What Is Affiliate In Marketing

This may sound stupid but I asked my friend who brought me into this business what is affiliate in marketing?

When I first started with the business of affiliate marketing I didn’t understand much of anything involving the business itself.

What Is Affiliate in Marketing

The one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a better way to make money online. I think that stands true for anyone interested in learning about affiliate marketing.

My online experience in making money was completely different from affiliate marketing.

I was buying products directly from China and other countries at very low costs. Then I’d sell them on eBay and also locally on sites like Craigslist.

After he stopped laughing at me for asking such a question he said you can reverse those words and they would still have the same meaning.

He said the title of marketing affiliate or affiliate marketing is the same by way of definition.

I was really interested in learning about this business especially when I saw how much money my friend made.

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Proof Of His Earnings

what is affiliate in marketing

One night I was hanging out with him and he showed me proof of his earnings online. My jaw about hit the floor at what I was seeing.

He had made not hundreds but thousands over the last month and for many months before the statement he showed me.

I had wondered how he paid for his boat, his truck, his car, and his Harley. Now, I know the answer, he is very well off.

That very night he explained to me all about affiliate marketing and why I might want to get involved with this type of business. I laughed and said I’m as green as the Hulk, Shrek, The Grinch, and the Jolly Green Giant combined. Then, I said that I know nothing about this business what’s so ever.

After a long conversation, I learned that affiliate is my title with merchants. Those merchants have products that need to be sold. When I sell them on my site, I get a commission for every sale of whatever product is sold.

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My New Business

what is affiliate in marketing

That means I can sell that same product over and over. To anyone willing to purchase from my site’s pages.

Not only that, I can promote as many of these products as I choose.

I can create a niche site by simply writing content on the products I wish to promote.

Reviews can work very well for online affiliate sales.

For years, I knew that my friend worked online, but I never knew what exactly he was doing. I definitely didn’t know what kind of money he was earning before any of this happened.

Afterward, I explained to him that I was sold on the idea and that I wanted to get involved. However, I needed to know the best place I can learn how to do affiliate marketing.

I was excited and anxious to get started in this new business. I was sick of dealing with buying and selling with the long wait time on shipping. Plus the returns were killing my business.

My friend explained to me that this is not going to happen overnight. It will take some time to learn the process and build a business and I of course asked how long?

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Success Over Time

what is affiliate in marketing

Success depends on you was his answer!

You need to learn the process from one of the best training platforms in the industry to get started.

He said to go learn the process from the best training mentors that are available online today.

Do this and you will see success over time, he said. Affiliate marketing is not something you master overnight.

Between my regular job and my side business selling purchased products online, it wasn’t leaving me time.

If I wanted success to happen with affiliate marketing, I had to decide what to do.

Without a doubt, I wanted to learn this business in every way and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

I sold out of my purchased products and quit my online business of selling on eBay. I had 4 eBay accounts going and a few PayPal accounts as well, I axed all but one of each.

When the dust settled, I joined Wealthy Affiliate! To get started, I paid yearly to get the awesome discount that comes with a yearly premium membership.

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Success Is Hard Work

what is affiliate in marketing

Little did I know how my life was about to change, it still blows my mind.

I’ll always be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, for life.

There is no other platform that even comes close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers its premium members.

The education, support, hosting, and site-building platform offered is the best in the industry.

The facts are clear, don’t expect some riches overnight.

Success is hard work, members build success over time with Wealthy Affiliate. Unfortunately, people join and expect to make money by next week without doing anything. It’s totally being unrealistic and they always quit.

People with drive and ambition will stick it out and learn the process by completing the certified courses.

By the time I completed my level 5 OEC courses I had 2 sites ranking on page one of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I was using several keyword search phrases and I started getting much more traffic to my pages and posts.

This is one of many sites I own, my sites are doing well and my site traffic is continually rising.

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Commit To The Challenges

what is affiliate in marketing

I still work as a painting contractor today!

However, the way things are going, I may be closing up shop with my brick and mortar business in the future.

When I do, I will explode my Affiliate Marketing business.

We all know that success is hard work and it’s not handed out like a participation trophy.

It takes hard work to achieve personal success in life.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the entire community will help you succeed.

Success depends on the effort put forth to achieve that success.

Don’t join and not do anything! Commit to the challenges before you and beat them to win. It is that simple! This is why I encourage people to join my network at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let me, help you become a WA success story!

First, you need to sign up free from the sidebar Wealthy Affiliate banner on side of this page. After joining, begin the free online certified courses! You will start with the free level one training and by lesson 4 of the training, you create a free SiteRubix sub-domain website.

