Work From Home Careers

Work From Home Careers

Work From Home Careers

The world of information technology has blazed a path for work from home careers.

The internet affords everyday people an opportunity to work from their computers to earn money.

Many people work from home successfully every day and they are extremely happy about the freedom they get in return.

I always thought working online was only a dream but I never gave up, and now I’m living my dream. There’s good reason for me to think of it as a dream because most people fail when they attempt to earn money online.

With so many people looking for real work-from-home careers, I’ve gone over some categories, let’s explore a few. There’s is one way to truly work 100% free from home and I explain more about it towards the bottom of this post. Considering the options, real work-from-home careers can be found in abundance, but which one is right for you?

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What Is Telecommuting Jobs?


Real Work From Home Careers - Telecommute

Have you ever seen an employment ad for telecommuting jobs and wondered what is telecommuting jobs?

These days some local businesses allow certain employees to telecommute for their job with little time spent at the office.

With telecommuting, you will likely still have company meetings and many companies require at least one day a week in the office.  Most paychecks are by way of direct deposit or regular checks.

The option of telecommuting is a great option to have some freedom from working from home but you’re still not 100 percent free. Despite the freedom of telecommuting from home, you’re still putting in the hours spent in your home-based office.

Telecommuting work is excellent for people looking to ease office work in exchange for working from home.

Telecommuting is great for anyone that actually does the work, people can get too comfortable relaxing at home. Working at home is awesome but it does have a downside, the big distractions that surround you. Distractions at home while trying to get any work done are inevitable and they tend to make your job even tougher to perform. You must ignore the big distractions.

I prefer to not have to go into an office or talk to a boss, OK truth be told I don’t really want any boss at all.

Online Technical Support Services


customer service rep

There are companies that will pay you for online technical support services working from your home. The work can be a part-time or full-time position where you set your own work schedule.

Some years back I actually searched and found a list of these types of companies and researched what’s required to get hired by one.

I had applied to several companies found through my search efforts and I was offered employment from two different companies.

The two companies both had offered the same pay which was $9.00 an hour to work as their online technical support services representative.

I took the first offer to get started, I used a headset and became a services rep for credit cards and tech support.

The company I worked with had me take tests to qualify for the job, the tests were hypothetical questions asked. They were checking speech, tone, and attitude along with your ability to resolve the questions they asked.

When I was hired I was thrilled, a week later I hated it, I’d log in and customers were mad and complaining.

There are other types of work-from-home careers that I wrote about in a post titled work home jobs online.


Brick Mortar Companies


Brick Mortar Companies

There are many instances where brick-mortar companies will also sell online to increase their business revenue.

Some brick-mortar companies only sell products online and act much like a distribution center fulfilling orders.

A friend of mine owns a company at home and uses his garage for storage, he sells supplements on eBay and elsewhere.

There are always tangible products involved with any brick-mortar company whether it’s home-based or not. Companies that are in the service industry still provide a product with a service, whatever that service may be. With this type of work from home selling tangible products online, you can expect plenty of work if successful.

Filling those orders is a lot of work, especially selling hundreds of products as a home distributor.


Online Web Stores


online store

There are many platforms that host online web stores, and for years I’d say eBay was one of the first to offer them.

Online web stores became popular and affiliates started offering stores of almost any niche and it became huge.

Again you can sell actual products that you distribute or products linked to other merchants’ products like Amazon. Shopify has probably surpassed everybody as far as what’s the most popular store in today’s technology. There are good stores, but Shopify is very popular these days, and that matters to who may visit your site.

There’s nothing wrong with owning online web stores, but beware people sell them without your best interest in mind. Sometimes you find hyped-up offers for online web stores, they claim you will make a fortune. They claim you don’t do anything except of course wait for the money to roll into your bank account.

The hook is set and people buy thinking of big future money, then they never make a dime!

Those are scams to get your money, owning online web stores require knowledge, and experience to maintain the websites. You must know how to build, maintain and drive site traffic and it must be well-written content that pertains to the type of storefront.

If your online web stores sell fishing stuff then the page content is about fishing.

For more information about niche products check out another post titled how to find a niche product.


Affiliate Marketing Online Business



I love affiliate marketing and creating an affiliate marketing online business is the only true way to be 100% boss-free.

Different friends often ask me how to do online affiliate marketing. I get a kick hearing their take on affiliate marketing.

It’s laughable because they think all you do is post affiliate links and you’re good to go. Don’t I wish, it’s just a bit more involved.

