What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Congratulations on wanting to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how to become successful with an online business. One question new members ask first upon joining the free membership is what is wealthy affiliate about?

People are looking to a life running a business online all over the world and many become very successful. The benefits of financial freedom are a big reason for many just starting but whatever the reason I can tell you it’s possible.

When I decided to write this post I had waited for quite some time before doing so. In the meantime, I continued writing content posts and learning from the platform.

I knew the only way to write an honest review was to spend an ample amount of time on the platform before giving any opinion about what is offered.


Questions New Members Ask At Wealthy Affiliate

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?  The Wealthy Affiliate platform is owned by Canadian co-founders Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim. Both co-founders remain active in the community helping members achieve their success and they’re easily reachable.
The two were very successful bloggers and successful online entrepreneurs before creating the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They also own the Jaaxy platform and the SiteRubix site builder platform and you get to use both with Wealthy Affiliate.

When did Wealthy Affiliate start?  The Wealthy Affiliate platform launched in 2005 starting originally as a keyword list database service. The platform has evolved over the years to become the #1 platform for learning the process of affiliate marketing. Many of the affiliate platforms you see offered today didn’t exist when Wealthy Affiliate was in the early stages. Copycat sites come and go but Wealthy Affiliate is still here and continues to grow with over 750 new members every week.

How does Wealthy Affiliate pay you?  Wealthy Affiliate uses Paypal to make payments to qualifying members. When YOU promote Wealthy Affiliate and people join from your affiliate links and decide to upgrade you qualify to be paid. Many premium members choose not to promote Wealthy Affiliate, the ones that do may earn commissions in residual income. Some affiliates are better focused on their brand over promoting the Wealthy Affiliate brand, it’s that simple.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?  Yes, YOU get out of Wealthy Affiliate what you put into it as you learn the process. Apply the lessons you learn to enable your business brand and eventually scale your business to earn you more money. However, people join, do nothing and expect money to magically fill their bank accounts and clearly, it doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot to be said for persistence and perseverance because that’s what it takes and then some, I won’t lie it’s tough.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?  Absolutely! One big problem with new members who join is they want the money but not the work. If you feel YOU are worth the investment then I suggest joining the free starter membership and test drive the system at no cost. Once you’re comfortable navigating the platform it’s then YOU decide if you want premium.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?  No, it is not, Wealthy Affiliate has a single-level payout system with no upsells or hidden costs. People have also asked if Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme? No, it is not, the structure of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is not structured like any MLM program or any type of pyramid scheme. Wealthy Affiliate is built on the same framework as sites like eBay, Expedia, and various others leading the way in technology.

Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

Will Wealthy Affiliate make me rich?  Questions like this are typical, I see this asked at least once a day when I’m working on Wealthy Affiliate. The answer is it’s possible. It’s the knowledge YOU gain, the talent YOU develop, and the experience YOU learn on the platform that can bring wealth, it’s entirely up to YOU. Wealthy Affiliate simply teaches YOU the process.


Why Do People Fail Affiliate Marketing

People who join Wealthy Affiliate looking for a get rich quick are usually the first ones to completely fail and quit the program. The allure of affiliate marketing despite having a very high failure rate is because those that do succeed can become very wealthy.

However in the affiliate marketing niche 90% plus usually fail. Why do most people fail in affiliate marketing?

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Most people interested in becoming an affiliate marketer usually have no experience, no training, no investment, no website, no brand, and no clue.

They try the free offers for a while and when they don’t have any success they move on still not understanding why they’re not successful in affiliate marketing.

Failure is built on excuses and success is built on actions taken. Lack of knowledge and comprehension can be an obstacle sometimes.

Some members are not as computer savvy as others so it can be a learning curve for them.

Another reason people fail is the big distractions that loom over their success. My problem was and is gaming on the pc. I love playing a few online games but they eat time, steal your passion and drain your desire to continue.

Mostly because they’re fun to play and the alternative is learning affiliate marketing which is not nearly as fun.

This also happens when people spend an enormous amount of time on social media, breaking free is an issue.

New members often say I have no money and I need to make money from the free starter membership so I can become a premium member. While that’s not impossible, it’s highly unlikely for several reasons including the domain and getting traffic to your affiliate links without a shred of experience.

Most fail fairly quickly thereafter because they don’t know how it’s done.

The conversion rate to premium and premium plus memberships is 12% which is an industry high.


Thoughts Of Instant Wealth

My first experience with Wealthy Affiliate was in 2014 when I discovered the site as I was looking for ways to earn money online and so I joined their free starter membership. However, by that time I had looked at many programs, it was a whirlwind of confusion trying to choose which to do next.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

I never gave the program a chance in 2014 because of the lore of what I thought were better-sounding programs.

Most of those promoted how rich I was about to become.

This developed a problem distracting my focus with thoughts of instant wealth.

I continued for several years bouncing around from program to program.

