

Another thing I see happen that’s not a good thing. People join an affiliate business without checking the terms of the merchants or the platform itself. Why anyone would not check this is beyond me. If you violate their terms you will forfeit any money earned for something stupid that could have been avoided. Believe it this happens often.


Amazon Can Be Great

I’ve seen people lose their Amazon commissions for violating their terms by offering prices to products within their content. Amazon keeps those commissions and any further commissions until the links are removed from your posts. At that point, it’s best you remove them because Amazon has already tossed you from their affiliate program.

Amazon Can Be Great

For anyone just starting out in this business, this can be a cruel lesson. Especially if that’s their first commission that they ever made and they lost it all to Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong here Amazon can earn you pretty decent money. Especially if you’re promoting big-ticket items with Amazon, they obviously pay much higher commissions.

Amazon and Walmart’s commissions are similar for their products but the two platforms are very different. Some other platforms offer commission payouts at a much higher percentage rate. Most digital marketing product commissions pay very well with some as much as 75%. I’ve even seen 100% for some front-end products.

Deciding which affiliate marketing businesses to join is often a problem for some new affiliates. They don’t know which one to join so they make the biggest mistake of all and they join them all. Talk about confusion keeping up with so many programs. Knowing what links go were for what programs on what posts would drive you crazy.

However, staying within the terms of Amazon’s affiliate program means profit for affiliates promoting their products. Amazon increases an affiliate’s commissions with higher selling volume by the affiliate. The better promoting of Amazon’s products the more money to be made, it’s that simple.


Recurring Commissions

Take time to decide what kind of products you want to promote before joining any affiliate marketing businesses. You can join a low-end commission affiliate platform like Amazon or you can join a higher commission platform like Clickbank. Another good platform to consider is Awin, they are a huge company with a solid reputation.

Recurring Commissions

In my opinion, the best affiliate marketing businesses offer a recurring commission for their affiliates. They earn an income over and over on a monthly basis.

There are many of these types of affiliate programs online. Finding the right fitting programs can earn you a nice fairly steady income when promoted on your sites.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a nice recurring income for your referrals. Those referrals will soon be making their own recurring income from promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I try to help my referrals get off to a great start as best I can. My goal is to fast-track them with the training and with any WordPress issues they may be experiencing. Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate helps one another, it’s what we do.

Some other affiliate platforms that offer recurring commissions are sites like Jaaxy or SEMrush. Both of them offer fantastic recurring commissions. This is why I prefer this type of marketing over selling Amazon products. Why earn one commission selling an item when you can get paid over and over by the same referral?


Direct Marketing Programs

One of my favorite programs aside from what I’ve mentioned above is one with great commissions and lifetime cookies. One program I promote pays 30% commissions and I keep that client for life. Every time they use this service I get paid and it pays very well.

Direct Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketers have so many choices in deciding which platforms to join. Some platforms can be private businesses that offer an affiliate program.

These types of direct marketing programs usually do not instantly approve you. Most of the time they manually approve and deny affiliates who apply to their business.

That was the case with the lifetime client affiliate program I mentioned above. It took over two weeks before I heard back from them after applying to become an affiliate.

I went on to exchange several emails back and forth before approval with their program. This is not uncommon for many of these programs. They want an experienced marketer, not someone who is just starting out. Some programs require specific amounts of site visitors before they will even consider approving an affiliate.

Joining affiliate programs should be based on the information you already know a lot about. Try to at least use the products you promote and if you don’t, you should be well-informed about those products. Writing about products you offer must contain accurate information for readers to ever trust you enough to buy from you.


A Specific Targeted Audience

You should never choose a product because it’s a hot trending product or it’s something that you always wanted yourself. Choose products that help your readers, ones that you know about that may help others. Remember this is not for you, it’s for your readers who potentially might buy what you’re offering to them.

A Specific Targeted Audience

Some products do often sell themself, but you still have to convince visitors to click and make the purchase. It’s just easier to do that with a well-known product brand.

For instance, AS SEEN ON TV has been around forever hawking products. Many of their products are not that well-known but people still buy them. That’s because AS SEEN ON TV is a well-known established brand.

Enticing site visitors can happen in many ways when creating content. The best way to achieve this is with narrowed-down niches for a target audience. That makes your incoming traffic already expecting what you have to offer.

That’s a hundred times better than just anyone landing on that page or post and possibly leaving right away. When people click on pages from search results they are already engaged with what you’re offering. That’s also before they ever see what the offer may be.

The possibilities of affiliate marketing are endless. For many people, affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to earn an incredible online income. I personally struggled with affiliate marketing for many years before getting serious. I learned from the best platform available and I’m still a top 50 ranking member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Entice Your Site Visitors

Consider this, would you like to make $50 in commissions? You would have to sell about $1000 in products with Amazon to earn 5% commissions equalling $50. However, let’s say for instance you have a $100 digital product on Clickbank or JVZoo. They pay 50% commissions, you would earn that same $50 commission with just 2 sales.

Entice Your Site Visitors

The less money a product costs the more likely it is that people will buy the product. Especially with products offering big discounts, they work because people like getting value when purchasing products.

