What Is PayPal About?

At the time of the new millennium’s dawning, PayPal was still in its infancy stages in both size and growth. Back in 2000, people were quite interested in learning more about PayPal services, and began asking what is PayPal about?

In those days most people were pretty worried about having any financials stolen online. Turns out they were right.

What Is PayPal About?

What Is PayPal AboutThe internet was a free for all back in the day. There wasn’t an abundance of help available to newbies learning to use computers.

There were no mobile phones and nobody wanted to release their credit card information into a computer to make purchases yet.

Around the time of 2002 eBay became the parent company of PayPal and remained in that position until some time in 2015.

For many, myself included, eBay is what made them open a PayPal account so they could buy items they like through eBay.

This also allowed eBay members like me to earn money online by selling items and shipping them to the buyers.

When someone buys an item through eBay the seller is immediately paid via PayPal with a small service fee involved. When people think of PayPal today there’s one name that most are familiar with and that is Elon Musk. However, he was only part of the founder’s team behind the success of PayPal, the entire founder’s team of PayPal I have listed below.

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The PayPal Mafia

The PayPal MafiaSomewhere along the way, the top founders of PayPal and certain various other investors were termed The PayPal Mafia.

Though it took some time before the term The PayPal Mafia became well known to everyone. There are well over 20 members, some say an undisclosed amount.

These are the notorious members of The PayPal Mafia, all of them were the biggest of all investors involved in PayPal before it was sold to eBay.

Below is a partial list containing the top members of The PayPal Mafia. They are the 6 founding members of PayPal. This is what they’ve done since eBay bought Paypal.

The post basically goes over each founding member, not in any particular order. There are links for information to each one listed below for anyone interested.

The total members of The PayPal Mafia have founded some of the largest tech companies in the world. Companies include YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, Kiva, and Palantir.

There are also several other tech companies included that are not mentioned.

Peter Theil has often been referred to and is considered the Don of the PayPal Mafia.

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Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a venture capitalist billionaire entrepreneur and is one of the co-founders of PayPal. He served as Chief Executive Officer with PayPal until eBay bought PayPal in 2002.

Peter Thiel by Dan TaylorAfter leaving PayPal, Peter Thiel founded Clarium Capital Management, and soon after Ken Howery joined him at the corporation.

Peter Thiel was born in Frankfurt Germany but his family moved from there when he was just an infant. He spent some time in South Africa growing up before his family moved and settled in California in 1977.

After graduating from Stamford Law School he worked for US Appeals Court Judge James Larry Edmonson.

He also worked as a securities lawyer and a speechwriter for the former US Secretary Of Education William Bennett. A little later he invested $500,000. in Facebook.

That investment made Peter Thiel the first outside investor with Facebook. That amount equated to a 10.2% stock share of Facebook which he sold most of in 2012 for over 1 billion dollars.

What Is PayPal About With Peter Thiel

Despite selling his shares of Facebook stock Peter Thiel still sits on the Board Of Directors with Facebook today. Peter Thiel has been a political right-leaning conservative liberal.

Peter Thiel

He has donated to many candidates including Donald Trump. He is against enormous spending and debt created by the government, he also doesn’t like overseas wars.

Today Peter Thiel has a net worth of about 7.24 billion dollars and continues with his foundation’s work.

His PayPal shares at the time in 2002 when eBay purchased PayPal was worth about 55 million dollars.

Peter Thiel also wrote a book entitled Zero To One as you can see in the above image.

Book Photo by Dries De Schepper on Unsplash

The Thing You Should Focus On Most!| Peter Thiel | Top 10 Rules


Ken Howery

Ken Howery originated from Texas and is a 1998 Stamford University graduate with a B.A. major in economics. While a student at Stamford Ken Howery was Managing Editor of the school’s newspaper. The paper was the original creation of Peter Thiel who started the paper run only by the students.

Ken Howery State HeadshotThe year Ken Howery graduated from Stanford he co-founded what is now PayPal along with Nosek, Theil, Levchin, Musk, and Pan.

Starting in 1998 Ken Howery served as CFO of PayPal until 2002 when PayPal was sold to eBay.

