Why Quality Content Matters

Creating quality content is required for higher search engine rankings along with keywords, meta tags and other tweaks in the SEO department of a site. Why create quality content seo?

Because search engines will rank you higher based on quality content above almost anything else you do to improve your rank in search engines.

There is no shortage of websites on the internet and if you want a website to receive traffic with daily visitors there are ways to get that traffic to the page or post that you are publishing and promoting.

Many people own websites that will never get indexed or ranked because the site is aesthetically beautiful with poorly written content or other factors.

Other factors may include link spamming, repetitive word content, duplicate content on pages, content grammar and punctuation, sentence structure and misleading information.

Here we will look at the many ways to get visitors to your page or post who are interested in the content your promoting. There are a few ways for both free and paid traffic that collectively adds up to a bunch of traffic of interested customers.

Organic SEO

The number one way people find things online is with a quick search and with so much information online they don’t do just one search they do several. Having a visitor land on a page or post who is actively searching for exactly what is offered on that page or post is the best case senario.

There are many reasons oragnic seo is the best case senario but it is the best reason because it’s through search engines.  When someone is searching and the site ranks for that search thats free targeted traffic to your site and whatever offers. There are many seo tricks to get those visitors coming to your site with any good seo web tools like Jaaxy or Semrush.

Free Traffic

There are plenty of places online to place advertisments for a site or post for free as long as it’s not spam or misleading. Free classified sites usually have some restrictions, but some allow some affiliate links attached to ads to post on the site.

Many of these free classified sites have a huge amount of daily traffic with people searching categories for specific things. Think of how much traffic Craigslist gets daily and how much of that is possible to redirect to an offer on a website or post.

I think free traffic can be better because people aren’t always looking to spend money until they see the offer in front of them. When you google free classified sites the result is a plethora of pages of free places to place an ad for your promotion.

Though this is a very good way to get some free traffic it is also recommended to make certain the site gets high traffic to it.

Don’t just post on any free sites, make sure the site is a known reputable site that brings a good amount of traffic to the ads listed. Some free classified sites offer cheap premium upgrades that puts your ad in a spotlight position on the site.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a slippery slope for some who invest in it looking to drive traffic to an offer on a promotion web page or post. This is an area where people need to do homework and make certain the traffic they are paying for is worth the investment. There are many scam traffic selling sites that will sell hits by way of using pinging software to the site on a repeated loop.

To get real paid traffic it is best to use places like social media to advertise an offer and get it in front of targeted visitors. Places like Facebook, twitter, pintrest, linkedin, instagram and many others all have business platforms for advertising. Social platforms allow targeting an audiance and narrowing down a selected audiance to display an ad in front of who are already searching for your type of product.

With Facebook you can create a sponsored page to run in a targeted advertisement that will reach a very large audiance. These platforms offer an automatic set up for how much money is being spent per day and they also offer increasing the amount each day. Social media ads may not be cheap but for some they’re very effective if properly directed to the right target audiance.

Link Exchange

There are a ton of link exchanges that are 100% free to exchange links and banners with many other web developers sites.  When doing any link exchanges it is highly recommended to make certain the links belong on both of the pages being used.

The last thing wanted is a conflict of the subject of the page content throwing out the hard work with a link spamming boot. That being said link exchanges can be very good if both of the links being exchanged are involved with in the same niche.

Not only is this free traffic, it offers an alternative to another offer of something else with in the same niche of your content. The link exchange can be all you if you own multiple sites in that same niche and you get the back links for free.


I guess by now you understand that with out well written content your keywords won’t produce ranking like a well written content page using the same exact keyword. This is because Google separates the poorly written from the well written and basically grades them accordingly.

The better the content the better the grade Google gives the page, image content is also effected by this ranking system Google uses. The image tags and meta information is better off blank or better yet dynamically system produced then it being labeled wrong information not conducent to the page or post.

When the name and discription of an image does not match the content of a page it is being used on it is suggested to either find new images or remove that information and leave it blank.

Google, Bing and Yahoo will ruin the rank of a page if the content is great but the images do not match the content of the page or post. This information also applies to other file types being displayed on a page as in, video media, gifs, pdf’s and many other media file types.

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6 thoughts on “Why Quality Content Matters”

  1. Thanks for this lovely piece of information,  I must say I sincerely appreciate this information, I have been exposed to what exactly the meaning of SEO,  and after going through the article, I have this single question to ask, I wanna run a website to selling goods like clothes and shoes, u made mentioned of paid advert on Facebook, how can generate more members to my site for my business apart making money for, their traffic,  that, will also have interest in buying my items am selling so to boasts my business… Thanks

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, they are always appreciated. Facebook has a business section of their platform, you click on the business platform and you pay for sponsored ads to run on Facebook. You can build a page on Facebook that have your products and advertise that page using Facebook business platform , it costs a few bucks.

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    Thanks John for a good and detailed review 🙂

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate getting comments on my posts. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training available for anyone wanting to become a super affiliate. Best of success to you.   

  3. Thank you for sharing ¨Why Quality Content Matters¨. I found a section from Google´s Webmaster Academy course which I found very interesting and tells you how to create ¨valuable content¨. These are useful tips, but they focus on what not to do. It elaborates on what you stated in your article.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate getting comments on my posts. My article touches on this, but this post is an article and not Google Webmaster Academy, if anyone wanted to know more they can search google as you have or they can learn all about it at Wealthy Affiliate. 

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