People like knowing products are worth more than what they actually had paid. Some affiliate marketing businesses offer promotional links with big discounts to entice buyers.

I once had a travel site where I offered 40% off resort fees in Cancun. I’d get more clicks on that offer than every other offer on the page. Commission Junction (CJ) is one of many well-known platforms that have a solid reputation for paying their affiliates. They offer excellent tools for tracking, cloaking, and creating campaigns and a ton of offers to promote.

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, there’s no reason why you can’t earn a slice of the pie online. Have you ever considered starting an online business? I considered it for years and toyed with trying to make money online as an affiliate. All with very little success until I joined Wealthy Affiliate and learned the process.


Stop Messing Around

Trust me, there is no better platform to learn affiliate marketing from over Wealthy Affiliate. Their platform is a proven system that offers certified courses and they have been in the business since 2005. Don’t even waste your time with other programs that take your money and do nothing. Start for free by joining Wealthy Affiliate!

Stop Messing Around

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scam, it’s the real deal. It takes time to create a business from scratch and learn everything you need for your success. Between building your site and completing the course you keep pretty busy for a while. This is fine because Google will take some time to rank you anyway.

I encourage people to stop messing around, join by the year, this stops you from quitting. It gives you an entire year to learn the business of affiliate marketing. The yearly price is discounted at $495. It saves you over the monthly price of $49. a month.

The yearly price works out to a cost of under $1.37 a day. However, I encourage people to join free now and start learning today. If you go premium during black Friday the price is cheaper and it remains locked in as long as you’re a member.


No Debit Card Is Needed

Join now for free and do everything that’s offered for free to begin learning this business. Plus, you receive 10 free lessons and you can build a website that is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate for free. When you finish those free lessons, you will want to upgrade to a paid premium membership. No debit card is needed to join a free WA account.

That’s so you can learn 40 more lessons available only to premium members in Wealthy Affiliate. There are also 70 Bootcamp training lessons available and live in-house training as well as member-created training for premium members. There is a higher WA level for professionals called premium plus, it is $99. a month or $995 yearly.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and don’t upgrade to premium, get to know the platform as a free member first. Learning the Wealthy Affiliate platform before upgrading allows for better navigation when you do upgrade. Since joining WA is absolutely free there’s nothing to lose and you might discover you love doing this, I know I do.

Wealthy Affiliate uses PayPal as the payment carrier both to receive subscription revenue and to pay affiliates. They also accept bank debit cards as a way of payment. To stop paying for the Wealthy Affiliate subscription service you must go into your WA account and turn off automatic payments.

When I first joined WA I used my existing PayPal account and applied for PayPal credit. My account was approved and I received 6 months no interest if paid off by the date. If it hadn’t been for PayPal credit I may not have joined Wealthy Affiliate at the time. It’s 3 years later and I’m still a premium subscription member of Wealthy Affiliate.


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6 thoughts on “The Best Affiliate Marketing Businesses”

  1. Excellent article about Affiliate Marketing. I really like your thoughts about Affiliate Marketing. Yes I will agree with you Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online.Whoever wants to work from home and make money online this the best way I will say as well.Because like other business,you need to invest at least minimum amount of money but anyone can start affiliate marketing in empty hand. And in this business no risk involved. Most important thing is as a Affiliate Marketer we can sell products but we don’t have to stock and don’t have to handle customer service. This is the beauty of affiliate marketing.

    1. Thanks for the great comment Nazmun.

      It’s true that I believe Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online, however I wouldn’t agree that there’s no risk involved as you stated. As a matter of fact I wrote a blog about the Pitfalls With Affiliate Marketing that covers various things that you should be aware of as an affiliate.

      I also wrote a blog about The Real Ways To Earn Money Online where I explain the best affiliate programs to fit your needs. I know people that sign up for every program they find and that’s a very bad idea, none of them are making money and they have no clue why that is happening.

      You want to align yourself with the best possible fitting affiliate program and work that program, with maybe one other. There’s no need to have to keep track of twenty of them just use one or two, that’s all you need, but you need them to be a great fit with your niche.

  2. My experience with this topic is if you want to make money and learn new things everyday Wealthy Affiliate is for you. If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life! People deserve happiness and to do what they love to do and make money in the comfort of your own home! 

    1. Thanks for the comment Trevor.

      I agree that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you new things everyday as you build out your business brand. 

      The training never really stops with Wealthy Affiliate and the community never stops helping you succeed.

      WA is not a get rich quick scam, it’s an online business building and learning platform, the best in my opinion.

      Check out another blog post I recently wrote called How To Promote Affiliate Offers Online.

  3. These are excellent tips on affiliate marketing.  Although I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates, I still learned a ton of things I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of yet.  I especially appreciated your advice as to the type of affiliate program to link up with.  As you say, the commission rate at Amazon is quite low compared to many that I have seen.

    Your advice on picking the correct niche is spot on and those entering this field should pay special attention to this.  Individualizing and specializing your site is so important in order to stand out from the rest.  As you so aptly stated, people need a reason to buy through your site and you must give it to them.

    By following your excellent pointers, affiliate marketing can prove to be so much more lucrative than the daily grind!  Give your boss the boot and give yourself a boost into Wealthy Affiliates!

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