What to Learn Online

What to Learn Online

There are many opportunities online today and deciding what to learn online can get confusing with so many options available to look into.

What To Learn About

I waited for a year before writing this post because I wanted to give an honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

Congratulations on wanting to learn more about the program to begin a journey with a successful online business.

People around the world look for a life running a business online and many become very successful.

Deciding what to learn online can be a tough choice because the internet is swamped with so many offers.

Finding a legitimate offer where you learn online can be frustrating with the fake offers thrown in the mix.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is the number one choice for what to learn online with affiliate marketing.

The obvious benefits of financial freedom affiliates enjoy are just one of the reasons. Whatever the reason I can tell you it’s definitely possible.


Check Out Wealthy Affiliate!

When I decided to write an honest Wealthy Affiliate review I waited for quite some time before I would create one. Instead, I continued to keep busy steadily writing content posts and learning every day from the program platform. To me, the only way to write an honest review was to spend ample time on the platform learning.


Questions New Wealthy Affiliate Members Ask


Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle Loudon
Kyle Loudon

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is owned by Canadian co-founders Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim.

Both co-founders remain active in the community helping members achieve success and they are easy to reach.

The two were very successful affiliate marketers and successful online entrepreneurs prior to creating the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

They also own Jaaxy and the SiteRubix site builder platform and you get both with Wealthy Affiliate.



About Kyle


When Did Wealthy Affiliate Start?

Carson Lim
Carson Lim

The Wealthy Affiliate platform launched in 2005 starting originally as a keyword list database service.

The platform evolved over the years to become the #1 platform for learning the process of affiliate marketing.

Many affiliate platforms offered today didn’t exist when Wealthy Affiliate was in the early stages.

Wealthy Affiliate is still here and continues to grow with over 750 new members every week.


About Carson


How Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You?

Wealthy Affiliate uses Paypal to make payments to qualifying members.

When YOU promote the platform and people join from your affiliate links and upgrade you qualify to be paid.

Many premium members choose not to promote the program.

However, the ones that do may earn commissions in residual income.

Some affiliates focus on their own brand instead of Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s that simple!


Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Yes, YOU get out of the platform what you put in as you learn the process.

Apply lessons you learn to enable your business brand.

Eventually, scale your business to earn more money.

However, some people join and do nothing expecting money.

As if the money will magically fill their bank accounts.

Clearly, it doesn’t work that way.

There’s a lot to be said for persistence and perseverance because that’s what it takes.



Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?


One problem with some new members who join?

They want the money but not the work.

Join the free starter membership if you feel YOU are worth the investment.

Take a test drive of the system at no cost to you.

Get comfortable navigating the platform then decide about premium later.

After joining the program you will be greeted by premium members.

These premium members help guide you in what to do next to get started.

Don’t leave yourself wondering if this is what to learn online as you let it slip on past.

There is no obligation and it’s free to join the program so why not find out the answer.


Is Wealthy Affiliate An MLM?

No, it is not, it is a single-level payout system with no upsells or hidden costs.

People have also asked if the platform is a pyramid scheme?

No, it is not.

It is not structured like MLM programs or pyramid schemes.

The platform is built on the same framework as sites like eBay.

As well as Amazon and various others leading the way in technology.

Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.


Will Wealthy Affiliate Make Me Rich?

Questions like this are typical.

I see this asked about once a day working on the platform.

The knowledge YOU learn.

The talent YOU develop.

The experience YOU gain.

That’s what can bring YOU Wealth.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches YOU the process.

The rest is up to YOU to create the success that can bring wealth.

Believe in yourself and YOU will succeed.


Why Do People Fail In Affiliate Marketing?

Some join the program looking to get rich quickly.

They are usually the first to fail and quit the program.

The affiliate marketing allure is huge and people join daily.

That’s despite affiliate marketing having very high failure rates.

This is because those that succeed often become wealthy.

However, 90% plus of people usually fail at affiliate marketing for a lack of knowledge.

Why do people fail in affiliate marketing?

