What Is WordPress About?

What is WordPress about? Everyone can create beautiful websites using the WordPress dashboard once installed. The WordPress building platform is by far the best in terms of user usability.

What Is WordPress About

The dashboard is outstanding as are the thousands of themes and plugins available for online content creators.

WordPress started in 2003, proving for 18 years it works great and has attracted users steadily every year since the start.

With over 60 million websites using the platform, it’s no wonder just how popular the content management system is today.

Every day a lot of new websites are launched using the dashboard to build those sites.

When I first started I was surprised at the amount of versatility the platform offers creators.

Learning WordPress happened for me by way of Wealthy Affiliate as that’s the platform they use for their members.

However, it’s not the same as any regular WordPress website due to the added benefits that come with Wealthy Affiliate.

The courses in Wealthy Affiliate have training on WordPress and the various themes and plugins as well as All In One SEO.

However, there is plenty of training right on the WordPress home website that’s available to everybody, it’s very handy. They also offer mobile apps available for android, ios, blackberry, WebOS, and Windows phones.

The app allows users to add new posts, comments, moderate comments, reply to comments and view the stats.

Most Popular Content Manager

HTML WordPress sites can be edited with the built-in visual editor. Content can be edited in the text editor. Some plugins can be used for editing HTML on any site, and there are tons of them.

As a matter of fact, since May of 2021, there are 58,463 plugins available for content creators.

What is WordPress About

When it comes to themes there is a plethora available for creators.

The thousands of selections available cover every genre needed for any content creators building websites.

Themes are available in both free and premium versions for content creators looking to build an extra nice site.

The dashboard allows multi-users for blogging or wherever a site owner needs additional outside site access by others.

Site owners can set the access with restrictions or give full access depending on the reasons for site access.

For instance, a membership site requires access but not necessarily full access. Only site administrators need full site access.

WordPress is perfect for online stores as there are many e-commerce themes available to build a store around.

Out of the top ten million sites online today forty-one point four percent are WordPress sites.

That’s a huge margin that grows daily mostly because it is considered the most popular content manager available.


Only Two Requirements For Using WordPress

For content creators to use WordPress they must install a web server to gain access to the WordPress dashboard. Some hosting platforms have web servers already built-in for WordPress like Wealthy Affiliate.

There are only two requirements for using WordPress and they are a web server and web hosting.

What is WordPress About

WordPress is a content management system that’s free and open-source offering an unbelievable amount of versatility.

When it comes to site building WordPress has simplified the process. There are always themes or plugins available to do most of the heavy work when creating a site using WordPress.

Are you considering checking out WordPress? Do you want to take it for a test drive without the need for web hosting or a web server?

Read my post titled what is Wealthy Affiliate about and join Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership.

Learn about WordPress using free WA courses. Build a free site using the built-in dashboard site builder in Wealthy Affiliate.

Whatever the reason you may be building a site you can guarantee WordPress has the solution available.

WordPress is by far the most versatile site builder online today, you can build pretty much any kind of site you want.

With newbies joining the WordPress system every day it’s clear that WordPress will only see more growth in the years ahead.

Learning SEO Is Crucial

This site was built with WordPress using the Astra theme for a simple clean appearance. I prefer simplicity over flashy! Knowing I can change anything on this site at any time in my dashboard is awesomeness.

While you haven’t seen it this site was published under 4 different themes before sticking with the Astra theme.

There were probably 10 plugins that I went through before selecting the few I continue to use on this site today.

Learning SEO Is Crucial

Content creating is something anyone can do with WordPress and with a few free courses, they can rise to another level.

Learning to navigate the dashboard with ease will have you creating content for your site.

After you learn about WordPress through any available free courses offered you may want to check out another of my posts.

The title of the post is what is a checklist? In that post, you will find two ebook checklist downloads that are must-haves for any content creators working online.

There is also a third download for a free SEO Toolkit that offers twenty tools for content creators to use. The two free checklists are for SEO writing and a content marketing 25 things to try checklist.

Learning SEO is crucial to the performance of a site in the SERPs.


What is WordPress About Conclusion – Beat The Competition

To learn more about SEO I wrote a few posts on the subject that goes over SEO in more detail, they’re an easy read.

Beat The Competition In The SERPs

One is titled what is SEO about? It covers the process of SEO and the search engines that rank a website.

Reading these posts gives a better understanding of what SEO is about.

The other is titled what is search engine optimization about?

While they may sound similar in the title they are not the same posts. Both posts offer plenty of insight into search engine optimization.

Combine the knowledge offered here with a new website and beat the competition in the SERPs.

Having a website is great enough but to have the site perform well in the SERPs is awesome.

One last noteworthy mention is that using the platform for free sometimes comes with sponsored ads.

However, for $4. a month billed yearly the ads can be removed and it comes with a free domain for the first year.

By clicking this link you can check out all WordPress pricing.

Thanks for reading.

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