What Is Search About?

What Is Search About?

Search engine data collection and storage had started years before most search engines were popular, but what is search about?

Back when computers weren’t available in everyone’s pockets there was something going on behind the scenes as technology was progressing.

Data was getting collected daily and storage devices were increasing in size capacity. Technology was evolving at blazing speed.

Google Was Not On The Scene Yet

As more people got on board with computer technology, search engines were in a battle for the top spot. Google was not on the scene yet and was not a popular search engine in those days. W3 Catalog is one of the oldest search engines around, it has been active since 1993. In 1994 we saw WebCrawler become an active search engine and it’s still active today.

Google Was Not On The Scene Yet

The same year Lycos also became an active search engine and Lycos is also still an active search engine today.

There were a few others that year as well but they are all now defunct and redirected to Disney.

In 1995 we saw Yahoo become an active search engine and begin to dominate the competition becoming very popular.

Thanks in part to Windows 95 being released.

Yahoo had developed a searchable directory where you could search right from the Yahoo home page.

However, it wasn’t a true WebCrawler search engine but that didn’t stop the popularity of Yahoo.

It skyrocketed when new computer users started signing up for free internet with free AOL disks.

Today of course our internet is blazing fast, but back in those days, AOL dial-up was usually a bit of a waiting game.

Yahoo Was The Most Popular Search Engine

Once finally getting connected to the internet through AOL most people would set their home page to Yahoo home page. Searching for things using search engines back in those days would not always produce the best results. The reason was that the site developer at the time could manipulate the search engines much easier.

Yahoo Was The Most Popular Search Engine

While search engines used bot crawlers to collect data, algorithms were still not that prevalent at that time.

However, that was about to change because of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two began working on Backrub in 1996.

Backrub was soon to become the predecessor of Google Search in the coming years.

In 1997 Google registered the domain name Google.com and by 1998 anyone could search for stuff from Google Search.

This all happened as Windows was releasing Windows 98 and later 98se which came with more perks and headaches. During that time Yahoo was still the go-to search engine for most using a computer, but that changed rapidly.

The algorithm for Google Search performed excellently and Google’s growth was exponential as they churned through the first 5 years as a company. What separated Google from Yahoo aside from having a great algorithm was the products they began to offer users for free in the early 2000s.

Google Created A Revenue Vacuum

In 1998 Google developed the idea of selling search terms, they got the idea from a small search engine company called goto.com. Between 1998 and 2000 Google continued to grow in both popularity and functionality for the end-users. However, despite the dot.com bubble of the 1990s being over, Google created a revenue vacuum for the business of search engines.

Google Created A Revenue Vacuum

Sometime after the new Millenium started Google was the prominent search engine by that point.

At the time Google started creating numerous products that they released every year or so.

This started with Google News in 2002 after we saw Gmail come in 2004. Then in 2005 came Google Maps, and in 2008 came Google Chrome.

These are just a handful of Google products, there are a staggering number of Google products available today. Google even ventured and jumped into the social networking genre and created Google Plus in 2011. The company shut down Google Plus in 2019 after 8 years of being in service.

In the early days, Google was not a publicly-traded company, that didn’t happen until 2004 and its stock soared. Google created many millionaires in the early days when they took the company public with stocks. Early investors raked in millions of dollars as the stock price climbed higher and higher.

Google Has Continuously Improved

Today Google is worth billions as is Youtube which Google owns as well, both dominate about 92% of searches online. Companies like Yahoo, AOL, and others have had to make adjustments to keep afloat due to Google’s market domination. Yahoo eventually partnered with Microsoft Bing as their search engine directory.Google Has Continuously Improved

Google has continuously improved with added features like Google instant in 2010 which is based on Google suggest technology.

Google instant will auto guess sentences you intend to write before you write them.

In 2011 the announcement of Schema.org was released after the Google Panda release.

Schema is a collaboration of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft that focuses on schema tags of websites.