Instead of completing courses on affiliate marketing and advancing they find it hard to comprehend the material. They know what to learn online to become successful but they fail when they give up trying to achieve success.


Lack of knowledge and understanding

Most attempting affiliate marketing usually has no experience whatsoever.

The majority have no training, no investment, no website, no brand, and no clue.

Many will do free offers or post affiliate links on social media and when they have no success they quit.

They feel they did everything right and can’t understand why they’re not successful with affiliate marketing.

Learning the process of affiliate marketing gives you the knowledge and understanding for future online success.

Starting out for free it’s definitely what to learn online!


Failure Is Built On Excuses!

Another reason people fail is the big distractions that loom over their success.

My personal problem that was preventing my success was gaming on the pc.

I love online games but they eat time, steal your passion and drain your desire because they’re fun to play.

Is gaming on the pc going to earn me money?

Not a chance according to my gaming stats.

Success is built on actions!

For that reason, I continued my search for what to learn online even though I didn’t know what that might be.


What to Learn Online | A Better Option!

I was told what to learn online which was affiliate marketing which can actually earn a great income.

New joining members often say I need to make money using the free membership to become premium.

While that’s not impossible, it’s highly unlikely for several reasons including the domain itself and getting traffic.

Without a shred of experience, your affiliate links will be worthless in most cases. Most fail quickly after starting.

Learn affiliate marketing which can actually earn income!

Wealthy Affiliate premium has an industry-standard high 12% plus conversion rate.


What to learn online


Offers Sounding Too Good To Be True

My first Wealthy Affiliate experience was when I joined for free in 2014 looking for ways to earn money online.

Back then I looked at so many programs it felt like a whirlwind of confusion choosing which one to try.

I never gave the WA program a chance in 2014 because of the lore of what I thought were better-sounding scams.

Those programs promoted how rich I’ll be in just 3 simple steps after I purchase their online website products.


They always had the same gimmick that I’d better hurry because spaces were limited.

This developed problems with offers sounding too good to be true.

I continued bouncing around these programs for years as I searched for what to learn online to make money.

Those programs turned out to be very expensive and some were outright scams.

I was no better off than when I first joined WA in 2014 and it was 2018 by this time.

The only success happening was for people taking my money selling programs offering shiny objects.

This is my personal Wealthy Affiliate experience.


Get Rich Online Opportunities

Honest people look to make quick money and they often get scammed by the get-rich online opportunities.

Trust me I wasted so much money on scams and one of them even had “million” right in the title.

However, that one scam also got me into a bit of trouble with my Paypal account getting temporarily suspended.

What to learn online

While it turned out ok with my Paypal account, I still wasn’t allowed to use Paypal to collect my millions.

The days of promoting the million-dollar program were over and once again I found myself searching for what to learn online to make money.

The actions Paypal took rendered the million-dollar program useless.

With no way to get paid, I took down the million-dollar program sites. 


What to Learn Online | Start The Home Business

One day around September of 2018 I remembered about Wealthy Affiliate and I logged into my old account.

Almost immediately I was greeted by members willing to help me start the home business dream.

They directed me on what to learn online through the program by evaluating what my interests were.

The platform looked different than when I was last signed in to my account.

So, I spent hours getting to know the platform and speaking to members about how to begin my journey.

Over the next two months, I completed all of the free training available on the platform.

I had a free site up and running online with free hosting at no cost to me.


I made a big mistake in 2014

If only I’d taken a closer look at everything Wealthy Affiliate had to offer me back then.

Instead, I continued searching for what to learn online for 5  years before finally coming back to Wealthy Affiliate.

After I finished the free training there was no doubt I would join the premium membership.

So, I joined as a premium member in November of 2019 during a Black Friday sale.

I immediately immersed myself in the training and some of the lessons I actually repeated twice.

Some lessons I didn’t quite get right the first time, so I repeated them.

The platform has continuously evolved over the years.

The dashboard appearance looked different in 2019 from when I originally joined in 2014.

It now looks completely different again today in 2022.


Building A Business Online

A few months later I had completed the OEC certified courses.

