What Is YouTube About?

What Is YouTube About?

In this post, we will look at YouTube’s early days through to the present answering the question what is YouTube about?

Everybody with a device uses the video platform today!

Many go on to create awesome channels and become influencers.

They rack up thousands, millions, and even billions of video views from viewers.

Some of the strangest most bizarre videos have had thousands of views.

Some videos are boring and still rake in the views. There’s a channel I’m guilty of watching called The Boring Channel, it’s a guy cutting lawns of overgrown properties.

Most of what he does is free as he serves a cause to help other people.

The Boring Channel has 325k subscribers and one of his latest videos has 151k views in one month’s time.

People enjoy watching his videos to see the transformation of the properties. Since The Boring Channel helps others, people watching the videos also tend to want to help others.

What Is YouTube About?

YouTube has created a platform that has helped launch millions of creators who have helped billions of users.


Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • YouTube Goes Live in 2005
  • Google Purchased YouTube
  • The First Video Site Online
  • The Most Viewed Video On YouTube
  • YouTube Is Bigger Than Network TV
  • Special Wealthy Affiliate YouTube Training
  • The Status Of YouTube

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YouTube Goes Live in 2005

What Is YouTube About

Everything has changed drastically since Google and YouTube entered the online world.

Before 2005 the options for streaming video weren’t great online. Most videos were short because of size and buffering issues.

Besides those issues, there were also uploading issues with slow internet speeds or throttled speeds by IP providers.

The resources and tools to convert videos were not as prevalent as what’s available online today.

Some computers before 2005 struggled to play streaming videos because of memory issues.

Streaming required more memory than most computers offered on their motherboard slots at that time. In a short time, old computers that ran on old operating systems were near worthless.

As Microsoft windows progressed with new versions through the years the minimum system requirements increased with every new operating system released.

Some high-end old computers could play a video with ease, but they couldn’t stream a video let alone an HD video. Graphics cards and upgraded memory are the best shot at playing videos or video games with an old computer.

YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim on February 14th, 2005.

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Google Purchased YouTube

What Is YouTube About

After 2005, many operating systems had the capabilities of streaming video.

Most computers sold in stores were shipped with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

This enabled household computers to stream video with little buffer issues.

The internet speeds had also increased which allowed for streaming.

That same year in February of 2005 was the launch of YouTube going active online, it became very popular in a short time. After negotiations with Google were finally settled YouTube was sold to Google for $1.65 billion in October 2006.

When YouTube started the creators were using Craigslist ads offering girls to upload videos for $100. in exchange.

Not long after it was decided that anyone can upload a video and they grew larger in audience size and scale. Originally the site was based on a video dating site and the idea for a video upload site arose from there.

They are the largest video site online today with various categories for video channel creators.


The First Video Site Online

What Is YouTube About

Most people you ask will usually say YouTube was the first video site online, but it was not the first video site.

There was another site launched in 2004 called Vimeo, it is still active today.

In recent years Vimeo has been getting a lot more attention because of the user upload capabilities with 4K HD videos.

While Vimeo is a huge site with over 200 million users in 2021, YouTube is a bigger site with billions of monthly views.

In the earlier days of YouTube in 2006, over 65,000 videos were being uploaded every day.

The popularity had exploded with over 100 million videos viewed daily.

Today, almost 5 billion videos are viewed per day and that number keeps on growing.


The Most Viewed Video

Most Viewed Video

YouTube offers content creators various tools for uploading videos to their video service platform.

They even offer free tools with free audio to create audio videos.

Some selected content creators work with YouTube with Adsense and both the creator and YouTube earn revenue.

They have created several celebrity stars over the years and some people might say, Justin Beber, is the biggest.

However, I think it could have been Korean rap star Psy because he had the most viewed video on the platform until 2017. His video for Gangnam Style had over 2.2 billion views in 2017 and now has over 4.33 billion views in 2022.

However, in 2017 Psy was surpassed by Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft, Daddy Yankee. The Despacito video was at number 1 with 6.7 billion views but is now in second with 7.73 billion views in 2022.

Others slipped in dropping Gangnam Style down to the current 11th most played video on YouTube in 2022.

The new number one video in 2022 so far is Baby Shark Dance with 10.15 billion views!


YouTube Is Bigger Than TV Networks

As YouTube has grown so have the social influencers using the site to earn revenue from their uploaded videos.

They have changed the way people watch media in the world and it has made some people uploading content wealthy.

When you consider there are over 1 billion hours of video watched on the site daily it’s bigger than any TV network.

Unlike television where you’re stuck watching whatever is on the channel, with YouTube you can search for anything.

Part of my daily routine involves listening to music or checking out a few creators I enjoy watching while I’m working online.

YouTube is the reason many cut the cord with cable companies preferring only the internet for watching videos.


Expert Wealthy Affiliate YouTube Training

Since YouTube created serious opportunities for content creators many affiliate marketers have created channels. Once signed in anyone can click on YouTube Studio and begin creating their own channel.

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Creating videos requires several important steps addressed before beginning the upload.

Building a channel can bring an abundance of traffic to whatever offer in any affiliates niche of choice.

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The Status Of YouTube

YouTube is a giant in the video upload world despite other popular sites existing.

It’s doubtful any other site will ever reach their status but they still may become popular with time.

I’m sure they will remain at the top of the ranks because they are owned by Google.

The training available with Wealthy Affiliate for learning about YouTube is excellent and extremely helpful for content creators.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there is also training for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more all inside Wealthy Affiliate.

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