What Is A Checklist?

What Is A Checklist?

Everybody makes lists for things like a grocery store list or Santa’s Christmas list, but what is a checklist? Everybody also knows Santa uses a checklist, he checks it twice or so the story goes.

For those who create content, a checklist is an important part of the process to keep moving on with projects. That’s why I use checklists.

Creating lists is something I grew up around, my dad would constantly be creating lists. Unfortunately, sometimes they were for work he wanted me to do around the house like mowing the yard.

He had a checklist for everything and well like a father, like a son. I often drive my wife crazy with lists of my own nowadays.

What I learned from my dad’s crazy lists is that they allowed me to better focus. That’s why I began creating lists of my own at a young age. The process became routine in almost everything I do in life from paying bills to my work.

Having a checklist is crucial to getting things done for me no matter what project the checklist may be intended for.


A 25 Things To Try Checklist

25 Things To Try Checklist

You won’t have to wonder what is a checklist after reading this post. That’s because I am giving you two checklists in the form of ebooks. These ebooks are awesome and will help you with your online business no matter what niche you’re involved with.

In addition to those two ebooks, I’ve provided a third ebook that gives you a toolkit for SEO as well.

Over some years, I’ve memorized my lists from my regular routines which in turn speeds up my overall process. Having a go-to checklist enables you to check the boxes and move to the next tasks towards project completion.

Just knowing you’ve completed each task allows you to continue forward with peace of mind.

One of the ebooks mentioned above has 25 things to try, it was written in 2019, updated in 2020, and is relevant still to this day in 2021. This ebook offers a great amount of information on content marketing. The ebook has a checklist of 25 things that is a must for any content marketer.

This ebook can help with a site, the site creator, and the search engines that will rank them.

Click the highlighted link to get the 25 things to try checklist for content marketing.

The Ultimate SEO Writing Checklist

The Ultimate SEO Writing Checklist

The second ebook is another excellent informative checklist for content creators. Try learning and growing your business using these unique specific techniques. This checklist with content marketing in mind differs from the above ebook.

This ebook’s primary focus is on a Content SEO writing checklist.

This ebook gives you the Ultimate SEO Content Writing Checklist. This ebook helps content creators in creating their daily, weekly, and or monthly routine checklists.

Creating a checklist gives you consistency and balance with your content with everything from how often you post to what you’re posting and where you post it.

Click the highlighted link to get the Ultimate SEO Writing Checklist and make site content SEO enticing for better ranking.

These ebooks come from one of the top SEO companies in the world and affiliate marketers who use these ebooks will benefit greatly from the checklists. When using a step-by-step checklist method it becomes much harder to fail your tasks. The time you save using a checklist can be time spent making more money or claiming that time back as your own.

The Toolkit For SEO Ebook

The Toolkit For SEO

A checklist allows you to take larger tasks and break them into smaller sections to complete individually. This eliminates a great deal of the overwhelming feeling that can formulate with the larger tasks.

There are checklist apps available in the Google play store. However, they’re not content marketing or SEO writing checklists from a well-trusted SEO company.

These checklists were created specifically with content marketer’s and SEO writer’s best interests in mind. And if that isn’t enough remember there’s a third ebook I mentioned above.

This third ebook is not a checklist but much like an old mechanic friend once said to me, “my best friend is my toolbox.”

It never hurts to have an arsenal of tools to work alongside a checklist, having the right tool when needed can save both time and money. That is why I included this third ebook despite it not being a checklist. While this post is about checklists, it’s nice to have extra tools to help work some magic.

This is a toolkit designed for SEO that can help improve a content site overall. It’s called Toolkit For SEO from one of the biggest names in SEO. Doing these 3 things alone can drastically improve ranking, readability, esthetics, and site speed. Having premium keywords or keyword phrases can also elevate a site barely ranking to page one in some search engines.

Click the highlighted link to get the Toolkit For Seo ebook and boost your site’s ranking potential while learning new tricks.


A Blueprint For Future Success

A Blueprint For Success

Try sticking to these awesome checklists and watch content improvement occur in real-time as you check off those boxes. A structured framework is a foundation that serves as a blueprint for future success.

Getting in a routine using checklists helps keep the creativity flowing as opposed to getting stuck, overwhelmed, and lost as to what should come next.

Another post I wrote called The Big Distractions covers everyday distractions that steal your time and sometimes your money as well.

These distractions are culprits of failure for some affiliates attempting to make money online through content marketing or whatever their endeavors might be. Time can become the enemy with focus issues for many online trying to make money.

A Step By Step Structured Method

A Step By Step Structured Method

Having a relaxed structured checklist is a blueprint for success one task at a time until the last piece has been put in place. When you repeat this process many times over the routine becomes normal and the benefits are enormous.

An example is just about every marketing video you see has a whiteboard teaching a step-by-step structured method.

A step-by-step is a checklist system where you work on each step until completion checking off the steps as you go along. There are so many ways to make money online and just about every one of them uses a checklist in some way or another.

Using a checklist allows you to build a comprehensive list of tasks for whatever projects you may be tackling in the future.

There are regular checklists and blank templates available as well for those who are not interested in the content marketing SEO ebooks. These work well for people creating checklists for everyday projects like car repair parts lists, construction supply’s or chores at home. For these types of projects, I suggest using Canva to get a free template.

A Checklist System Produces Efficiency And Accuracy

While I already use Canva for various projects, they are fantastic and offer 44 Canva Checklist Templates on their website. Those interested in content marketing and SEO writing should check out the ebooks mentioned above.

The methods used with a checklist turn any overall project into puzzle pieces that once put together complete the full picture.

For content creators, I’ll add that the Canva Affiliate Program pays up to $36. for those interested in promoting Canva. While I’m not an affiliate of Canva myself I think it’s worth mentioning for those wishing to possibly promote their platform.

Having a checklist system produces efficiency and accuracy without any missing pieces to the puzzle.

Try the ebooks mentioned above and see how they can make a huge difference in content marketing and SEO writing. Having come from a reputable top name in SEO makes these valuable for most creators looking for more ways to expand. Hopefully, this post will help anyone wanting to learn about checklists for their future project endeavors.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “What Is A Checklist?”

  1. Hi there, Having a checklist, or in my case often several checklists, does help me to focus on what needs doing first. And it certainly gives me a sense of achievement when I can tick items off my list, and eventually throw the list away, and start another one. Thanks for the tip on Canva, I do use them a lot for creating posters for Pinterest, but will go and look for the checklist templates, and have a look at their affiliate program. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment it’s very much appreciated. When I first started affiliate marketing my organization was all over the place. After using the checklists I provided my daily work output increased by 10 fold. The checklist serves as a guidance system to achieve every goal you’ve set for yourself. Check out the free ebook checklists for marketers in this post, they’re free downloads.

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