I had two sites slowly building authority in specific niches.

Building a business online takes time when just starting out.

Google may not index or rank a new site right away but it will happen in time.

The courses teach you how to build a business brand and scale the business.

I was doing great by this point taking many classes and I attended the live training as my time permitted me.

Now I wanted to continue I knew this is what to learn online for my business to be successful.

There’s a big reason people fail at this business and an even bigger reason why people succeed at this business.

It really depends on YOU learning the process, it’s that simple.

Most online reviews of the WA program are 5-star reviews for good reason.

So I must say this again, building an online business takes time and dedication.

You must learn the process of affiliate marketing before you see any profits.

Some premium members have been there for decades.

Best of all they’re willing to help you achieve your success.


How Long Until I Make Money?

For many just starting out, there may be a huge learning curve involved.

What to learn online

However, you have the best help at your fingertips 24/7.

Time seemed to fly by as I continued learning the process of affiliate marketing.

One never stops learning!

I’ve learned so much from the courses so far that I know for certain this is the business for me.

The biggest question I hear on the platform?

How long until I make money?

People signup with dreams of making big money right away.

They have little to no regard for the fact that they know nothing about affiliate marketing.

Most people who do this quit before very long.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody likes to make money!

However, you can’t go into a program with no experience and expect to make a fortune overnight.

The Answer: When you learn the process of affiliate marketing.

Here’s the problem with the instant money mindset, your focus is dreaming only about dollar signs.

Instead, you should be focused on what to learn online to achieve those dreams of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an evolving process that can take several months to learn.

Typical results with WA are said to be between 3 to 9 months with 6 months being the average.

It depends on YOU and your time input into learning the process from the available courses.


What to Learn Online – Latest Tech Updates

The platform has evolved since I first joined WA.

What to learn online

It’s only gotten better with all of the latest tech updates.

The resources available anytime are the best-certified courses available online.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 platform for learning affiliate marketing online.

There’s a complete rollout of more new updates coming throughout 2021 and into 2022.

Making money online is awesome!

With proper training from courses plus the professionals that are current members, you’re in good hands.

Anyone who decides to stick it out has the chance to create a laptop lifestyle.

You just can’t have unrealistic dreams of that happening overnight.

Especially if you have zero experience with affiliate marketing, site-building, and content creation.

Fair warning: If you quit that’s your fault and you make nothing!

Another point to make is that not every page or post you create will rank on page one, but you keep moving on.

Later on, you can fix site pages and posts to achieve better ranks.

However, you must publish something to get any rank at all.

Once you learn the process of content writing, site-building, and SEO it becomes clear how to move forward.


What to Learn Online – Success Is Still On Me

Mistakes? We all make mistakes at times and I sure made a few during my early time after joining the program.

What to learn online

They were my mistakes and I own that fact. One big mistake? I chose the wrong niche!

My first big site was a great-looking creation based upon luxury travel.

However, I know nothing about luxury travel and so I found it impossible to write content about the subject.

What I learned during that time was how to create that beautiful site.

Also, as to how to get my site ranked, and how to add affiliate links.

In time I started getting traffic but I still struggled with my content writing.

It was because I knew nothing about luxury travel.

Now I could write about the subject easily!


What to Learn Online – A Lesson Learned

Finally, I decided to switch my game plan to something I can offer actual first-hand knowledge of my experiences.

What to learn online

The reason was clear why I chose a luxury travel site as my first site.

It definitely sounded like something everybody would want or maybe it was just what I wanted.

I chalked that site up to a lesson learned and I let the domain name expire choosing not to renew.

I’ve realized the program provides me the knowledge and a path to get there, but my success is still on me.

Back then this site was just starting out and I’d built a few free sites that I used for testing different niche sites.

This was all done in my spare time outside of work and family hours.

I continued slowly working towards my business goals.

Since I own a painting contracting business my ideas were all over the place.


What to Learn Online – Turn Ideas Into Creations

I started several new sites, one is about flipping houses because well I’ve flipped houses.

What to learn online

I’ve learned a good bit of information about the business of flipping houses over the years.

