What to Blog About Ideas

New bloggers often spend way too much time thinking of what to blog about ideas instead of creating their actual blog content. This leads to beginners giving up frustrated because they never get started with an online business.

What to Blog About Ideas

There is no shortage of topics available in every niche that appears in Google search results.

These topics are also capable of ranking using specific keywords within Google search results.

This is why it is so important to do research before creating content for success to happen with affiliate marketing.

Instead of writing about whatever you want, try writing about something more specific to narrow down the playing field.

Everyone has their ideas and passions in life, and this is where you begin when thinking of what to blog about ideas.

Experience is something everyone has with many things in their daily lives, and they’re the root of what to blog about.

This is also how Youtube creators select most of their niches, a channel works best when it is based on real experience.

There are many ways to make money on Youtube either with your own channel or someone else’s channel. I wrote about several ways to make money with Youtube in another blog post titled work home jobs online.

Having Experience With a Niche is Best

Blogging is still very relevant today and many content creators use their social media accounts for content exposure.

What To Blog About Ideas?

Creating a successful blog doesn’t depend on the niche selected, it depends on the content created for the blog site.

Anyone looking to create a blog can start for free as there are plenty of free blogging sites online.

If you are new to blogging and looking for more information, you can check another post titled how to learn blogging for free.

Once the first blog post has been created, new blog ideas come easier as you learn the process of creating a blog site.

The niche you can create a blog around can be something popular or something obscure, it doesn’t matter.

What matters the most is the information that is created for the readers coming to the blog site.

Offering solid real information that is both helpful and engaging with a blog niche is what keeps visitors returning.

This is why having experience with a niche is best when writing content for a blogging site.

For some that niche can be something simple like old family recipes or simple sewing tips and tricks.

For others, it can be light tackle river fishing or maybe building small cabins from scratch, the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to blogging ideas the types of niches can run into the millions. Every niche has sub-niches or micro-niches that can provide endless ideas for new blogging content for a blog site creator.

Having Tools Like Jaaxy is Critical

There are tips and tricks to finding quality keywords using tools like the Jaaxy keyword tool for finding your next articles. With the power of Jaaxy, you can have the blog post ranking in the search engines with excellent results.

Jaaxy will provide the keywords that can make your post rank in the top 3 major search engines and other search engines. The tool also has a feature called alphabet soup that will churn out plenty of keywords that can be utilized in content writing.

Alphabet Soup X was released in a beta version in late 2021. It has only improved with time and I use this tool every day.

Kyle, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate created a video for everyone to see how amazing this new tool works. The video he made is called Alphabet Soup X – Cracking The Research Code. Click below to watch it for free.

What To Blog About Ideas

While there are other types of keyword tools, I can say that as a Jaaxy Enterprise user it is all you need. When you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have access to three different levels of Jaaxy.

The free WA membership has a free version of Jaaxy for those getting started. WA premium membership offers a lite version of Jaaxy and with premium plus membership, you get full access to Jaaxy Enterprise.

Having tools like Jaaxy is critical to having a successful blog that can rank with the best available keywords.

Most Free Hosts Don’t Allow Site Monetization

For monetizing a free blog site, the best platform to use is Wealthy Affiliate.

What to Blog About Idea's

Most free hosts don’t allow site monetization, however, Wealthy Affiliate allows it.

With plenty of affiliate products available to promote for every niche, it makes sense to monetize a blogging site.

Providing great information about the products can help others make informed decisions about those products.

This can provide an income from your site with whatever niche you decide to start blogging about.

Deciding what to blog about is ultimately your choice, but ideas for what to blog about can cover many areas of a niche.

Another blog post titled good blog ideas make money covers this subject even more if you are interested in blogging.

For instance, with an outdoor survival type of blog site, various micro-niches are relevant to that site. This is because of the various things associated with that niche as fishing, hunting, shelters, foraging, and more all pertain.

These micro-niches can become categories on the site offering a variety of outdoor survival areas to blog about. If you are interested in learning more about niche products you can read another of my posts about how to find a niche product.

When new bloggers get started things can seem a bit overwhelming at first. The reason WA offers a free membership is to show new members what is possible. Many find out they love blogging and become premium members to continue learning.

However, premium membership is not required to begin learning and building a blog site for free.

Blog About Things You Most Enjoy In Life

After learning how to blog for free using the free lessons provided by Wealthy Affiliate things become very clear.

What to Blog About Ideas?

Not only will you learn how to blog, but WA will also help you decide what to blog about.

Members will help support you with the building phase of the blog site, including the theme, SEO, images, and much more.

The only 3 requirements are to be actively learning the lessons, building the blog site, and adding original content.

Ultimately the blog you create will be a business in time and the better information you provide the better the site will do.

If you create content that keeps blog site visitors reading your posts there is a percentage that may make purchases.

This happens no matter the niche selected including the make money online niche, which has some tough competition!

Getting started is pretty simple and easy to do even if you have never done anything like blogging before. Are you interested but not sure yet if you want to try your hand at blogging?

You can check out another post titled is affiliate marketing right for me?

Don’t spend days and weeks trying to think of the perfect niche site, just pick something to get started right away. Everybody has different interests and every interest has an audience, that audience is your niche.

Blog about the things you most enjoy in life as you will be creating a lot of content about that subject. The idea is to enjoy blogging and the best way to do that is to simply enjoy what you are writing about.

Don’t Expect to Make Money Overnight

Don’t expect to make money overnight or any time soon when starting, just keep adding fresh original content.

What To Blog About Ideas?

Blogging takes time to become an authority, but once it happens the flood gates are open to making money online.

What you write about today may not see much action for months, but eventually, it will find an audience.

When that happens you will be thankful you continued writing the blog as you reap the rewards it provides.

Don’t make the mistake of stopping writing when you make money, keep writing to make more money.

Affiliate marketing is like a squeaky wheel that always needs oiling to keep going, if you quit writing the wheel will dry up!

The facts are not everything on a website is going to rank or get indexed for that matter. However, if you continuously feed new content to the blog site more than enough of it will get indexed and ranked.

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