What Is SEO About?

Every content creator or site builder at some point ponders the question, what is SEO about? Most content creators research the subject in great depth to get those answers.

What Is SEO About

So, what is search engine optimization about?

Search engines receive site submission data information from the content creators and sort through that information to rank it accordingly.

Search engines function using algorithms that process the data information which ultimately places the site where it ranks in the SERPs.

That is the acronym for the search engine results pages.

Some call it the chopping block, every content creator hopes to see their content land on page one of those results.

There are various methods used to achieve a higher ranking in the SERPs and the content never stops as the algorithms continuously crawl finding new information. The technical side of SEO can be intimidating to the average website owner just trying to get his site out there, that’s why the business of SEO is booming.

Most site owners pay for advertising or professional SEO services in lew of trying to rank their sites themselves. However, those that seek the knowledge required to feed those algorithms the best bytes of information will dominate the competition. There’s a good reason the SEO industry is worth over 80 billion. It’s because 93% of online users find things with searches.

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Understanding The Technical Side Of SEO

Understanding the technical side of SEO helps any content creator begin to evolve the behavior of their site in the SERPs. Learning SEO has many advantages that can help even the smallest of sites rank higher in the SERPs.

Understanding The Technical Side Of SEO

When it comes to being a content creator it’s best to know what search engine optimization is about before submitting any content.

Search engines continuously evolve and sometimes their algorithms change which can wipe out high-ranking pages in seconds.

Google is probably the most notorious of all to change its algorithms regularly. It can take out your page rank when it happens.

Perhaps the biggest reason to learn SEO is how fast it can skyrocket your brand above the competition.

A content creator’s main goal is getting visitors coming to their sites to view the information they’ve provided for those visitors. Search engines serve as a map that leads visitors to the content creator’s pages. Because the search engines are continuously evolving as new data is accepted into them it causes the SERPs to change daily.

In most cases, search results will show numbers up to 1,000,000 or more, users usually stick with the page one results. That means a dozen or so results will show up on page one on most search engines, that’s the best possible location to be.

Having the knowledge to land on page one in SERPs without using sponsored ads is priceless for content creators.

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Free Technical SEO Course With Bastian Grimm

When creators land on page one it’s comforting knowing the only reason posts are above theirs is that they paid to be there. Sponsored ads are expensive, it’s cheaper to learn search engine optimization in the long run.

Free Technical SEO Course With Bastian Grimm

Learning SEO is key to a site’s traffic success numbers and having experts teach you that process is priceless.

Some of the best SEO experts in the world have taught search engine optimization in video training format for creators.

One of the best in the SEO business is Bastian Grimm who did video training for SEMrush.

Bastian Grimm is an international SEO expert as shown on his LinkedIn profile.

On his personal website Bastian Grimm: Online Marketing Consultant | International SEO you can view his experience or contact him for services. Having an expert in the industry like Bastian Grimm to learn from can help even the smallest website turn into a trusted brand very quickly.

Bastian Grimm is an expert in SEO. His years of experience are free for creators to learn from with his free training. SEMrush is well-known and Bastian Grimm teaches some of the SEO training offered by the company. Content creators should take this training to better understand the technical side of SEO from Bastian Grimm.

Click here to get this Free Technical SEO Course with Bastian Grimm and learn from the very best in the business of SEO. Learning aspects of search engine optimization comes in different forms from SEO writing to keyword knowledge and more. Possess the knowledge of SEO is at your fingertips with the various training that’s easily available online today.

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Interested In Affiliate Marketing?

Content creators may want to look at another post of mine called what is a checklist? In that post, you will find two free content marketing checklists. There is also a free SEO Toolkit that comes in an ebook download format.

One of the checklists is about SEO writing and the other is the 25 things to try checklist. SEO Toolkit is over 20 tools for content creators to use for free.

Interested In Affiliate Marketing?

Interested in learning about affiliate marketing?

To better understand what that process entails you can check out another post I wrote.

It’s titled what is Wealthy Affiliate about? 

In that post, I explain what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer free starter memberships.

There are also a few tips for those that do decide to sign up.

Sign up for a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Receive 10 free lessons and a free sub-domain. As you take the lessons you build the site alongside those lessons. Members can move the site to their own dot com domain if they decide to join as a premium member.


Learning Affiliate Marketing Is Booming

Learning affiliate marketing is booming today because so many people want to work from home nowadays.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is free with a free starter membership that requires only an email for signing up.

Learning Affiliate Marketing Is Booming

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is considered the best affiliate marketing training in the world with members from 195 countries.

I can attest firsthand that the training Wealthy Affiliate offers is fantastic especially for new members first joining.

The tools you get include SEO training using Jaaxy and much more.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate own Jaaxy and SiteRubix Builder which are both included with their free membership.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for over 15 years and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Get a free starter membership!

Understanding Technical SEO is just a click away when you take the Free Technical SEO Course by Bastian Grimm. Start learning SEO and elevate your experience as a content creator. SEO boosts the ability to succeed with content marketing and other types of digital marketing in the online business world.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “What Is SEO About?”

  1. If one intends to stick around the online business arena for the long haul, it’s invaluable to learn SEO. And continually build on this skill with time. Paying someone to do it on your behalf, in the long run, can get expensive and eventually reduce your take home. Your post is straight to the point and great for someone as a starting point.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Steve, it’s very much appreciated. When I first started out I had no clue about SEO. However, I’ve been around search engines since the late ’90s, but I never knew what made them tick sort of speak. Learning SEO has been a game-changer in affiliate marketing for me, I enjoy the challenges that come with SEO. You’re correct, why pay someone else to do that part when you can learn SEO and do it yourself.

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