Those programs turned out to be very expensive and some were outright scams. I was no better off than I was those years before when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2014. Yes, I sold some items with little success but that was eaten up by expenses so I made zero.

The honest review I’ve published here is my personal experience with the program and it’s 100% true. Honest people look for ways to make quick money and they often get scammed searching for get-rich online opportunities.

Trust me I tried many, one had the word “million” in the title and it got me into trouble with my PayPal account. While it turned out ok with my PayPal account. In the end, I still wasn’t allowed to use PayPal to collect my millions promoting the million-dollar program.

That rendered the million-dollar program useless to me and after months of hard work it was all over. I took down the million-dollar program sites I’d installed using cPanel since I had no way to get paid anymore.


Start The Home Business

One day around September of 2018 I remembered about Wealthy Affiliate so I logged into my old account. I was greeted immediately by members willing to help me start the home business. The site looked different than when I was last on the platform.

So, I spent hours getting to know the platform and speaking to members about how to begin my journey.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Over the next two months, I completed all of the free training available on the platform.

I had two free sites up and running online and they hosted them at no cost to me.

That was when I knew I’d made a big mistake in 2014.

I didn’t take a closer look at everything the program had to offer me back then.

After I finished the free training there was no doubt I was planning to join the premium membership. So, I joined the platform as a premium member in November of 2018 during a Black Friday sale.

I wrote a post titled what is a Black Friday deal to show the deal that Wealthy Affiliate offers to everyone.

I immediately immersed myself in the training, some lessons I repeated twice, not getting it right the first time.

The program has continuously evolved over the years and despite the appearance looking different to me in 2018 when I joined premium, the platform now looks completely different again today in 2021.


Building A Business Online

A few months later I had completed the OEC certified courses and I had two sites slowly building authority in specific niches. Building a business online takes time when just starting. Google may not index or rank a new site right away but it will happen in time.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a business brand to a point where you can scale the business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

I was doing great by this point taking many classes and I attended the live training as my time permitted me and I continued to learn this business.

There’s a big reason people fail at this business and an even bigger reason why people succeed at this business.

It depends on YOU learning the process, it’s that simple.

Most online reviews of Wealthy Affiliate are positive, the few that aren’t have made points. However, they sound angry over their failures when I read them.

So I must say this again, the program takes dedication to learn the process of affiliate marketing and then make it happen. Some people on the platform have been affiliates for decades and are willing to help achieve your success.

Check out my recent post, it’s titled ‘what is a checklist?

It has ebook checklists for content marketing and SEO writing as well as an SEO Toolkit ebook, all are free downloads.


How Long Until I Make Money

For many just starting, there may be a huge learning curve involved. However, you have the best help at your fingertips 24/7. Time seemed to fly by as I continued learning the process of affiliate marketing. One never stops learning. I’ve learned so much from the program that I know for certain this is the business for me.

How Long Until I Make Money

A big thing I see on the platform is people come there with dreams of making big money right away. They disregard the fact that they know nothing about affiliate marketing.

Most people who do this quit before long. They tend to blame the program for their failure but they know the real reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody likes to make money but you can’t go into a program with no experience and expect to make a fortune overnight.

One of the biggest asked questions by newcomers is “how long until I make money?

Some say 3 to 9 mo with 6 mo average.

The best answer? When you learn the process and establish an authority site filled with helpful information for your visitors. The more content you create the better chance of your success. Everyone has their methods.

Here’s the problem with the money mindset, your focus is set on visions of riches and wealth. Whereas, you should be focused on learning the business to achieve those dreams.

Affiliate marketing is an evolving process that can take months or years.

It depends on YOU and your time input into learning the process from the provided courses.


The Latest Tech Updates

The platform has evolved since I first joined and I’d say it’s only gotten better with the latest tech updates. The resources available anytime are the best-certified courses available online period.

They are the #1 platform for learning affiliate marketing online.

The Latest Tech Updates

There’s a complete roll-out of more new updates coming to the platform throughout 2021 into 2022 and beyond.

Making money online is awesome and with proper training, anyone has the chance to create a laptop lifestyle online.

You just can’t have unrealistic dreams of that happening overnight. Especially if you have zero experience with affiliate marketing, site-building, and content creation.

Fair warning: If you quit that’s your fault and you make nothing!

Another point to make is that not every page or post you create will rank on page one. You still have to keep moving forward. Later on, you can fix site pages and posts to achieve better ranks. You must publish to get any rank at all before anything.

Once you learn the process of ranking, content writing, site-building, and SEO it becomes clear moving forward.


My Success Is Still On Me

Mistakes? We all make mistakes at times and I sure made a few whoppers during my early time with the program. They were my mistakes and I own that fact. My big mistake? I chose the wrong niche! My first big site was a great-looking creation based upon luxury travel.

However, I know nothing about luxury travel and so I found it impossible to write content.

My Success Is Still On Me

What I did learn during that time was how to create a beautiful site, how to get the site ranked, and how to add affiliates.