During that acquisition, Ken Howery stayed with eBay serving as Director Of Corporate Development until 2003.

In 2004 Ken Howery became Vice President Of Private Equity with Clarium Capital Management joining Thiel in the process. He was also on the Trading Teams and he was involved with Research Development at Clarium Capital Management.

What Is PayPal About with Ken Howery

Sometime after leaving Clarium Capital Management Ken Howery served on the boards of ZocDoc and Quantcast.

In recent times, on January 16th of 2019, former President Donald Trump nominated Ken Howery to be the Ambassador of the US to the Kindom Of Sweden. His official title was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America.

Ken Howery’s fortune is worth about 1.5 billion dollars.

Ambassador Howery Vising Northern Sweden.


Luke Nosek

Sometime in 1995 while attending college with fellow students Max Levchin and Scott Banister, Luke Nosek created a company called SponsorNet New Media Inc. During that time Luke Nosek also worked for the now-defunct Netscape. Back in those days, Netscape was a giant in the tech world.

Graphing Social Patterns 07 - IMG 9586 (1527725262)Luke Nosek is a venture capitalist entrepreneur who served as Vice President of Marketing and Strategy with PayPal.

He also created the instant transfer product for PayPal before leaving in 2002 after PayPal was sold to eBay.

The reason Luke Nosek left PayPal was that he wanted to travel around the world while seeking out angel investors for new projects.

Sometime in 2005, Luke Nosek created Founders Fund alongside co-founders Peter Thiel and Ken Howery. Founders Fund is a venture capital firm based out of San Francisco with assets management exceeding 3 billion dollars. After 12 years with Founders Fund Luke Nosek left the company in 2017 to begin a new company.

What Is PayPal About With Luke Nosek

The new company he started is based on space exploration funding and is called Gigafund. It’s worth noting that when Elon Musks’ company SpaceX began Luke Nosek was the first institutional investor in SpaceX technology. This is probably a good reason why he sits on the board of SpaceX today.

Luke Nosek also sits on the board of Research Gate today and will continue to innovate as technology evolves. He obviously believes in technology because he is cryonically registered for low-temperature preservation in hopes of revival by future medical technology.

Luck Nosek, What Is Your Standard Of Success?


Max Levchin

During his time at PayPal Max Levchin was the CTO of the company as his company Conformity morphed into PayPal. Conformity was cofounded by Max Levchin and Peter Theil which later became PayPal that everybody knows about today. Most of Max Levchin’s focus with PayPal was aimed at anti-fraud for the payment system.

Max Levchin-newAt the time of PayPal’s acquisition in 2002 by eBay Max Levchin had a 2.3% share hold of PayPal, it was worth 34 million at the time.

Max Levchin is considered one of the members of the PayPal Mafia.

The PayPal Mafia is about twenty-plus tech people that went on to create big tech giants after leaving PayPal.

This is certainly true with Max Levchin as he created a company called slide in 2004. The company was a personal media sharing service for social networks.

Slide services were used by companies like MySpace and Facebook before getting purchased by Google for a staggering 182 million in 2010.

Max Levchin stayed as Vice President Of Engineering until August of 2011.

What Is PayPal About With Max Levchin

That was when Google announced it was shutting down Slide and letting go of Max Levchin. In 2011 Max Levchin started another company called HVF and by 2012 HVF had a spin-off company called Affirm which focused on building a credit network.

Max Levchin’s stake in Affirm is estimated to be worth about 2.5 billion dollars and in 2013 HVF launched a couples fertility company called Glow. The focus of Glow is a fertility app for couples to conceive naturally.

Max Levchin also invested heavily in the early days of Yelp, he owns over 7000 shares of Yelp’s stock making him the largest shareholder.

Full Interview with Max Levchin co-founder of PayPal.


Yu Pan

As an engineer entrepreneur Yu Pan was one of the original founders of PayPal. He currently works with Origin Protocol as an R&D Engineer. His career spans decades and along the way, Yu Pan worked for the biggest name tech companies that still exist to this day.

One interesting thing to note is that Yu Pan was the very first employee of Youtube, he was hired as an early youtube software engineer. Youtube today of course is the largest search engine on the internet even surpassing daily searches over Google search numbers.

