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The online business world today is constantly changing, as time moves forward so does the evolution of the way online business is shaping itself within the world today. Think about the fact that not all that long ago people used dial up phone connections for internet services and I would access my AOL mail account using a free AOL dial up disk back in the day.

World TechnologySince those days we have seen the aspect of online business change as time has flown by, they say a month is a year in the world of technology and things become old very fast in the technology world. Watching the internet take shape over the years has made the best of online business leaders surface with giants like Amazon and others.

A few years before big social platforms like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, it was kind of like the wild west online and getting someone to spend money online was not an easy task for almost anyone. EBay started in 1995 and back then the company did not earn near the revenue that EBay does today, they are the tenth largest internet company by revenue today.

Between 1995 to 2000 many powerhouse internet companies formed that are now giant companies today with huge revenue. Think about this, in 1997 three companies registered domain names that are huge revenue earning giants today. Those three companies were Google, Go Daddy and Netflix, today they are all giants in the online business world.

Back in 1995 there were 44 million people online with very few willing to trust and spend money online as opposed to today. There are over 4 billion users online now and internet trust has become a daily way of life for most people. In fact 1.92 billion people are estimated to make an online purchase in 2019 and 80% of US users will make a purchase online in 2019.

From the early 90’s to the new milenium there was another company that exploded in size because of the internet and that company was AOL who still exists today. To this very day, I will check several of my AOL mail accounts that I’ve kept all these years, remember the “you’ve got mail” voice? AOL was a giant in the 90’s, today they still offer dial up and email.

Net Of Revenue

Some reading this may not know this, but Amazon started in 1994 and for many years focused solely on books and did very well, however they weren’t even close to what EBay was doing in those days. Amazon is the best of online business these days, they have done over 232 billion as of 2018 and they are also the second largest employer in the private sector today.

The Best OfIn the most recent fiscal year EBay reported the online auction sites net of revenue as 10.7 billion, which is up from the previous year and will no doubt surpass that figure in the coming years. There are many reasons why the best of online business have done so well and one huge reason is because of affiliate marketers promoting their products.

There was another website that started around that same time in 1995, I think many people reading this has used the site at one point or another and that site is called Craigslist, it’s still active today. Most think of Craigslist as a free local classified site, but not everything is free to list on Craigslist and the site made creator Craig Newmark a billionaire.

It seems that everybody is offering affiliate memberships these days trying to compete with giants like Amazon and there’s one company out there that’s doing billions in sales beating their own sales records every year since they started the affiliate program and that company is Walmart. They are more tolerant of their affiliates, Amazon has some pretty strict rules.

Find Keywords Website

People looking to work from home can find products on both EBay and Amazon and I’m not talking about being an affiliate for either of them, I’m talking actual products for download that you own and can resell to others. Master resell products have been around forever on the internet and people still sell them to this day on both EBay and Amazon.

Find Keywords Are you looking to earn money online? Back in 2005 another great company was formed called Wealthy Affiliate and since that time they have grown to over 1.5 million on the platform with payouts into the tens of millions. With a proven track record of almost 15 years it’s safe to say that Wealthy Affiliate will continue to grow as time goes forward.

Do you have the knowledge to succeed? Wealthy Affiliate started out as a find keywords website that offered affiliates premium keywords lists for their sites, they later evolved into a training platform teaching you affiliate marketing, SEO and success. There are many people at Wealthy Affiliate that have remained premium members for more than ten years to date.

Are you willing to learn the affiliate marketing process? Wealthy Affiliate is the number one site for affiliate marketing training with certified courses that teach you the process of becoming a successful online affiliate marketer, the training is priceless. The reason members remain long term, the yearly cost is $30 a month, where else can you have 50 protected sites hosted?

Knowledge Is A Power

Working from home takes time and dedication, knowledge is a power with affiliate marketing and much needed for success. With the training at Wealthy Affiliate you are learning from the best of online business certified courses available today. The Wealthy Affiliate premium platform is simply amazing and offers everyone an equal chance at massive success.

Passon Is At The Core Of Excellence The entire premium community at Wealthy Affiliate are available to help you succeed and they are the best in the business. Before joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform I tried to succeed online for years trying everything I could without any success. Today, I know exactly what it takes to be successful working online and I do it every day with specific goals I’ve tasked to do.

All the companies I mentioned above can be used to earn money online but to me they’re not the best of affiliate programs. The programs above for Amazon, EBay, Walmart and most other affiliate platforms like Share A Sale, CJ and Rakuten don’t usually pay very high commissions for the most part, there are a few exceptions.

As an example, most Amazon affiliates when starting out make about 5% commissions with sales on average, that means you would need $1000 in sales to earn $50 in commissions. You would need to reach $1 million in sales per year to make $50,000. This is why I prefer a much higher commission affiliate program instead, I aim for 30 to 75 percent commissions.

