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Here’s to a new year with fewer distractions to ruin your paychecks, it happens to most everybody and some more than others. Perfecting your craft is the name of the game for everyone and for me it was a personal lifesaver in my marketing efforts. Some people never even see they’ve become distracted while other people see it happen to themselves many times over. Distractions are the main reason I  became serious with my marketing and it’s how I decided to over achieve in my success.

All at once, I realized just how distracted I was becoming in my attempts to become successful I knew I had to do something quick. I started keeping notes of anything and everything that distracted me from succeeding and the list got pretty long by the end.

Never would I have thought so many things were distracting me but there were so many and I had to handle this all quickly. The one thing that was consistent with these big distractions was that my main goal objective was not getting achieved at all.

I made it my mission to cancel out my distractions one by one and harness my time as I am now in control of how I spend it. Things were boiling in my madness and I didn’t realize how much of my time I was not in control of over the past few years. With so many culprits stealing my time I referred to my long list and started checking off the usual suspects as complete. Things became almost silly as I ventured to my local dollar store and bought up a bunch of supplies for my new project.

I bought notebooks, two erasable boards with markers, sticky note pads, a cork board and most important an oven timer. Once I returned home I set up the boards and removed all distractions around me, I turned off my phone and television. With only my fan running I was in total silence and it seemed strange since I’m used to having background noise, it’s how I sleep.

This day I was starting a new way of doing things and I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish by the end of the day.

There were not too many things I chose to do for starting out that day, but I gave each task an allotted amount of time to complete. With each task I set my timer and went to work uninterrupted as I executed each task one by one, I was really kicking butt. When the timer dinged and I wasn’t finished I added a bit more time it to complete that task and I became so much faster. The one board I had filled with my different tasks and the other board had all the completed tasks to keep track of them all. My wall in front of me was full of post it’s with information on them for quick immediate reference to copy into where needed.

Before long, I was delegating how my time was being spent and I wouldn’t allow anything to distract my time ever again. Sometimes you have to take charge and make things go your way even if things make you feel like you can’t ever do it. Fortunately for me I took my time back and I guard it closely because time really is money whether you make it or lose it. Since I started this method of keeping time, I have succeeded at every task I have attempted and it works well for me.

I started to speak of this to other people I found that many people who are trying to make money online fall victim to distractions. It doesn’t matter what your niche you may get into, distractions often happen and time keeps ticking by with no regard. The worst is probably social media because of how quickly the distractions will come at you one after another non-stop. Perhaps the best way to avoid distractions is to challenge yourself and disconnect yourself from social media and any other distractions. Social media can work for you or against you but it depends how you spend your time on any social platform.

These days I still use social media but I limit my time allotted to logging on to my accounts and I use it to my advantage too. For me I get extra time with my social media because on my schedule, I have it marked down twice to allow myself to sign in.

The reason is one is for fun and the other is for business with related pages and posts I created for my sponsored pages. This type of issue may not relate to everyone but I know some people I have spoke with has had this issue while trying to work online.

Sometimes you have to compromise your time like I did a few weeks ago trying to get some work done while I was fishing. For a few minutes things were great and I was getting some work done on my tablet while also getting things ready to fish. The St Johns river was smooth and I was free floating near a bridge in my boat as I cast 3 lines off towards the bridge. Finally, I set the drag on all my lines and I started working on my tablet while I was slowly floating around waiting for a fish.

I no sooner got started working with my images I was putting together into a folder for my next project when my line went off. In a flash I was reeling that line hoping for something really good and the drag went off on my other pole at just that moment. I left the one reel peeling off line while I reeled in a nice red fish on the first that hit before turning to the second reel again. That one was already running around with my line and there was a ton of slack in the line as I started reeling it back in. The line became tight and it was fighting like crazy as I reeled it to the boat and it turned out to be a good size catfish.

It was at that moment I immediately thought of distractions and realized sometimes you have to compromise your time. After getting the two poles baited and cast back in the river the third pole started screaming off peeling line like crazy. That turned out to be another nice size catfish which went right in the keep box with the other two fish as well. By this time I was fully distracted and I don’t remember exactly when but I said the hell with working and I fished the rest of that day.

What I learned from the constant distractions was that I was in no way keeping track of my own time on any levels. Drastic action snapped me out of things and made me pay closer attention to how I spend my time every day of the week. Somehow being in tune with time and how I spend my time has actually made my life and business more efficient over all.

Funny that some distractions I can control but when it comes to my fishing there really is no compromise, I’m fishing! The old adage comes to mind; ” A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.”

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