That site is doing well and it gets better every day as I add content offering knowledge about house flipping.

One day as I continue to build the site it will become an authority in the house flipping niche.

These were all just ideas when this all started, now all of my sites are set up for online income.

Everything I’ve done so far with affiliate marketing starts with ideas that turn into creations.

What I can create now is 10 times better than when I first joined the program.

I love the platform and everything that comes with the premium membership.

No, I haven’t made a fortune yet, I never expected that to happen when I joined the platform.

However, I am slowly increasing my earning potential and things will only get better from that standpoint.

The program is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It takes hard work to learn the process in order for your success to happen.

The truth is with hard work and dedication you can learn the affiliate marketing process.

By joining the program, you will succeed no matter the time frame it takes you.

I get excited about the future the more I work on my sites utilizing the WA platform.

Wealthy Affiliate changes lives!


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

The platform offers training, support, and a community like I’ve never experienced with any other platform.

What to learn online

It’s the real deal when it comes to learning affiliate marketing.

I see success stories posted quite often in the program and I know that’s going to be me soon.

It’s just a matter of time before that’s my new wealth success story.

Some premium members earn 5, 6, and 7 figure incomes from learning this process and they’re still there.

So, as an honest Wealthy Affiliate review I think I’ve explained you must learn and work hard to succeed.

Is the WA a scam?

Absolutely not, it’s simply a platform to learn the process of affiliate marketing by professionals.


What to Learn Online – Everything Is In-house

Everything is in-house with free hosting which also includes free memberships.

What to learn online

The dashboard offers a built-in WordPress site builder with SSL and 24/7 support.

As a premium member, those are included in the premium subscription membership.

Top-quality hosting with a built-in WordPress dashboard like the platform offers is worth every dime.

The training, themes, Jaaxy tools, emails, site builder, the community, and the affiliate offers, it’s all priceless.

Domains cost $14.99 a year with Wealthy Affiliate.

Themes, SEO tools, Images, and more are at your fingertips!


What to Learn Online – Invest In Yourself

My advice if you’re looking to start an online business is to take a serious look at this platform and all it offers.

What to learn online

There’s nothing for you to lose and everything for you to gain by joining the program since it’s 100% free to join.

The free sign-up gets 10 free course lessons and it allows you to build a site at no cost to you courtesy of WA.

The free site is a sub-domain hosted for free.

When you are ready to advance your learning skills join premium or enterprise.

You can also turn your free site into a dot com domain.

With the premium subscription, you also get the Jaaxy lite keyword tool.

It’s perfect for your needs as an affiliate marketer.

I really like Jaaxy and I find searching keywords is fun for me.

It’s exciting finding really good keywords to use for my blogs.

For me, I did this all starting part-time.

I look forward to this being all I do for a living in the near future.

The possibilities are endless with millions of niches to build businesses around in the program.


What to Learn Online – You Can Build Yours!

What to learn online

Sign up for the free starter membership and do all of the free available training.

 Decide if you want to learn how to become a super affiliate.

Investing in yourself and your future is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

The program is definitely an investment for your financial future.

What to Learn Online – I Couldn’t Give Up

I knew if things got tough I’d want to quit, so when I went to join I purposely joined annually.

What to learn online

Joining yearly I knew I couldn’t give up the program that easily.

I suggest that anyone joining consider going annual.

If you’re really serious about building an online business and can afford the annual cost that’s the best route.

You never have a monthly bill and it’s cheaper to pay yearly.

Keep in mind Wealthy Affiliate has a no refund policy.

However, you try the program free before spending a dime.

The yearly cost of the program is less than the costs of actual classes to learn this same exact process.

Here’s a tip that I used when I first joined.

Sign up for a free PayPal account, then join the program.

Paypal is the payment system the platform uses, you need it if you expect to get paid.

When I applied to open my Paypal account I was offered to sign up for PayPal credit by PayPal.

I was approved for 6 mo. zero interest.

No matter what I planned to join the WA program but that made it super simple for me.