High Paying Online Jobs

With a 50 percent commission product that costs $50 I can make that same $50 commission with just two sales and I wouldn’t need the thousands and thousands of visitors required to make $1000 in sales for Amazon. That’s why I use high paying affiliate programs because finding high paying online jobs are rare, but finding high paying affiliate program is easy.

Online Dream Jobs There are two other platforms that I use, one is Clickbank because the commissions are usually very high and the platform began in 1998 which makes it a very well-known affiliate platform. These days I promote high commission products from JVZoo, they offer so many tools, training, affiliate competitions and traffic methods for their affiliates.

Most of the products found on both Clickbank and JVZoo are digital download products that include all kinds of software products, video products, image products, Audio products, ebook products, website products, script products and resell products. Many of the products found on both platforms are used by affiliate marketers in their own businesses.

Some other great products found on both platforms are actually money making products that are programs, platforms and systems that can earn you an income, both by buying and using the product itself and by promoting the products. To give you perspective as to how well these products sell, Clickbank is the 87th largest internet company by revenue list.

Online Gambling Sites

There has also been another element of making money online over the last few decades and that is with stocks, penny stocks, Forex trading and of course online gambling. Many platforms now exist that allow you to trade stocks every day right from the comfort of your own home and there are tons of gambling casinos with real money poker sites online today.

Online Casino You clearly want to stay away from these methods of online gambling sites unless you can afford to lose the money you are investing when trying to convert the investment into a pile of cash. The fact is both stocks and gambling can eat your investment leaving you broke very fast and both require knowledge of the situation and a bit of luck as well.

Some years ago I attempted stock trading using a platform that was supposedly 85% plus accurate and you would place a trade when you would see a green indicator button. The platform would also auto search and green light trades on auto pilot without the need to do that actual trading, I’ve tried both ways and lost both of my investments in a matter of days.

I also attempted to win money using online gambling sites, I joined more than one poker site where someone was going to win the real money jackpots and I actually won a tournament for $40 before losing that $40 and my entire cash deposit I placed in my gambling account. The house is always favored with the cards stacked against you, even electronically.

Start Small Business Online

The bottom line is that there are plenty of ways to start small business online income, but the best way is joining Wealthy Affiliate. My personal advice to anyone that wants to learn how to create that type of online income for a laptop lifestyle should learn from the best platform available today and that platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Free Account The certified courses at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know for creating a successful online business set up for long term success. You can not join Wealthy Affiliate with dreams of immediate riches and a luxury lifestyle, building the foundation of your business takes time to make into a reality.

The search engines will take time to rank your site as any kind of authority site and all new sites will get indexed, but they will not get automatically ranked to start out, they you earn over time. This is especially true with Google, some other search engines will allow you to rank very quickly, with Google you spend a bit of time in the mythical sandbox.

When you are serious about wanting an online lifestyle I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate and proceed to do everything offered that is free before becoming a premium member to finish learning the courses. During the time you do the free courses I would save for the yearly discount price because you save $229 over the monthly price.

Instead of paying $49 a month you simply pay $359 for one year and you save $20 dollars a month, you can’t beat that savings. Plus that gives you an entire year to not worry about anything but learning and growing your business as you progress through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The yearly plan remains the same price on renewal and it works out to $30 a month I referred to above. Wealthy Affiliate offers fantastic hosting and you can host up to 50 sites as a premium member. To buy a domain at Wealthy Affiliate it cost about $13.99 and if you own a domain you can bring it to Wealthy Affiliate for free hosting as a premium member.

Amazon Company

The best of online business can be measured by revenue, years in business, success/failure rate and most definitely the growth rate. As an example I mentioned about EBay being a much larger revenue company years ago over Amazon, however, EBay’s growth somewhat topped out whereas the Amazon company continues to grow to this day.

the online giant The company EBay, is earning 10.7 billion per year whereas the Amazon company has done 232 billion, the rate and success of their growth is the reason they succeeded. Amazon is doing so well it’s probably the main reason Walmart started an affiliate program originally with 10,000 products, but now offer over 50,000 products with 2 day free shipping.

It’s absolutely mind boggling to think that an online company could beat a brick and mortar business giant the size of Walmart with their online business but that’s exactly what happened between Walmart and Amazon. Walmart is still the larger annual revenue business with sales over $500 billion a year compared to Amazons 232 billion.

Amazon is estimated to grow even faster in the future and while they may not have stores like Walmart they have had to build distribution centers to keep up with their supply and demand. Everyone has probably heard that Jeff Bezos is now the wealthiest individual person in the world, yet Walmart did more than twice the revenue of Amazon.

The reason for that comes from the overhead involved running the Walmart stores around the world as opposed to a few distribution centers that Amazon uses to stock products for delivery. There are 11,766 Walmart stores in the world today, that’s a lot of bills to keep them going. Amazon has 75 fulfillment centers and 25 sorting centers, that’s a huge difference.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Of Online Business”

  1. All interesting stories of online businesses that have had staying power and it indicates to me that not only is online marketing not dead, but it is also more alive today than it ever has been. How many of the brick and mortar companies that did not see the change and went bankrupt as a result?

