What Is Black Friday About?

What Is Black Friday About?

What IS Black Friday About?

Have you ever wondered what is Black Friday about? Clearly, it’s for consumers to spend all of their money on products either in-store or online. Some of the deals are so enticing it’s nearly impossible to turn any of them down, but I digress.

The true meaning of Black Friday comes from the 1960s in Philadelphia PA. Philadelphia police department coined the term and it stuck. With vehicle traffic and pedestrian, traffic police were overwhelmed by the sales.

The roads were a mess and completely congested.

Sometime in 1960, Black Friday was repeated again by police and media. They were discussing the upcoming events happening in the coming days. The events were the 1960 Army-Navy football game which drew a massive crowd to the city of Philadelphia.

Some accounts claim the Philadelphia police had used the term throughout the 50s, but it stuck in the 60s.

Those people would shop for the day after Thanksgiving deals while in the city attending Army-Navy football games. Today of course everyone can get great online Black Friday deals, but back in those days, there was no internet to shop online.

They didn’t even call it Black Friday in those days! It was simply the after Thanksgiving day sales offering the year-end deals. Companies purposely used the day after Thanksgiving to kick off their Christmas season promotions towards consumers.


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Advertising Agencies Began Using The Slogan

What Is Black Friday about

Advertising agencies began using the Black Friday slogan to sell after Thanksgiving day promotional advertisements. Local newspapers and television commercials.

That caused the slogan to become a national term and merchants welcomed it for sales. When big merchants advertised their new deals in those days they did it using radio, newspapers, or television.

Today advertisements are instantly online. However, back then it was weeks and weeks of prep work before launching a sales ad.

This was how companies in 1961 let consumers know how to get the best deals they had to offer at that time. Since those days it seems like every year sales are bigger than the year before.

The sales can be total madness.

For many merchants, these deals are what keep their small businesses going throughout the entire year. It’s no secret that more purchases are made during Black Friday than at all other times of the year. Merchants know this and take advantage.

The slogan that created an economic boom in the 1960s that is still going strong in today’s economy. It’s become so big that outburst incidents occur almost every year.

Obviously, it’s over the sales happening in locations around the USA.


What Is Cyber Monday About?

Because of the enraged people missing out on deals, the deals first turned into the entire weekend. For some merchants, the deal offered would last much longer. Enter the internet and Cyber Monday was created to extend sales.

What Is Cyber Monday About?

So, what is Cyber Monday about? Initially, it was aimed at online-only sales after Black Friday weekend sales had ended. However, times have changed and most all deals usually extend over to Cyber Monday for consumers.

Heck, in 2020 Home Depot had certain Black Friday deals run from November 8th thru December 2nd, but it’s Black Friday! While Cyber Monday deals are still mostly online, there are some businesses that still offer in-store Cyber Monday deals.

Most consumers search for what is the best Black Friday Deals, and the best Cyber Monday deals long in advance. This has caused retailers to release their deals much earlier than ever before and made their deals last much longer.

There are many deals available now, both online and in stores that I mentioned before above like Home Depot. The Home Depot flyer was 36 pages long and the deals were good from November 8th to December 2nd.


When Is Black Friday?

When Is Black Friday?

So, when is Black Friday exactly?

We may never know the real answer… Initially, it was supposed to be the Friday following Thanksgiving and for most, it still represents that day.

However, retailers have exploited the sales for years!

They’ve turned a day into a month-long theme that also includes Cyber Monday before it all finally ends in December. What began as a one-day event in the 1960s morphed into something entirely different today, but the name didn’t change.

I guess Black November or Cyber November wouldn’t offer the same appeal for consumers shopping the sales. However, some merchants do stick to the 4 days that are actually Black Friday through Cyber Monday, like Wealthy Affiliate.

November 26th through November 29th is the four most profitable days throughout the year for many affiliate marketers. That’s because of the unbelievable deals and once over, you won’t see them again until next year’s sale.

That raises the question of what is the best Black Friday deal? The Wealthy Affiliate sale is by far what is the best Black Friday deal in my opinion. I’ve never seen this deal offered and I’m not certain it will be available next year.


Black Friday Deals What To Expect

Wealthy Affiliate Deals

The Wealthy Affiliate deal and what to expect. In my perspective, they’ve never offered these prices before now.

The normal yearly membership prices for premium and premium plus are respectively $495 and $995.

That is the regular normal yearly price.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deals are exclusively for a yearly membership. There are no deals monthly. The offers run from November 26th through November 29th only.

The deal is billable every year at the original purchase price.

So I encourage you to sign up free and wait until the sale begins before upgrading to premium or premium plus.

The deal is the lowest entry price you will see offered, it’s how I joined too.

During those 4 days, you can join Wealthy Affiliate yearly premium for $299 and premium plus for $499, that’s a huge discount. Aside from that, let me explain the perks that come with memberships to the Wealthy Affiliate online community.

First, let me say that with both memberships you get the Jaaxy keyword tool, but regular premium gets a Jaaxy lite version. Without a doubt, it’s sufficient for affiliates but the premium plus gives the full version of the Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Tool.


The Best Black Friday Deal Online

The Best Deal Online

The thing that makes this deal the best is that Jaaxy Enterprise as a stand-alone product normally costs $995 a year without Wealthy Affiliate attached. Here you get both for less than half the price, plus a ton of other extras too numerous to list.

The premium deal for $299 equals $24.91 a month, the actual monthly cost of Wealthy Affiliate is $49 a month. For the premium plus membership, it’s normally $99 billed monthly.

The $499 deal equals $41.58 a month.

If you’re on the fence about joining Wealthy Affiliate, now is the best time to get the best deal online. Instantly change the next year of your life. Join Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing by taking certified training.

Since premium plus was introduced in the year 2020 it’s still very new. It offers affiliate marketers every tool needed to succeed. With the online world still growing more people are turning to work online every day, there’s never been a better time.

Not many Black Friday deals online are worth more than 50% off of regular prices! The Wealthy Affiliate membership is one! With Wealthy Affiliate, the deal is the same as what is Cyber Monday deals.

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This Black Friday Deal Can Absolutely Change Your Life

The Black Friday slogan is over 60 years old and I think it’s safe to say it’s definitely here to stay. Interested in affiliate marketing but not sure about buying the Wealthy Affiliate Deal? You can join a free starter membership.

To get a jump on learning the process of affiliate marketing, join the free starter membership. Start learning the first 10 lessons for free as a member now. Then, during the dates of the deal, you can upgrade to premium or premium plus.

Remember, when the deal goes away after the 29th of November all prices revert back to normal prices for a year. It’s time to act now, learn affiliate marketing, and build your very own very profitable online business brand.

This Black Friday deal can absolutely change your life if you do the work required to learn the process of affiliate marketing. Having an entire year gives the time to take this business seriously. Learn what’s required to make it work for you.

The clocks ticking, and this Black Friday Deal will come and go! The choice is yours, but Wealthy Affiliate is still free to join. Complete the Wealthy Affiliate training using the deal, and change your life with an online business.

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