Over time I started getting traffic but I still struggled with my content writing as I know nothing of the luxury travel industry.

Finally, I decided to switch my game plan to something I can offer actual knowledge of my own first-hand experiences.

The reason was clear why I chose a luxury travel site as my first site, it sounds like something everybody wants or maybe it was just what I wanted.

I chalked that site up to a lesson learned and I let the domain name expire choosing not to renew. I’ve realized that the platform provides me the knowledge and a path to get there, but my success is still on me.

Back then this site was just starting and I’d built a few free sites that I used for testing which niche might be best for me. This was all done in my spare time outside of work and family hours, I continued slowly working towards my business goals.

Since I work in construction and I own my painting contracting business my ideas were all over the place.


Ideas That Turn Into Creations

I started a new site about flipping houses because well I’ve flipped houses and I know a good bit of information about the business of flipping houses. That site is now doing well and it’s getting better every day as I add content offering knowledge about property flip tips.

One day as I continue to build the site I hope it will become an authority in the house flipping niche.

Ideas That Turn Into Creations

These were all just ideas when this all started, everything I’ve done so far with affiliate marketing starts with ideas that turn into creations.

What I can create now is 10 times better than when I first joined the program and I’m not slowing down anytime soon.

I love the platform and everything that comes with a premium membership. Help is always available 24/7 to keep you going.

No, I’m not rich yet and I never expected that to happen when I joined the platform. However, I am slowly increasing my earnings and things will only get better from that standpoint. The program is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it takes dedicated work learning the process for your long-term success.

However, with hard work and dedication to learning the affiliate marketing process, you will succeed no matter the time frame it takes you. The program is changing lives and the more excited I get about the future the more I work on the platform trying to reach my next set of goals with each new day.


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

This program offers training, support, and a community like I’ve never experienced with any other platform. It’s the real deal when it comes to learning affiliate marketing. I see success stories posted quite often and I know that’s going to be me soon. It’s just a matter of time before that’s my new wealth success story.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

Some members on the platform make 5, 6, and 7 figure incomes and they’re still premium members.

So, I think this is an honest wealthy affiliate review in that I’ve explained you must work hard to succeed as an affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? No, it’s simply a platform to learn the process of affiliate marketing by professionals.

Everything is in-house with the program with free hosting, a built-in WordPress site builder with SSL, and 24/7 support.

As a premium member of the program, those are all included in the costs of the premium subscription membership. Scams don’t let you join as a free member like you can do by clicking on this highlighted link.

Top-quality hosting with the built-in WordPress dashboard would cost big bucks elsewhere. As would the training, the themes, the Jaaxy tools, the emails, and the site builder. Domains cost $13.99 a year with Wealthy Affiliate.


Deciding To Invest In Yourself

My advice to anyone looking to start an online business? Take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate and all it offers. There’s absolutely nothing for you to lose and everything for you to gain by joining the program. It’s free to join. The free sign-up gives you 10 free course lessons and it allows you to build a site at no cost to you courtesy of WA.

Invest In Yourself

They host the site as a sub-domain for free for 6 months. When you’re ready to advance your learning skills you should join their premium membership.

Then you can make your site a dot com domain you own or start new. With the premium subscription, you also get the Jaaxy lite keyword tool. It’s perfect for the needs of an affiliate marketer.

I like Jaaxy and searching keywords is fun for me. It’s exciting when I find really good keywords to use with my blogs. For me, I did this all starting limited part-time. I look forward to this being all I ever do for a living one day in my very near future.

The possibilities are endless with millions of niches to build into businesses and you can build one yourself too.

Sign up for the free starter membership. Do the free available training and then decide if you want to continue as a premium member. Deciding to invest in yourself and your future is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

 Think of this as a real investment toward your financial future.


I Couldn’t Quit That Easily

I knew if things got tough I’d want to quit after I joined. So, I purposely joined yearly, that way I couldn’t quite leave that easily. And I suggest that anyone joining consider going annual. If you’re serious about building an online business and can afford the annual cost then by all means go that route.

It’s cheaper in the long run and a monthly bill never has to be paid.

I Couldn't Quit That Easy

Keep in mind the platform has a no refund policy, however you get to try the platform for free before you spend a dime.

The yearly cost of Wealthy Affiliate is far less than the costs associated with actual classes to learn this same process.

Here’s a tip that I used when I first joined the program. I applied for Paypal credit, I was approved for 6 mo. zero interest.

No matter what I was joining. That just made it simple because Paypal is the payment system they use anyway.

Inside the training is extensive and some members’ training is outstanding, this community is the best. Nowhere else can you get this knowledge and hands-on experience all starting from a free account anywhere I’ve ever seen. The business of affiliate marketing is alive, well, and growing bigger every day.

Join us, and together we will all succeed.

Don’t ever put off your future, never allow yourself to give up.

The key to success is determination and perseverance.

Thanks For Reading.

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