What Is PayPal About With Yu Pan

Speaking of Google search, Yu Pan also worked for Google as an employee for some time while creating another business. The business he helped create and co-founded at the time was Kiwi Crate Inc., a business model aimed at inspiring learning among young children.

The Kiwi Crate products can be found in Walmart and online on Amazon as well as on their main website. The popularity of Kiwi Crate Inc. has exploded over the years and the company has seen substantial growth since its inception days. You can check out more of Kiwi Create on their main website Kiwico.

PayPal Co-founder & First YouTube Engineer Talks About His Work At Origin.


Elon Musk

Back in premillennial 1999 Elon Musk, his brother Kimbal and Greg Kouri created Zip 2. The company was built using angel funding and Elon’s profit portion when Zip 2 sold in 1999 was 7% and worth a whopping 22 million dollars.

In 1999 after selling Zip 2 Elon also created X.COM which was an online financial company aimed at email payment services.

What Is PayPal About With Elon Musk

Elon Musk (3017880307)At the start of the Millenium during the year 2000 X.COM merged with a company that was founded by Theil and Levchin named Confinity.

Despite Elon having the largest share in X.COM stock, he was replaced as CEO by Bill Harris. To eliminate competition at the time Confinity and XCOM merged, PayPal was the payment system that Confinity created.

When eBay purchased PayPal in 2002 for a staggering 1.5 billion Elon was the largest shareholder with 11.7%, he received over $100,000,000 when the deal was done. Citing sentimental value Elon bought the Xcom domain back from PayPal in 2017.

When you go to the domain you will find a blank white page with only a letter X in the top left corner of the page.

One could ponder he has great plans for the x.com domain, he does like to use the letter x. He has 2 children named with the letter X, one is Xavier and his recent son was named X Æ A-12 Musk. He also has his company SpaceX as well.

The Letter X And Elon Musk

Somehow the letter X has been very good to Elon Musk, he is currently one of the richest men in the world.

In 2003 Elon Musk co-founded Tesla Automotive Company with JB Strauble and the revenue of the company to date is 31.5 billion. The company continues to innovate the electric car market every year with the next new model, it has only got better.

Elon Musk has many businesses and likes to buy cryptocurrency. He has sometimes been known to explode a cryptocurrency or two.

Forbes has Elon Musk ranked the second richest in the world at 151 billion on their 2021 richest billionaires list. However, I’ve read this article that said Elon Musk is worth 196 billion dollars making him the richest over Jeff Bezo’s 177 billion fortune.

When your that wealthy I’m not sure it matters who’s the richest, you probably can’t spend it all anyway.

Elon Musk will leave you speechless with one of the most eye-opening speeches ever.


 Wealthy Affiliate Only Uses PayPal

Having joined PayPal a very long time ago I’ve been very familiar with the ease of using PayPal to pay for many things. Selling products on eBay became a part-time hobby for me offering mostly used things I’d pick up here and there.

I’d list the items and eBay would instantly pay me for anything that was sold using PayPal payment services.

Wealthy Affiliate Only Uses PayPalIn time PayPal started offering revolving credit lines to long-standing account holders like myself, I applied for the Credit.

I was approved for a small amount of credit that I began using regularly for larger purchases online.

PayPal is the reason I was able to join Wealthy Affiliate as a yearly premium member. The discount is worth the yearly.

The reason why I mention that is because PayPal is the only payment system Wealthy Affiliate uses.

That includes both receiving payments and paying out affiliate commissions. Signing up to PayPal is an easy process.

Wealthy Affiliate has paid out beyond 40 million in commissions with PayPal.

What Is PayPal About With Wealthy Affiliate

Learning at Wealthy Affiliate continues to be an awesome experience as my skills have improved since day one.

Have you ever thought about affiliate marketing? If so, there are no better online courses available than Wealthy Affiliate. The platform is community-oriented and there’s help available 24/7, the best part is it’s free to join. No credit card is needed.

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Check out one of my previous posts called What Is Wealthy Affiliate About.

Thanks for reading.


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