    In that vein, you do bring up a great way to leverage this swing through affiliate marketing. The multitudes of online shoppers are looking for social proof as well when they do their research on products they may want to buy, and that is where the affiliate opportunity arises.

    If you can find a niche where there is a large enough group (audience) that is looking for related products that you write about, when these buyers purchase through your link, you will make that commission you speak of. As you say, especially with the IM digital products, the commissions are good.

    It felt like a walk back in time reading about these companies, and one that can help tie them together and allow would-be marketers to make a living is Wealthy Affiliate. There you have the training, the tools, and added features to build a website where you can pull in the targeted audience members who can follow your links to buy what they are looking for.

    It is not a cake-walk by any means, just as with any other real business you have to put in the work daily and do this over a period of time to gain a foothold, pull in traffic using SEO methods (search engine optimization), and offer the products people want and need.

    Thanks for the memories you have pulled up today, this was a really enjoyable post. For those who are wondering how to tap into these large companies that are now selling so much online, affiliate marketing is a good, low-cost entry point way to do this. Lastly, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the place to learn how to do this too.

    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment Dave.

      The social world today keeps things trending at a much faster pace than years ago and you are right most online shoppers will do their research before they make a purchase. 

      I remember when I first joined eBay and started looking at stuff on their site until I found something I wanted to buy. That was at a time when maybe five to ten percent of people online were willing to complete a transaction online. Now the vast majority of people online have no problem with making a transaction online, some do it every day.

      Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything I needed to learn how to succeed with an affiliate marketing business. The tools are outstanding and the community is the best group of knowledgeable people from all over the world. There is no place else I know where you can start a business for under $30 Mo. based on a yearly subscription.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers anyone an equal chance with creating their business brand and eventual success.

  2. This is simply awesome. Just Wow! 

    The jobs and offers you have listed out here are simply golden. Being an affiliate marketer is the top on my own list. I am on the wealthy Affiliate platform and I have been moving pretty well with the trainings and guidance. 

    Just like you, I have lost a lot of money in online gambling especially options and binary trading. Most indicators do not go down well as promised. Affiliate marketing is very great I reiterate and I hope I will be able to get the best from it as I move forward. 


    1. Thanks for leaving your comment RoDarrick.

      There’s so many affiliate marketing platforms and individual companies that offer affiliates a chance to earn money. That’s why everyone should shop around for a few and see which ones work best for you and your business niche. 

      Yes, I had a few pretty bad experiences using indicators and I tried to buy and sell on my own, but I was terrible. The best thing I did was walk away and never try those methods again, it all lead to my journey to Wealthy Affiliate.

      You will do great as you move forward, just stick with the lessons, build your business and give it time to work.

      All The Best

  3. affiliate_ghost

    Hello John :), I enjoyed reading this post as it was informative and all your facts and figures check out(kudos on the research) 

    I have had experiences with some of these methods of making money online and have lost also(especially gambling online – as the house always wins). I realize now that the best bet on making consistent income online is getting into the affiliate game and as a newbie, Wealthy affiliate is the best place you can get free training.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment  Affiliate Ghost,

      Thanks and your correct, the best place to learn from the free training is Wealthy Affiliate and for those that are serious it’s the best place for the premium training. Wealthy Affiliate is a long term success mentoring platform that will teach you to be a success with the proper certified courses and an entire community helping you succeed.

      Everyone should join and at least give it a shot because it’s 100 percent free to join a free starter membership. 

  4. Hi John
    Yes, it is staggering how, in only a couple of decades, our entire world has been transformed from a face-to-face commercial experience to one of virtual store-fronts, high-volume shipping systems, and see-what-actually-arrived ‘present-giving.’

    It’s both invigorating and sad.

    I live in Australia where their largest book-seller, Dymocks, is closing stores because of ebooks and online providers. Soon, gone will be the days of browsing a bookstore for something to ‘catch your eye.’ I already miss the days of browsing through B&N and sitting down to read a book’s first chapter to see if I would read the whole thing.

    There are some benefits, but I sincerely hope that we will never have only online shopping (which will be pot-luck shipping; been burned on that. 🙁


    1. Thanks for leaving the great comment Dave.

      I agree with you it’s both invigorating and sad, I miss the days when everyone talked face to face, now it’s a phone. Some family members do this and it drives me crazy, I have to tell them to put their phone away just to visit.  

      I’m in the US and many of our bookstores have closed up with the exception of a few, it’s really sad.

      Sometimes reading from a real book is better than reading from a device like a kindle where you can be distracted. Hopefully the big brick and mortar businesses will survive the onslaught from the online business worlds growth.

      When the bookstores all close the only place we will have left to buy a book is online or at second hand stores.

      All The Best

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