I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. There’s so much to learn when starting an affiliate marketing online business and not everyone will put in the work. Affiliate marketing requires total dedication and extensive knowledge of what you need to do in order to be successful.

The best part though is there’s no experience required to start an affiliate marketing online business with WA. Anyone can join free starting out and build an affiliate marketing online business using Wealthy Affiliate. While WA only gives you 10 lessons free, it’s enough starting out to build an affiliate marketing online business site.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’re not under any obligations. However, if you’re serious about starting an affiliate marketing online business there’s no better place to achieve that goal. Serious marketers need all the available training Wealthy Affiliate offers premium members to succeed in building an affiliate marketing online business.

Since affiliate marketing is what I actually do, I don’t sugarcoat anything or make promises of expensive cars or houses. Everybody’s individual efforts will be different and so that changes each affiliate marketer’s success.


How To Become A Super Wealthy Affiliate


Become A Super AffiliatePersonally, becoming a super affiliate is something I never dreamed possible, I still can’t believe it’s what I do now.

There’s only one reason I found success. I joined the best platform around the world to learn how to become a super-wealthy affiliate.

The platform is Wealthy Affiliate and I’m a Top 50 member, I get better every day as I work.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the chance to succeed for free, when they say it can change your life they’re not lying.

It’s absolutely mindblowing!

Wealthy Affiliate takes time to show profits because you have to train and learn how to become a super-wealthy affiliate. The time frame takes 3 to 6 months, but again it depends on your efforts, some do it sooner. The reality, Wealthy Affiliate is not some get-rich-quick scam like so many others, it’s the real deal.

Today you can start out with a free account and receive a free site with 10 lessons of training all 100% free to you. Study hard and upgrade to the best platform made entirely for affiliate marketers by affiliate marketers. When you join premium you get over 70 lessons and can have up to 10 sites that are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

Join the best affiliate marketing training platform for free today.  Where everyone can build an affiliate marketing online business and create work-from-home careers.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining now.

Did I mention it’s 100% free to join with no credit card needed?

Take a leap of faith in yourself, and join everyone from non-graduates to doctors in Wealthy affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Online Business


Want To See Some Proof?

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Want To See Some Proof

Of course, you want to see some proof and why wouldn’t you? Maybe you’ve been scammed before like me.

However, rest assured Wealthy Affiliate is no joke, invest the time and believe in yourself, it will work for you too.

You may have found this site by search, it ranks well for many keywords and it has many first-page search results.

Here are a few Jaaxy screenshots of some pages from this site you’re on right now and there’s more just like these.

These screenshots are current and ranking can go up or down over time unless you know some tricks.

While this post is not yet page one in Google, it is page one in both Bing and Yahoo.

Google always shows up late!

Check out my page ranking, Wealthy Affiliate works extremely well as you can see.

When I started with Wealthy Affiliate I was not a blogger.

Literally, I was clueless, but I was determined to succeed.

We all want to succeed, I am absolute proof you can too.

While Google will soon follow, these pages get visitors.



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Joining WA can have you seeing these kinds of results.


Until Google shows up I also use other traffic methods.

There are more ways than one to get people to your sites.


This ranking was surprising to me because of the niche.

Powerhouse dotcoms CNBC and odyssey online also rank.


Sometimes, little guys can win by playing with the big dogs.

Believe in yourself and be a boss! Join WA today for free!


Best Online Learning Courses


Work From Home Careers - Trust Yourself

There’s no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate has the best online learning courses to become a super-wealthy affiliate.

Believe me, I tried many programs before finally succeeding with the training Wealthy Affiliate offers premium members.

Learning the process can get overwhelming to newbies, but I assure you if you stick with it you will succeed. The reason 95% fail is that they give up because they want money now!

This program has literally changed my life in ways I never dreamed possible and it’s getting better with time. Joining free was the best thing I ever did or I wouldn’t be where I am today, this program can change your life. Everybody asks if this program works or can I make money doing this or is Wealthy Affiliate worth the investment?


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Investment?


Become A Super Affiliate

Here’s the deal, yes this program definitely works very well. As you can see in my screenshots above, it does work!

Anybody can make money doing this, but only if you actually learn the process and put in the hard work required.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the investment?

Let me ask, are you worth the investment?

The Wealthy Affiliate program is well worth the investment! Considering, that you’re investing in affordable education for your future online success.

The real question you need to answer is…

Do you believe you’re worth the investment?