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Free Keywords Search

what is affiliate in marketing

Think of something you enjoy doing for your niche product ideas.

Build a site around that niche to start, it’s fun and exciting to build a site, but best of all it’s free.

By the time you finish lesson 10 of the level one training, you will want to upgrade to premium.

After upgrading four more levels of training to complete the course awaits your success.

Dedication and hard work will pay off over time while learning the process and you will see success within months of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term the snowball effect, that’s what happens with hard work and determination. Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to achieve long-term success.

Wealthy Affiliate becomes easier as you learn the process. Many good online business ideas will begin to flood your thoughts as you progress through the program. With a premium account, you will have a lite version of an excellent keyword tool called Jaaxy that allows unlimited free keywords search.


Change Your Life

what is affiliate in marketing

This is critical in getting an awesome ranking from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Trust me when I say, Jaxxy delivers big time.

The education received at Wealthy Affiliate costs less than $500 a year.

Take advantage of the yearly plan to receive a discount price.

Try finding any courses at a college for that price.

Some people choose to pay monthly for premium membership and that’s fine. It costs $49 a month, which is still very reasonable. For premium plus membership, the price is $99 per month, or choose the annual discounted plan.

With a yearly plan, members pay once and it’s good for the entire year to learn and make dreams happen.

There is really nothing to lose because it is 100% free to join WA with a free starter membership.

Change your life today by joining the free starter membership!  Free members can still make money! Help moving forward with a new free business is available. Plus, free members build a free SiteRubix website.

Take time to learn from Wealthy Affiliate this year because this time next year you can be a booming success.

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Worldwide Community

What Is Affiliate in Marketing

That’s my story folks! And, my stupid question asking what is affiliate in marketing was definitely answered.

Now, I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else.

By this time next year, I will still be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I started like anyone else would on the platform, and I’m currently ranked near the top at WA.

I’ve worked very hard to achieve this ranking alongside so many members at the top of their game. I refuse to give up ever, quitting is for losers!

Because of that mindset, I didn’t just climb the ladder towards success. I flew up the ladder at blazing speed.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? Because you learn from a worldwide community of the best in the business. You learn the process of affiliate marketing all while making new friends around the globe.

I help others from all over the world achieve success at Wealthy Affiliate every day. I talk to members from all 7 continents which totally blows my mind.

Test drive Wealthy Affiliate by joining free today. Committed to challenging WA?

Commit to joining Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, it’s for your success!


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Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “What Is Affiliate In Marketing”

  1. I also started the same way you did, but I wasnt getting it right, I later got to know that patience is solely needed when it comes to affiliate marketing. I have always known solid research for knowledge to improve your niche is very important and required to succeed. 

    Another important thing is originality and perseverance make your style unique .

    Thanks for the eye opener. This is a must for all newbies to read.

    1. Thanks for commenting and your spot on about Solid research, it is absolutely required to succeed in this business. I recently wrote a blog about that subject called Good Research Topics, you may find it very helpful. 


  2. Everyone seems not to understand and have a full Knowledge of what affiliate marketing is, until they see with their eyes or hear about real life testimonies. Though I got introduced to it early this year but then I’ve been working my ass off to make sure a good result comes out of it. Reading through your own story now just motivated me all the more and I’m promising not to retreat or surrender. Thanks for the educative and helpful post.

    1. Thanks for commenting on my post, your right that’s exactly what it takes, learning the business and putting hard work in to achieve success. For some of the best results you could ever want check out SEMrush it’s an awesome keyword tool that you can try for free by clicking the banner in the sidebar.

      To Your Success.

  3. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best business I have ever done online because I have made a lot of money doing affiliate marketing and I have no regrets whatsoever. Getting an article that passes the right knowledge about affiliate marketing is gold and this article is one of those that passes such knowledge.

    1. Thanks for commenting and that’s some pretty good insight on affiliate marketing, it takes knowledge to prevail and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to obtain that much needed knowledge. I wrote a blog post about doing a Google Ranking Check recently it’s worth reading for those looking to get involved. Thanks again.

  4. Hi John, yours is truly a success story and I hope to get there someday.  Affiliate marketing is great especially when you’re a member of a platform like Wealthy Affiliate. Since I joined WA, I have seen significant improvement with my online business. The training tools are flexible and beginner friendly, plus you can talk of the community members that are every ready to assist you with help.

    Nothing good comes easily, for one to succeed, it requires hard work like you mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing your success story with us. To our success.

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