What Is Search Engine Optimization About

What Is Search Engine Optimization About

Every content creator at some point or another has asked what is search engine optimization about?

Without that aspect involved with content creation, most websites will see next to nothing in their traffic analytics.

Hense the huge digital online advertising world we see today, it’s tough to get to the top and even tougher to stay there.


What Is Search Engine Optimization About?

Many creators simply pay to advertise their sites because they can’t rank in the SERPs with the top-ranked sites in their respective niches. The difference between paying for advertising or getting search results definitely depends on your knowledge of search engine optimization.

What Is Search Engine Optimization About

One thing is clear, it’s always best when visitors find you from a search result. When you advertise you’re the one looking for site visitors.

Search results are laser targeted in most cases and users searching don’t usually venture from page one.

There’s no better visitor on your site than one from a search result.

With a little bit of luck, that will be how you found this page.

I’ve heard the term search engines are like online real estate locations in that they utilize webspace. In real estate, some spaces are good, and others not so much.

It works much like that with a search engine in how you get ranked by that search engine’s algorithms.

Obviously, page one rank is a valuable digital landing your site is a valuable digital neighborhood chunk of web space on any search engine.

For the millions of others buried under pages and pages of search results, that’s a bad space to land for a site’s search results. Learning SEO is the only way to get a site ranked, that and a little luck. Sometimes, luck can play a part as I’ve seen posts unintentionally rank on page one of Bing before.


It’s Tough To Stay At The Top

While search engines can be different in how they rank a page, they all rank on content and keywords. Google is different than Bing which is different than Yahoo and many others, there are thousands of search engines, most only know a few. Google actually has over 200 different points to rank a website for their search results.

It's Tough To Stay At The Top

Remember the old days when Yahoo and AOL were huge? It seems the old sites have been somewhat replaced with the new ones of today.

We know eBay took a hit when Amazon entered the game that’s for sure.

Every day, sites compete for the first page of search engines while the existing ones battle to stay there.

That is precisely the reason it’s tough to stay at the top of search results. There’s new competition entering the SERPs every day, it never stops.

Most content creators don’t quit trying to rank their pages when their search results aren’t great, they try even harder.

My last post was titled what is a checklist, and it offers two free checklists plus the Toolkit for SEO with over twenty tools.

The first checklist focuses on content marketing with the 25 things to try checklist for content marketing.

The second checklist focuses on the ultimate SEO writing checklist.

Both are essential to any creator wanting to develop their best SEO skills.

This brings me to what this post is about which is a free SEO fundamentals course.

This course is from SEMrush with Greg Gifford and it’s free to anyone looking to sharpen their skills. For those who don’t know, SEMrush has huge clients like Internet Brands Inc. and many more, 7458 use SEMrush services to be exact.


You can view Greg Gifford’s LinkedIn profile and check out his career journey, it’s quite impressive.


Reach Millions Of Site Visitors

Learning SEO is key to the best possible ranking for any content creator and these free courses will help you get there. Knowing the free course instructor is an absolute proven expert in SEO lets you know these are the courses you need. You’re guaranteed to sharpen your content marketing skills with this free SEO fundamentals course by Greg Gifford.

Reach Millions Of Visitors

Big companies use SEO experts for ranking because they know how valuable ranking is to their business. However, the same principle applies to individual content creators.

They either rank their sites or pay for advertising or do both. Ranking with search engines gives a creator the ability to potentially reach millions of site visitors.

Best of all there’s no advertising bill attached to the best possible traffic you can get if you learn SEO from these courses. I sometimes get asked, what is search engine optimization about by new members joining WA.

To me, search engine optimization is never-ending in a constantly changing environment.

With every update to search engine algorithms, you get a changing evolving environment happening by the second, it’s profound. For instance, Google just rewrote its core algorithms back in July 2021 which causes a usual shift of search rank. Content creators need to know what’s coming next with all new updates for Google search engines algorithms.


A Computer That Fits In Your Pocket

Without knowing yet enough myself I’ll reserve comment other than I’ve seen ranking pages nosedive from Google updates. You are at the mercy of Google depending on what side of the updates changes have an impact on a site’s performance. The Epoch Times just posted an article about whistleblower Zach Vorhies who recently has a new book out.

That article broke the news with an interview with Zach, he states that to target Trump Google rewrote its news algorithms among other things. When Google does something like that it comes with casualties to innocent sites that lose their ranking. However, with proper SEO tools, a creator can get their pages ranking again fairly quickly.A Computer That Fits In Your Pocket

Take the courses listed above and learn the valuable information offered by Greg Gifford, you’ll surely be happy you did.

There’s one thing everyone can agree with and that is technology has grown in leaps over the last 20 years.

Because of that technology, it’s even more important for content creators to rank their sites in search engines.

Every day more and more people use the internet to do searches, this is in a big part because of mobile phones.

The explosion of mobile phones capabilities with android, iso, and others greatly expanded the number of search results.

Phones today are essentially a computer that fits in your pocket where anyone can search anything anywhere anytime.


The Next Step: Taking The Free Course

The Next Step Is Taking The Course

Mobile phones forced site developers to make their sites mobile-friendly or lose the incoming traffic by mobile phone users.

The mobile phone percentage numbers have climbed steadily over the years because well there’s an app for everything.

Most phones have Google’s mobile search app. If your site is not mobile-friendly it probably won’t be showing up in the search results on that app.

One way to help with that issue is to use a mobile site builder when building your website. The site you create will be mobile friendly and most mobile builders automatically expand for desktops, laptops, and tablet viewing.

The next step is taking the free SEO fundamentals course by Greg Gifford. Learn how to get your new mobile-friendly site ranked in the Google search app and everywhere else.

Thanks for reading.

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