The Big Distractions


Here’s to fewer distractions that ruin your paychecks, it happens to many of us, and some of us more than others. Some people never see when the big distractions happen while others take notice of them and make adjustments. Distractions are the main reason why I got into affiliate marketing and it’s why I try to overachieve in success.

The Big Distractions

Knowing the distractions were stopping any success, something had to happen quickly. I kept notes of distracting things and my list was growing.

Social media distraction isn’t alone, it’s emails, gaming, and shopping too. Never would I have thought so many things were able to distract me. None of my main goals were getting achieved and I was failing.

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Control Of My Time

The new mission was to cancel any distractions, harness time, and gain back control. So many lose a great amount of time with shiny objects to some degree in their online activities. Clearly, I wasn’t utilizing time control online or offline. With so many culprits stealing my time I refer to the notes and I’ll check them off but they always return.

After driving to my local dollar store to buy up a bunch of supplies for a new time project idea I was back at home.

The Big Distractions

My purchases were notebooks, two erasable marker boards, sticky note pads, and an oven timer, hey it was a buck.

I tuned out all distractions around me and just sat there in peaceful silence. This seemed strange to me because I’m used to a ton of background noise.

With a new list of what to accomplish, things had become much clearer.


Delegating My Time

The next day was kept fairly simple with no high expectations other than setting a new plan in motion. Tasks were given allotted amounts of time using the oven timer. The time list was growing while it was getting checked off.

When the timer dinged and I’d not finished yet so a little more time was added to complete a task. One board was filled with tasks to do and the other board had completed tasks. Quick reference information is on the wall whenever needed.

Time was delegated to control how it was being spent online and offline. Distractions are being eliminated from your actual timeline in real-time.

Anybody can take time back, keeping it is the hard part, guard it closely.

Time is money whether you’re making big bucks or losing your shirt, time doesn’t care. Keeping time has made my tasks happen with huge success.


Time Value Money Calculator

When listening to people talk about how they spend their time online it’s clear many fall victim to distractions. Distractions do happen and the time they steal is lost with no regard to you or any plan you may have had for the day. Social media bombards users with distractions, hoping to have you stuck staring at the next shiny object.

Perhaps the best way to avoid distractions online is to take a challenge to disconnect from social media for a day. Social media can work for you or against you on a time value money calculator depending on the level of kibitzing. Unless social media is paying you money, it’s best to disconnect and reclaim time to spend it productively.

However, if using social media to make money online is something of interest then read my post called Work Home Jobs Online.

Social media is still used but with limited time allowed for each account. Before taking back control I was literally just killing time every day.

Perception of awareness varies but we’re all aware on some level of thought. Become aware of things coming at you at a much faster pace, take control of time, and see how much it helps you.


 The Big Distractions – Compromise Your Time Management


Sometimes you have to compromise your time management. One time I tried to get some work done online while I was fishing the river in my boat but that’s a really long story.

In the shortened story, things went great fishing as I worked using my tablet. I prefer working at home but I managed to get things ready in advance to start fishing and work mobile.

The St John’s river was smooth and I was free-floating near a bridge in my boat with 3 lines cast off towards the direction of the bridge. It’s definitely great working using a tablet while slowly floating around waiting for fish.

No sooner had I gotten started working with my images than my line went off. In a flash, I was reeling one line and the other poles reel started peeling line at that moment. One was a nice redfish and the other was a good-sized catfish.

At that moment I immediately thought of distractions and realized sometimes you have to compromise your time. Rebaited, the poles were cast back out and the third pole was peeling line like crazy but that’s just another fish tale.

Fishing was distracting my ability to work effectively, so I quit working and fished for the rest of that day.


The Big Distractions – Gone Fishing


Before any involvement with my online business, I’d never kept track of how my time was actually being spent every week. With so many distractions it’s easy to get overwhelmed with tasks.

We need to learn to block distractions to reclaim our time back. Most distractions are online but oftentimes they can be offline. Drastic action snapped me out of things to pay closer attention.

Some distractions are controlled with time management but when it comes to critical thinking and fishing there’s no compromise.

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Gone fishing!


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