What to Learn Online – Oldest Training Platform

Inside the training is extensive and some of the member’s training is also outstanding as well.

What to learn online

Nowhere else can you get this knowledge and hands-on experience all starting from a free membership.

Not anywhere that I’ve ever seen online.

The business of affiliate marketing is alive, well, and growing bigger every day, and together we will all succeed.

Don’t ever put off your future or allow yourself to give up, the key to success is determination and perseverance.

Wealthy Affiliate has just crossed yet another milestone!

The company started back in September of 2005 and it just passed 16 years in business.

This officially makes the platform the oldest affiliate marketing training platform online today.

The program has over 1.4 million members from 193 different countries around the world.

What to learn online

Those countries can all be targeted for search results as well as paid advertising ads for larger site coverage.

Click the sidebar Wealthy Affiliate banner to join for free today!

What to Learn Online – The Process Of SEO

After joining the platform, I asked what is SEO about? I didn’t know anything about it when I first joined.

What to learn online

The training covered SEO in detail and some longtime community members also helped me with a lot of tips.

Those courses and training on SEO were pretty specific and I took several of them to learn the process of SEO.

I asked what is search engine optimization about because of the importance that it plays in ranking your sites.

While I use Jaaxy on a daily basis with keywords, site rank, and brainstorming, I also use other systems at times.

Another SEO site I use because it is unique when it comes to ranking a site is called SEMrush.

Their SEO system exposes the keywords of top-ranking sites that are your site’s direct competition.

SEMrush also created two free eBooks authored by pros, the first is about the ultimate SEO writing checklist.

The second ebook is about content marketing and it offers the 25 things to try checklist for marketing.

SEMrush also offers another free SEO ebook which is titled the toolkit for SEO which gives you 20 tools for free.

Click on the SEO articles above and get the checklists and Toolkit for SEO for free by clicking on the links provided.


What to Learn Online – Wealthy Affiliate Promotion

New free starter memberships have one of the highest conversion rates in any recurring commission program.

What to learn online

The platform has a 1 in 8 people conversion, it equates to over 12% of people joining going premium.

Premium member Commissions earn $8.00 for the first month $19.00 special offer, then a $23.50 recurring monthly payment through PayPal. 

Commission earnings for yearly Premium membership are $235 paid once a year.

Free Starter Members earn $4.00 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly or $117.50 yearly commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate has a 2 in 8 people conversion, which equates to over 25% of people joining going premium plus.

Premium Plus Member Commissions earn $23.50 for the first month $49.00 special offer, then a $46.50 recurring monthly payment through PayPal.

Commission earnings for yearly Premium Plus membership are $465 paid once a year.

Free Starter Members earn $11.75 for special offer referrals, then $23.25 monthly or $232.50 yearly commissions.

Reach 300 paid memberships during the year earns an all-expense-paid trip to the WA conference in Las Vegas.

Reach 100 paid memberships between September 1st and December 31st and you also get an all-expense-paid trip.

With just 5 referrals a day and a 12% conversion over 4 months average your income would be $1450 per month.

For 50 referrals a day and a 12% conversion over 6 months average your income would be $22,398 per month.

I recommend joining free and doing all of the free lessons offered before joining the premium level membership.

Join now and get a free bonus gift in my welcome message to you, join premium and get two more bonus gifts.

Click the Wealthy Affiliate sidebar banner to get started learning affiliate marketing today.


Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “What to Learn Online”

  1. Great review and great information. I saw your post and had to respond as I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community. I fully agree that it NOT a scam, and it is one of the best places for both the beginner and the experienced on line marketer. The community are very helpful and , in my opinion, the training is second to none. I spent a long time looking around for a reputable group, and found them here. If you are reading this, grab the bull by the horns and join now. You will not be disappointed. 


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Stephen, it’s very much appreciated. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. After years of bouncing from one program to another, I eventually landed on Wealthy Affiliate and joined the program. I then waited over 4 years before I came back to Wealthy Affiliate again in 2018. Now I’m going on 3 years as a premium member and I look forward to many years to come.

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