It allows a wider range of tags that can be used by content creators. Google Panda was an update that affected about 12% of the search queries on Google back in 2011, the Panda update was intended to crack down on spam, content farms, and scapers.

The update also affected many affiliate marketers because of a high ad to content ratio, sites lost high rankings overnight. In 2012 Bing released an updated revised search that offered a sidebar. From the sidebar, you could search social networks. Other search engines that survived Google’s domination did so because of certain features they offered.

Google Was Officially A Company

One of those search engines that survived is DuckDuckGo, they became active in 2008 and are still popular today. The reason for their popularity is because they protect your privacy instead of gathering and using or selling your data. There are several others that work in the same capacity as DuckDuckGo and have gained some attention over the years.

Google Was Officially A Company

One new search worth mentioning is because it comes from 2 former Google executives that formed the company. Founded July 29th of 2021.

Vivek Raghunathan and Sridhar Ramaswamy created Neeva to protect your privacy and they charge $4.95 a month to use the search engine.

When Google first began the first money secured to start the company came from Andy Bechtolsheim.

Andy is the co-founder of Microsystems and gave Larry Page and Sergey Brin $100,000 to kick things off.

The company didn’t actually exist at the time but one year later Google had equity funding of more than 25 million dollars.

Google was officially a company.

In 2001 they hired Eric Schmitt as the new CEO of Google and the business was growing at a fast pace.

When Google went public the initial share price was $85 and they put 19,605052 shares up for sale.

Those shares went up in value nearly overnight creating many millionaires in the process.

Google’s Paper Millionaires

Google's Paper Millionaires

Perhaps the biggest millionaires that Google going public created were Google’s own employees.

Google created overnight millionaires when it gave employees stock options before the company went public.

Another company that benefitted when Google took its company public was Yahoo.

Google had a 4 billion target in mind when the IPO was created to go public.

Yahoo had owned 2.7 million shares of Google instantly boosting their company’s valuation in the process.

When Google went public on August 19th, 2004, Google’s paper millionaires term became well-known in headlines.

Google hires people constantly and offers many options for what type of work you can do for them.

Google Is Not Used Everywhere

There have been many variants of search engine choices through the years and quite a few of them still exist today online. Technically the oldest search engine online today is the WHOis pre-web domain search engine which started in 1982. Search engines have come a long way from the 1990s to today, but I still like some old ones like DogPile. Google Is Not Used Everywhere

DogPile is an active aggregator search engine that’s been around since 1996, it gives results from several search engines.

Some other older great search engines that are still active are Ask, Excite, SAPO, and Metacrawler all active since 1995.

Some countries use their own search engines.

In some countries like Russia, Yandex dominates the user searches over Google by more than double.

For other countries like China, Baidu is the most popular search engine. More than 70% of South Korea’s online searches use Naver. It’s interesting that in Japan and Taiwan the most used search engine by both countries is Yahoo.

In Paris, France the search engine Qwant is used by over 50 million registered users daily. Another country that doesn’t use Google is the Czech Republic where they mostly use a search engine named Seznam. There was a time when Google was beginning to dominate in China but backed out because of censorship and cyber-attacks.

Google is certainly here to stay and continues to dominate most of the search engines depending on their country of origin.

Trying To Conquer The SERPs

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Trying To Conquer The SERPs

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. This chronology of how search came to dominate our lives reads like a movie! There’s been something happening at every turn since those pre-2000s years. And I’m sure there’s more to come that will dwarf what we currently consider the pinnacle of web innovation. Google placed itself in the right place at the right time in our lives that contributed to its domination of this market.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Steve, it’s very much appreciated. I agree, I think what’s to come in the future will be technology at a level like we’ve never seen. I’m not certain anyone will knock Google off their perch, but many little guys keep nibbling at their overall user base as DuckDuckGo has done. That also has happened with Windows over the years, between IOS, Android, Mac, and Linux, Windows has lost more than a few users.

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