The Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Learn The Secrets

Learn The secretWhen I first started searching how to make money online years ago I was like a mad scientist doing research and always coming up looking frustrated and beaten down. The secret that marketers would always throw around was terms like join here and learn the secrets gurus used to rake in millions of dollars over and over, I had searched for the real ways to earn money online.

I’m sure you might have seen a headline similar to that term in the past, but the secret is no secret at all, the secret is you need to learn the process of affiliate marketing by completing the courses necessary to achieve that goal. During my times before I ever joined Wealthy Affiliate I would search terms like the real ways to earn money online and I would join many lists.

Most of the lists I joined just spammed your email inbox and they didn’t really produce the kind of results I was looking for but the one thing I knew was that I wanted to make money online. I had done a few things online and had little success here and there usually from ads placed, but ranking in any search engine never happened ever.

An Awesome Experience

That was before I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I worked very hard learning the process of affiliate marketing from the experts in the business from all around the world. There’s no question in my mind that Wealthy Affiliate works and I’ll tell you why I say that statement, it’s because I have posts ranking on page one of several search engines and Google.

An Awesome ExperienceThis does take a little time to happen but it will happen for anyone who completes the courses and applies that knowledge to their websites to get ranked. This site has many pages that rank on page one of either Google, Bing or Yahoo, but there’s many other search engines that it is also ranking in like Dogpile or Yandex or DuckDuckGo.

Learning from Wealthy Affiliate has been an awesome experience and it has definitely taught me the real ways to earn money online. People love to throw the word scam around and many even use the term to rank in search engines, but with Wealthy Affiliate I’ve come to realize it’s the real deal and that you will rank well if you apply the lessons learned.

I have several sites that all have ranking keywords in various niches and as I continue to add content my sites are building authority and gaining better rank all the time. None of this would have ever happened if I didn’t join Wealthy Affiliate and learn the process necessary to achieve writing content that ranks so well in the search engines.

Honesty Really Is The Best Policy

There really is no substitute for Wealthy Affiliate, I have tried many other teaching platforms, but Wealthy Affiliate is the only one that I have seen the magnitude of success I see continuously happening from my websites. That includes this site, I rank many of my posts on page one of either Google, Bing or Yahoo quite often and I write as much content as I can handle.

Honesty Really Is The Best PolicyI wrote a post called Inside The Mind Of A Writer where I go over several posts that are ranked on page one, including that post which is page one on Bing. The reason I showed this post was to prove that Wealthy Affiliate does indeed work and it can work for you.

When you go to Bing and search the title of that post I am on page one with the Bing search engine. That’s not Google, but I’m not complaining since Bing has millions of daily users.

As a publisher you want your content to be authentic and truthful, honesty really is the best policy and trust is what it takes to get anyone interested in your offers to click on them. You should find a subject you really like and start writing about that subject offering tips and help, that can help people doing searches and you can have those people land on your page.

The best part is that over time you will have many pages ranking on given keywords that begins to kind of build a web with your site and your site authority climbs with each new post. I think the best part is that when you rank on that one keyword or phrase you will also rank on many related keywords to your keyword or phrase.

The Yearly Plan

There’s no better traffic visiting your page than organic search engine results, that’s as targeted a visitor that you would ever want landing on your page. I get visitors from many traffic methods but most of the traffic that lands on my pages from search engine results stay on my page for the longest time frames.

The Yearly PlanA huge misconception is that people think joining Wealthy Affiliate will make them money instantly and that’s just total non-sense to think it would be that easy to do. This is a serious business that takes time to not only learn but to effectively apply the methods with your own sites and rank in the search engines.

The biggest thing is people are impatient in the time frame, for this reason and many others I always suggest that you join Wealthy Affiliate by the yearly plan. You save $229 a year over the monthly plan and it gives you an entire year to learn this process and get it going without having that monthly payment hanging over you every month.

You can do this as anyone can, I always recommend that anyone searching how to get involved in Wealthy Affiliate start with a free starter membership and while they’re studying those lessons find some crap to sell or have a rummage sale. Save for the whole yearly price, I don’t recommend joining monthly, it’s costs a lot more and tends to make people want to quit.

Wealthy Affiliate Is The Real Deal

The best part is when you join yearly you have the entire year to get to work on your dreams of having a business online that is consistently making you money. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you How To Promote Affiliate Offers Online with the best training available and all of the OEC courses are certified courses so you know they are the real deal.

Wealthy Affiliate Is The real DealThere’s many real ways that people used to earn money online every day from drop shipping to blogging to e-commerce stores and others like EBay. There’s no reason why you can’t create something that is well-informed and able to rank in the search engines after completing the courses at Wealthy Affiliate.

I highly suggest you join now for free right here and get started with 10 free lessons and 2 free websites that you can build all for free. Once you join start the training and continue on until you complete everything you can do for free before upgrading to the premium subscription, once you are premium you are well on your way to learning the process of affiliate marketing.

There are plenty of scams out there on the internet but Wealthy Affiliate is far from a scam, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal that can change your life with time invested in learning the process. When you join premium everyone helps you to succeed and the people I refer I help out as best as possible for their success, after all their success is my success.

Take the time to join and discover what you are capable of creating at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading the real ways to earn money online.

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4 thoughts on “The Real Ways To Earn Money Online”

  1. Boniface-AndroidBix

    Dear John Mullen,

    Thanks bro for that case you have argued for Wealthy Affiliate terming it as an honest site and that there’s no substitute to it in terms of engagement and training. I totally agree with you.

    One of the clear successes you have pointed out that trainees of WA get is to see their sites ranking for specific keywords they targeted. It shows that the training they receive is practical and yields results. 

    You also have cautioned us against thinking that WA is a get rich overnight kind of program. Patience indeed pays at WA. Thanks again and keep posting wonderful content!


    Boniface from AndroidBix

    1. Thanks for the great comment Boniface.

      There’s no question that Wealthy Affiliate OEC courses teach an aspiring affiliate the proper way to learn Affiliate Marketing. Those courses as well as the live training and community training has led my sites to page one in the search engines on many of my pages and posts. 

      I wrote a blog called inside the mind of a writer that is currently ranked page one of Bing under that search term.

      The blog covers many aspects to writing quality search engine ranking content with many other page one ranked posts that prove the fact that Wealthy Affiliate not only works, but in fact works very well.

  2. Thanks for taking time to write this excellent article. Wealthy Affiliate has really change my life since i joined few months ago, I learnt probably things I would have a paid huge some of amount for. So many tools, tons of tutorials, large community with experienced members that are always ready to help, and lots more. I love your honest review and the fact that you cleared the conception of many people about making money instantly through the platform.


    1. Thanks for the great comment Jordan.

      One true fact about Wealthy Affiliate is that you get out of it what you put into it, you should complete the courses and take the time to work your business. Many members have been there for a very long time and there’s a reason they are still there. Wealthy Affiliate works!

      Once you learn the process of affiliate marketing you will understand how to become a super wealthy affiliate.

      Beware of the pitfalls with affiliate marketing as you build your business for those first starting out. 

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