Never think you can just sign up and make money, you have to learn the process first, take baby steps and grow. Getting a good education for most anything normally costs thousands of dollars, in WA it’s totally affordable.

Believe in yourself, the WA community is outstanding in helping you achieve your goals, and keep you moving along.

Set realistic goals and go for it, learn how to find a niche product, and apply what you learn using those products. This is just one of many sites I own, my others are in specific niches and earning a growing passive income.

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Work From Home Careers

Thanks for reading my post on work from home careers and please leave a comment and share.

Best of success to everyone.




10 thoughts on “Work From Home Careers”

  1. Informative post. I also tried a lot of avenues so as to work from home too. I don’t like anyone bossing me around and wouldn’t tolerate having a boss too. I was got a customer support job too but later quit, custome conplaints can be so frustrating. I also strongly agree that affiliate marketing is the best work from home and it is even easier with wealthy affliates

    1. To me, there is no better training platform than Wealthy Affiliate for anyone looking to become a super affiliate marketer. The training is clear and easy to understand and the community is the best in helping you become successful, they are always there to help 24/7, I love that fact. My sites are doing well and I’m thinking of doing the aggressive 12 month Super Affiliate Challenge training next, it should be intense!

  2. This is really very helpful. Making money from home today as been the cause of technology evolution. There are several of opportunitunities available online but the one that requires you being your own boss is affiliate marketing. You create a business you are passionate about, earn more income with ease and so on. This is really a wonderful information. Thank you. And good job here. 

    1. I couldn’t agree more, to me there is no better solution to earning an income online than Wealthy Affiliate. After completing the training anybody can make excellent money when they create their own success using Wealthy Affiliate. Since I’ve completed the Certified training I’m going to attempt the more aggressive Super Affiliate Challenge sometime later this year. It’s 12 months and it looks intense! I’m all in for this training and I’m looking forward to getting started very soon. Check it out, it’s awesome!    

  3. This is a great article on different ways to make some money from home.  There are so many suspect ways that it is a breath of fresh air to see a straight forward article like this.I personally choose affiliate marketing for my choice as a work from home career. Bottom line is that it is nice to know there is actually legit options out there.  Thank you for doing the research and for sharing it with all of your readers.Dale

    1. Thanks Dale, I prefer affiliate marketing too, I did most of the other methods and I still felt like I wasn’t free. With Wealthy Affiliate I found my freedom and I will remain a premium member for many years to come. Anyone can get an inside look at Wealthy Affiliate by joining for free and you can get the 1st set of lessons for free…>   

  4. You are right thanks for this post.

    Am working with amazon FBA and so far it gives me daily income without having to go out all day and end up coming back home over stressed.

    And combining it with wealthy affiliate was the best step I have ever taken.

    Wealthy affiliate helped groom me up. They have lots of training there which could help you choose a niche and also train you on how to get more customers and leads.

    1. To me there is no better platform on the internet for learning how to become a super affiliate, I will always be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. For anyone just starting out this training is free to start with, check it out.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post, John.  Gives one a lot of food for thought.

    My brother in law and his wife just moved north to a quiet community setting themselves up for retirement.  In the meantime he is working from home (telecommuting) part-time and for the company that he currently works for and comes back to the big city for a week every month.  He really seems to be enjoying it.

    Couldn’t do the customer support thing.  I would last about five minutes before losing my cool.

    As for Brick and Mortar? Does a product delivery business count?  If it does, that wouldn’t work either.  I did that for 5 years and ended up losing it due to some decisions that turned out not to be so good.

    I think Affiliate Marketing might possibly be the only answer to a lot of people.  All you need is a website and good content reviews.  Well, there is a little more to it than that but you know what I mean.  There is a lot to learn but it is doable and, there is no inventory to worry about.  You explain it very well.

    And, I can’t say it any better, there is no doubt in my mind that Wa is the best there is when it comes to teaching people what they need to now to be successful online.  The only thing that could possibly hold someone back from reaching their goals is themselves.  Commitment and consistency and following the step by step training, and let us not forget the community, (AMAZING),  of hundreds of thousands that are available to help along the way.

    Moving Forward with Affiliate Marketing,


    1. Thanks for commenting I always appreciate when anyone comments on my posts. I agree with you and I couldn’t do the customer support thing for the same reasons, I was done with in weeks. For me ever since I became a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and completed the certified training things have sky rocketed. What I have learned is so valuable and will blaze a successful future for many years to come. I’m doing this Super Affiliate Challenge next, it looks like an intense way to spend the next 12 months.  

      Best Regards.


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